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Development:Jurassic Park: Trespasser/1997 Developer Walkthrough

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This is a sub-page of Development:Jurassic Park: Trespasser.

The following is from an old document given to the Trespasser fan community by one of the game's developers. It was made before development began on the game and is basically a walkthrough of how the game was originally intended to unfold. The original file was a word document but it has been reformatted as a wiki page for easier reading. Note that this document was updated mid development to add in things that were implemented. Things marked with an asterisk, as stated below were planned but not implemented yet at the time this document was dropped. Please note that if a section is blank on the page, it's blank in the actual document.

Download.png Download Trespasser 1997 Developer Walkthrough Original Document
File: Trespasser-Walkthrough 8-1-97.rar (36kb) (info)



A document to help us monitor the question, are we making a game up to our potential? Do we have enough interesting things in the game? Have we fulfilled the potential of the engine, and of our imaginations? Does the game rock? Further, this document serves as an introduction to all the gameplay-critical experiences and areas in our game, so that anyone not intimately connected with the game can have a quick overview of all its components.

Situations which have been planned but not designed yet will be marked with an asterisk: *


The beach introduces the player to our game, and will play up the important aspects of what Trespasser is all about: beautiful scenery, our plot as provided through voiceovers, and physical interaction.


The player begins on a beach in a sheltered lagoon. The air is warm and still, the sky is a cloudless pale blue, and it is the most perfect tropical summer day imaginable. To the north, the island landscape begins – a lush jungle, misty hills and deep valleys invite exploration. To either side, the beach stretches away, terminating in steep cliffs that prevent passage. Ultimately, the only way to go is inland.

The beach also offers an intriguing ruin, or the traces of one – a partial concrete foundation is sticking up from the sand and the shallow water – clearly it was once part of some extensive building project (in fact, it was going to be the InGen Visitors' Center, a massive hotel-like building – only a part of the foundation was ever completed).


The plot and reason for gameplay will be triggered when Anne sees some concrete blocks on the beach, with InGen markings. (Presumably, the Anne has already said something like "Where am I?" just as the player first gets control). Here, the player learns that she's on the Site B island, and also learns just where the Hammond speech is coming from, via a speech by Anne stating that she remembers reading Hammond's memoirs.

*Your first objects

Some objects lie on the beach for the inquisitive player to pick up and start toying with, such as pieces of concrete, sea shells, and logs.

*Awesome view

The player can climb the concrete blocks to get an awe-inspiring view over the jungle trees.

*Leaving the beach

(Puzzle to leave the beach? Perhaps beach is fenced with that dune-drift-preventing fence and the entrance to the forest has a gate which the player merely needs to open, making it the absolutely simplest puzzle possible - I agree it is somewhat lame to fence off the whole beach, but this does solve our immediate problem of ensuring that players go down the right path.)

Jungle Road

The jungle is a marked contrast to the beach - suddenly the player enters a quiet area thick with growth. This close to the shore, the jungle is relatively well lit, with golden sunlight penetrating the canopy. Only the lightest mist floats among the trees, and all in all it should be a safe-seeming area. The surf sounds become muted and then disappear altogether, and the player is left following a narrow, overgrown dirt path. Jungle Road is, obviously, a jungle area. It need not be said that the Jungle Road area is one of the most crucial areas in the game – it is where we introduce the player to the beauty of the island, and to our style of gameplay. The high concept is to provide them here with a section of jungle to wander around where they can see picturesque scenes and solve interesting physical puzzles, in a relatively unthreatening environment.

Overall Structure

After leaving the starting beach area, players enter the Jungle Road area through a narrow pass in the east. There is an extremely faint path leading you through it, remnants of a dirt road that used to lead from the beach to the construction zone. You go up a rise, and for a moment there is a level area – through the trees you can barely make out the monorail terminus – basically two big slabs of concrete, with a roof overhead supported on pillars.

The eastern part of this area should be relatively open – hills and depressions divide it up, but there isn't a forced path – you can follow the monorail or not. Later on, the only way to go is along the monorail track, forcing you to pass a series of puzzles, which lead you to the Final Exam area. It's also possible to keep exploring west, where you can find a few dinosaurs, a small Mayan ruin, and the southwestern beach – all described below. A view of the overall layout is provided in Jungle Road Plan.bmp.

Monorail Terminus Area

The rail terminus is a simple structure – two concrete platforms, with a few pillars supporting a simple roof. It is all now thickly overgrown with vegetation – it should be hard to spot among the trees and ferns, until you're right on it. It was once intended to be the drop-off point for visitors (scientists and VIP's) staying at the Site B Visitor's Center on the beach. Signs read, "Please watch your step," and "Welcome to InGen's City of the Future!"

It is surrounded by a high protective wall, intended to keep roaming dinosaurs away from disembarking passengers. Walking further on, players will eventually be forced to encounter wall, as it encloses the entire terminus area.

The gate in the fence should be huge and exciting, like the big ones in the Jurassic Park film (see photo ref, jurassic_gates.jpg) -- not exactly the same (having it say "Jurassic Park would probably just confuse players,) but in the same spirit. Hammond built it that way to impress his visitors, and it should also give players a thrill to pass through it.

The gate is locked fast, by a bar on the other side. However, observant players will notice that the door is held in place by hinges, whose pins can come out (see hinge.jpg). Knocking out the pins is the key to proceeding – this will be slightly unrealistic, but hopefully not too bad. They should be in plain sight, but not all reachable from the ground – players will need a pole or a long stick to get the top ones.

Monorail Track

The monorail was never completed – InGen put up the supporting piles and a few sections of track before abandoning Site B entirely. There should be some grandeur to this ruin – decaying pillars rising through the jungle.

So what the players find is an overgrown dirt path, barely visible now, but marked by tall concrete pillars, and occasional pieces of construction materials or equipment. At the time of its building, the path of the monorail was cleared of major trees, but the jungle has had 8 years to reassert itself since then. Constructing the track this way will provide a trail for players to follow towards the civilized areas of the island. At times, the player should be unable to see where the path leads – they must just continue in the same direction, and eventually spot the next pillar. In a few places, the actual monorail track stretches overhead. In others, it has fallen down (shoddy or partial construction, combined with the extreme weathering of the jungle climate).

A description of the track construction can be found in monorail sketch.psd. We also have quite a bit of monorail photo reference, in the monorail reference folder. As to the precise structure of the monorail track and supports, it may not be precisely as we've drawn it -- I will leave that to the ex-Disney employees.

