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Data:Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life

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This page contains info on data for the game Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life.

Viewing Game Files

ARC Archives

Standard U8 Archives.

Can be opened with BrawlBox or CTools SZS Explorer.

TPL Textures

Can be opened/edited with BrawlBox.

GPL Geometry, ANM Animations, and ACT Actors

Filetypes are references in the official Nintendo Dolphin SDK documentation.

Should be viewable with the "previewer" program included with the SDK, once properly configured.

MES Text Files

Dialogue/Text files with non-standard encoding. Character hex codes vary between AWL and AnWL versions of the game.

Can be viewed using Harrison's MES Editor.

CLZ Archives

Not much is known about these files, other than they appear to be single-file compressed archives.

It seems that the developers got around the "single-file" aspect by encompassing multiple files into an ARC (U8 archive) and then using some form of compression. This would explain why there are some files with an .arc.clz extension.

To do:
Find a way to decompress/recompress CLZ archives