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Def Jam: Fight For NY - The Takeover

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Title Screen

Def Jam: Fight For NY - The Takeover

Developer: AKI
Publisher: EA Games
Platform: PlayStation Portable
Released in US: August 29, 2006
Released in EU: September 1, 2006

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

Def Jam: Fight For NY - The Takeover is basically a spinoff of Def Jam: Fight For NY on a portable console, so prepare for a lot of downgrades and other new features such as an RNG-based intro sequence where you take out damage before the fight even starts and Manny being the narrator of the story.

Unused Animations

Found in PSP_GAME/USRDIR/assets/motion are two files called test.anm and fad_test.pak. It is unknown how to trigger these in-game.

Unused Text

Found in PSP_GAME/USRDIR/eaj is a text file called ramtally.txt that showcases the RAM usage summary that was created on 4/6/06 around 4-5 months before the game released.

----- RAM Tally begins: 4/6/06 12:53:44 PM -----

----- RAM Usage Summary -----

PSP: SoundPack01                     	Main RAM:    96560
PSP: SoundPack02                     	Main RAM:   179712
PSP: SoundPack03                     	Main RAM:   175424
PSP: SoundPack04                     	Main RAM:   117632
PSP: SoundPack05                     	Main RAM:   165424
PSP: SoundPack06                     	Main RAM:   185680
PSP: SoundPack07                     	Main RAM:    93488
PSP: SoundPack08                     	Main RAM:   180816
PSP: SoundPack09                     	Main RAM:   170896
PSP: SoundPack10                     	Main RAM:   170960
PSP: SoundPack11                     	Main RAM:   186496
PSP: SoundPack12                     	Main RAM:   184064
PSP: SoundPack13                     	Main RAM:   168160
PSP: SoundPack14                     	Main RAM:    93872
PSP: SoundPack15                     	Main RAM:   191328
PSP: SoundPack16                     	Main RAM:   190448
PSP: SoundPack17                     	Main RAM:   177520
PSP: SoundPack18                     	Main RAM:   190384
PSP: SoundPack19                     	Main RAM:   168976
PSP: SoundPack20                     	Main RAM:   181712
PSP: SoundPack21                     	Main RAM:    92784
PSP: SoundPack22                     	Main RAM:   184112
PSP: SoundPack23                     	Main RAM:    92368
PSP: SoundPack24                     	Main RAM:   238976
PSP: BBGuy_Grunts_BGirl              	Main RAM:    10176
PSP: BBGuy_Grunts_AsianGuy           	Main RAM:    10144
PSP: BBGuy_Grunts_Girl1              	Main RAM:    10144
PSP: BBGuy_Grunts_Girl2              	Main RAM:    10144
PSP: BBGuy_Grunts_Girl3_girly        	Main RAM:    10144
PSP: BBGuy_Grunts_LatinoGuy          	Main RAM:    10224
PSP: BBGuy_Grunts_SBGuy              	Main RAM:    10320
PSP: BBGuy_Grunts_WGuy               	Main RAM:    10224
PSP: BGirl_Grunts_AsianGuy           	Main RAM:     9792
PSP: BGirl_Grunts_Girl1              	Main RAM:     9792
PSP: BGirl_Grunts_Girl2              	Main RAM:     9792
PSP: BGirl_Grunts_Girl3_girly        	Main RAM:     9792
PSP: BGirl_Grunts_LatinoGuy          	Main RAM:    10016
PSP: BGirl_Grunts_SBGuy              	Main RAM:    10096
PSP: BGirl_Grunts_WGuy               	Main RAM:    10016
PSP: AsianGuy_Grunts_Girl1           	Main RAM:     9744
PSP: AsianGuy_Grunts_Girl2           	Main RAM:     9744
PSP: AsianGuy_Grunts_Girl3_girly     	Main RAM:     9744
PSP: AsianGuy_Grunts_LatinoGuy       	Main RAM:     9968
PSP: AsianGuy_Grunts_SBGuy           	Main RAM:    10048
PSP: AsianGuy_Grunts_WGuy            	Main RAM:     9968
PSP: Girl1_Grunts_Girl2              	Main RAM:     9744
PSP: Girl1_Grunts_Girl3_girly        	Main RAM:     9744
PSP: Girl1_Grunts_LatinoGuy          	Main RAM:     9968
PSP: Girl1_Grunts_SBGuy              	Main RAM:    10048
PSP: Girl1_Grunts_WGuy               	Main RAM:     9968
PSP: Girl2_Grunts_Girl3_girly        	Main RAM:     9744
PSP: Girl2_Grunts_LatinoGuy          	Main RAM:     9968
PSP: Girl2_Grunts_SBGuy              	Main RAM:    10048
PSP: Girl2_Grunts_WGuy               	Main RAM:     9968
PSP: Girl3_Grunts_LatinoGuy          	Main RAM:     9968
PSP: Girl3_Grunts_SBGuy              	Main RAM:    10048
PSP: Girl3_Grunts_WGuy               	Main RAM:     9968
PSP: LatinoGuy_Grunts_SBGuy          	Main RAM:    10144
PSP: LatinoGuy_Grunts_WGuy           	Main RAM:    10048
PSP: SBGuy_Grunts_WGuy               	Main RAM:    10144
PSP: BBGuy_Grunts                    	Main RAM:     8288
PSP: BGirl_Grunts                    	Main RAM:     8064
PSP: AsianGuy_Grunts                 	Main RAM:     8032
PSP: Girl1_Grunts                    	Main RAM:     8032
PSP: Girl2_Grunts                    	Main RAM:     8032
PSP: Girl3_girly_Grunts              	Main RAM:     8032
PSP: LatinoGuy_Grunts                	Main RAM:     8240
PSP: SBGuy_Grunts                    	Main RAM:     8336
PSP: WGuy_Grunts                     	Main RAM:     8240
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_Baxter          	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_Blaze           	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_Bless           	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_BO              	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_BoneCrusher     	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_Bubba           	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_Capone          	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_Carmen          	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_Chang           	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_Chris           	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_Cindy           	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_comp            	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_CrazyLegs       	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_Crow            	