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D/Generation (Apple II)

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Title Screen


Developer: Brøderbund
Platform: Apple II

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

We could only wish we were playing this right now... maybe...
This game was never completed and/or given a public release.
As a result of this, keep in mind that the developers might have used or deleted some of the content featured here, had the game actually reached store shelves.
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Level and gameplay differences.
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The first known prototype for D/Generation developed in 1989 for the Apple II. The original publisher for this title was going to be Brøderbund, as evidenced by the image following the title screen. Given these, it's likely that the game was canned for potentially being unprofitable before development shifted to other platforms.

Debug Keys

  • Ctrl + A - Restart Level
  • Ctrl + E - Access Level Editor
  • Ctrl + R - Restart Drawing Routines