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Deus Ex: Invisible War (Xbox)

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Title Screen

Deus Ex: Invisible War

Developer: Ion Storm
Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Platform: Xbox
Released in JP: June 17, 2004
Released in US: December 2, 2003
Released in EU: March 5, 2004

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DummyIcon.png This game has unusual dummy files.

To do:
Most of the content shown on the Windows version also likely applies here.

The sequel to the hit 2000's classic, Deus Ex: Invisible War was considered to be a major disappointment compared to the original. Maybe it's because an invisible war isn't that interesting to watch.

Cut Weapons

A mixture of models and icons for cut weapons can be found in the files including:

Assault SMG:
The AssaultSMG mesh may have gone unused as it requires 119k of memory compared to the MakoAssaultSMG's 27k mesh. The texture seen in pre-release images can be applied by renaming SM_smg2.dds to SM_smg.dds.

Ion Laser Rifle:
Not the railgun but a separate weapon. Textures can be applied by renaming SM_ionlazer_emi.dds to Material #1.dds and SM_ion_lazer_bmp.dds to gen_to-be-shaded.dds.

Turret Launcher & Turret Puck:
Unknown. The puck can be textured by renaming SM_turret_puck.dds to SM_turretpuck.dds and SM_turret_puckside.dds to SM_turretpuck_side.dds. The sm_turret_emipuck texture for the inside of the puck is missing. The puck specifies "Mobile Turret use".

Drone Assembler:
No clue. Perhaps internal use for the drone augmentations or was once required as it has a full model. Debugging tool? Unable to find a texture for it.

"HPProj" & "InvisibleBotArms":
Unknown what these were or were for, both models are just one small polygon.

Sniper Rifle X:
The MakoSniperRifleX mesh may have gone unused as it requires 119k of memory compared to the MakoSniperRifle's 31k mesh. An alternate skin can be applied by renaming SM_sniper2.dds to SM_sniper.dds.

Smoke Grenade:
Likely did what it says on the tin.

Bot Domination Proximity Mine:
A proximity mine that lets the player dominate a bot and take control of them. Not sure how this'd work as the player could be far from the mine when it detonates. This uses the model of the proximity mine but its textures (proxmine-bot1-4) are missing.

Gas Proximity Mine:
A proximity mine, that released gas, how novel. This likely worked as the gas grenade does, but in mine form. This uses the model of the proximity mine but its textures (proxmine-gas1-4) are missing.

These seem to be the weapons for the RB-76 Military Bot, CC-75 Security Bot, and HS-66 Hunter-Seeker Bot. I'm not sure if these are stored in the weapons folder because they were once usable by the player or because they are weapons used by the robots. Possibly combined with the "turret launcher"? Just a wild guess.

Plasma Clip:
A plasma clip, possibly for the railgun before ammo became universal. Can be textured by renaming sm_railgun_clip.dds to mako_energy_clip-1.dds and mako_energy_clip1.dds to mako_energy_clip-2.dds, but these may not have been the intended textures.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Cut Items

Chicken legs are a food type that seemingly goes unused in the final product. The item is still listed in the manual as "meat".

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Weapon Mods

Icons exist for inventory and HUD versions of weapon mods. These seem to follow a rule of a red icon for a mod that affects the weapon's barrel, and a blue icon for one that affects the weapon's body. In the final version weapon mods don't take up inventory space and are instead given their own window to mod weapons which has unique graphics for every utility.

HUD Inventory
Base DeusEx-InvisibleWar-Xbox-WeaponModSmallBase.png DeusEx-InvisibleWar-Xbox-WeaponModWideBase.png
Barrel Mod DeusEx-InvisibleWar-Xbox-WeaponModSmallRed.png DeusEx-InvisibleWar-Xbox-WeaponModWideRed.png
Body Mod DeusEx-InvisibleWar-Xbox-WeaponModSmallBlue.png DeusEx-InvisibleWar-Xbox-WeaponModWideBlue.png

No old icon exists for the Increased Damage weapon mod, however one exists for a cut Tracking Computer mod.