Make-out Rock

Rock and Clearing – at the top of a small hill, there is a large boulder with a clearing around it, providing a cool view of the surrounding area. The kind of place teenagers would go to make out, if there were any teenagers, and there weren't any man-eating dinosaurs around. The hill is steep, but in one place, a log is balanced on the edge of a ledge, and pulling the log down creates a ramp to scramble up.

Safety Phone

This is sort of like a police call box – a metal box, with a speaker grill and a big button to push.

Pressing the button produces a few short rings, then a voicemail voice: "Thank you for calling InGen Technologies, creating your future, today! An operator will be with you shortly." Tinny elevator music follows, then it repeats after about 10 seconds, then silence.

Stack of Cans

We'll have a few of these – paint cans, fuel barrels – stacked up, so starting players can have the fun of knocking them over.

Construction Shack

Beside the tracks, a small plywood shed has been hastily constructed. It was used to keep the worker's tools out of the rain when they were off shift. It is little more than a rectangle, about 1.7m by 1.7m, by 2.5m high, and a door takes up most of its front side (the side facing the tracks). The plywood of the shack has grayed and begun to curl as old plywood does (represent in the texture if possible, otherwise just ignore this detail) but it is still sturdy enough to keep Anne out. The plywood was nailed to a frame of 2x4s, visible on the inside of the shack when Anne opens the door.

The door itself is held closed with a rusty padlock, and if Anne hits it hard enough with a board or a stick, the lock will break, allowing her entrance (small hammer, ideal for the purpose, can be found nearby). Inside the shack are just a few bits of debris, including an axe-handle. On the rear wall is a faded map of the projected course of the monorail - this should be a surveyor's map of the lower half of the island, with the town towards its top, marked "Burroughs," and the beach where Anne started the game at the bottom right marked "Landing, 5F, 1988" A red line marks out the course of the railroad between the station (see the Terminus area) and the town.


  • Hammer - the personal-sized kind
  • Axe handle - a piece of wood, sadly missing the sharp cutting bit.
  • Map of monorail route

First Lifter Puzzle

Here, the terrain slopes sharply up, making it difficult to climb. Fortunately, an abandoned person-lifter stands next to a section of completed monorail. Amazingly, it is still functional – players can turn a switch and start it up. The only problem is, the controls in the "basket" no longer work – players will have to use a stick to work the controls at the base, while standing in the basket. The controls are very simple – on/off, up, down, rotate left, rotate right.

Mayan Face, Jeep

In a shadowed, rocky gorge, a stern Mayan face (see photo ref) looks down on a crashed jeep – two eerily parallel ruins.

The jeep is a standard InGen model, a remnant of the hunting expedition from the Lost World – fleeing in panic, a hunter veered off the path of the monorail, and bounced out of control on a group of boulders. The jeep is on its side, and players can give it a push if they want, sending it down to the bottom of the gorge.

The jeep should be balanced so that you can push it over, sending it crashing to the bottom of the depression.

Fallen Trees

Two big fallen trees cross over each other, forming two levels of walkway for the player.

Still Pool and Rocky Cliff

This is an area off the beaten track, where players can relax and check out our water technology – a pool backed by some picturesque rocky cliffs.

Stacking Boxes Puzzle

An elevated stretch of monorail proves to be the only up a steep incline. We will place some debris around the area – boxes, oil drums, and planks, and let players construct a sort of scaffolding to climb up to the track itself.

Game Trail, Triceratops Encounter

A game trail leads away from the monorail track, just before it turns north. It leads through the jungle, across relatively even terrain, to a sunny clearing, where players can find a lone triceratops, grazing.

Nearby, there is a place where players can scramble up the hillside to a shelf of rock. A log (.7m thick, 8 m long) projects out over the ledge above, and players can pull its end down to create a ramp leading upwards. From there, players should be able to make it to the hilltop.

Mayan Pavilion

At the top of the hill, there is a small Mayan ruin – a 25m by 25m area is paved with flat stones, forming a sort of plaza at the top of the hill, from which players can view the whole area. 4 crumbling columns form a square roughly 10 meters on a side. Players will also notice the remnants of a fire roughly a year old – now just a charred place on the stones. Nearby, under the shelter of a leaning stone, there is a hunting rifle with 4 shots remaining in it.

Secret Beach

In the southwest corner of the Jungle Road area, there is a second beach. It is a rocky area bare of trees, harsher and less tranquil than the starting area. It should be beautiful, but in a kind of harsh and lonely way – not like the idyllic starting beach. An piece of an airplane, perhaps the wing or tail, has washed up on the rocks – a remnant of Anne's own vehicle.

House of Cards

(see House of Cards.bmp) Players following the monorail path will find an impasse here – a depression followed by a shelf in the terrain. On the ground in front of them, 5 large sheets of thick plywood, leftovers from some temporary mini-shelter. To pass, players have to build a small platform out of the plywood, by leaning them against one another like a house of cards.

This is one of those puzzles we'll just have to try out to see if it works)

Albertosaur Chase

Walking down the hill toward the Final Exam area, players will hit a trap which will create an Albertosaur nearby. We will try to motivate the albertosaur to pay no attention at all to the player, but simply charge past him across the path and keep going, moving much faster than Anne is capable of – the idea is to startle players and give them a mysterious brush with a dinosaur, but nothing more at this point.

The "Final Exam"

To climb the ridge out of the Jungle Road area, players need to climb up onto the intact section of the monorail, and walk along it. This involves solving a series of puzzles, which will teach the player about our game and our interface, and make sure they are ready to play the more difficult sections ahead.

Getting onto the Monorail

There is a portable one-person construction lifter here, the same kind people have been using to paint the DWI building recently (or whatever they were doing) – see lifter.bmp. It starts out in the extended position, high enough to reach the monorail track, but when players step on it, their weight causes it to collapse, gently. When they get off, it returns to its extended position. Players need to learn to brace it in position before getting on, using the boxes and wooden debris found in the area. There is also a switch in the basket, which unlocks the joint at the base, allowing the arm to swivel.

