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Colin McRae Rally 04 (J2ME)

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Title Screen

Colin McRae Rally 04

Developer: 8bit Games Ltd
Publishers: Codemasters, Synergenix Interactive
Platforms: J2ME
Released internationally: April 27, 2004

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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Colin McRae goes rallying for the first time on mobile phones!

Unused Graphics

Several versions of game contains file subaru.png (located in FE directory). This image is preview of Subaru Impresa 22B STI. This car doesn't have any other mentions in this game, and this image goes unused.

CMR04 J2ME subaru.png

Another unused file is arrow.png from same directory. Final game uses larger upward and also forward arrows pictures (both grey and black), so this image doesn't used and mentioned in game code.

CMR04 J2ME arrow.png

These images presented only in the 176x208 versions.

Versions Differences

There are exist at least four versions of this game.

The first two releases of game created for phones with screen resolution of 176x208 pixels and have version 1.0. Contents of those .jar files have date: April 15, 2004. First version is best and other is downgraded.

Best version has sounds support (but no music) and provides 5 levels.

Downgraded version for phones with same screen resolution lacks sounds and uses vibration instead of them, also offers only 4 levels, and lacks smoke/snow tiles (smoke.png, snow_tiles.png), which is used only for cutted snow level.

Third version created for phones with the smaller displays (128x128 pixels). Its the same as previous, but uses simpler title screen and also lacks water/splats/dust/shadow tiles (water.png, splats.png, dust.png, shadow60.png) , no car preview in car setup menu.

Also exist fourth version for phones with screen resolution of 96x65 pixels. This version lacks maps previews, car characteristics also cutted.

These releases have version 1.2. Contents of those .jar files have later date: April 27, 2004. Aforomentioned unused graphics don't present in them.

Title screens of all versions. Titles for 128x128 and 96x65 have same logo.

176x208 versions 128x128 version 96x65 version
CMR04 J2ME large title.png CMR04 J2ME medium title.png CMR04 J2ME small title.png

All versions, except 96x65 shows car preview and characteristics in car setup menu

To do:
Add emulator screenshots

Maps in versions are different. Best version of 176x208 release contains 5 levels. Other versions don't have snow level.

Only best version for 176x208 has additional stagex_map.png (where x= 1-5) for each level, which are copy of same map (quit_pic.map, in other releases named as map.png), but with arleady highlighted silhouette of current track on race map. Other versions (except 96x65) uses only one map.png of map, and draw highlighted silhouette over the map image.

To do:
Add screenshots with levels maps

Speedometer also changed. In all versions, except 176x208 with sounds, speedometer looks same: its just scale without symbol of curent gear shift, its draws by game over the scale. But 176x208 there are multiple pictures with speedometer which arleady have symbol (1-6, N, R gears) of curent gear shift on it. Speedometer scales in 128x128 and 96x65 looks different.

176x208 version Downgraded 176x208 version 128x128 version 96x65 version
CMR04 J2ME speedometer 176x208 1st gear.png CMR04 J2ME speedometer 176x208 downgraded.png CMR04 J2ME speedometer 128x128.png CMR04 J2ME speedometer 96x65.png

Contents of maps are different between both 176x208 versions and other releases. There are different mud_tiles.png and tarmac_tiles.png, which contains graphics for levels. Those files from 176x208 versions has more objects, which are more detailed. The 128x128 and 96x65 have less detailed tiles.

176x208 versions Other versions
CMR04 J2ME 176x208 mud tiles.png CMR04 J2ME 128x128 mud tiles.png
CMR04 J2ME 176x208 tarmac tiles.png CMR04 J2ME 128x128 tarmac tiles.png