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Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf (Amiga)

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Title Screen

Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf

Developer: Electronic Arts
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platform: Amiga
Released in EU: 1993

SourceIcon.png This game has uncompiled source code.
DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.

Possibly Drunk Developer Message

Hidden on all of the disks at 0x6E2E0:

Desrt Strike Is 
Brought to You  
From The Ea In  
House Possy     
Other Wise Know 
As ProgStaff    

This Game Is    
Desined to be   
because There is
no need to hack 
it. If you whant
to pirate it    
Just drag the   
workbentch icon 
to another disk 
drive, and copy 

(Source: pants)

Source Code Remnants

Starting at 0x68DD on the first disk:


		Section	FileData,data_c	

DiskData:	incbin	"\desert\graphics\disk\insert.crn"
DiskErrDat:	incbin	"\desert\graphics\disk\DiskErr8.crn"
NumData:	incbin	"\desert\graphics\disk\numbers.dat"

DiskPal:	dc.w	$000
		dc.w	$6a6
		dc.w	$595
		dc.w	$484
		dc.w	$373
		dc.w	$262
		dc.w	$151
		dc.w	$040
		dc.w	$030
		dc.w	$020
		dc.w	$010
		dc.w	$000
		dc.w	$778
		dc.w	$889
		dc.w	$99a
		dc.w	$aab
		dc.w	$bbc

		dc.w	$ccd
		dc.w	$dde
		dc.w	$eef
		dc.w	$fff
		dc.w	$320
		dc.w	$210
		dc.w	$db7
		dc.w	$cb6
		dc.w	$ba5
		dc.w	$a94
		dc.w	$983
		dc.w	$872
		dc.w	$761
		dc.w	$650
		dc.w	$430

ErrPal:		dc.w	$000
		dc.w	$024
		dc.w	$555
		dc.w	$777
		dc.w	$a50
		dc.w	$c73
		dc.w	$e95
		dc.w	$ddd

CopList:	dc.w	bpl1pth,$0000		;screen bitplane pointers
		dc.w	bpl1ptl,$0000		;updated by screen flip routine
		dc.w	bpl2pth,$0000		
		dc.w	bpl2ptl,$0000		
		dc.w	bpl3pth,$0000		
		dc.w	bpl3ptl,$0000		
		dc.w	bpl4pth,$0000
		dc.w	bpl4ptl,$0000
CopPlane5	dc.w	bpl5pth,$0000
		dc.w	bpl5ptl,$0000

		dc.w	spr0pth,$0000		;sprite pointers inserlised
		dc.w	spr0ptl,$0000		;in init
		dc.w	spr1pth,$0000
		dc.w	spr1ptl,$0000
		dc.w	spr2pth,$0000
		dc.w	spr2ptl,$0000
		dc.w	spr3pth,$0000
		dc.w	spr3ptl,$0000
		dc.w	spr4pth,$0000
		dc.w	spr4ptl,$0000
		dc.w	spr5pth,$0000
		dc.w	spr5ptl,$0000
		dc.w	spr6pth,$0000
		dc.w	spr6ptl,$0000
		dc.w	spr7pth,$0000
		dc.w	spr7ptl,$0000
		if 0
BplCon:		dc.w	bplcon0,NumPlanesE*$1000+$200		;I tend to put all my screen defintions in the copper
		dc.w	bplcon1,$0000				;its less code and I can modify them with snasm eserly
		dc.w	bplcon2,$001f
ScreenMods:	dc.w	bpl1mod,PlaneWideE*(NumPlanesE-1)
		dc.w	bpl2mod,PlaneWideE*(NumPlanesE-1)

		dc.w	ddfstrt,$0068		;$002a
		dc.w	ddfstop,$00a2		;$00d2
		dc.w	diwstrt,$7aad
		dc.w	diwstop,$c4f5

CopperCols:	dc.w	color00,$fff
		dc.w	color01,$fff
		dc.w	color02,$000
		dc.w	color03,$000
		dc.w	color04,$000
		dc.w	color05,$000
		dc.w	color06,$000
		dc.w	color07,$000
		dc.w	color08,$000
		dc.w	color09,$000
		dc.w	color10,$000
		dc.w	color11,$000
		dc.w	color12,$000
		dc.w	color13,$000
		dc.w	color14,$000
		dc.w	color15,$000

		dc.w	color16,$000
		dc.w	color17,$000
		dc.w	color18,$000
		dc.w	color19,$000
		dc.w	color20,$000
		dc.w	color21,$000
		dc.w	color22,$000
		dc.w	color23,$000
		dc.w	color24,$000
		dc.w	color25,$000
		dc.w	color26,$000
		dc.w	color27,$000
		dc.w	color28,$000
		dc.w	color29,$000
		dc.w	color30,$000
		dc.w	color31,$000

