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Title Screen


Developer: Ready at Dawn
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform: PlayStation Portable
Released in US: March 14, 2006
Released in EU: April 13, 2006
Released in AU: April 28, 2006

SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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Daxter is an interquel set between Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy and Jak II, finally showing us just exactly what the ottsel was doing during those two years a few days before finally rescuing his buddy.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info

Unused Audio Files

Found in PSP_GAME\USRDIR\dialogs\English.

Audio File Character Dialogue Notes
Hotel Concierge Bravely done, my little friend! But I'm afraid that won't be enough of those gems to convince Mr. Krew of our establishment's cleanliness. Keep at it, will you? Perhaps an alternate, less-harsh version than the one used?
Daxter I knew there was a reason I wore these gloves! Unknown what this was going to be used for.
Daxter Ooh, a bed, ehh? I'll have to remember that. Possibly Daxter's reaction if you approach the bed before the game has you take on the first mandatory Dream Minigame.
Taryn Hey furhead, I heard what you did to the old man's crop duster. Relax, I know someone who's fixed that bucket of bolts dozens of times. He'll take care of it. The condition of the crop duster is never brought up until right before you're required to revisit Breezy Valley, to which Taryn admits she's the one who fixed it.
Osmo Daxter, are you in the subway? I'm having trouble reaching you! I think that there are some hives leaching the power down there. You need to destroy the hives to get out! There are no bug hives in the Transit System. A possible indication this level was going to be similar to Strip Mine 2 at some point?
Osmo That's the last hive, Daxter! See if you can find some transportation to get back to the shop. Relates to the previous voice clip, no doubt.
Taryn These queens are fast, Daxter. Keep them close. Possibly would've been used during the Breezy Valley revisit.
Daxter You can help me out already, little buddy. Get in this switch box and open the door. "Little Buddy" being Tik, no doubt. Most likely meant to be used before the Tanker 1 minigame.
Daxter Nobody told me that 'Safecracker' was part of my job description. Possibly meant to be used as you approach the vault in Baron's Palace?
Daxter Ice... meet Mr. Flamethrowerǃ Certainly would've been heard in the Fish Cannery. Instead, a simple non-voiced dialogue box is used.
Daxter If I jump over this water, I'm fish food! Another for the Fish Cannery. No warning is given when you approach any of the fish.
Daxter What this calls for is a blowtorchǃ Possibly Daxter telling the player how to deal with insect hives.
Daxter Alright, Taryn; time to see what this new bug blaster'll do. Certainly meant for the Strip Mine 2. Possibly a hint when the player approaches a breakable wall?
Daxter A stuck valve, ehh? Well not for longǃ Most likely used in Tanker 2. A simple text box is used instead.
Daxter Alright, Tik; time to play sidekick! Get in there and fix that circuit! A second version of the dialogue before the Tanker 1 minigame?
Daxter Exterminator, electrician... what's next, UNDERTAKERǃ? Who knows where this would've been heard. Possibly after leaving the Power Plant for the second time?
Daxter Note to self; come back here with a shopping bag. Certainly would've been used when entering the vault in Baron's Palace.
Daxter YAAH! Krimzon Guards??? I do not like the look of those guns... Likely Daxter's first reaction when seeing the guards in the Prison level.
Ximon I don't think you want to take on those Krimzon Guards, little dude. Better avoid 'em! No advice or text is given when you approach the Krimzon Guards.
Daxter I gotta check every cell! Jak could be anywhere in here! No advice or text is ever given to the player to check the cells. Perhaps they didn't want Daxter yelling out hints to the player while Krimzon Guards were nearby?
Daxter Okay, if you can't work it... BREAK IT!!! Maybe Daxter's reaction either before or after the minigame in the Prison level?
Daxter The uglier they come, the uglier they fall. Certainly used either before or during the final boss.
Daxter I'm gonna need some bait... Unknown.

Revisional Differences

When the game was re-released on the PlayStation Store as a digital download, Ready At Dawn reprogrammed the game to run at the full 333MHz of the PSP's CPU, resulting in smoother gameplay.

(Source: Ready At Dawn blog post)