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Combat (Windows)/Textures

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This is a sub-page of Combat (Windows).

To do:
.psd files

The game uses .bmp and .tga files. Sometimes different files of both extensions use the same filename. In one case even .bmp.tga is used. The latter are used for most things involving transparency.



Artistic perfection.

An aptly named image of a black smiley on white.

309.bmp and 3985.bmp

Combat Windows 309.pngCombat Windows 3985.png

Two single color squares.


Combat Windows bluegradient.png

The game references bluegradient.tga, a semitransparent version of this.


Combat Windows exittrans.png

A blurry white circle on black.




Combat Windows default-cursor.png

A crosshair. The magenta would be transparent in-game. The final game doesn't use or show the mouse cursor, and there is no targeting reticule during gameplay either.

Non-transparent HUD graphics

unused HP used HP unused life used life unused 6+ lives used 6+ lives

The HUD elements pertaining to health and lives have non-transparent versions that have thin borders that the used ones don't have. The magenta is rendered transparent in-game.


Combat Windows groundburst.png

Possibly intended to be a particle.


Unused Used

Another particle graphic. The used version lacks anti-aliasing

perc_ball and friends

perc_ball.bmp perc_ball.tga perc_ball2.tga
Combat Windows perc-ball.png
Combat Windows perc-ball tga.png perc_ball: the sequel.tga!

A few seemingly related graphics. perc_ball2.tga is just a distorted version of perc_ball.tga.


Combat Windows numbers tga.png

Some strips of 1's and 0's. The second tileset walls have glowing strips running along them that look somewhat similar.


Combat Windows F-01 tga.png

A graphic of some electric spark things with red stuff.

Questionmark graphics

questionmark.tga questionmark2.tga
Me neither... The smallest mystery of them all.

Two similar question marks. questionmark.tga is an anti-aliased version of the used questionmark.bmp.


Combat Windows sundetail tga.png

A mostly transparent irregular orange to yellow gradient. Likely intended for some version of the sun skybox, as a similar texture for the moon is used.


Combat Windows dome01 tga.png

Transparent with two red and two white rectangles Looks like a testing texture for a dome panel.


Combat Windows orange-body.png

This is likely meant for the Gunship boss, as it uses various textures ending in _body that look similar to this.

Various Carrier textures

Unused Used
Combat Windows carriertile1.png Combat Windows carriertile1 tga.png

carriertile1.bmp is missing the hole of the used carriertile1.tga. The hole gets used with another texture underneath to simulate runway lights.

Combat Windows carriertile2.png

A simple panel.


Several images of the same explosion that doesn't appear in-game.

Unused Used
Boomǃ Blurǃ

blast4.tga is unused and looks like the base for the used blast5.bmp, at least in silhouette.

Early tron textures

There are some textures showing an early aesthetic for the first tileset (referred to as tron in the game files). These are grey with purple decorations, rather than the purple/grey with blue of the final. The final version of the checkpoint is an oddity, as the other two tilesets have their textures set up the same way that early tron does. They don't use the borders though.

VR skybox textures

Combat Windows vrbluegrid01.png

A grid. A version with only the vertical lines is used in some skyboxes.

Combat Windows VR-sky02.png

A different grid similar to the web-shaped texture from CombatStartSky01.

Unused Used
I wonder now why they bothered to make this so large. This is probably the most boring comparison on TCRF.

vrbluegrid.tga is a transparent version of vrbluegrid02.bmp, which is used for the boss gauntlet version of the Buzz Bomb Queen.


Combat Windows storm tga.png

An unused cloud layer texture.


Cloudy with a chance of hellfire.

A set of orange-red clouds intended for a skybox.

blackhole.tga and blackhole02.tga

Combat Windows blackhole tga.png

blackhole.tga is a slightly irregular circle with a black to white/transparent gradient. Oddly for something that seems related to a skyboxes it's size is a lot smaller than usual.

Unused Used
Combat Windows blackhole02 tga.png Combat Windows blackhole01 tga.png

blackhole02.tga is a barely visible clone of blackhole01.tga. The latter is used.


Combat Windows hole.png

This has the size of a skybox texture. It doesn't resemble much at all.


Combat Windows 9828.png

The only unused space skybox texture.

Waterworld skybox

Waterworld.txt, where you hover to the other sideHaving a whale of a time.

Two textures meant for a skybox, featuring 4 whale clones.


Several files are simply copies of used files:

  • clouds03.bmp is a copy of IrishSkyDusk02g1.bmp, which is used in the skybox for the credits "level".
  • continuepoint.tga is a copy of t_continuepoint.tga, the early tron checkpoint.
  • enemytanka.bmp is a copy of e_hunter_01.bmp, the texture for the hunter enemy.
  • e_firebat.BMP(sic) is a copy of the firebat enemy/tank texture in the same naming scheme as most other enemy textures. The firebat enemy reuses the texture for the player version.
  • starburst3.tga is a copy of bullet_normal.tga, the regular player bullet.
  • m101j09.bmp is a copy of galaxy.bmp. The filename seems to allow it to be traced back to it's source. It has been significantly altered from the original.
  • questionmark.bmp.tga is a normally entirely transparent copy of questionmark.bmp.