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Dance Dance Revolution 5th Mix (PlayStation)

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Title Screen

Dance Dance Revolution 5th Mix

Developer: Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo
Publisher: Konami
Platform: PlayStation
Released in JP: September 20, 2001

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

Dance Dance Revolution 5th Mix was the last Dance Dance Revolution release for the original PlayStation in Japan. Because of that, it has many extra content, such as a background gallery and an extensive Edit Data Bank.

Unused Graphics

Extra Mix Leftovers

Assorted leftover graphics from Dance Dance Revolution Extra Mix. Most of these are from the gameplay screen.

Ddr5thPS-EMgameplay3.png Ddr5thPS-EMgameplay1.png Ddr5thPS-EMgameplay2.png
Ddr5thPS-EMgameplay4.png Ddr5thPS-EMgameplay5.pngDdr5thPS-EMgameplay7.pngDdr5thPS-EMgameplay6.png
Ddr5thPS-EMjudge1.png Ddr5thPS-EMjudge2.png Ddr5thPS-EMjudge3.png Ddr5thPS-EMjudge4.png Ddr5thPS-EMjudge5.png Ddr5thPS-EMjudge6.png

Unused Background Animation Sprites

Two unused background animation sprites. Despite that they are seen in the arcade release, none of the songs that have it are present in this console version.


Alphabet Sort Letters

Several letters used for the alphabet sort option in the music selection screen. As there are no songs that begin with these letters, they go unused.


Top-Left and Top-Right Arrows

Graphics for the top-left and top-right arrows, meant to be used in Edit mode. Possibly leftovers from Dance Dance Revolution 4th Mix.

Type 1 Type 2
DSfeverPS1-6panelarrowsTYPE1.png DSfeverPS1-6panelarrowsTYPE2.png

Early Guide Graphics

Somewhat "plain" graphics for some of the sections in the Guide menu. It's worth noticing that all of them have finalized versions.

Unused Used

Unused Text/Code

On READ_DT.BIN, there is a listing containing names of songs from the first game in the franchise to this one, likely used in the Data Bank screen. However, several songs do not have data bank edits, and thus, have their text/order code unused. Below, is a list of the unused songs' names and IDs, as the order codes seem to be in a different order.

Offsets Name ID
2ndMIX/2ndReMIX songs
0x20157BC / 0x2016F9C PARANOiA MAX in roulette hpar
0x20158E0 / 0x201700C OVERDOSE[garbled data]R over
0x2015A24 / 0x201701C GAMBOL gamb
0x2015A4C / 0x2017034 LOVE SO GROOVY sogr
0x2015A5C / 0x201703C Salamander Beat Clush mix sala
0x2015A8C / 0x2017054 g.m.d. gmdd
0x2015B380 / 0x20170BC YOU MAKE ME youm
0x2015BE4 / 0x201710C KEEP ON MOVIN'(club version) keec
0x2015C10 / 0x201711C PARANOiA MAX(club version) parb
0x2015CE4 / 0x201715C OVERDOSER(another version) ovet
0x2015D50 / 0x201717C special energy(another version) spet
0x2015D70 / 0x2017184 Deep clear eyes(another version) deet
4thMIX PLUS songs
0x2016688 / 0x20175DC PETIT LOVE peti
5thMIX songs
0x2016A20 / 0x2017714 DYNAMITE RAVE(Long ver.) ldyn
0x2016A3C / 0x201771C Healing Vision feal
0x2016A4C / 0x2017724 STILL IN MY HEART stil
0x2016A60 / 0x201772C ECSTASY ecst
0x2016A68 / 0x2017734 ABSOLUTE abso
0x2016A74 / 0x201773C DXY! dxyy
0x2016A7C / 0x2017744 MR.T.(take me higher) mrtt
0x2016A94 / 0x201774C SWING IT tequ
0x2016AA0 / 0x2017754 I Was The One iwas
0x2016AB0 / 0x201775C HOT LIMIT hotl
0x2016ABC / 0x2017764 Electro Tuned(the SubS mix) elec
0x2016AD8 / 0x201776C PARANOiA ETERNAL peta
0x2016AEC / 0x2017774 ROMANCE NO KAMISAMA roma
0x2016B00 / 0x201777C THE TWIST(Double Pump MIX) twis
0x2016B1C / 0x2017784 17SAI ones
0x2016B24 / 0x201778C B4U glorious style lbfo
0x2016B38 / 0x2017794 BE TOGETHER beto
0x2016B44 / 0x201779C ODOR[garbled data]U PONPOKOLIN ponp
0x2016C88 / 0x20177A4 MATSURI JAPAN mats
0x2016C98 / 0x20177AC TEST MY BEST est
0x2016CA8 / 0x20177B4 NO LIMIT(RM Remix) noli
0x2016CBC / 0x20177BC MY GENERATION(Fat Beat Mix) myge
0x2016CD8 / 0x20177C4 THE CUBE cube
0x2016CE4 / 0x20177CC ABYSS abys
0x2016CEC / 0x20177D4 SANA MORETTE NE ENTE sana
0x2016D04 / 0x20177DC MOONLIGHT SHADOW(New Vocal Version) moon
0x2016D28 / 0x20177E4 NEVER ENDING STORY ever
0x2016D3C / 0x20177EC MOVIN ON(Extended Moon Mix) movi
0x2016D58 / 0x20177F4 RIGHT NOW righ
0x2016D64 / 0x20177FC TRIBAL DANCE(Almighty Mix) trib
0x2016D80 / 0x2017804 OOPS!... I DID IT AGAIN(Fired Up Mix) oops
0x2016DA8 / 0x201780C AGAINST ALL ODDS(Definitive MIX) gain
0x2016DCC / 0x2017814 Radical Faith radi
0x2016DDC / 0x201781C INSERTiON inse
0x2016DE8 / 0x2017824 CAN'T STOP FALLIN' IN LOVE(SPEED MIX) lcan
0x2016E10 / 0x201782C Healing Vision(Angelic mix) feat
0x2016E2C / 0x2017834 LOOK TO THE SKY look
0x2016E3C / 0x201783C DO IT RIGHT itri
0x2016E48 / 0x2017844 ON THE JAZZ jazz
DDRMAX Previews
0x2016E74 / 0x2017854 NORI NORI NORI nori
0x2016E84 / 0x201785C The Centre Of The Heart cent