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Chakan: The Forever Man (Genesis)

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Title Screen

Chakan: The Forever Man

Developer: Extended Play Productions
Publishers: Sega (US/EU/AU), Tec Toy (BR)
Platform: Genesis
Released in US: November 1992
Released in EU: 1992
Released in AU: 1992
Released in BR: 1992

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

Debug Mode

Chakan The Forever Man Genesis Debug.png

Hold C on both controllers when powering on or resetting the Genesis. The following features will now be enabled at the pause screen during gameplay:

  • Level Select/Coordinate Display: Press B on controller 1 to add a level select and player X/Y coordinate display to the bottom of the screen. Press B to cycle through the levels and Start to go to the chosen one.
  • Level Skip: Press A+B+C on controller 1 to skip to the next stage.
  • Invincibility: Press C on controller 1.
  • Health Refill: Press A on controller 1.
  • All Weapons: Press Up, Right, Down, Left on controller 2.
  • All Potions: Press Start x4, A x4, B x4, C x4 on controller 2.