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Command & Conquer: Generals/Unused content in the original/Missions and maps

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This is a sub-page of Command & Conquer: Generals/Unused content in the original.

The various missions and maps that are included with the game are another part featuring lots of unused stuff.

First of all, due to the way the map editor works, the map previews that can be seen in multiplayer are generated for all maps. This includes maps that cannot be selected in multiplayer, including the mission maps, the shell map (that plays on the title screen), and in the expansion pack the Generals Challenge maps and even the debug maps.

Second, in the original game, the mission maps were created when the old generals system of the prototype still existed. Therefore, the factions that appear in the mission are still titled teamChinaSecretPolice, teamGLAWarlordCommand, et cetera. Some maps also try to disable units which no longer exist in the game, such as the missile team.

Chinese mission 2

Originally, the objective of this mission was completely different. You had to prevent the GLA from launching terrorist attacks on various famous buildings in Hong Kong. If you managed to protect the buildings, you were rewarded with additional troops. This was most likely removed because it was too reminiscent of 9/11, and instead you're just left to destroying the GLA base. The terror teams and their paths are still in the map scripting but the corresponding attack scripts have been deleted. For this reason, there are leftover sounds telling you to upgrade to radar (for detecting the terrorists). The troop support on the other hand has been made a regular feature of the map. There were five targets in total, they were as follows:

  • 1: Civilian highrise (at the coast, second building from the right counting from the road leading to the convention center).
  • 3: Skyscraper (right before the toxin base)
  • 4: Hotel (behind the toxin base)
  • 5: Hotel (right in front of the convention center)

It becomes obvious from the list that the second target is missing. This building appears to have been removed; the waypoint points to the field where you build up your base.

  • Apparently, you were unable to build a War Factory yourself. Instead, you had to find a "surplus base" which contained a War Factory for you to use. Maybe this was a bit too boring? It wouldn't fit anywhere on the current map either, so the map must have been different at some point.
  • There used to be a cutscene where an EMP bomb stopped a large GLA assault. The developers possibly considered it a bit too early to introduce this weapon.

Chinese mission 3

This mission contains loads of unused waypoints as well as scripts which would reveal the river and the city. Could have been for the intro somehow, but ultimately their purpose is unknown.

Chinese mission 4

This mission has a team which references a non-existing unit "GLAInfantryAssassin". It's unknown what he was meant to be, but he could have been like his ZH counterpart (which is, appropriately, unused as well).