Along the rail

Proceeding along the monorail, players will encounter a series of small obstacles: -- stacked crates and debris, which players can just smash or push aside -- a construction plywood platform, whose walls block the way. Players must smash it down to proceed! -- an enclosed plywood or metal platform, perhaps built to protect some crucial operation from rainfall. This lies at the other end of a gap in the rail, preventing Anne from jumping across. Anne must break it apart before proceeding. -- 2.5-meter gap. Anne can barely make this, with a running jump. Helps teach players their jumping limits. The gaps can be ornamented with bits of rebar or other internal reinforcements sticking out of the concrete. -- 3.5-meter gap. Anne cannot jump this. Nearby debris on the rail should include: several 4-meter lengths of rebar; a piece of plywood. These can lie across the gap to form a usable bridge. -- 3.5-meter gap, part 2. This time the tools are different: a heavy piece of concrete, some 3-meter rebar, and some more plywood. The concrete holds the rebar in place, since it can't rest on the opposite edge, and thus Anne can build a partial bridge, and jump the remaining meter or so.

see jungle road.max and final exam obstacles.bmp for diagrams of how these puzzles will be laid out.

Getting down off the Monorail

It's about 5 meters up, too far to jump down. The final 30 meters of the monorail track are not complete – only some of the concrete is there, the rest is plywood. The final support pillar is about 2 meters away from the end of the plywood section – the plywood section is held up by flimsy temporary supports, a wooden scaffolding. See jungle road.max, and monorail end.bmp.

The plywood section and its supports will be built out of breakable magnets, so that it should be possible to destroy the supports, and then put enough weight on the plywood itself that it sags and eventually breaks, giving players a controlled fall, something they can survive.

Plantation House

Having crossed the gorge, Anne is left on the final support of the monorail at the top of a ridge marking one of the foothills of Mt. Crick, just to her west. This is her first sight of the interior of the island, and it should be breathtaking - from here she can see Mt. Watson off in the distance, probably make out the plains, and get a good look at some of the terrain she is about to enter. The view of the town should be blocked by the rise between it and the Plantation House area.

*Down the hill

Anne can follow the remnants of another dirt road down off the side of Mt. Crick. The jungle here is getting a little darker and the mist getting heavier - it is no longer quite so comforting a place to be wandering through.

*Dinosaurs on parade

When Anne reaches the bottom of the hill, the road suddenly empties out into a large clearing, and this clearing is filled with dinosaurs! A triceratops family is peacefully grazing off to one side while an albertosaur lurks farther back in the trees, before making a sudden charge. The combatants will disappear down a slope to the northwest, and Anne would be wise not to follow.

*Just when you thought you were safe

Anne needs to cross the open area - she probably saw the construction area (below) from atop the railway, and knows the town is in that direction anyway. However, as she crosses the area, she is very exposed. The player may not feel this, but when the stegs suddenly all look up from their grazing, and perhaps issue a warning call, she should begin to question her safety.

Sure enough, two raptors are stalking her from the border of the woods. One is quite small, actually a child, and is just learning to hunt by observing its parent, so they aren't quite the ruthless killing team seen in the films. However, as soon as they get close enough, the larger one will rush from cover towards Anne. There are many sticks and rocks littered around this area, and if Anne isn't already carrying something, she will have ample time to prepare, while the adult raptor circles, making occasionally lunges. The young raptor will lurk just outside the combat, waiting for an opportunity. The adult raptor is fairly easily discouraged if the player hits it a time or two, and if Anne hits the child at all, it will flee, and its parent will run after it.

If the player isn't very inventively combative, they may try to flee. The raptors can easily overtake her, however, so the only safe bet is to flee toward the stegs, who are on guard, and will ignore Anne and attack the raptors if they get too close.

*Hunter camp

If the player chooses to head east instead of north across the open plain (or comes back in that direction later) they will come to a valley cul-de-sac where the hunter camp from The Lost World was set up. Although the base was wrecked and abandoned, it is still full of useful items, and the defensive perimeter the hunters set up is still mostly intact.

The perimeter consists of a series of pit traps and dino-sized bear traps. Some of the pit traps are still concealed with dead branches and other foliage, but others yawn open. None of these defenses will prove fatal to Anne: the pits conveniently have enough garbage at their bottom that Anne can always make a staircase out if she falls in, and the beartraps hinder her movement if they clamp on to her leg, and require a fair amount of time to remove, but will come off. The perimeter mainly exists to slow the player down and give them something new to think about as they walk along.

Within the hunter camp many burned vehicles and flattened tents are strewn about the area. In a crate or a not-quite-so-wrecked vehicle Anne will find her first gun, and possibly a dino prod (electrical shock stick). Elsewhere there is a map which reveals the location of the Manor House and an alternate approach to the InGen town.

Construction Site

If the player heads almost due north across the open area, trying to follow the dirt road that led down from the mountain, she will come across a valley where the other end of the monorail was being built. This is an obvious entrance to the town, but unfortunately the valley has been sealed by a huge landslide which also brought down the monorail.

However, there is something for the player to do here - an extremely long piece of plywood (part of a form) extends horizontally from the top of the last monorail support. In this case, the player can get at it by dragging crates from their nearby position to make a stack next to the portable toilet or construction office, climbing up on top of the trailer, and using something suitably long (like a piece of rebar with a stick clamped to the end by a dino trap, for instance) to knock the wood down.

*Mysterious walls

Some old stone walls (European style) trace partial lines through the jungle to the west of the open area and construction site. If Anne is curious enough to follow them, she will come upon a foundation of a tiny building and a very old path running behind a stream, which leads southwest to the Plantation House

*At the house

At a bend in the river, the ruins of an ancient Spanish plantation house offer a tempting place for Anne to explore. If she has already been to the hunter camp, she knows that the hunters had marked the house as a location for a possible secondary base, and she should be even more tempted to explore.

*House puzzle

*Albertosaur attack

At some point while Anne is inside the house, she will hear the angry roar of an approaching Albertosaur. This half-sized version of a T-Rex will proceed to rip the house apart, knowing Anne is inside. The player must avoid the obviously weak rooms and walls of the house, and stay towards the center (or maybe get in to the basement) until the dinosaur eventually gives up and moves off. Possibly some active interference on Anne's part may encourage this behavior - such as luring the dinosaur into attacking very unstable parts of the structure which will collapse, hurting it.

*To the shore

When the Albertosaur has left the area, Anne can feel free to explore around some more. A fairly obvious path leads further southwest, away from the house. Near the shore, it terminates at a 5m cliff, likely too tall to safely jump down, and anyway, the player would be stuck on the beach if she jumped down and survived.

