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Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2

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Title Screen

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2

Developer: Westwood Studios
Publisher: EA Games
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: October 27, 2000

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
MinigameIcon.png This game has unused modes / minigames.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
PiracyIcon.png This game has anti-piracy features.

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See, this is why server preservation is important.
This game's online features are no longer supported.
While this game's online features were once accessible, they are no longer officially supported and online-exclusive features may be documented as now-unseen content.
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Make the sound effects a sub-page.

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 is, quite obviously, the sequel to Red Alert and continues the timeline in which the Allies win. The Soviet Union has secretly recovered its army and takes the United States by surprise by invading it from all directions.

To do:
• World Domination Tour resources are now unused with the service being unavailable.

https://www.modenc.renegadeprojects.com/Red_Alert_2 includes exe switches and a debug mode.
https://www.modenc.renegadeprojects.com/Yuri%27s_Revenge includes exe switches.

• eva.ini contains cut tutorials and map mechanics.


Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.
Non-Functional .ini Properties
Several unused keys with different properties.
Unused Graphics
Several unused graphics.
Unused Models
Unused models from Tiberian Sun, and early models for Red Alert 2.
Unused Units
Unused units.
Unused Text
Several bits of text unused in Red Alert 2.
Unused Sounds

Main Menu Commands

The following codes can be typed on the main menu to unlock different effects, a beep will happen when correctly entered.

HIRES - Allows selecting resolutions up to 4096x4096 in the options menu.

THETEAM - Loads a custom tmcj4f.ini file after loading rules.ini, allowing custom rules to be used in skirmish mode. Stands for "Totally Cool Mission Just 4 Fun".

TOGGLE - From Tiberian Sun, obsolete. "Allowing or disallowing switch between video modes".

PENGO - From Tiberian Sun, obsolete. "Replaces Visceroid graphics with placeholder images".

Unused Features

  • Located in ra2.mix are some leftover graphics data from older Command & Conquer games, and unused graphics made for early versions of Red Alert 2. Several graphics from Command & Conquer, Red Alert and Tiberian Sun can be found in the data. These use color palettes from the earlier games which weren't left in Red Alert 2's files, and thus can only be properly seen using palettes extracted from the earlier games.
  • Setting CanDetonateTimeBomb to 'yes' in Rules.ini allows double clicking on an enemy with an Ivan bomb on them to instantly detonate it, as the comment says: "Turn this on to restore double click functionality on enemy bombs (actually easier than pulling out the Event)".
Setting CanDetonateDeathBomb to 'yes' in Rules.ini does nothing, as the comment says:

"and this one controls double clicking bombs on own guys; neither of these will give double click back to Ivan himself // obsolete now that deathbombs cut".

It's possible the image to the right was used for the death bomb cursor, the time bomb cursor uses the SEAL C4 cursor.
  • Gap generators have an "ExtraPower" value of -9000, this means when gap generators have 9000 spare power available they can be deployed to use the SuperGapRadiusInCells as their range instead of the base GapRadiusInCells. However, this seems to have been just a quick way to disable the feature, as both radii are 10. Changing SuperGapRadius allows a functional version of the mechanic.
  • Setting InitialVeteran to 'yes' allows all starting units to be elites, which is otherwise unavailable as an option in skirmish.
  • Setting MutateExplosion to 'no' will turn the genetic mutator weapon from a 6x6 superweapon to a 3x3.
  • AImd.ini has scripts for AI taskforces to create two Psi-Commandos, however the final AITriggerTypes for them to create them isn't defined. It also has scripts to allow brutal AI to build two chrono-commandos to attack once their enemy has an allied tech center (likely a mistake, and is meant to be when they own a tech center), however, they cannot do this because chrono-commandos require stolen allied tech, and the script for spies to enter tech centers isn't set to be used on any difficulty.
  • UpgradeVeteranSound and UpgradeEliteSound allow different sounds to be played when a unit is promoted, but both use the same sound.
  • CreateInfantrySound, CreateAircraftSound, and CreateUnitSound would play a sound when a unit of that type is created, but it goes unused.


