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Dark Seed (NES)

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Title Screen

Dark Seed

Developer: Mars Production
Publisher: Union Bond
Platform: Unlicensed NES

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.

The NES Dark Seed is an awful but somewhat ambitious port of the DOS point-and-click adventure. Aside from having one short-looping song throughout the whole game, a severely decreased color palette, and the absence of an entire puzzle, it's mostly accurate to the DOS original.

Assembler Output

Present from offsets 0x7DD0 to 0x7FF0.

P = Printer Output
Esc  D = Disk Output
Esc  M = Multiple Output
Esc  N = No Output

Rename File Error
Page %4u

Maximum Number of Different Sections (%d) Exceeded
Link Terminated


Disk Listing
Filename : 
Symbol Table
Filename : 
Format   :
Linker Output Filename : 

Abbreviated 2500 A.D
2500 A.D
<None Specified>
Link Errors :
Output Format :

Intel Hex
Extended Intel Hex
Tektronix Hex
Motorola S1