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Dead Rising 3/Development Related Text

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This is a sub-page of Dead Rising 3.

When coding in audio, there's a "Comment" function. This does nothing but gives a message to other developers. The most prominent use of this function is scenegraph.txt.

boss_06.txt (Hemlock)

Audio For Cut Takedown Move

"i don't think any of these are working"


Comment Use
Has this speaker been destroyed? 0 is no, 1 is yes Checking if a PSA speaker has been destroyed
s For when the UI "fades"
This was causing Cinematic mix layer to remain on in game after Intro Soulmate cine Disabling cinematic playback
Disabled in Boss Battles Zombie grapple stingers
Catch-all for anim tag not firing Stopping a zombie grapple stinger
Check to make sure Grapple Layer is off when loading last checkpoint "Keying Off" the grapple layer
IsDemoMode, or... Checking if the game is in the demo
...is Story Mode, and... Checking if the game is in Story Mode
...so adaptive music and threat speech are disabled in chapter 0 Checking if the games above Chapter 0
Waiting for UI team to hook up individual events for each type of locker opnes, this one will be HudWeaponLockerOpen and will be handled in the main UI play tree.\r\n Related to locker UI for Stronghold Mode
mix layer active when zombie threat level is greater than 0 Checking for zombie threat level
Layer for removing in game cine dialog reverb Removing cinematic reverb
Anims currently only tagged for Gang Leader. Using Sync Attack assets and mix move. Hunter's stun state
Playing on Sync attack channel and mix layer "Looping" the stun state
from Attract Video Disabling cinematic playback reverb
Events are sent from ForgeScript cinematic file - loading dialogue for attract video Loading Chapter 0 audio
hack for psy04 speaker Dylan's speaker when trying to bring a survivor to his fight
boss_05 crane fake context Red's crane taunts
museum voice context Museum Of America's exhibit speakers
No entry for heavy boots in ftpslite, just use boots Footwear with "heavy boot" audio
For StatusEffectsComponent Status effects, like being on fire
VFX Asset Query only Continuous VFX effects
replaced PlayEX Player's punches and kicks
INACTIVE An unused left kick attack for the player
Need to make accessible only to VFX-scoped events Common VFX
acid toy explode when attached VFX for the Acid Toy combo weapon
director battle robot arm damage spark The destroyed panels on the back of the Loaders
Red Crane battle barrels explode The gas barrels Red throws with the crane
Rollerhog Co-op flare/fireworks explosion VFX for the explosive's the Co-op player can throw from the Rollerhawg
Rollerhog Co-op flare/fireworks explosion VFX for when the Rollerhawg bombs blow up a zombie
replaced with fire trail in fx_main Dylan's flame throwing attack
gluttony vomit clearout Darlene's vomit VFX
director battle robot arm damage spark Spark VFX for when the Loaders malfunction
body freeze When a character gets frozen with an ice attack
replaced LustFireBallSmoke Smoke trail VFX caused by Dylan's fire
body freeze When a character catches on fire (comment doesn't match up)
Morgue Drawer Locked triggered by player anim When a player tries to open one of the locked Morgue drawers in Chapter 2
Preloaded for scripted explosions Loading in Grenade audio
Preloaded for scripted explosions Loading in Gas Barrel audio
Force loads dick assets after a cine is over Loading in Dick's audio after a cutscene