*Down to the beach

Getting the hook

Once Anne makes it down to the beach, she will discover the remains of the wealthy family's picnic from the beginning of The Lost World. The tables, chairs, and other items have been strewn about by recent high winds, and some things have even become lodged in the surrounding trees, like a very long, sturdy-looking boathook. Anne must get this down by throwing stuff at it, or possibly gathering other debris around the beach like the picnic table and making a stack high enough to reach it, or at least reach it with a pole (somewhat like the construction area puzzle).

*Balancing beam

Industrial Jungle

On crossing the gorge, Anne finds herself at the bottom of a valley. The jungle is yet darker and mistier here, and there are eery distant dinosaur calls and the like. A small, mostly dry streambed runs into the thick jungle, and hills slope away to the east and west. The obvious and easiest direction to proceed is north, and this is where Anne must eventually go.

Combat at the pond

Climbing a level

Lincoln logs

At this point, the hills on either side of the stream begin to close in, quickly forming a gorge. Anne may proceed along the streambed, but a dozen meters or so ahead she will see that the gorge is blocked with boulders. The correct course is to take the high road - a relatively flat section of hill runs along the gorge on its south-east side. However, in order for Anne to get there, she must first ascend a small cliff face. A handy group of short logs and branches are scattered about the stream bank, and Anne can stack them in a manner similar to everyone's favorite childhood toy, Lincoln Logs, in order to make a structure high enough to allow her to jump up to the top of the cliff.

A steep, slippery slope

Not too far from the Lincoln Log puzzle, however, a steep ridgeline blocks Anne from proceeding any further along this side of the gorge. A dead tree offers a passage to the other side of the gorge, but here the going is anything but easy.

This side of the gorge is a very steep slope, but it has been affected by a tree blight and many of the trees are dead and fallen over. Additionally, the soil has eroded enough to expose plenty of small rocks jutting out from the surface of the hillside. Some dead trees have already come to rest against the rocks, providing short, narrow ramps which Anne can walk along. If she tries to walk on the hill itself, however, she will slip and slide down into the gorge (which she can work her way back out of). In addition to the trees which have already fallen over, many of the trees around the slope are so rotten they will fall over at a slight push. By pushing over trees and moving around the ones which are already in place, Anne can make a path from one rock to another across the steep face of this hill, until she reaches a point where she can descend back into the gorge on another huge dead tree.

Climbing out of the gorge

The dead tree which Anne uses to get into the gorge is part of a large pile of trees which have collected at this spot. They form an oddly-slanted network of ramps, and Anne can jump from tree to tree until she reaches the rim of the gorge on the other side.

Raptor chase through blighted forest

Unfortunately, the hillside Anne finds herself on, while less steep than the slope she has just traversed, is the home to a small pack of raptors. The jungle itself has died out even more severely than that on the steep slope, and now there are many clearings varying from tiny to large, some eroded down to the bare rock, others with some dead trees still standing in their center. Additionally, many of the largest jungle trees have fallen over, creating large obstacles stretching for meters.

The raptors will assault Anne mostly one at a time. If she cleverly makes use of the terrain, evading raptors behind the hugest trees, dashing out into clearings to get sticks or rocks for improvised weapons, and quickly taking routes across or through obstacles which will give the dinos trouble, she should be able to escape this section with her skin intact.


When Anne gets through the gaps in the forest, the hillside will slope down to the side of a large flooded bend in the valley. Something must have dammed up the stream bed during some previous rainy season, causing what used to be a small pond at the base of a waterfall to expand into this huge expanse of water. Luckily, when the hunters were on the island, a small party which had been separated after the raptor attack had time to fashion a quick raft which they intended to use to cross the lake, but something must have eaten them before they had the chance, because the raft and the long steel pole they had intended to use are still at the edge of the water.

A brachiosaur grazes peacefully partway in the lake, and raises his head curiously when Anne approaches. Otherwise, he leaves her be unless we decide it would be more fun to have him stomp around and get in her way.

Anne's challenge here is first to figure out how to get herself around on the raft (by poling against the lake bottom), and then, as the debris such as dead trees, floating logs, and partially submerged rocks begins to clutter the lake further, her challenge becomes a navigational issue of figuring out where she can fit the raft and how to make continuous forward progress.


After navigating the lake into a valley where it becomes narrower and narrower, the raft suddenly bottoms out near a partially-submerged wooden bridge. This area of the valley has been a swamp for quite some time, and the lake flooding didn't affect it much. The water here is much shallower, too shallow to allow the raft in, so Anne is forced to return to foot. There are a series of islands here, with crude footbridges between them that some gung-ho InGen party had set up for hiking the area, back when the island was inhabited. Time and hurricanes have taken their toll on the bridges however, and now there is hardly a complete section to be found. There are many pieces of bridge planking scattered about on the islands, however, so Anne can construct herself a way across most of the gaping holes in the bridges.

If Anne decides to take the direct route and splash along through the water, she will discover that there are some sudden drop-offs in the bottom, which will unexpectedly slow her progress. In case she still thinks that this is a good idea, it will soon become clear why it is not: the swamp is populated with raptors.

The swamp should be a fairly intense experience - the player will have to think on her feet to quickly figure out where to go next, how to build a gap, and how to avoid or fend off raptors, all the while dealing with the constant possibility of falling in or running through the water, with the reduced mobility that entails.

Ridge climb

Anne will finally find a way out of the swamp to the east - here the water dries up at a mostly open area of land just in front of a very rocky ridge. Huge boulders form a series of shelves with irregular gaps between them. Some are short enough for Anne to jump up, but others will present more of a challenge. Luckily, small rocks and logs are abundant in this area, and can be used to create little steps where necessary. If any dinosaurs are still chasing Anne, however, this area will take on a whole new urgency. To this end, we could place an angered triceratops at the bottom of the ridge if necessary.

(Various IJ valley puzzles)


After Anne has made her way south out the end of the Industrial Jungle Valley, she will come out into a large bowl in the terrain, and run up against a 3 meter tall concrete wall, stretching for tens of meters in each direction. This is part of the wall InGen built to protect their town of Burroughs, which is just on the other side, and Anne needs to get inside to see if she can find a radio to call for rescue.

Anne will have a variety of options to enter the town, so that the player can apply their mind creatively to the problem rather than being forced to do a specific task to get inside.

