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Chrono Trigger (SNES)/Unused Text

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This is a sub-page of Chrono Trigger (SNES).

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.
Japanese American
1/11 1じバージョン 1/11 1G version

A build date dating to January 11, 1995, two months before the Japanese release.

Japanese American
インフォ [value16]
X [value8] [value8]
Y [value8] [value8]
Info [num16]
X [num8] [num8]
Y [num8] [num8]

A debug message which would have likely displayed the player's X and Y coordinates, along with some other information.

Japanese American
まず、町長の話を聞いてきな。 Ask the Mayor first.

An unused line intended for the tutorial at the very beginning of the game.

Japanese American
Marle: It's a family heirloom.
May I please have it back?

Intended for when you run into Marle at the beginning of the game. Note that in the final game all messages by Marle before you've had the opportunity to name her are prefixed with "Girl:", unlike this message.

Japanese American
タバン「ん……? TABAN: Hmm?
Japanese American
ルッカ「……。 Lucca: ......

Two fairly meaningless lines for the Telepod exhibit.

Japanese American
It was Magus who killed off the
forest up north.

Found among the text for Porre in 1000 A.D.

Japanese American
ピエールさんなら兵士の部屋だぜ。 Pierre's, he's in the soldier's quarters.

Probably meant to be said somewhere in Guardia.

Japanese American
Robo: Her...expressive abilities are
also greater.

Presumably intended for when you meet Ayla for the first time.

Japanese American
でっかい火 突然 現われた。
でっかい火 恐竜人の城 やいた。
Big ball of fire suddenly appear and
burn Reptite's castle.

This is found among the Ioka Village lines. Presumably a reaction of one of the villagers after the events at Tyrano Lair.

Japanese American
マール「キャアッ! Marle: Help!
Japanese American
ルッカ「わわわッ! Lucca: What's going on!
Japanese American
ロボ「キ、危険デス! Robo: Danger!
Japanese American
カエル「おわーッ! Frog: Oh, no!

Some generic filler lines found among the Blackbird text. Not sure where they were supposed to go.

Japanese American
「フハハ…… Mwa, ha, ha...
Japanese American
出来た! 出来たぞ!! It's complete!
I've done it!

This is actually a duplicate of a used line spoken by Dalton when he presents the modified Epoch, though it was localized differently in the American version. For reference, the used line is localized as "At last...! We did it! It's done!!".

Japanese American
エイラ「起きろ シルバード! Ayla: Epoch, wake up!

Intended for when you reclaim the Epoch after the Blackbird fight. Every character has a line here, but Ayla's line never shows up.

Japanese American
魔王「失われた夢の王国……。 Magus: The lost Kingdom of Dreams.
Japanese American
To have gained so much, and then
have lost it again...

Alternate lines for encountering Magus at North Peak that are never used.

Japanese American
QUEEN: So Melchior?
You see, the Mammon Machine
functions perfectly.
Japanese American
Your worries were for naught.
Japanese American
女王「理の賢者ガッシュ。 QUEEN: The Guru of Reason, Belthasar.
Japanese American
女王「そして、時の賢者ハッシュ。 QUEEN: And the Guru of Time, Gaspar...
Japanese American
QUEEN: Foolish ones, watch closely.
Japanese American
Lavos awakens!
The sun will never set on Zeal!

A few lines relating to Queen Zeal that never appear in the game. They may have been intended for Magus' flashback when encountering him on North Cape, and if so they would have preceded the first lines of the final game's flashback.

Japanese American
サラ「賢者様……!? SCHALA: Gurus!

Also related to the above. Unlike with her brother, Schala does not react to the Gurus being sucked away by the time gate in the final game.

Japanese American
虹色のかけらを手に入れた! You got the Rainbow Shell!

Unsure what this was meant to be for, since you never actually acquire the Rainbow Shell during Marle's sidequest - you find it in a cave and afterwards ask King Guardia to have it moved to the castle.

Japanese American
CHANCELLOR: B, but your majesty, what
We have never fought anyone!
Japanese American
ガルディア33世「お前には子供はおるか? KING GUARDIA: Do you have any
children, Chancellor?
Japanese American
大臣「は、はい。 CHANCELLOR: Y, yes, of course.
Japanese American
KING GUARDIA: Then our victory is their
Your children, and theirs as well, now
live in a world that knows hope.
Japanese American
大臣「いたたた……! CHANCELLOR: Ow, oww!
Japanese American
ガルディア21世「本物じゃ。 KING GUARDIA XXI: Yes, he's real.

A whole bunch of lines intended for the main ending (beating the game regularly, with Crono alive). None of these are used.

Japanese American
マール「これでもと通りね。 Marle: I guess this wraps things up.

Another line intended for the main ending, shortly after all characters have returned to their respective time periods. It's never used though.

Japanese American (Translation)
Isn't that stupid?
Japanese American (Translation)
Cut it out already!!
Japanese American (Translation)
「クロノ! だーいすき!!
Crono! I looove you!!
Japanese American (Translation)
Me too!

Unused lines intended for the slideshow ending with Lucca and Marle. These lines were completely removed in the American version.