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Title Screen


Also known as: Cuphead in: "Don't Deal With the Devil"
Developer: StudioMDHR Entertainment
Publisher: StudioMDHR Entertainment
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4
Released internationally: September 29, 2017 (Windows), October 19, 2018 (Mac OS X), April 18, 2019 (Nintendo Switch), July 28, 2020 (PS4)

EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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Be aware that any unused content you find may become used in the future. If this does happen, please specify as such!

Inspired by 1930s animation (specifically the works of Max Fleischer, Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks) and tough-as-nails platformers such as Contra, Cuphead is a run 'n gun platformer/boss rush game in which you play as two brothers who have to collect soul contracts from various people, or else the Devil will take their heads.

Oh, and they're also walking drinkware.

Known for being just as hard, if not harder, than the games it was inspired by.

To do:
  • Test levels, more graphics, unused code, and unused sound effects.
  • There is a good amount of prerelease content, including videos of early gameplay from Studio MDHR's YouTube channel, as well as its various E3 showings from 2014 - 2017.


Cuphead-Windows-VB beet idle 001.png
Unused Graphics
This sub-page will get red hot!
Cuphead-Windows-Flower Cloud Bomb Pre Boom.png
Unused Boss Behaviors
Remnants of what could have been and what probably should not have been.

Debug Console

There is a debug console in the game that can be re-enabled with a patch. This console serves several purposes such as toggling invincibility, boosting the player's damage and accessing the level select among other things. Place the files into the same folder as the game executable and then press F5 while on the map or in a level to open it.

Download.png Download Cuphead Debug Console Patch
File: Cuphead Debug Console Patch.zip (1.10MB (compressed)) (info)
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Level Select


A fully functional level select can be accessed from the debug console with the command scene.select. Difficulty, Weapons, Super, and Charm can be changed at will until a level is chosen. Clicking on a level will load it after a few moments. As of the v1.1.4 update, clicking on airship_jely, retro_arcade, airship_stork, pachinko, or light will softlock the game due to their assets having been removed; this could mean that all of these aforementioned levels may return as part of The Delicious Last Course.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Sounds

To do:
There might be more unused files in other sharedassets files.
Listen Sound Summary
Unused sounds for Cuphead and Mugman's intro animations. In-game, they're silent.
Weepy's Crying is actually 10 seconds long while only 5 seconds can be heard in-game.
Leftover sounds from the 2015 demo.
Possibly the Bomb special in airplane sections laughed before exploding.
Was most likely intended for the unused Triple Laser/Wideshot weapon, which uses the Peashooter's sounds instead.
Cagney Carnation originally had sounds for being defeated in his 2nd phase, but he's silent in-game. Strangely enough, it plays when he's defeated in early demos.
Possibly planned for when Cagney is defeated in Simple mode. It doesn't play in the demos, with the 2nd phase death sound used instead.

Unused Music

Unused Title Theme


A completely unique theme can be found under the name of bgm_title_theme.fsb in the files. It's a faster, more upbeat rendition, and the last "Cuphead" towards the end sounds identical to the fanfare that plays on the overworld once you beat a level. It seems to have been composed during an early stage of development, as the lyrics describe a considerably different plot than the final game. It possibly was composed when the game was still going to be simply a boss rush, judging by the tournament aspect.

Cuphead, who gambled away his last dime,
Entered a tournament to buy him time.
If he can win his head will be sworn,
And this was how the adventure was born!


An early version of Floral Fury.


This file contains the main opening song, but slowed down to roughly 83% and reversed.

This is the same audio from earlier but pitched up by 20% .

given a reverb and a louder track of static audio, with the laugh of King Dice at 0:29 - 0:39. From 0:42 to the end, the isolated lyric of "dice by" begins to repeatedly play…


…as encoded spectrogram waves depicting the Devil's boss fight partially drown out the looping noise. Within the file, sliding sounds like those of chips in a casino (much like the Devil's Casino) can be heard in tandem with the imagery forming. These images are all taken from the fight in his first phase (with the middle being cut off), his transition phase, and his second phase.

This was likely intended to be used on the title screen after agreeing to join the Devil's side at the end of the game. However, the current version of the game just reverses the title theme without adding any extra effects.

(Source: IsaacShmisaac, Ehm)

Unused Text

Text Description
This is a somewhat long achievement name
A placeholder long achievement name.
hi my name is
my name is
A placeholder text string with lyrics from My Name Is by Eminem.
Content Text
A generic placeholder string.
Three lines of text
would look like this,
don't you see?
A string testing 3 lines of text.
A header for a debug console.
Text for a command line.

Unused Bosses

Note: All of these names are merely guesses based on the filenames.

Please elaborate.
Having more detail is always a good thing.
Specifically: Describe these bosses a little more in-depth.


To do:
Add the rest of the sprites.

"Cling-cling, clang-clang, your bell has rang!"

A boss named "Pachi-Pachi", labeled and designed as a Pachinko machine, can be selected in the game's debug menu. The boss' only attack is a non-animated flame that comes out of its head. Throughout the fight, blue/black colored balls fall; though not colored the same way as other parryable objects, the black balls can be parried. Upon defeat, it will perform a seemingly complete death animation, and take you back to the King Dice fight. This boss has a death quote, but the boss picture is missing.


Cuphead Light.png

Also found in the debug menu is a boss called "Light". The boss is basically a crudely drawn thing and has no attacks. When the battle begins, cutouts of Jared Moldenhauer's head fly in a straight angle. It also lacks a death quote.


