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Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

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Title Screen

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

Also known as: Crash Bandicoot: Buttobi San-dan Mori! (JP)
Developer: Vicarious Visions
Publishers: Activision (INT), Sony Interactive Entertainment (JP PS4), Sega (JP Switch)
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Windows, Nintendo Switch
Released internationally: June 30, 2017 (PS4), June 29, 2018 (Windows/Switch)
Released in JP: August 3, 2017 (PS4), October 18, 2018 (Switch)

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Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is a remaster of the orange marsupial's original three games that helped form the PlayStation into the brand and console it has become today. Unlike the Playstation-exclusive originals, ports for the Switch, Xbox One, and PC were made this time around.

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Revisional differences. Source

Test Levels

There are currently three known test levels, referred to as "whiterooms" in the game's files. They are accessible in the Windows version without hacking or modding, and are confirmed to be in the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch versions.

C2 Level End Test

This level was used to test items related to the mechanic of finishing a level in Crash 2. It can be seen at the beginning of the video. To access this level, edit the launch options of the game in Steam and include this string:

--overridemap whiterooms/wr_c2_levelendtest/wr_c2_levelendtest

C3 Level End Test

This level was used to test items related to the mechanic of finishing a level in Crash 3. It can be seen at around 1:05 in the video. To access this level, edit the launch options of the game in Steam and include this string:

--overridemap whiterooms/wr_c3_levelendtest/wr_c3_levelendtest


This level not only tests crates, but a whole bunch of other features. Not everything is functional, though. Some unused variants of crates can also be seen here. It can be seen at around 1:23 in the video. To access this level, edit the launch options of the game in Steam and include this string:

--overridemap whiterooms/wr_crates/crash_crates/crash_crates
(Source: BetaM)

Unused Cutscene

Found in the game's files under the name "C2_Cortex_Crystal_05" is this unused fully remastered version of the original cutscene that plays when you get 5 Power Crystals in Crash Bandicoot 2. Turns out it goes unused because you no longer use the center platform to fight bosses, as they are instead located where the old save/load area used to be.

Various other cutscenes still have that type of oversight however, like how Cortex still says he will talk to you when you get 5 Power Crystals like he does in the original. This, of course, never happens.

(Source: BetaM)

Unused Objects


Apple (Unused) Wumpa Fruit (Used)
CrashNST Apple.png CrashNST WumpaFruit.png
CrashNST Apple InGame.PNG

Simply referred to as "apple" in the game's files is this unused model of, well, an apple. It's more than likely an early version of the Wumpa fruit.


CrashNST Costdownkevin2.jpg
CrashNST Costdownkevin.jpg

Hidden in the \models\LevelAssets\Barrens directory is this strange untextured gingerbread man-like model, internally christened costdownkevin. It appears to have been named after Activision Editorial Manager Kevin Kelly, as part of a joke among the other developers.

This object is used in-game, although difficult to notice. In the level "Area 51?" it can be found near Fake Crash, on top of a cactus.


CrashNST Attacknode.PNG
CrashNST Attacknode2.PNG

An untextured model of a Greeble from Skylanders Imaginators, atop a platform unusually labelled "attacknode". It is present in Junglerollers.pak, itself part of the \models\LevelAssets\generic directory.

The presence of this model in the files isn't quite as strange as it would initially appear, as N. Sane Trilogy was built within the same engine used for the Skylanders series.

Unused Characters

By modifying the zoneinfo files for Makin' Waves, Tell No Tales, Ski Crazed, or Hot Coco, it is possible to replace Coco and her jet ski with one of five unused characters. They seem to be unfinished, as none of them are capable of jumping correctly and their attacks don't always have an effect on crates or enemies.


Unused Used
CrashNST UnusedCrashModelRender.PNG CrashNST CrashModelRenderFinal.PNG

CrashBandicoot.pak contains files for a model of Crash Bandicoot as he appears in Skylanders Imaginators. He has different animations to the ones seen in Skylanders, suggesting this version was either meant to be used for real, or was simply a placeholder until Crash's final model was made.