Red Alert 2 was developed on top of the Tiberian Sun game and engine, so a lot of graphics and programming code from the earlier game persists within Red Alert 2.

Side and Country Data

The Allies and Soviets are referred to by the sides system as "GDI" and "Nod" - the two main factions from Tiberian Sun. Unused country data also exists for "GDI" and "Nod" countries (using the gdii.pcx and nodi.pcx files shown below), either to just test the system, or possibly to later be converted into vanilla Allied and Soviet countries.

Some of the country names were also different to those employed in the final game.

Country name in final game Country name in rules.ini
Britain Great Britain
Korea Asian Alliance
Iraq Arab Union
Libya African Empire
Cuba Latin Confederation


Tiberium was the resource collected in Tiberian Sun, and came in two varieties - green and blue. These have been replaced by the more conventional ore and gems in Red Alert 2, in keeping with the original Red Alert. However, being built on the Tiberian Sun engine, most references to ore in rules.ini still mention "Tiberium", and control variables for the spread of ore and mining behaviour still have tag names such as "TiberiumFarScan".

In addition, ore is still referred to in code by the name of the standard green variant of Tiberium - Riparius. Gems have taken on the name of the rarer blue variant - Vinifera. Two unused Tiberium types that were present in the code of Tiberian Sun - Cruentus and Aboreus - are still present in Red Alert 2's code.

Super Weapons

Tiberian Sun's super weapon code is still contained within rules.ini, though commented out for the most part. The Nod Multi Missile super weapon was adapted into the Soviet Nuclear Missile, and still bears the old name of MultiSpecial. The only Tiberian Sun super weapon not commented out in the code is the GDI Ion Cannon - IonCannonSpecial. Whether this was just an oversight or whether it was actually used for something is uncertain.

Re-enabling these super weapons is not possible without the use of modding extensions such as Ares, as although they remain in the INIs, much of their internal engine code has been purged.


Code still remains in the rules.ini, art.ini, and individual theater ini files for ice, tunnels and railways - all of which were present in Tiberian Sun. Without external enhancements like the Terrain Expansion, it is not possible to properly re-enable them.

Unused Music

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: The tracks Probing, Ready the Army, and C&C in the House can apparently be found on the disc, but I can't locate them in The First Decade's version.

Map select music from Tiberian Sun

RA2 Intro Music

Unused Used

Found lost in local.mix file, this music track can be found on the CD as background music called HM2. There are some differences like a different size and remixing smaller, besides being only mono track and 'low sound'.

Loading Screen music
While these tracks play in game, the full length cannot be heard on modern systems unless the game crashes while loading.


Bully Kit:

Obscured Graphics

Crazy Ivan and the terrorist both have death graphics that are obscured by their death explosions.

Crazy Ivan Terrorist
C&C-RA2-CrazyIvanDeath.gif C&C-RA2-TerroristDeath.gif

Unseen Models


The deployed siege chopper is fully modeled but is normally only seen facing south east.


On pirated copies, the player's base, as well as the player's units, would explode after 30 seconds.

This anti-piracy measure sometimes results in a false positive if you install the game, expansion and patch and play one game. Relaunching the game allows normal play.


RA2-unused dialogo box.png

An unused dialog box found in the main executable.

Unused Gametypes

mpmodes.ini makes mention of a "Siege" mode that was "Removed until UI does or does not support game type.". MPsiege.ini also describes it as "Siege mode designates one player as the Defender. The Defender begins at the first starting point (map waypoint) with a conyard. The other players are allied as the Attackers. The Attacking players begin at the other starting points with an MCV".