HUD Inventory Final
Ammo Scavenger DeusEx-InvisibleWar-Xbox-WeaponModSmallBlue.png DeusEx-InvisibleWar-Xbox-WeaponModWideBlue.png DeusEx-InvisibleWar-Xbox-AmmoScavengerFinal.png
EMP Converter DeusEx-InvisibleWar-Xbox-WeaponModSmallRed.png DeusEx-InvisibleWar-Xbox-WeaponModWideRed.png DeusEx-InvisibleWar-Xbox-EMPConverterFinal.png
Fragmentary Round DeusEx-InvisibleWar-Xbox-WeaponModSmallRed.png DeusEx-InvisibleWar-Xbox-WeaponModWideRed.png DeusEx-InvisibleWar-Xbox-FragmentaryRoundFinal.png
Glass Destabilizer DeusEx-InvisibleWar-Xbox-WeaponModSmallBlue.png DeusEx-InvisibleWar-Xbox-WeaponModWideBlue.png DeusEx-InvisibleWar-Xbox-GlassDestabilizerFinal.png
Increased Damage N/A N/A DeusEx-InvisibleWar-Xbox-IncreasedDamageFinal.png
Increased Range DeusEx-InvisibleWar-Xbox-WeaponModSmallRed.png DeusEx-InvisibleWar-Xbox-WeaponModWideRed.png DeusEx-InvisibleWar-Xbox-IncreasedRangeFinal.png
Refire Rate DeusEx-InvisibleWar-Xbox-WeaponModSmallBlue.png DeusEx-InvisibleWar-Xbox-WeaponModWideBlue.png DeusEx-InvisibleWar-Xbox-RefireRateFinal.png
Silencer DeusEx-InvisibleWar-Xbox-WeaponModSmallRed.png DeusEx-InvisibleWar-Xbox-WeaponModWideRed.png DeusEx-InvisibleWar-Xbox-SilencerFinal.png
Tracking Computer DeusEx-InvisibleWar-Xbox-WeaponModSmallBlue.png DeusEx-InvisibleWar-Xbox-WeaponModWideBlue.png N/A
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Text

To do:
Unused text from PC version also applies here.

The Japanese version of the game contains a file titled m9_character_graveyard.con which is odd as the game only goes up to M6.

after firstnode
xxx_M04LairBillieNode1Bark_000000 Don't DO this, Alex!  D_486StandardPlayer

after secondnode
xxx_M04LairBillieNode2Bark_000000Damn it!  I'll stop you myself.D_486StandardPlayer

xxx_M01AptBilliePlayerVM_000000 Alex, no luck finding an exit.  Why are we locked in?  And why aren't the other trainees asking questions?  Maybe they're in on it... whatever IT is.  I don't like this, Alex.  They whisk us out of bed, bring us here in the middle of the night, and... Hold on.  I hear someone.  Come see me as soon as you get this. D_1395D_1395

A1M01CampusSmoker1Barks_001000 The reception area's at the front of the main building. D_1562StandardPlayer
A2M01CampusSmoker1Barks_002000 YES, we're hiring.  Mako is always looking for the best talent; etc.; etc.  They'll give you an application at the front desk. D_1562StandardPlayer
A3M01CampusSmoker1Barks_003000 If you get called in for an interview, you might think about sprucing up your wardrobe. D_1562StandardPlayer
A4M01CampusSmoker1Barks_004000 Just trying to be helpful. D_1562StandardPlayer

M01CampusSmoker1Barks_005000 Good luck, bud. D_1562StandardPlayer
A3FemM01CampusSmoker1Barks_006000 Good luck, miss. D_1562StandardPlayer

M01CampusSmokersOH_001000  What's it mean for us? D_1562D_1563
M01CampusSmokersOH_002000 More hours. D_1563D_1562
M01CampusSmokersOH_003000 You'd think with a weapon like that there'd be some bonuses. D_1562D_1563
M01CampusSmokersOH_004000 Not for support staff. D_1563D_1562
M01CampusSmokersOH_005000 I heard they've already got a multi-million credit contract. D_1562D_1563
M01CampusSmokersOH_006000 I doubt it.  They'd have made an announcement. D_1563D_1562
M01CampusSmokersOH_007000 I heard this from someone who would know.  They probably want to break up the profit-sharing in secret, so guys like us never know we've been screwed. D_1562D_1563
M01CampusSmokersOH_008000 I wouldn't ask too many questions if I was you. D_1563D_1562