*Break in one: the gate

Beside the main northern gate of the town is a smaller security entrance. This consists of a door in the face of the wall. Back in Industrial Jungle, Anne found this word scrawled on the inside of a sun visor in one of the wrecked hunter vehicles (or possibly on something much closer to the actual gate): BIgLIE. The curious capitalization should be a clue - if Anne inverts the letters, they resemble a series of numbers: 317618, the code to the gate door. However, this only gets Anne inside the security lock, a small room in the interior of the wall. The inner door has a button beside it, but when Anne presses it, the outer door closes behind her, but a warning buzzer sounds, and the inner door doesn't open. Another button of the same type reopens the outer door if Anne wants to leave, but she can try to proceed by fixing the door-opening mechanism. One possible puzzle to do this might involve opening an access panel, seeing that a fuse is burnt out, and trying to find a suitable arrangement of the remaining fuses - there will be a variety of fuses with different ratings in amps (current) and the important slots will show what rating they desire, but the player will be short of fuses with exactly that rating, and will have to find an arrangement where each important slot gets a fuse of slightly higher rating (lower is no good, because it will burn out before the door has a chance to function, and we should find a way to either communicate this to the player ahead of time or give them extra chances).

*Break in two: the sewage pipe

If Anne has no idea what the gate code is or is stumped by the fuse puzzle, she can explore around the wall. A fair bit to the east, the ground dips down around the base of the wall, and Anne sees a large culvert. It is blocked by a grating, however. If Anne inspects it more closely, though, she will see that the grating is partially broken, and moves just a bit, and she should expect to be able to break it further if she can find a way to apply enough force to it. Partially concealed in some undergrowth beside the culvert, Anne will find a length of pipe. The pipe can be wedged tightly into a certain part of the grating - in other parts it will move around too freely. However, Anne can still not break the grating. She now has a lever sticking out of a culvert, at the bottom of too relatively steep slopes - if she looks around some more, she will find (a tree/a boulder?) at the top of one of the sides of the ditch, in just about the perfect orientation to be (knocked over/rolled) on top of the projecting lever. When this is done, enough force will be exerted to pop the grating free of the culvert, and Anne can proceed inside. In order to avoid building too much 'underground' stuff, the culvert will terminate on the other side of the wall somewhere behind the security building in an open-topped cistern where the town's other sewer pipes meet to empty through the culvert. These are all too small for Anne to crawl through, so instead she must find some way up to the top of the well. This could either involve stepping on projections along the inside of the well face, or the gathering up of objects like logs and boulders from outside the walls to make a climbable stack inside the well.

*Break in three: climbing the wall

If Anne goes west instead of east from the gate, she will round the corner of the town wall, and eventually come upon a dead tree leaning near the town wall. It should be fairly well-concealed by the surrounding trees, because this is one of the easiest ways to enter the town. Anne can bring down the tree by rolling another log against it, or jumping on it (it is already leaning enough that she should be able to get on part of it. At any rate, it will fall over, and its top will come to rest on the top of the wall, making a nice climbable ramp for Anne to use.

Once on top of the wall, all is not as easy as it seems, however. The top of the wall has an unjumpable barrier of (barbed wire/fencing/something renderable) along the center of its top, and Anne is on the wrong side. Other debris along the wall also makes her progress in either direction somewhat limited. Eventually, she will find a way to get to the other side of the wire, perhaps by pushing debris around on top of the wall, and then she only has to jump down to ground level (from which she won't be able to return to the top of the wall, thus trapping her in the town as in all the other entry puzzles).

*The town sequence

All the following entries describe the town's individual locations. Anne will have to visit most of the locations in order to get out of the town. Here's a sample overview of a set of tasks for Anne: break into school using board from foundation worksite to wedge roundabout, stack boxes from same place or general store on wedged roundabout. Get key to town hall in school office. In town hall, search attic for generator part. Also find security building passcard in priest's room. Find key to generator building in worker's barracks? Management house? Use generator part to start emergency generator in generator building. Bring barrels from gas station to make "staircase" to hole in roof of Muldoon's bungalow. In Muldoon's bungalow find security computer passcode (also can be derived from inside security building?). In security building, open Wu's gate. In Wu's house, get key to Hammond's front door. In general store get stepladder. Use stepladder to enter Hammond's grounds, or pry fence boards using pipe from foundation area. In Hammond's house, find Hammond's computer password in library, get East Gate override password from computer, open East Gate, leave town.

*Raptors in town square

Near the center of town, Anne will be assaulted by several raptors. They will come out from between buildings, from almost all directions. The ensuing fight/chase should be as close as possible to the town raptor fight in The Lost World. (These raptors, being excellent jumpers, jump over the town wall somewhere where it is just barely possible for them to make the jump, but not for humans - we probably won't model this area, unless we decide to actually have them enter from all the way outside of town while the player is exploring the area - perhaps she can even do something like collapse a tower against that part of the wall to block their entry.)


A classic Western-style bar, with tables and chairs, bottles and a long bar, and stairs leading to the second floor. The town's bar is a western-style saloon, compete with swinging doors. Inside, there's a variety of round tables and chairs, a long bar, and the classic staircase and balcony. The staircase leads up to the second floor walkway, which has a railing along one side, and a series of doors into the Burroughs' only guest rooms (well, at least that's what they told me they were for). Unlike almost every other building in the town, the Saloon is very easy to get into - just walk on in. One of the guest room's shutters are broken off, too, and its window, glass broken out, opens onto the balcony, allowing entrance to many dinosurs. A raptor will leap down the staircase as soon as Anne enters, and she will have to defend herself by clever use of the objects inside the bar as obstacles and weaponry. Soon, more raptors will enter the front door, to complicate matters further. What ensues is a classic barroom brawl- expect to overturn the table, throw the chairs around, and jump behind the bar, if you hope to get out of here intact!


In the film, the café had its front window completely smashed when a raptor jumped through it. It is a once-tasteful little restaurant, now very overgrown and eerie. Not much happens in here, but Anne can find a useful baseball bat behind the counter to fend off the constant raptor attacks in the town. The café has two rooms: a small dining room, checkerboard floor, with a glass-fronted (broken of course) counter on top of which sits a cash register, and some round café-style tables and associated chairs; and the kitchen, which has a grille, oven, and stove, along with a large refigerator and many shelves for the storage of bulk ingredients and other café supplies. The front window is smashed, leaves and dirt have blown around inside, maybe even a bush growing up through cracks in the floor. Surreal. The owner kept a baseball bat behind a counter.