CrashNST TemplateLegacy.PNG

TemplateLegacy.pak contains a test character presumably used as a starting point for other playable characters. He can be seen in a very early build of the game dating back to 2015, except this version is white instead of orange.



BlasterTech.pak contains a rabbit character holding some kind of vacuum gun. Its abilities include a stomp attack, shooting dust bunnies and launching a giant carrot into the air. Clicking in the Left Stick - an input not used anywhere else in the game - activates a green shield. Alternate textures exist for a blue outfit, possibly intended for some kind of team-based multiplayer mode.



BruiserUndead.pak contains files for an undead hockey player. He has a dash attack and an unfinished ice attack which actually seems to affect certain enemies. Just like BlasterTech, alternate textures for a blue outfit exist, and a green shield can be activated by clicking in the Left Stick.



WranglerFire.pak contains files for a warrior character riding a fiery wolf. There are a few different attacks, including one where the warrior throws their axe and a charge attack which can be used to cross some pits. Again, clicking in the Left Stick activates a green shield. Alternate textures exist where the wolf and warrior are blue instead of red.

(Source: Cogmonkey - Crash NST hidden characters and more!!)

Unused Vehicle

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Get a screenshot of this, preferably from the game itself.

By modifying the zoneinfo files for Bye Bye Blimps, Mad Bombers, or Rings of Power, it's possible to replace the biplane with an early version of the Jet Stream from Skylanders SuperChargers, the files for which can be found in AirJet.pak.

Launch Commands

-st --smoketest Execute smoketest.

-stm --smoketestmap Map(s) being smoke tested

-sth --smoketestheroes Hero(s) being smoke tested

-fst --finalsmoketest Final build smoke test (cruder version of full smoketest)

-gt --gametest Execute Game Engine Tests

-cc --codecoverage Run code coverage.

-sttr --smoketestthreadedrender Allow threaded render during smoketest (breaks golden images)

-sp --saveprogress If we want to save our SmokeTest progress

-dx --debugxml Load the debug.xml file during smoketest.

-frh --forcereporthandler Force the report handler callback.

-mm --memorymonitor Enable Memory Monitor

-sr --setregistry Set a registry key

-wfdh --waitForDurangoHost Spam CTRL-Z at the end of smoketest so that DurangoHost.py can quit gracefully.

-om %map% --overridemap %map% Map to use in place of debug map from configuration file.

-b --build Attempt to start and connect to a build server instance just for this process.

-bs --build-server Address and port of a build server (localhost:1000)

-ba --build-arguments Command-line arguments to pass to the build server

-bfd --build-final-data Request final data from the build server.

-ps4dm --ps4developmentmode PS4 Development Mode

-mmtid --matchmaking-title-id The title id to use for online matchmaking

-pc %d% --primarycontroller %d% The primary controller to use [1,2,3,4] when launching into a map.

-wd %wd% --windowdatafile %wd% The window settings datafile to use. Defaults to WindowData.igx.

-h --host Name of host computer.

-dn --dotnet Port to use for DotNet debugging (7265)

-wfdd --waitForDotNetDebugger Wait for the DotNet debugger to fully connect before starting a level.

-wfvd --waitForVscDebugger Wait for the Visual Script debugger to fully connect before starting a level.

-gc --gamecomm Port to use for Game Communication (30001)

-hm --headlessMode Run in headless mode. (ShowWindow with SW_HIDE arg)

-gm --gameMode Set the game mode.

-warp --dx11warp Use the DX11 Warp software renderer on Windows platforms.

-cdf --cutscene-dump-frames Dump frames when playing cutscenes.

-ca --cutscene-animation Play a specific animation in a cutscene after level load.

-cn --cutscene Play cutscene immediately after level load.

-hdp --havok-debugger-port Which port to use for the havok debugger.

-join --join Gamertag to auto-join.

-4kf --4k-fullscreen Forces 4K resolution and fullscreen in the window.

-4kb --4k-borderless Forces 4K resolution and borderless in the window.

-perf --perf Enable perf reporter for levels at a 1080p resolution.

-perf4k --perf4k Enable perf reporter for levels at a 4k resolution.

-gpuWrite --gpuWrite Enable writing GPU info to file on PC.