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_DanG            	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_DavidB          	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_Dmob            	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_Doc             	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_Elephant        	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_EricSermon      	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_Fatjoe          	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_FanLay          	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_FlavaFlav       	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_Freeway         	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_Ghostface       	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_Havoc           	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_Henry           	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_House           	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_Ice_T           	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_Jacob           	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_JoeBudden       	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_Kimora          	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_Lauren          	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_LilFilip        	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_LilKim          	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_Ludacris        	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_Mack10          	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_Magic           	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_Manny           	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_Masa            	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_Meca            	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_Memphis         	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_Nore            	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_Nyne            	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_OmarEpps        	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_Pockets         	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_Prodigy         	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_Rome            	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_Santos          	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_Scarface        	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_SeanPaul        	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_Shaniqua        	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_shawnna         	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_Skull           	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_SlickRick       	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_Snowman         	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_Solo            	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_Sticky          	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_Stingray        	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_Teck            	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_Trejo           	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_Trick           	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_WarrenG         	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_WC              	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_Xzibit          	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_Cruz            	Main RAM:     1312
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_Jervis          	Main RAM:     1232
PSP: 09_DEFJ_fighter_Starks          	Main RAM:     1232
PSP: 09_Custom_fighter_rough         	Main RAM:     1280
PSP: 09_Custom_fighter_gruff         	Main RAM:     1280
PSP: 09_Custom_fighter_cleancut      	Main RAM:     1280
PSP: 09_Custom_fighter_cocky         	Main RAM:     1280
PSP: 09_Custom_fighter_smooth        	Main RAM:     1280
PSP: 09_Custom_fighter_street        	Main RAM:     1280
PSP: Fe_Sfx_1                        	Main RAM:     2208
PSP: Fe_Shops_Tattoo_Lp              	Main RAM:      848
PSP: Fe_Shops_Jewelstore_Lp          	Main RAM:      864
PSP: Fe_Shops_Crib_Lp                	Main RAM:      864
PSP: Fe_Shops_CopShop_Lp             	Main RAM:      864
PSP: Fe_Shops_ClothingShop_Lp        	Main RAM:      864
PSP: Fe_Shops_City_Lp                	Main RAM:      864
PSP: Fe_Shops_Barber_Lp              	Main RAM:      864
PSP: Fe_Shops_gym_lp                 	Main RAM:     6032
PSP: Fe_Speech_Barber                	Main RAM:     7440
PSP: Fe_Speech_Clothing              	Main RAM:     7392
PSP: Fe_Speech_Gym                   	Main RAM:    14512
PSP: Fe_Speech_Jewel                 	Main RAM:    11680
PSP: Fe_Speech_Tatoo                 	Main RAM:    12848
PSP: Fe_Sketch                       	Main RAM:    11312
PSP  *** Total ****                   Audio RAM:        0    Main RAM:  4486832

----- RAM Tally ends: 4/6/06 12:53:44 PM -----


Incorrect voice clips for most characters

A lot of characters have incorrect voice clips, often playing for the wrong character.

  • The Hero character has the most issues in which most of the clips from the 6 voice choices are mixed up to multiple choices, for example the smooth voice having a gruff voice clip and when you win a voice clip from the cocky voice choice will be heard instead.
  • Two characters have incorrect blazin' yells, that being Magic and Doc who use Nyne and Blaze's blazin' yells instead.

Seizure Accessory

DefJamFFNYTakeOver SeizureAccessory.png

When you lose a fight in the game while getting jumped, there is a chance where you can lose your jewelry in which something will pop up for it. It uses the same screen for when you unlock something, however it says Seizure Accessory meaning you actually lost the items.