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Development:Chill (PlayStation)

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This page details development materials of Chill (PlayStation).

And you were just a scroll away from being fired too...
Oh dear, I do believe I have the vapors.
This page contains content that is not safe for work or other locations with the potential for personal embarrassment.
Such as: Breast.

Found in the source code are numerous unused assets.

Unused Graphics


A ground texture.


Two unused save icons. The first is a crude placeholder, while the other seems to be a woman's breast?


An unused board.


A mockup of the board selection screen, an unused loading screen and a joke screen.


An assortment of in-game screenshots.

Unused Text



Specials & requirements for Canyon track

	A)	Avalanche

			Need modified canyon segment off Pete, 
			Activated by strip tag or just track number & strip number.
			Camera position:
				- Distance
				- Above & behind 
				- Above and to the side with no dynamic sweep angles.
				- In front and above looking back.
			Camera Zoom, closer or further away, fish eye?
			Collision detection, using strips affected & fraction avalanche is on. What happens when player is 
		caught, does he tumble in loads of plume & player lost under avalanche. Board & feet sticking out of snow? 
		Avalanche needs to be told it has caught the player & camera does something different. Message saying 
		you have been caught, game over message?. Use the wipeout anim, when a jump is really screwed up.
			Screen shake, when & how much? & looping rumble with volume level based on distance of player from
		front of avalanche.

	B) Falling Rocks

			Need rock objects loaded in, & placed on track.
			Rocks tumble down specially designed parts of the track. If its a canyon then the sides are steep
		 & rocks will look silly falling straight off cliffs & going nowhere. Do gravity & getYat?, follow strips 
		 height and stop after a set time?
			Triggered by tags on strips, same as trees.
			Collision detection done with bounding box on object.
			Sound fx of rolling boulders.
			Yeti cameo in tunnel? and pushing rocks.


Forest Track Specials & requirements

	A)	Parachute Jump at end

		Trees close in to top of cliff forcing the player to board through single gap, where a parachute
		pickup awaits. After picking up the parachute the player flys off a huge cliff. The camera stops
		at the top of the cliff while following the player as they plummet down. A parachute automatically
		opens (model or texture sprite??) and the camera swaps to 1st person looking down between the players
		feet & snowboard. Below this is some cloud cover?? with the target area beyond comprising of a bullseye
		landing object, and a few buildings, some crowd?. 
			The non segmented parts of the strips will go on until they are no longer visible. Cell sizes can 
		be one huge quad? or a variable size depending on the players height?, they can have trees on? at set 
		intervals, or random? trees could be a good excuse for	continuing on forever. 
			what does the background look like? standard mountains or trees, high up in the	valley or low down.

	B) Falling Trees accross path

			Triggered by player arriving on set strips, the trees need to be ahead of the player when it happens.
		There will be a list of trees to fall down, which will have a current pointer to the next tree to fall 
		down. As each tree is triggered by the player arriving on a strip with the tag set to a tree collapse, 
		the next falling tree pointer will increment.How tough is it to modify the tag of a strip to 
		indicate where a tree falls down?. 
			Collision detection, active only after tree has fallen a certain amount, and changing depending on
		how much tree is close to the ground.(use the log collision , but modify it dynamically.) 
			Which way and what rotation do we use to deform the trees. 
			The trees need to be a new type of object, cos the pseudo 2-d trees	will not cut it. Will proper 3d 
		trees stand out in the forest, and therefore be avoided?. 
			When falling, the trees collapse with a large crackling sound.
			There will always be a way around these fallen trees so if you slow down you can skirt around the
		fallen tree.
			The tree objects will be fully blown trees which fall down in narrow sections, you will not see the
		lower parts of the trees, because they will be behind the hoardings.



what I sent to Mark Walden for the Schedule for ECTS on the 7th - 9th September. Deadline 1st September

Old spec, which will have to be anulled or something like that had me on:

	* 	FMV
	* 	Engine optimisation
	* 	Debugging & tweaking
	*	Track FX including
			- Avalanche
			- Race against car

		    & maybe

			- Ski-Jump
			- Yeti-Race

New spec for ECTS, based upon what tracks will be ready:

	* 	FMV  (as they come in from Glassworks)
		will be in game 2 days after all renders are received.

	* 	Engine optimisation.

	*	Track effect: Avalanche on canyon track (depends on 		receiving modified canyon track from Pete)  6 days.
		from 22/7/97 - 30/7/97.

	* 	Debugging & tweaking (Texture depth sorting) 5 days
		from 31/7/97 - 6/8/97

	*	Track effect: Parachute section on forest track  10 days
		from 07/8/97 - 20/8/97

	*	Track Effects Falling rocks on canyon track & falling trees on 
		forest track 5 days (depending on supply of rock & tree objects, and modified tracks.)
		from 21/8/97 - 28/8/97.


A schedule that consists of various things that needed to be implemented before the game would be shown off at ECTS 1997.