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Daikatana (Windows)

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Title Screen


Also known as: John Romero's Daikatana
Developer: Ion Storm
Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Platform: Windows
Released in US: May 23, 2000

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
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Daikatana's unused content is about to make you its bitch.

This game is one of the poster boys for development hell in game development, so there is A LOT of unused content floating around in the game's files. Mostly graphics and audio, but there's several unused enemies laying around as well.

To do:


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
There are a ton of unused graphics in this game.
Enemies had a lot more to say at one point.

Unused Weapons


A model present in the Episode 2 model folder which, based on how it looks, appears to have been like the final's Discus of Daedalus with the discus thrown out of a device rather than of by hand.

The Discus of Daedalus' model in the pre-alpha is a poorer-looking version of this weapon, confirming that the "midas" was the Discus of Daedalus, at one time. A completely different weapon named "midas' Golden Grasp" can be found in the pre-alpha and listed in the MPlayer Demo's files, suggesting that this is a Discus variant that overwrote the original Midas' model for some reason.

Midas Pre-alpha Discus of Daedalus
Don't trust the Midas Touch. Predaidiscus.png



A weapon model present in the Episode 1 model files. Based on its looks, it appears to have been a melee weapon. It is likely that it was an early version of the final's Disruptor Glove, as they both have "Disruptor" in their names.

Unused Enemies

Daikatana has several models for unused enemies hidden in its files.

Lab Worker


A model for an enemy named "labworker" is present in the Episode 1 model files. Its name indicates that it would fit perfectly in the Cyro Labs, but was replaced with the final's Cyro Worker for some reason.



A model for a Cyclops enemy can be found in Episode 2. There doesn't seem to be any reason why he was cut; he'd fit in perfectly with the gigantic ancient Greek myth mis-mash that is Episode 2's monsters.


To do:
Could someone apply the texture to the model?

A model for a Minotaur exists in Episode 2's model files. According to the former Planet Daikatana website, the Minotaur was supposed to be the original final boss of Episode 2, but was cut and replaced with the Medusa encounter. That makes sense, as there are no places where he could've fit in the final's levels.

A complete texture for the Minotaur exists, but the model is assigned to use a temporary texture for some reason.



A model for an enemy named "wizard" is present in Episode 3's model files. It appears that he would be able to float, and cast spells at the player. Whether he was a common enemy or a mini-boss like the rest of the magicians in Episode 3 is unknown.

SEAL Diver


A model for a SEAL Diver is present in Episode 4's model files. He would've fit perfectly within the water-based portions of the SEALS Training Center. He doesn't have any swimming animations, so there would've been no conflict with him being in the pool with the shark enemies.


Daikatana Alien.png

A model for some sort of hybrid of the monster from the Alien movies and a spider is present in Episode 4's model files. According to Planet Daikatana, this enemy would have appeared in a scrapped secret level that would be a crashed UFO near the SEALs Training Center.


Daikatana Chopper.png

An untextured helicopter model present in the Episode 4 model files. Based on its name, it would be an enemy, though there doesn't seem to be any place where it would fit, except perhaps the part after you get out of the prison but before you escape the island in Episode 4.


There are a few unused NPC models scattered throughout the game's files.

King Minos


An untextured model of King Minos can be found in the Episode 2 model files. According to Planet Daikatana, he was supposed to be the person in Episode 2 that would recharge your Daikatana, but would only do so after you went into the Labyrinth and killed the Minotaur. His scenario was scrapped and replaced with the generic "kill Medusa to recharge your sword" quest in the final.

Togagirl and Togaguy

Two models named "togagirl" and "togaguy" exist in Episode 3's model files. When opened, they are ancient Greek-themed characters. Why they are in the E3 model files when they clearly fit into Episode 2 is a mystery. Their existence seems to suggest that Episode 2 would have had NPCs, though their purpose otherwise is unknown, though in the N64 version they are seen chained up to the statue platform, which seems to suggest they would have been in the catacombs level.

They have a different, more primitive texturing style compared to the final's, hinting that these models were textured earlier than most of the others.

Drug Addict


A weird-looking model named “drug" is present among the Episode 4 models. Based on the name and looks, he would be a harmless drug addict NPC that would be placed in levels for flavor. Why he was cut is unknown.

Unused items

Ice Boots


A poorly-textured model named "iceboots", present in the item folder. While there is no way to see what it does in the final game, a description for this item exists in the pre-alpha which states that it was to let you walk on ice like it was regular ground.


While there aren't any unused maps, there are a few areas in existing maps that are not used.

Hidden "F"

Well F you too buddy!

Hidden behind a window in the church-shaped portion of the multiplayer map Shallow Grave is a blue F. Planet Daikatana claims that it stands for fugue.telefragged.com, a defunct website owned by the guy that made the map.

Lava Room in Plague Poundings and E4M1c


Hidden in the multiplayer map Plague Poundings and E4M1c is a medium-sized room that has lava and rocks the player can stand on. According to Planet Daikatana's FAQ, this was supposed to be for a cutscene, but it was scrapped and not removed.


Other stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else.

Ripgun and Slugger

The Ripgun and Slugger's sound clip names show that they had their names swapped with each other at one time; the Ripgun was called the Slugger and the Slugger was called the Ripgun. Why these were changed is unknown.