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Cookie Wars/Closed Beta Test

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This is a sub-page of Cookie Wars.


Cookie wars guild atlas.png
A sprite sheet for the planned guild feature.

Event Cutins


Cookiewars brave cutin 1.png Cookiewars brave cutin 2.png Cookiewars brave cutin 3.png Cookiewars brave cutin 4.png Cookiewars brave cutin 5.png


Cookiewars bright cutin 1.png Cookiewars bright cutin 2.png Cookiewars bright cutin 3.png Cookiewars bright cutin 4.png Cookiewars bright cutin 5.png

Fairy Cookie

Cookiewars fairy cutin 1.png Cookiewars fairy cutin 2.png Cookiewars fairy cutin 3.png Cookiewars fairy cutin 4.png Cookiewars fairy cutin 5.png

Strawberry Cookie

Cookiewars strawberry cutin 1.png Cookiewars strawberry cutin 2.png Cookiewars strawberry cutin 3.png Cookiewars strawberry cutin 4.png Cookiewars strawberry cutin 5.png

Muscle Cookie

Cookiewars muscle cutin 1.png Cookiewars muscle cutin 2.png Cookiewars muscle cutin 3.png Cookiewars muscle cutin 4.png Cookiewars muscle cutin 5.png

Cherry Cookie

Cookiewars cherry cutin 1.png Cookiewars cherry cutin 2.png Cookiewars cherry cutin 3.png Cookiewars cherry cutin 4.png Cookiewars cherry cutin 5.png

Cream Cookie

Cookiewars cream cutin 1.png Cookiewars cream cutin 2.png Cookiewars cream cutin 3.png Cookiewars cream cutin 4.png Cookiewars cream cutin 5.png

Ninja Cookie

Cookiewars ninja cutin 1.png Cookiewars ninja cutin 2.png Cookiewars ninja cutin 3.png Cookiewars ninja cutin 4.png Cookiewars ninja cutin 5.png Cookiewars ninja cutin 6.png
Unused cutscene sprites, all labelled differently and in a very different art style then the ones used in the game. Cream Cookie was never a playable character, however here her sprites label her as cookie 44, which happens to be one of the skipped unit numbers.

Prophet Cookie

Cookiewars prophet cookie.png
Prophet Cookie was planned to be a playable character. This unit icon was removed in later updates.

Burning Caramel's Early Design

Cookiewars burning caramel early.png
An early design for the Burning Caramel unit.

Star Constellations

Cookiewars skater constellation.png
Cookiewars princess constellation.png Cookiewars cream constellation.png Cookiewars coffee constellation.png Cookiewars cloud constellation.png
Unused constellations for Skater, Princess, Cream, Cloud, and Coffee Cookies.