More information from ModEnc:

The [Siege] entry is obsolete, it has not been substantiated whether or not this game mode can be made to work, although it can only be used on LAN or Internet games. In this mode, one player is designated the 'Defender' and starts at the first map waypoint with a Construction Yard. The other players are allocated as being 'Attackers' and start at the remaining waypoints with MCVs as usual. The defender cannot ally with any other player (although Attackers can, and all Attackers begin the game allied and unable to change alliances). The idea is for the Attackers to defeat the Defender or vice versa. You can enable this mode by deleting the comments ( ; ) and giving the mode a new number. Note also the spelling mistake which means the rulesOverride INI file does not get read - it states MPSeige.INI when it should in fact be MPSiege.INI which is in the game files. If you enable this mode, you must also add several string entries to the .CSF files to support it;-

MP:AttackerTeam	should contain a string such as 'Attacker'

MP:DefenderTeam	should contain a string such as 'Defender'

MP:IllegalTeam		should contain a string such as 'That team is not allowed!'

MP:NoAttackers	should contain a string such as 'No Attackers?'

MP:NoDefender		should contain a string such as 'No Defender?'

MP:OnlyOneBesieged	should contain a string such as 'Not enough attackers!'
(Source: https://modenc.renegadeprojects.com/Mpmodes.ini)

Unused Maps


Full map. (click for full res)

The hash in the mix archive (439FEA47) matches the name SOV09T.MAP, which matches the filename of the final Soviet 9 mission "The Fox and the Hound". The mission's scripts are apparently outdated and broken. The actual mission 9's filename is SOV09U.MAP, with the "U" suffic matching the general system of adding the theater indicator to the end of the mission file. The unused map matches this too; as the "T" indicates, it uses the "Temperate" theater.



Full map as seen in Final Alert 2. (click for full res)

A test map used to show the full power of Red Alert 2, It was probably developed exclusively to be played at the E3 2000. This map appears in several old screenshots, including the cover of the game. You start with the Soviet team, but can also control the Allies even as enemies. The map does not have any goal.


Full map as seen in Tiberian Sun. (click for full res)

E32.map uses snow graphics and is a multiplayer map that is incomplete and missing graphics, most notably the water graphics. There is a psychic sensor on the map to Allied team. The map file is too corrupted to play, and can only be viewed in a map editor. It is possible to play it normally in Tiberian Sun with RA2 structures missing.


Map tournament cut for no reason. Totally complete.

;;Tournament 3


Cut Mega Wealth version of the TOURNEY3 map. Totally complete.

;;Tournament 3 Mega Wealth

Missing Map File

List of names of the map file that does not exist in the file multi.mix.

Missing Cooperative Maps Archives

The names exist but the maps are missing.


Unused Multiplayer Maps

Are incomplete maps, exist but are not used.


Cut Sounds

Eva.ini contains lines and text said by Sofia/Eva, some were cut.

Deep Sea
Name Text
Mis_A7_EvaSovNukeUp Commander, the Soviets have finished construction of a nuclear missile launcher on Niihau. We must build Gap Generators to hide our base before they can launch.
Name Text
Mis_A11_EvaDolphins Commander, Marine World has loaned us their trained dolphins. They can be use a sonic enhancer to attack the Squids and drive them off our ships.(sic)
Name Text
Unit_Eva_Squid (none, but Soviet version recorded and can be heard in the above section)
Name Text
EVA_Countdown 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

The following sounds are commented out in sound.ini and have no sound files remaining:

  • 6 ambient campfire sounds.
  • 5 unique ambient move sounds for the black eagle, reuses harrier sounds instead.
  • 3 death sounds for the rocketeer.
  • 2 move sounds for the mummy.
  • 1 death sound for Yuri clones.
  • 1 attack sound for Yuri clones.
  • 1 move sound for the V3.
  • 1 attack sound for the tesla tank.
  • 2 fear sounds for Sammy Stallion.
  • 2 select sounds for Sammy Stallion.
  • 2 sounds for slave being freed post slave miner destruction.
  • 1 attack sound for slave miners.
  • 1 select sound for Romanov.
  • 1 select sound for mirage tank.
  • 2 move sounds for the MiG.
  • 1 attack sound for the lasher tank.
  • 2 move sounds for the lasher tank.
  • 4 select sounds for the lasher tank.
  • 1 move sound for initiates.
  • 1 select sound for initiates.
  • 1 move sound for Soviet hovercraft.
  • 1 sound for floating discs stealing.
  • 2 move sounds for floating discs.
  • 1 select sound for floating discs.
  • 1 sound for Flint Westwood resisting mind control.
  • 1 fear sound for Flint Westwood.
  • 1 attack sound for Flint Westwood.
  • 1 select sound for Flint Westwood.
  • 4 airstrike sounds for Boris.
  • 1 attack sound for the battle fortress.
  • 1 sound for Arnie Frankenfurter resisting mind control.
  • 3 move sounds for Arnie Frankenfurter.
  • 1 select sound for Arnie Frankenfurter.
  • 2 death sounds for RA2 Tanya.

The following sounds exist only as commented out list entries and never got as far as having sounds:

  • CivAllFemaleDie
  • CivSovFemaleDie
  • DesolatorFear
  • SealFear
  • TanyaFear (RA2)
  • YuriFear
  • InfantrySovFeedback
  • InfantryAllFeedback
  • InfantryDie
  • InfantrySquish2
  • BlackOpsTakeOff
  • BlackOpsLanding
  • BlackEagleTakeOff
  • BlackEagleLanding
  • MCVDeploy
  • PrismTankAttackFrag
  • GenSmallVehicleMove
  • GenCivVehicleMove
  • GenLargeWaterMove
  • PrismTowerSupport
  • AlligatorFear
  • PlayerLeft
  • MenuArrive

The following sounds have valid entries, but no sounds associated and volume set to 0:

  • DolphinFear
  • OspreyCollision
  • RobotTankPowerDown
  • SquidFear
  • SubFear


  • The Patriot Missile has the NA prefix, signifying that it was once for the Soviets, as in Red Alert 1. Pre-release images also shows the Allies using the flak cannons, strengthening this.
  • The prism tank's internal name is SREF, standing for its old name of "Solar Refractor".
  • The sea scorpion's internal name is HRD, short for its old name of hydrofoil.
  • The SEAL's internal name is GHOST.
  • IFVMode 12 gives the IFV a prism weapon, which does 300 damage compared to 120 of the prism tank. Its only available by putting a cow, alligator, polar bear, monkey, camal, or the President in the IFV. However in the only level you control cows you don't have access to IFVs. And animals take up two slots in transports, meaning the only level where you get access to monkeys they don't fit in the IFV. This means the only potential unit to give this weapon is the President, who you can't control in 'Hail to the Chief', nor can you put mind controlled units in IFVs in the moment you control him in 'Fox and the Hound'.


This .ini file contains old lines for the campaigns (and some other stuff).

Lines 1-30

It states to be reserved for generic messages (Lines 13-30 are blank).

1=Objective 1 completed!
2=Objective 2 completed!
3=Objective 3 completed!
4=Objective 4 completed!
10=Objective 1:  Force a landing on the beach and set up a base.  
11=Objective 2:  Destroy American Production Facilities.  
12=Objective 3:  Destroy American Fleet. 

Lines 10, 11, 12 seem to be based on the second Soviet mission.

Lines 31-60

It states to be reserved for the fifth Allied mission.

