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Dementium: The Ward

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Title Screen

Dementium: The Ward

Developer: Renegade Kid
Publishers: Gamecock Media Group (US), SouthPeak Games (EU)
Platform: Nintendo DS
Released in US: October 26, 2007
Released in EU: April 17, 2009

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.

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Dementium: The Ward is a survival horror first-person shooter game developed by Renegade Kid for the Nintendo DS.

Unused Maps

A few unused levels can be loaded if you mess around with theWard.ini file.


An empty toilet room.


A unused corridor on the seventh eastern floor that has a door with a code lock, and there's also a small guard room with a shotgun in the gun cabinet. The code lock on the wall is inactive, the passage behind of the only active door is barricaded, which means that developers were planning to make the 7th floor much more complex.


Attempting to load the map will crash the game.


Attempting to load the map will crash the game.

Unused Enemies

enemy_fb (Feast Beast)

FeastBeast's model, found in the game files.

An impressive looking monster, which was supposed to climb walls, crawl on ceilings, and eviscerate to get its meal. He was planned for The Ward from the very beginning, and even presented in the very first teaser trailer, but was cut from the final version. His model is still present in the game files, but it seems that he doesn't have any animations.

@Gregg Hargrove says on Twitter:

FeastBeast didn't make it for a few reasons but mostly because it ended up not working properly and we didn't have time to fix it.

enemy_mw (Mindless Wanderer)

Mummy-like bandaged corpses which were replaced on Chest Maw in midway of development, as they were deemed "Not scary enough". They were shown in many prerelease screenshots.

This enemy can be partially restored in the game by replacing some strings in the arm9.bin executable, however his AI is broken and because of that he's not able to attack you.

Restored Prerelease
DementiumTheWard-na-release-ver-mindless wanderer.jpg DementiumTheWard-prerelease-mindless wanderer.jpg

Unused Graphics

Title Screen

Used Unused Prerelease
DementiumTheWard-us-title.png DementiumTheWard-title2.PNG DementiumTheWard-prerelease-title.jpg


Used Unused
DementiumTheWard-used-options.png DementiumTheWard-options.NSCR.png

Control Types

Used Unused
DementiumTheWard-control1.NSCR.png DementiumTheWard-control3.NSCR.png
DementiumTheWard-control2.NSCR.png DementiumTheWard-control4.NSCR.png

Early Interface Placeholder

Used Placeholder
DementiumTheWard-weapons-ingame.png DementiumTheWard-touch.NSCR.png

Early Weapons Graphics

DementiumTheWard-weapons.NCER 0.png DementiumTheWard-weapons.NCER 1.png DementiumTheWard-weapons.NCER 2.png DementiumTheWard-weapons.NCER 3.png DementiumTheWard-weapons.NCER 4.png DementiumTheWard-weapons.NCER 5.png DementiumTheWard-weapons.NCER 6.png

DementiumTheWard-weapons.NCER 7.png DementiumTheWard-weapons.NCER 8.png DementiumTheWard-weapons.NCER 9.png DementiumTheWard-weapons.NCER 10.png DementiumTheWard-weapons.NCER 11.png DementiumTheWard-weapons.NCER 12.png DementiumTheWard-weapons.NCER 13.png

Items Menu Placeholder

Used Placeholder
DementiumTheWard-itemsmenu-ingame.png DementiumTheWard-equip.NSCR.png

Demo Ending Screen


(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Font


This font was used in an early UI that was shown in prerelease screenshots:

DementiumTheWard-prerelease-early-ui-2.jpg DementiumTheWard-prerelease-early-ui.jpg

Unused Items


There is a pair of <slippers> on the floor; 
how civilized.  They look comfortable.
Are these my slippers?

Hidden Functions

A lot of functions in the game are managed by .ini files, the TheWard.ini has a unused function wich allows you to skip the intro.

"SkipIntro = false"