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Title Screen


Also known as: D no Shokutaku 2 (JP)
Developer: WARP
Publishers: WARP (JP), Sega (US)
Platform: Dreamcast
Released in JP: December 23, 1999
Released in US: August 22, 2000

CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
BonusIcon.png This game has hidden bonus content.

D2 is the third and final entry in WARP's "Laura" trilogy, preceded by Enemy Zero and D.

This time, Laura Parton finds herself stranded in the Canadian tundra after a plane crash. Stricken with amnesia, it's up to her to unravel a grand mystery involving terrorists, sorcery, mutated plant people, an addictive drug, woolly mammoths, angels, clones, an evil god, and her own bizarre origins.

This game is Kenji Eno at his weirdest and best.

Hidden Videos

Dummy Video

A short video of a blue rippling water effect.

Secret D2 M2 Video

If the player's VMU contains save data from the D2 Shock demo disc, it will unlock an extra "Secret Movie" option on the title menu of Disc 2. This video is a trailer for the cancelled Panasonic M2 version of D2, which featured an entirely different story from the one in the final Dreamcast release.

Unused Graphics

Save File Icons

Unused Final
D2 Old File 1.png D2 Final File 1.png
D2 Old File 2.png D2 Final File 2.png
D2 Old File 3.png D2 Final File 3.png

These unused save file icons feature text fields for Laura's level, HP, and elapsed play time. In the final version this information is instead presented in a text box at the bottom of the Save/Load screen, while the empty space on the icon is filled with a portrait of Laura.

File Icon Numbers

D2 File Number Sheet.png

A set of small digits and a colon, probably intended to be used with the early save icons.

Laura Portrait

Unused Final
Laura anim old.gif Laura anim final.gif

This unused version of the animated Laura portrait used on the pause screen is quite different from the final. The view is slightly more zoomed out and shows Laura's face head-on, while the final is closer and shown in 3/4 profile. The early version also appears to be based on Laura's in-game model while the final is a more detailed pre-rendered image.

Photo Icon

Unused Final
Hunting results D2.png Photo and hunting.png

This unused menu tab icon is taller than the final version and reads "Hunting Results & Photos" on two lines, while the final version simply reads "Photo & Hunting" on one line. This was most likely changed to maintain consistency with the other tab icons, which are all the same size.

Meat Icon

Unused Final

This unused meat icon depicts a cartoonish leg of lamb, whereas more realistic strips of meat are used for the final.

Fountain Pen


An unused fountain pen. A pen scribbling sound effect plays when loading or saving a game, so it is possible there may have been an associated writing animation that this pen would have been used for.

Archive Textbox

Unused Final
P SUBSTAT1.png P SUBST02.png

The chalkboard textbox on the Archive screen originally had three pieces of chalk resting on the bottom lip. These were omitted in the final version.

Dummy Texture


Dummy texture file consisting of a solid red background with "baka" (idiot) written twice in black katakana.

RGB Gradient Texture


A texture file consisting of a rainbow gradient and some text, probably used for color and transparency testing.

Demo Leftovers

A screen featuring the Soft Bank Publishing logo, leftover from the D2: First Touch demo included on the Dorimaga GD Vol. 4 demo disc.

Leftover title screen from the Dorimaga GD Vol. 4 demo disc.

Unused "Press Start Button" text from the title screen of the Dorimaga demo disc.

Continue screen text left over from the Dorimaga demo disc.

Text reading "To Be Continued", in a monstrous-looking font. This text is not seen anywhere in the final game. Most likely a leftover from the Dorimaga demo.

Hidden Text


Contains hidden developer credits.


	 Tetsuya Ogawa

C.G. Animators
	Hirohiko Sugamura
	Tomohisa Oda
	Tomoko Kasahara
	Tomonori Kubokawa
	Kazuaki Arai
	Satoshi Mochizuki
	Atsushi Inoue
	Takeshi Nozue
	Tomomi Yano
	Hideki Sudo
	Takashi Otsuki

C.G. Designers
	Tomohiro Miyazaki
	Yuji Haba
	Terunori Kobayashi
	Ko Takeuchi
	Marie Yamada
	Michihito Hatakeyama
	Takahiro Matsuhira
	Kazuyuki Ebara

C.G. Director
	Shosaburo Tateishi

	Hirofumi Hayashida
	Makoto Sakai
	Naoya Sato
	Hiromitsu Shimakura
	Daijyu Kawashima
	Tetsuya Ogawa
	Tomoharu Shibuya
	Shinya Sato

Program Director
	Naoya Sato

	Kenji Eno




Contains a hidden copyright.

(c)WARP 1999, 2000