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DJ Boy (Arcade)

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Title Screen

DJ Boy

Developer: Kaneko
Publishers: American Sammy (US), Sega (JP)
Platform: Arcade (DJ Boy Hardware)
Released in JP: 1989
Released in US: 1989

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Unused Graphics

DJboy AC Taito Logos.png
A Taito logo is present in the game's graphic data. Kaneko used to develop games for Taito, so this makes sense.

DJboy AC Williams Logo.png
Portions of a Williams logo are also present in the US versions of the game. It's possible that they wanted to publish the game at one point before Kaneko struck a deal with American Sammy. In the Japanese version, these graphics were overwritten by the Sega logo.

The game also has a fairly large amount of unused graphics for breakable objects such as diner stools, powerups, and background scenery stored in the graphic data.

Regional Differences

The Japanese release has Demon Kogure, Seikima-II's frontman, narrate quips during the intro and at certain points during the game. The US version replaced him with Wolfman Jack.