Cuphead card.png

This boss was apparently cut early, as all of the assets are crudely-drawn placeholders, and it lacks a hitbox for the player to damage them.

The fight uses a falling block matching-game gimmick: blocks would fall down in a grid, above where the player is standing. If unmatched pieces drop onto the highest point of the grid, a spiked platform above the player would lower to allow the next set to land on the highest piece, no more or less than a single space will always be available. The platform could be raised, either by matching 3 or more pieces horizontally or vertically to lower the highest piece, or clear all the blocks, if the highest piece exceeds the grid's set maximum size.


This test level uses a pixel-art grass platform, and features cutouts of developer Jared Moldenhauer's head flying in from left and right. There is also a white platform at the bottom of the room.

The quote used upon death, "You are not a warrior, you're a beginner" is a reference to Street Fighter II, where it is Sagat's victory quote. The same message is shown if you somehow die on the tutorial, such as by using the unused Ranger weapon.

Early Sally Stageplay

This shows an early version of the level Dramatic Fanatic. In this version of the level, the transition to phase 2 is different; instead of Sally riding with her husband, the husband dies by the chandelier. With it being unfinished, the second phase shows us at a nunnery instead of a nursery in the final game, and instead of babies throwing bottles, it's replaced by nuns throwing something; also the pope is there instead of the husband in the bushes. In the third phase, the husband comes back, but this time in his god form; he would throw berries at the player.

This version of Dramatic Fanatic became fully playable in the 1.2 patch that released on April 20th 2019. The nuns will throw rulers and the babies have been moved to the phase with the husband's god form. Not much has changed.

Unused Weapons/Charms

There are four weapons and one charm that are unused in the game. These unused items can be used using the level select.

To do:
May have some names mixed up. Please fix if it isn't correct, and improve information.


This weapon flies in an arc, sticks to the ground upon impact, grows after a short moment, and explodes when any enemy touches it. This weapon has 3 different damage values, dealing the most if it explodes midair, lowest when it first lands, and a medium amount after it has grown while on the ground. The EX attack fires a quick shot in a downward arc, sticks to the first surface it touches, and explodes after a few moments.

It uses the placeholder EX move sound from earlier builds and the art assets that are used for the chaser.


This weapon appears in early videos of the game with somewhat finished assets, though the assets got removed in the final version of the game, so a simple filled circle acts as a placeholder instead. Though sometimes referred to as "Exploder" in the files, "Ranger" fits better since the weapon's damage increases depending on how far it travels.

The EX attack will fire a fast-moving projectile in a straight line until it has hit something, which causes it to launch another shot backwards toward the player, damaging the player if it manages to hit them.

Triple Laser

This weapon is similar to the spreadshot weapon in the game, but can be more focused in a certain direction if the player uses the aim button while shooting. This weapon is the only one that can pass through objects to hit an enemy, though compared to all the other weapons in the game it's one of the weakest ones.

This weapon was cut before an EX version was programmed.


This weapon is exclusive to the plane fights, similar to the first weapon in the game, when using a card, multiple shoot out in a circular angle similar to the earlier builts of the default shooter's EX. This weapon is somewhat weak, but it can build up EX cards quickly.


This charm prevents damage from pits, and increases invincibility frames. Most likely removed due to being overpowered. Interestingly, this charm got nerfed in the v1.1.3 update.

Revisional Differences


  • Fixed various freezes caused by controller disconnection/reconnection.
  • Fixed a glitch where the controller would rumble incessantly.
  • Fixed various freezes and soft-locks and crashes.
  • Improvements to saving and loading.
  • No longer possible to duplicate Mugman to absurd amounts.
  • Fixed a rapid-weapon-swap damage glitch.
  • Slight Charge weapon damage reduction.
  • Charge weapon charge is now maintained during parry.
  • Now possible to unequip secondary weapon, Super, and Charm from equipment menu (Press "Y" to unequip).
  • Mr. Chimes no longer gets stuck or goes offscreen.
  • King Dice’s Start Over square will now only trigger once per attempt.
  • Player 2 now appears in the King Dice board after being revived at the end of a mini-boss level.
  • Dice Palace score now properly resets when retrying the level.
  • Fixed improper hit boxes on the Devil's snake attack.
  • Fixed Devil's goat attack so it hits ducking players.
  • Elevator on Rugged Ridge no longer locks if Player 1 dies.
  • A+ grade now possible on Funfair Fever and Treetop Trouble.
  • It is no longer possible to damage bosses that are offscreen.
  • Fixed rare crash when parrying on Carnival Kerfuffle.
  • Fixed Roundabout shots not coming back on-screen on select stages.
  • Baroness Von Bon Bon death results now properly display progress on phase 3.
  • Dr. Kahl's Robot death results now properly display progress on phase 1.
  • Fixed various minor collision bugs.
  • Various art and animation polish.
  • Minor sound effect fixes and polish.
  • Added a new, spookier Mausoleum announcer.
  • Cagney Carnation's spore attack in his final phase causes a disorientation effect.


  • Fixed a softlock that could occur when the player parries and dies at the same time.
  • Fixed an issue where the game appears in a tiny resolution.
  • Fixed a rare issue where the loading screen plays forever.
  • Fixed Cagney Carnation's face attack so it consistently has proper anticipation cue timing.
(Source: https://cuphead.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_patches)