There are many vacant lots in the town, and a few of them were under construction when Hammond was forced to abandon the island. One lot in particular, near the town square on Central St, had already had its foundation poured. There was still a large hole around the foundation, but successive storms and years of weather have smoothed out a lot of the loose dirt so that there is now basically only a hollow around the base of the poured concrete. These jungle houses don't have basements, but there is about a .75m depth space within the foundation. They had put in most of the floor joists before work ceased, but many of them have rotted away and fallen down since, so the gap is crossed by only a few potentially unstable pieces. There will be other piece of concrete near the center of the structure, where the water heater would sit. If we chose to have a puzzle here, there could be something interesting sitting there, and Anne needs to find a way to get out there, constantly dealing with breaking beams.

*Hole in Ground

Another construction site wasn't even as far along, and all that is left is a deep hole in the ground. The rainfall has caused its dirt sides to collapse and smooth out a fair amount, so Anne can easily walk in and out of at least three sides of the hole. We could put something interesting down at the bottom, and have a raptor run out from somewhere nearby and attempt to jump down into the hole on Anne, or just make it eye and foot candy.


just a strong metal platform built of girders (now rusting), with stairs leading up to it. From the pad itself you can jump (if you are daring) onto the roof of the building (worker barracks? Security building/operations center?), next door.


The Burroughs school was set up to accommodate the education of a small number of children all the way through high school if necessary - though Hammond had a policy of moving families with older children to other facilities if they weren't project critical. Like everything else on the island, the school is locked, but Anne can find a broken window which is up out of reach at the back of the school. She can make a ramp to the window from the roundabout in the school yard, but first she has to do something to the roundabout to make it stop turning, such as putting a stick through the hand holds and wedging the other end against an immoveable piece of playground equipment. The window opens on the infirmary. There is also a lunch room, with two cafeteria tables, a non-functional refrigerator, and little else (note there is no kitchen for this school - children brought their own lunches); three classrooms - one for grades K-3, one for 4-6 , and a third for whatever older kids might be on the island, each is a similar size, decorated in a manner appropriate to that class along with one or two little physics-based toys or 'science projects' for Anne to play with, but otherwise mostly bare of desks and chairs which were partially shipped away when the island was abandoned; and finally, there is a teacher's office, infirmary, and janitor's closet.

The school holds the key (perhaps even a literal key) to entering the town hall. It is the only 'official' building besides the town hall itself and the school administrator was expected to be able to open the town hall when Hammond wasn't around. (Maybe we could hint at this with a sign on the town hall to guide the player towards the school). Like everything around here, getting the key out of the teacher's office isn't that simple, as the office is locked. Anne can find a master key in the janitor's closet, but everything has fallen off the shelves in the closet, and the key is in a heap of janitorial supplies on the floor.

The infirmary is a tiny room with an exam table and a locked cabinet which can be busted open. It could have a tranquilizer pistol, dinosaur pheromone bomb, or otherwise semi-medical item for Anne to get as a bonus for thorough exploration.

Behind the school, beyond its playground, is a field (big enough for a baseball diamond, and football/soccer field, as well as a basketball court (with a hand-painted scoreboard that reads "BC: CS:"). If we get sphere physics, we can have a few balls either sheltered in some place where the weather wouldn't have totally destroyed them, or inside the school, for Anne to find and play with. A baseball pitching machine and a bat might be fun, too.

*Gas station

There are two parts of the Burroughs gas station: an office with a small employee restroom, a counter, and a rack of aftermarket accessories like anti-theft devices and windshield wipers, along with a few chairs for waiting customers; and a garage where there is a car-lift that can raise and lower via a button, a stack of horizontally-laid oil barrels held in place by a small wedge (kick it out, and the whole pile falls down), and some shelves and tables with a few remaining car parts which were too worn out and filthy to take along during the evacuation.

*Generator Building

The tall, narrow building which featured prominently in The Lost World. The plans for the set refer to it as the "kiln" but it didn't look like any kiln in the movie. This is where the town's power transformers and emergency generator are housed. Anne may have to start the backup generator in order to get enough power for the more key security systems to operate (if we go with that particular puzzle).

*General store

Scattered with miscellaneous objects, although it seems that looters went through here at one time and grabbed the most valuable items. Crates, canisters of pesticide, a rake, a ladder, a Christmas-tree holder, a sledge hammer, etc. remain. There is a trap door in the ceiling just inside the store - if Anne notices it, and can figure out a way to pull it down, she will find that it is a foldable staircase, which she can use to get into the attic of the store. The attic is an unfinished space which goes right up under the eaves of the roof. A few boxes are scattered about here, including a photo album (just a big framed photo or two?) with someone's marriage pictures, and a gun or some other powerup. (If you get up to the second floor, a trap causes an allosaur to peer through the window?)

*Technician bungalows

Several technician bungalows, small two-room structures (kitchen/bedroom and separate bath), fill up space around the town. Most are closed, some are open but mostly empty inside. These will be non puzzle-critical structures in which the player may find useful tools and weapons or some props to flesh out the background. One bungalow was Muldoon's, which looks the same as the others except for his name on a plaque on the door.

*Management houses

Similary to the technician bungalows, there are a few slightly larger one-story houses for InGen management. They consist of a living room, a master bedroom, a smaller bedroom, a bathroom, and a kitchen/dining room. One of these may have a useful item.

*Worker barracks

ugly prefab dorm-size and -style building. It's one story tall, and consists of several sleeping rooms with maybe six bunk beds per room, so that the different shifts could go in and out without disturbing each other. There is a large communal bathroom at one end of the building, with a maintenance closet nearby.

Operations Center (neé Security Building)

The Operations Center dominates the end of Wells St. This is the building which Vince Vaughan's character entered in The Lost World to find a radio and call for pick up, and is also the same building which in the blueprint for the town sketch is called the lab. In our game it is not so weirdly excessive on the outside, but it does have the glass front with columns, because that's what people saw in the movie. The glass won't be translucent. If we end up with breakable glass, we'll have it be a big wall of opaquely filthed but breakable glass, otherwise it'll be pre-broken like all other glass.

