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Daikatana (Windows)/Audio

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This is a sub-page of Daikatana (Windows).


Episode 1
Robots and guards sure are chatty.
Episode 4
Prisoners, gangsters, and SEAL troops have a lot on their mind.


Ion Blaster

The Ion Blaster has an unused firing sound that sounds slightly meatier than the one used.

Unused Used



Note that this is used in the Daikatana DM Demo prototype.

Unused Used


Unused Used


Unused Used


This sound is used in the Daikatana DM Demo prototype for the Shotcycler.

Unused Used


It looks like the final shot and reload sounds were going to be in the same file at one point.

Unused Used

Other sound effects


A few sounds of blades retracting or coming out of something are present in the Episode 2 sound files. Based on the "discus" in each of their names, it seems the blades on the Discus of Daedalus would be able to retract and come out of the discus at one time. This would've been a neat visual effect, if kept.

The blades coming out.

The blades coming back in.

Glock 2020

Several unused firing sounds for the Glock 2020 are in the game's files.


Unused Used


Unused Used


Unused Used


A meatier firing sound for the Slugger can be found in the Episode 4 sound folder.

Unused Used



Present in the global sound folder, with "unused" at the start of their file names. They may be early sounds for the Acro powerup.

Episode 2


The unused Cyclops enemy has a full set of sounds.


Unused alternate versions of used sounds

Unused Used
Unused Used
Unused Used
Unused Used
Unused Used

Unused sounds

Most of these appear to be pain or death screams, but there are some unused quotes and an unused conversation between two Harpies.

Track Transcript
Beware, mortals! We are the ministers of vengeance for our gods, and no enemy of theirs shall escape our wrath!
Alternate version of above sound.
Hisss! I hunger.
Alternate version of above sound.
Patience, sister. I sense dinner is on the way.
Alternate version of above sound.
Hnt! (jumping sound?)
*bird sound*
Just try and hurt me!
Hahaha! Is that the best you can do?
Try it again, buster!
Oomph, ughhh!
*gasp* (?)


The scrapped Minotaur has two leftover sounds. It does not have a file that specifies what sounds it is meant to use, unlike other enemies in the game.

Episode 3


Dwarves never speak English, like they do in these unused sounds.

Track Transcript
Some of the villagers think that the king has gone mad.
Some of the villagers think that the king has gone mad. That’s absolute rubbish. He may be acting a bit strangely, but that’s only because he’s still grief stricken from the death of his family. However odd his behavior, he’s still our sovereign and his word is law!
Over there! Aren’t those the evil sorcerers who brought the plague to our village? Don’t let them get away!
Destroy them!
Spawns of the devil! You won’t be scoffing at our size after we rip out your hearts!
Death to the strangers!


The Fletcher has a ton of unused "player spotted" sounds. MP3 versions of these sounds can be found in the game's files as well, and show that some of the unused sight sounds are actually made splitting up a single voice clip into two different ones.

Unused sight sounds

Track Transcript
Curse you and your dark magic! I’ll see you in hell!
Prepare to die, invaders!
Don't let up!
Show them no mercy!
Whatever happens, we’ve got to hold them at bay!
These strangers are harbingers of evil!

Original sounds and sight sounds

E3_f_02, M_fletchersightc, and M_fletchersighte
Unused Used
Unused Used
E3_f_04, M_fletchersightf, and M_fletchersightd
Unused Used
Unused Used

King Gharroth

These sound like they might've been used when fighting him.

Track Transcript
It’s bad enough that you killed my family. I won’t let you destroy my kingdom, too!
Your devil’s sorcery is strong, but mine is stronger!
What’s the matter? Have your dark gods forsaken you?
Back! I won’t yield to your kind!
At last! Vengeance is mine!
May as well surrender, villain; there is nowhere to hide from my wrath!
By all I hold holy, I swear I will strike you down and send you back to whatever hell you were spawned from!
You are agents of hell and must be put to death!
Stop trying to confuse me with your devil’s tongue. I won’t give in to your lies!


The first quote is quite interesting, as it hints that the player was supposed to defeat Wyndrax before fighting Stavros. In the final game, the opposite occurs.

Track Transcript
Nharre’s very angry with you for what you did to poor brother Wyndrax. So am I, for that matter. And I’m going to make sure that your deaths are particularly painful!
Give it up! You don’t stand a chance against the forces of hell!
I’ve had it up to here with your pitiful displays of bravado. Time for you to die!


Higher quality versions of Wyndrax's idle and sight quotes without a voice distortion effect exist in the game's files.


Unused Used


Unused Used

M_wyndraxsightb and M_wyndraxsightc

E3_w_02 was broken down into two sight sounds for Wyndrax.

Unused Used
Unused Used

Unused Sounds

Among the higher-quality versions of Wyndrax's sounds are two versions of a quote not used by Wyndrax in the final game.

Track Transcript
Insolent whelps! You’re going down!
Alternate version of above quote.


Boss Death

A set of seven sounds named "bossdeathx", present in the global folder. All of them sound like various instruments suddenly stopping, so it's possible these were intended for when you died in a boss fight, or a boss died. They can be downloaded below:

Download.png Download Daikatana (Unused "bossdeathx" Sounds)
File: Daibossdeathsounds.rar (219 KB) (info)