31=TANYA: Shoot! The dogs got our spies!  We need help here!
32=TANYA: Man down! Darn it! We need another couple spies!
33=TANYA: Argh! Is Puppy Chow cologne standard issue for these guys? Send more Spies!
34=TANYA: BEEP, BEEP BEEEP!!! Dogs! They BEEPing ate another of our guys!
35=Nuclear Missile Silo coordinates downloaded successfully. 
36=OBJECTIVE 1: Infiltrate the Soviet Battle Lab
37=OBJECTIVE 2: Locate and Neutralize the Soviet Nuclear Missile Silos
38=SOVIET SOLDIER: Be on the look out for spies, comrades.  It seems a little too quiet tonight.
39=SOVIET SOLDIER: Ha ha ha. we don't need to worry about stupid American spies.  That's what the dogs are for. 
40=HINT: Spies can assume the form and color of any infantry unit.  To do this, select the Spy and Left-Click on a valid target.
41=HINT: Special "detector" units can see throught a Spy's disguise.  Beware of the Dogs - they are excellent detectors!
42=TANYA: Looks like we're going to need some more backup here.  Send some more Spies.
43=SPY: If you can get me into one of those Tesla Reactors, I can shut down all of the base's power for thirty seconds.  It's not much time, but maybe you can use it to sneak past the defenses.
44=BRITISH ENGINEER: Sorry we're late.  What do you need us to do?
45=SOVIET SOLDIER: Hey, you're not one of us!
46=POLISH VILLAGER: Please don't hurt me, I am just a poor cow herder.
47=POLISH VILLAGER: What took you so long, Boris?  I need your help getting these cows back to the village.
48=POLISH VILLAGER: Where are we going? This doesn't look like the way back to the village.
49=POLISH VILLAGER2: Mmmmm. Cows... Thanks for bringin' them in.
50=POLISH VILLAGER: Here's your split o' the money.  And just so you know, I heard that there's some rebels hiding up in the mountains to the east of the Soviet base.
51=POLISH REBEL: Someone's found our village!  KILL HIM!
52=POLISH REBEL: Ah, there you are, Boris.  We're ready to move out against the Soviets.  Lead us to victory, comrade!
53=TANYA: Those rebels look like bad news.  They'll probably fight us just as readily as they fight the Soviets.
54=POLISH VILLAGER: Psst. Comrade! There's a secret path up to the Soviet base behind my house.
57=Soviet BattleLab destroyed - Objective Failed
58=MAP ENLARGED - New Terrain Revealed

Lines 31-34: Written counterpart of Tanya's censored swearing (see Unused Sounds for audio version).

Lines 38 and 39: Written counterpart of an audio file featuring a Conscript (line 38) and a Rhino Tank (line 39) the sounds have been used in the fan-made modification Mental Omega.

Line 44: It seems the player meant to receive engineers in some part of the mission.

Lines 61-70

It states to be reserved for the tenth Allied mission

61=Lt Eva:  When the Mirage tank is in position, select any nearby tree.  The Mirage Tank will then cloak itself as the tree you've selected and be ready to stealthily attack any enemy that comes into range.
62=ALERT!  Soviet Invasion forces have entered your AOR!  ALERT!

Lines 71-247

Leftover lines from Tiberian Sun.

Lines 300-350

It states to be reserved for the tenth Soviet mission.

300=Soviet General: 	Welcome, Comrade. Enjoy these beautiful 
			tropical islands while you can...we are
			going to destroy them soon.

			But first we must find our target, da?
			The Allied dogs are hiding their super
			weapon with a powerful Gap Generator, 
			so we must destroy it before we can 
			begin. Crazy Ivan and Yuri could be 
			particularly well suited for the task at
			hand. Go now--build your base and 
			prepare your forces.
301=Soviet General: Da?

Only has 2 lines instead of 50.

Unused Weapons

Apparently with some leftover weapons from Tiberium Sun and other RA2 exclusives that are unused.


Unused Triggers

Allies 4 - Last Chance

  • Triggers suggest an oil derrick was on the map at one point.

Allies 5 - Dark Night

  • Triggers suggest that the player was able to get SEALs at one point at the same starting area as the spies.
  • Triggers also suggest a hospital was on the map at one point.

YR Allies 7 - Brain Dead

  • Trigger "Start_GIs" is an all-difficulty trigger that is disabled. If re-enabled the player starts the mission with 4 GIs and 2 GGIs being paradropped along with the engineers.