Unfortunately for Anne, the radio used in the movie is now broken - that darn Earth Firster probably sabotaged it. Some systems in this building are either running on backup solar cells and batteries or perhaps can be powered from the town's backup generator (see Generator Building), and the security systems on a few of the more critical buildings are still being run from here. Anne will need to break into the building, and unlock the gate to Wu's house, and possibly turn off an alarm or something on the town hall. Additionally, this would be a good place to have a computer hacking puzzle, either to accomplish the above tasks or to get some password needed elsewhere.

*Church/town hall

Ever-practical Hammond built only one very large building in town, which would serve alternately as the church and the town hall. Hammond, or at least his lawyers, decided to keep it non-denominational, so even though it has a very New England Protestant look on the outside, on the inside it will be free of any specific religious imagery. The stained glass windows, if we leave them unbroken, are patterned with abstract geometry and flowers or other relatively innocent images of that sort.

The front half of the town hall consists of a large, high-ceilinged meeting room. The ceiling has a moulded design on it - this will need some forthcoming photoreference, no doubt. All the furniture in the meeting room is moveable, so that the room could be easily rearranged for town meetings, worship, school plays, choral recitals, raptor fights, etc. There is a podium/pulpit against the far end of the room, and several backless benches - there used to be more benches, but InGen's workers removed them during the evacuation in the name of framerate.

The second level is open - a low wooden railing keeps people from plunging to their death on the floor of the meeting room. A pipe organ sits up there, used during some services and for plays and the like. The other half of the second level is a closed-off storage room, which is probably locked but break-intoable, like all things.

The rear half of the first level contains an open space, and two enclosed rooms. One, on the wall on the other side of where the podium stands, is the 'priest's room' where all the religious goodies are kept, along with a couple filing cabinets and a computer for town records. The other, larger room, taking up most of the rear half of the first level, is the town infirmary. This is a larger version of the infirmary in the school, for larger patients. It has a bed, an exam table, an operating table with neato surgical equipment around and above it, a counter with drawers and a broken-glass-front drug cabinet above, and some other miscellaneous medical gear. A locked steel gun cabinet also holds a tranquilizer rifle and one of those more traditional permanent-tranquilization type weapons. There is a door from the infirmary directly to the outside, so that the doctor can admit patients even during services and meetings.

A staircase in a rear corner connects the first and second levels.

*Wu's house

Wu's house should be a one-level split ranch, rather large compared to all the other houses. It has (or had, before the hurricane broke the windows) an austere and organized appearance. Wu didn’t go in for much decoration beyond furniture and stereo equipment. The player will need to find a key to his desk in his office. Within this desk is a copy of the key to Hammond's house, or something else critical in the completion of Hammond's place. Due to the lack of props, Wu's house is a real good place for a raptor ambush - I'm thinking specifically of the scene in Alone in the Dark 1 where the weird dog-chicken monster leaps through a window at you while you're searching a bedroom - in this case, there's a very large window on the master bedroom, which could be boarded up or something, and the raptor will leap smash through it. It should be pretty interesting to deal with a single raptor in the confines of a house. Anne probably won't be carrying a weapon while she's in Wu's house, either, assuming that it is safe, and there will be a shortage of improvised clubs.

The rooms in Wu's house are as follows: the garage, which may still have Wu's car in it, has assorted other garagey stuff in it. It serves as Anne's entry point to the house: she can open the garage door in some way, whereas the front and back doors of the house are well locked. Once inside the garage, the door into the back hall is easy to open in some way - probably by breaking it in, because breaking is fun.

The back hall is a little place for people coming out of the garage to wipe their feet and take off their coats. It opens into the living room, a huge area, high ceilinged (because this is the lower level of the split ranch) where Wu kept his couch and entertainment center (we probably won't have the couch here, since it would need to be a flexible object). The entertainment center still dominates the wall of the room on the garage side, though. To the rear of the living room area, between the kitchen and back hall, is a logically-separate space where Wu kept his dining table. There are small windows on the garage-side of the wall, above the height of the garage roof (obviously!).

Short, three-step stairs lead up from the dining room area into the kitchen, and from the center of the living room into the central hallway.

The kitchen has the usual fancy, modern built-in appliances, including an oversized stainless-steel front refrigerator.

The central hallway has doors to the kitchen, the master bedroom, and the guest bedroom. Each bedroom has a bathroom attached to it. Wu was using the guest bedroom as his study (guess he didn't have very many guests), so it has a desk and a computer, and maybe only a bedframe stored in the closet. (The bedroom closets would be an excellent place to use our sliding magnet type, and so should have sliding doors.) The master bedroom has Wu's bedframe, with no mattresses, and a bureau. The large window here was broken and hastily boarded over just before the island was abandoned, but the boards weren't attached very well, and there are also gaps in them - this is where the raptor will enter to get at Anne.

*Hammond's house

Hammond's house is a two-story (if at all possible) Victorian-styled mansion. It looms above the village on the top of a small hill. Getting into Hammond's house should involve a series of relatively complicated steps, and that is only the beginning. Once inside, the player needs to look through all of Hammond's junk, and try to figure out what is a useful clue and what is just a gewgaw, knick knack, or doodad. (Incidentally, we will have at least one of each of the latter…)

Hammond's house is surrounded by a high wooden fence. It has no fancy electronic security system, but it is rather frustratingly locked. Breaking down the gate is an option, but it will probably be difficult to bring enough force to bear on it, unless the player perhaps leads a raptor into it. However, part way around the fence, there will be a hollow in the ground under the fence, and several loose boards in the fence. Anne can grab the bottoms of these boards and snap them free, creating an opening which she can proceed through while crouched.

(Search Hammond's trash - way to open door?)

Entering Hammond's house could consist of using a key found at Wu's house, or perhaps making a stack of boxes to climb up to the roof of the front porch, where there are plenty of broken windows.

Within Hammond's house, the highlights include a large table-size model of the entire island, with little miniatures of some of the important sites like the geothermal plant, harbor, and lab.

Hammond's library has a lot of books, but the works of Jules Verne are most prominently displayed, including a poster-sized reproduction of a 1920s cover of (which one?). Also present are Burrough's Tarzan books and Land that Time Forgot books, and dictionaries and stuff (depending on how detailed we can get with book spine textures).

At any rate, the Verne books are the key to figuring Hammond's computer password. Hammond's house will have a couple very 7th-Guestian puzzles in it, like this one, and the decoration and perhaps even interior architecture of the house should vaguely ring some bells with anyone familiar with that game. If there was ever an excuse to have these sorts of puzzles in the real world, a weird old rich geezer like Hammond is it.

