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Dance Dance Revolution 4thMIX (Arcade)

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Title Screen

Dance Dance Revolution 4thMix

Developer: Konami AMD
Publisher: Konami
Platform: Arcade (Konami System 573)
Released in JP: August 24, 2000
Released in AS: August 24, 2000

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Now with over 100 songs to choose from, Dance Dance Revolution 4thMix introduced a new rating system, Double Maniac charts for older songs, and code-exclusive unlocking.

Unused Graphics

Leftovers from an early version of the game can be found in GAME.DAT.

Style Selection

Early Final
DDR4th-modelinkbgEARLY.png DDR4th-modelinkbgFINAL.png
  • The color of the Style Selection background while on Link mode was originally going to be much brighter. Several blocks were also slightly recolored.
  • A box was added near the top left corner of the screen, the area where the highlighted style's name appears.
Early Final
DDR4th-selectEARLY.png DDR4th-selectFINAL.png
DDR4th-selectsoloEARLY.png DDR4th-selectsoloFINAL.png
  • To fit with the background change, the text for the styles was made unskewed. A gradient was also added in the Solo styles.

Character Selection

Early Final
DDR4th-portrait1EARLY.png DDR4th-portrait1FINAL.png
DDR4th-portrait2EARLY.png DDR4th-portrait2FINAL.png
DDR4th-portrait5EARLY.png DDR4th-portrait5FINAL.png
DDR4th-portrait6EARLY.png DDR4th-portrait6FINAL.png
DDR4th-portrait7EARLY.png DDR4th-portrait7FINAL.png
DDR4th-portrait8EARLY.png DDR4th-portrait8FINAL.png
  • All of the characters had placeholder portraits. Note that the characters Boldo and Tracy's portraits are very blurred, and use their 3rdMix designs.


  • These recolored portraits are used as placeholder slots for most of the other characters.

Genre Selection

Early Final
DDR4th-genresEARLY.png DDR4th-genresFINAL.png
  • The genre folders were originally going to have different names. A "Player's Best" folder was also added in development.

Song Selection

Early Final
DDR4th-selmusicelemEARLY.png DDR4th-selmusicelemFINAL.png
  • The "NEW!" graphic was originally going to be colored blue in contrast of the final release's red.
  • Graphics for "Easy", "Normal" and "Hard" difficulties were added in the final graphic, but these don't seem to be used at all.


Early Final
DDR4th-gameplayhud1EARLY.png DDR4th-gameplayhud1FINAL.png
  • The "Ready" and "Here We Go" graphics were slightly tweaked.
  • There was originally going to be one transition graphic; a red star beam, with blue and yellow star beams being added during development.
  • The "Danger" graphic was redone and moved to a different texture.
Early Final
DDR4th-gameplayhud2EARLY.png DDR4th-gameplayhud2FINAL.png
  • While it may seem like the early graphic is a 3rdMix leftover, it's worth noticing that the stage counter graphics seem to be different from its origin game - and from the final version of 4thMix as well.
  • As with the Song Selection Screen, while the "Easy", "Normal" and "Hard" graphics stayed, and with new palettes, they don't seem to be used.

Results Screen

Early DDR4th-resultbgEARLY.png
Final DDR4th-resultbgFINAL.png
  • The texture seen in the top of the screen during the Results originally had a slight color issue; the leftmost shadow of the leftmost large star was colored blue instead of dark pink. This was corrected in the final release.


A mockup image of the results screen can also be found. Notice that, again, the top texture is different, and that the ratings were only composed of vector lines.

Background Animations

DDR3rdPLUS-4thbga14EARLIER.png DDR3rdPLUS-4thbga14FINAL.png
  • While many of the background animation sprites have already been finalized at that point of development, the mispelling in "interview" in this graphic persisted.

Regional Differences

  • A video that promotes the Dancemania albums is not present in the Asia release. The Dancemania CD titles displayed in the Song Selection screen are also absent.
  • The BEMANI logo is not seen in the Asian release of the game. The title screen was changed, with a (r) added on KONAMI's logo and the BEMANI logo removed.
Japan Asia
DDR4th-title.png DDR4th-title-asia.png
  • In the Asia release of Dance Dance Revolution 4thMix, the character Devil-Zukin was renamed to Black-Zukin.
Japan Asia
DDR4th-DevilZukin.png DDR4th-BlackZukin.png
  • The songs LOVE, GET UP (BEFORE THE NIGHT IS OVER), GET UP AND DANCE, BA KKWO, BU DAM, BYUL, FACE, SUNG SUK, TELL ME TELL ME and WA are missing from the Asia release. Additionally, songs Stomp to my beat, TUBTHUMPING, IF YOU CAN SAY GOODBYE and XANADU were marked as "new" in this release, as they were absent from the Asia release of 3rdMix.
(Source: RemyWiki)