Unused Taskforces

ID Name Units Notes
Allies 02 - Eagle Dawn
07C893AC HARD - 10 Tesla Troopers • 10 telsa troopers
07C890AC 4 Flak Traks • 4 flak tracks
07C894BC HARD - 6 HTanks, 4 Flak Trak • 6 rhinos

• 4 flak tracks

0976DF1C Convoy • 3 truck B
09BE556C 3 Conscripts, 1 Dogs • 3 conscripts

• 1 dog

Allies 03 - Hail to the Chief
086C77CC 5Conscripts • 5 conscripts
09C6D6CC 1Flak,1Rhino • 1 flak track

• 1 rhino

Allies 04 - Last Chance
0C6ABCDC 3Engineers,5GIs • 3 engineers

• 5 GIs

Allies 05 - Dark Night
0CDC482C Seals • 3 GIs Used. Name and units don't match
0ABAC05C Conscript (1), Dogs (2) • 1 conscript

• 1 dog

Used. Name and units don't match
0ABA945C Dogs (3), Shock Trooper (1) • 2 dogs

• 1 tesla trooper

Used. Name and units don't match
0ABA990C 3 Dogs • 2 dogs Used. Name and units don't match
0ABA0B7C Conscript (1), Dogs (3) • 1 conscript

• 2 dogs

Used. Name and units don't match
Allies 07 - Deep Sea
07EC5ACC Aircraft Carrier Flashers TF • 2 aircraft carriers A duplicate of 0A7A7B7C
Allies 08 - Free Gateway
0D43C25C Engineerlanders Mk II TF • 2 engineers
Allies 09 - Sun Temple
08BC4AA0 Insertion Chopper Exit TF • 1 nighthawk SEALs are paradropped instead

Easter Eggs

Allies 4 - Last Chance

  • Entering the McBurger Kong to the north spawns 5 monkeys for the player to use, named "MonkeyForce5".

Allies 5 - Dark Night

  • A treeline at the top left writes the letters "ACC".

Allies 10 - Mirage

  • An easter egg seems to be cut.
    • Two polar bears would be chasing a woman at the northwest of the map. They would growl and quickly give up as she runs paniced to the north west village. She gets in the orange car, follows the road and drives off the map, leaving behind six crates with 1500 each for 9000 credits total on the road.

Allies 12 - Chrono Storm

  • Trees at the topleft display the letters "ACC", placing a unit in them displays the message "TSC&ACC" and "11/21/98".

Soviet 1 - Red Dawn

  • Trees at the lower right display the letters "ACC", placing a unit in them displays the message "TSC&ACC" and "11/21/98".

Soviet 11 - Red Revolution

  • Trees at the lower right display the letters "ACC", placing a unit in them displays the message "TSC&ACC" and "11/21/98".

YR Allies 4 - Tomb Raided

  • Going near the oasis at the north west will spawn a sniper and IFV.
  • Having units on the three marked spots under the oasis will spawn some t-rexes under player control. A chrono-legionaire can likely trigger this by teleporting to all three points.

YR Soviet 2 - Deja Vu

  • Terrain around the starting area displays the letters "KBO" and "AEO".

YR Soviet 4 - Romanov On The Run

  • Placing a unit on a specific spot outside the north west base will spawn a bunch of polar bears that spell out the word "HI".

YR Soviet 7 - Head Games

  • Placing a unit on the tiny island in the water next to the start displays the message "KBO AEO".

Unused Videos

Tanya requesting more spies in Allies 05 - Dark Night. This was replaced with a voice over allowing it to be repeatable in case the player lost multiple groups of spies.

Revisional Differences

Yuri's Revenge version 1.001 replaced the sounds for the Hollywood Heroes with generic GI sounds and names with "Hero". The original sounds still exist in the files.

Rescue sounds
Arnie Frankenfurter Sammy Stallion 1.001 generic

Arnie Frankenfurter
Psy Resist

Flint Westwood
Psy Resist

Sammy Stallion
Psy Resist