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Cuphead/Unused Graphics

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This is a sub-page of Cuphead.

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.

Botanic Panic

Betty Beet

Numerous rough sketches for a beet-themed enemy. The final game only contains the following evil vegetables: carrot, onion, potato, radish.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Floral Fury

Blue Mini Flower

  • Added in The Delicious Last Course's preparation update, There are these sprites of a Blue Variant of the Mini Flower, The most interesting set here is a animation of the flower exclaiming "OH!"
Download.png Download Cuphead Blue Mini Flower Sprites
File: Cuphead-Blue-Mini-Sprites.rar (596 KBs) (info)
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Pyramid Peril

Cuphead-Windows-GenieGoldenMarionette.png Djimmi_The_Great_Phase_4_Sprite_Unused.png Cuphead-Windows-Djimmi The Great Phase 4 Attack Unused.png Cuphead-Windows-Djimmi The Great Phase 4 Knockout Sprite Unused.png

A set of unused graphics for Puphead, Djimmi the Great's fourth phase, with a weird gold glow.

Aviary Action


An early version of Wally Warbles bullets, these are also seen in early gameplay.

Dramatic Fanatic


A crudely drawn placeholder called "windownun", which would have been used during the tragic branching story in Sally Stageplay's fight. Despite being able to force the branching story, these assets don't appear due to assets being mislayered.

All Bets Are Off

Cuphead-Windows-clubs.png Cuphead-Windows-diamonds.png Cuphead-Windows-heart.png Cuphead-Windows-spades.png
Crudely drawn icons for all four playing card suits. These assets are placeholders for an unused boss called "Card" that would have been an additional miniboss for King Dice's fight.

A crudely drawn placeholder called "soulidle", for a minion that would have appeared during Mr. Chime's fight.

One Hell of a Time

Cuphead-Windows-Devil-Placeholders-1.png Cuphead-Windows-Devil-Placeholders-2.png

Placeholder sketches of the devil are mixed in with the final artwork.


Cuphead-Windows-Stone block.png
A pixelated stone block, probably a placeholder.

Cuphead-Pigshop guide.pngCuphead-Windows- LINE-UP COIN CHALK FINAL.png Cuphead-Windows-alignment guide.png
Three mockup screenshots named "Pigshop_guide" "_LINE-UP_COIN_CHALK_FINAL", and "alignment_guide" respectively.

Cuphead-Windows-blueprint final guide.png
A screenshot of the plane control screen, featuring Xbox controller prompts. The health bar UI is missing, and PINK isn't bolded in the final image. This image is named blueprint_final_guide (1).

Cuphead-Windows-descend addition guide.png
A shrunken screen capture of the entire tutorial area, named descend_addition_guide (1).

Cuphead-Windows-worldmap cuphouse 0001.pngCuphead-Windows-worldmap cuphouse 0002.pngCuphead-Windows-worldmap cuphouse 0003.png
An early version of Cuphead and Mugman's house, named worldmap_cuphouse.

No Jareds allowed. Cuphead-Windows-illumijared.png
Cutouts of Jared Moldenhauer's head from this Gamereactor interview.

Cuphead-Windows-jaredhead.png Cuphead-Windows-Temp-Jared.png
"jaredhead" is a completely new and original character based on the images above. This happens to be a leftover from when one of the developers cartoonified Jared's head.