;		dc.w	$ffdf,$fffe				
;		dc.w	$3301,$ff00				
;		dc.w	intreq,$8010
		dc.w	$ffff,$fffe				;a wait forever is the end of the copper list

DumSpr:		dc.l	0


		Section	FileBss,bss_c

AutoOff:	ds.w	1			;turn of motor after load 0 yes 1 = no
FileSize:	ds.l	1
FileOffset:	ds.l	1
DiskNo:		ds.b	1
FileNo:		ds.b	1
DriveNo:	ds.b	1
CompFlags:	ds.b	1
InDisk:		ds.w	1
SectNo:		ds.w	1
DataPtr:	ds.l	1
DataStart:	ds.l	1
BytesToLoad:	ds.l	1
BytesRead:	ds.l	1
SecondBlock:	ds.l	1
SkipBytes:	ds.w	1
CopSave:	ds.l	1
DmaSave:	ds.w	1
TrackBuff:	ds.l	1
OldCopper:	ds.l	1

		Section	FileData,data_c

CurrDisk:	dc.b	$80,-1,-1,-1				;tables of what disk is in what drive
								;-ve means no disk in drive !!
GotDisk:	dc.b	-1,-1,-1,-1
		dc.l	Dir1
		dc.l	Dir2
		dc.l	Dir3

		Section	FileCode,code_c

;	Rob Northens disk acess code !

		include		\desert\source\northen\diskior.s

DirOffset:	rs.l	1
DirFileSize:	rs.l	1
DirFullSize:	rs.l	1			       
DirFlags:	rs.w	1
DirPad:		rs.w	1
DirSizeOf:	rs.b	0

		Section	FileBss,bss_c
Dir1:		ds.b	DirSizeOf*32
Dir2:		ds.b	DirSizeOf*32
Dir3:		ds.b	DirSizeOf*32

SectorBuff:	ds.b	512
Endofbss:	ds.b	0

		elseif	LOAD_MEDIA="FILE"
;	FileFrendly load system comapaterble with current loading system
;	uses robnorhtens dosior.s

		move.w	d0,d1
		lsr.w	#6,d1
		and.w	#$fc,d1
		move.l	DirTbl(pc,d1),a0
		and.w	#$ff,d0
		asl.w	#2,d0
		move.l	(a0,d0),a0
		move.l	#0,d0
		move.l	a1,-(sp)
		bsr	dosioR
		move.l	(sp)+,a1
		move.l	a1,a0
		bsr	Unpack

DirTbl:		dc.l	DirTbl1,DirTbl2

DirTbl1:	dc.l	.n0
		dc.l	.n1
		dc.l	.n2
		dc.l	.n3
		dc.l	.n4
		dc.l	.n5
		dc.l	.n6
		dc.l	.n7
		dc.l	.n8
		dc.l	.n9

.n0:		dc.b	"load.abs",0		   	
.n1:		dc.b	"loader.abs",0
.n2:		dc.b	"world0.map",0
.n3:		dc.b	"world0.blk",0
.n4:		dc.b	"worldd.amg",0
.n6:		dc.b	"gamesnd.amg",0
.n7:		dc.b	"wldgfxd.amg",0
.n8:		dc.b	"desert.rel",0
.n9:		dc.b	"menu.rel",0

DirTbl2:	dc.l	.n0
		dc.l	.n1
		dc.l	.n2
		dc.l	.n3
		dc.l	.n4
		dc.l	.n5
		dc.l	.n6
		dc.l	.n7
		dc.l	.n8
		dc.l	.n9

.n0:		dc.b	"popup1.rel",0			
.n1:		dc.b	"popup2.rel",0			
.n2:		dc.b	"popup3.rel",0			
.n3:		dc.b	"popup5.rel",0			
.n4:		dc.b	"popup6.rel",0			
.n5:		dc.b	"brroom.rel",0			
.n6:		dc.b	"death.rel",0			
.n7:		dc.b	"panels.rel",0			
.n8:		dc.b	"Winner.rel",0			
.n9:		dc.b	"InstArc.dmc",0			

InitDrives:	rts

Build Dates

At the beginning of the disks at 0x10:

Diskette Number Code
Disk 1
 EOA0 DATE: 22/3/1993
Disk 2
EOA1 DATE: 22/3/1993
Disk 3
EOA2 DATE: 8/3/1993