A1M01CampusSmoker2Barks_001000 This is a secured campus.  I wouldn't go poking my nose into people's windows. D_1563StandardPlayer
A2M01CampusSmoker2Barks_002000 If you're meeting someone, you still need to check in at reception. D_1563StandardPlayer
A3M01CampusSmoker2Barks_003000 The guards are just SSC grunts.  They have pretty jumpy fingers where strangers are concerned. D_1563StandardPlayer
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Models

To do:
Figure out which models are unused and worth showing.

The English and Japanese versions of the game include .zip files containing many static meshes used in the game and many not. The zip even contains a helpful folder called "Unused" which contains some e3 demo models among others.

The "gen_showerstall" model is a placeholder text model saying "see jim". Likely a replaced model and referring to artist Jim Magill.

DeusEx-InvisibleWar-Xbox-Gen ShowerStall.png
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Textures

To do:
  • 5000 files to go through and find out which are used and which aren't.
  • Japanese version contains some additional UI textures for English/French/German/Italian/Spanish.

The English and Japanese versions of the game include .zip files containing over 5000 textures. These textures include pre-release versions of the augmentation icons seen in pre-release images at the time.

In the bitmaps folder is a texture titled "_Missing.bmp", which presumably was a placeholder for if a level didn't have a loading screen yet.

DeusEx-InvisibleWar-Xbox- Missing.png

Likely a placeholder for seeing walls that the player shouldn't see in Seattle. "Whitney" likely refers to Whitney Ayres, leader of art direction.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Textures of screens show old names for Alex Denton and Leo Jankowski.

Alex Denton Billie Adams Klara Sparks Leo Jankowski

Pre-Release Augmentation Icons

Pre-release augmentation icons from the hexagon era of the HUD can be found in the files.

Aug_Cranial Aug_Eye Aug_Jump_on Aug_Leg Aug_Lung Aug_Skeletal
DeusEx-InvisibleWar-Xbox-PreReleaseAug-Cranial.png DeusEx-InvisibleWar-Xbox-PreReleaseAug-Eye.png DeusEx-InvisibleWar-Xbox-PreReleaseAug-Jump.png DeusEx-InvisibleWar-Xbox-PreReleaseAug-Leg.png DeusEx-InvisibleWar-Xbox-PreReleaseAug-Lung.png DeusEx-InvisibleWar-Xbox-PreReleaseAug-Skeletal.png
Example of Use
DeusExInvisibleWar-HUDDesignB2.png DeusExInvisibleWar-HUDDesignC1.png
Example of the icons in use in the hexagon UI,
the muscle and light icons are not included in the zips.
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Cut Augmentation Icons

Placeholder graphics for cut augmentations/biomods can be found in the files, including one for the fabled twice-cut-never-materialized skullgun augmentation. The format can be seen in pre-release footage from an interview video from 3:55.

The prismatic resonator aug was a black market cloaking aug that allowed the player to walk through lasers, however energy weapons would do double damage to the player[1].

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Cut Weapon Mod Icons

Alternate icons for the weapon mods, including one for the cut tracking mod.

Ammo Scavenger DeusEx-InvisibleWar-Xbox-WeaponModAmmoScavenger.png
EMP Converter DeusEx-InvisibleWar-Xbox-WeaponModEMPConverter.png
Fragmentary Round DeusEx-InvisibleWar-Xbox-WeaponModFragmentaryRound.png
Glass Destabilizer DeusEx-InvisibleWar-Xbox-WeaponModGlassDestabilizer.png
Increased Damage DeusEx-InvisibleWar-Xbox-WeaponModIncreasedDamage1.png
Increased Range DeusEx-InvisibleWar-Xbox-WeaponModIncreasedRange.png
Refire Rate DeusEx-InvisibleWar-Xbox-WeaponModRefireRate.png
Silencer DeusEx-InvisibleWar-Xbox-WeaponModSilencer.png
Tracking Computer DeusEx-InvisibleWar-Xbox-WeaponModTrackingComputer.png
(Source: Original TCRF research)