*Getting out

Once the player has gotten Hammond's emergency override code, they can leave via the eastern gate. Because the town is in security lockdown mode, the gate will close behind Anne when she leaves, and sadly the controls on the outside are broken.

*Getting to the Plains

Once outside the town, the player finds herself on the North Road, which leads through to the laboratory facilities eventually. This road ascends a steep ridge almost immediately, but whatever cut-rate engineer Hammond hired to build this road managed instead to create a convenient run-off sluice for the rainy season. What used to be a nice, gently-sloped road has washed out down its entire length, becoming a series of ledges connected by streambeds, completely unclimbable. (alternate solution: the road has a bridge to allow passage up a cliff, but the bridge is wrecked).

Anne will have to find some other way to get to the plains, so she sets out in the only direction available: east towards the sea.

Cliffside puzzle

After paralleling the ridge for a few hundred meters, Anne comes across some cliffs at the seaside, where the ridge runs out. Anne must proceed around the end of the cliff , hopping down from tiny ledge to tiny ledge, all the while 12 meters above the rocky coast. Once she has completed this section, by making one last drop, further than she can jump back up, she has entered the plains area.


Looking around, the player is presented with the grand vista of the plains. For more than a kilometer, open, short-grassed terrain dotted with occasional clumps of trees gently rolls off into the distance. Brachiosaurs are visible in the extreme distance, grazing on the few trees, and nearby a stegosaurus family and a pair of triceratops drink from the same. The land gently slopes up, and Anne might just be able to make out a vast gray concrete structure in the distance - the dam to which she must eventually travel.

The Plains is perhaps the least terrain-restricted and therefore most non-linear section of the adventure. Anne needs to collect a battery for a gate-opener in order to get into the grounds of the dam and get to the Pine Valley, but she will not know this immediately, and finding the battery involves hunting down one of the many dinosaurs on the plains, and removing its tracking collar - and only some dinosaurs have collars.

*Run from danger

Traversing the plains is a dangerous proposition - there are long, empty stretches with nothing to hide behind or pick up to fend off attack. Anne will need to be smart and careful, and sprint from clump of trees to clump of trees, and only pick fights when she knows she won't be overwhelmed.

Raptor Charge

Possible action sequence – while Anne is in the open, a raptor bursts from cover and charges her. She only gets 3-4 shots in before it closes with her – can she kill it?

Gate to Town

The road that used to run to the town is blocked by a gate. The gate includes a sign that reads, "Warning! Remote-operated gate system. Have your signal ready." On the ground nearby is a remote-control signaller, a small box with a space for a battery. The battery in it is corroded-looking and plainly non-functional..

*Crashed plane

(to the north, near the shore, has guns, some sort of physical puzzle to get up inside, whole thing unbalanced?)

*T-Rex encounter

(evade a T-Rex near the downed radio tower? Make him chase you into a pack of stegs/trikes?)


a small cement structure in the extreme north of the plains, contains some items which hint at some sort of story: a child's toy, some dishes, a weapon.

*Watering hole

A pond between two small ridges is one of the largest watering holes in the area. This is a good place for Anne to look for a dinosaur with a tag, and a good place to make dinosaurs have staged fights, or to menace Anne when she tries to get in close enough to grab a tag or attack a tagged dino.

Dam gate

The dam fills up the end of a valley up which the North Road runs. Anne is forced down to the valley floor by a washout on the road, if she has been following it up to now, and in order to get back up to the top, she has to get into the dam area, by using her gate opener-with-battery.

Dam floodgate secret

A small building at the base of the dam controls the floodgate, a metal panel which blocks off a passage under the dam. If Anne searches really well inside the control building, she will find a lever hidden above one of the panels of the drop ceiling which she can reattach to the control panel and thus open the floodgate. Inside the flood channel is an alcove which contains the body of Harry Greenwood, and more importantly, his partially loaded and still functional UZI. A grating bars Anne from walking to the other side of the dam, so she will have to come back out and climb up the stairs on the front.

Climbing the stairs

The steep hillside to the west of the dam has a decrepit staircase of concrete landings leading up it to the top of the dam. This is Anne's only way to reach the top of the dam. The steps are crumbling, and some will break in two as she tries to climb them, or are already missing. Parts of the staircase are made narrower by debris which has collected there over the years. Meanwhile a raptor or two will come bounding down from the top of the dam (and also perhaps up from the bottom of the stairs) to harass her while she is trying to climb.

The biggest problem is the top of the stairs however: the last dozen or so steps are completely missing, having been washed out some time ago. Anne will need to collect the debris from the stairs and bring them to the top in order to make a set of improvised steps to the top of the dam.

Fight on the dam

The top of the dam is very long, but not especially wide, and there is no safety railing to help Anne out. She wants to get on the road on the other (east) side of the dam, so she heads out in that direction. However, as she does, more raptors come at her from both sides of the dam again. Obstacles which she can make use of along the top of the dam include benches, some of which are fixed to the surface, and others of which are loose, some stray boxes, a wooden shack, and the spillway (see below). There will be no shortage of improvised weapons for Anne to grab if she finds herself without - the challenge here will be to fight in a small, precarious space - training for the even smaller high places Anne will be fighting on later in the game.

Crossing the spillway/the crack

About two thirds of the way across the dam is a gap in its surface, where the spillway runs. It is bridged with a set of metal panels, but rust and age have eroded many of their supports, and now many of them are precariously balanced. Anne may fall down into the spillway - if she does, there is a long crack in the front of the dam face - the cement was incorrectly mixed, and a large section of the bottom half of the dam has shifted forward, much like the edges of a geologic fault, due to the pressure of the water behind the dam. This makes a series of ledges which Anne can use to safely descend the front of the dam, and then get back to the staircase to make her way up again. There either will be dropoffs along the ledges such that she can't use them to get back up, or climbing up them isn't much use anyway because that merely leaves her stranded at the top of the spillway, several meters below the actual dam top.

Pine Valley

The entrance to the Pine Valley is a large gate blocking off the North Road. Anne must open this gate (insert puzzle here). After doing so, she finds herself at a high point looking down a long valley. The trees here are totally different than what she's seen before - giant pines, thick-trunked redwoods, and sparser undergrowth over a bed of pine needles make up this scene. The noise of jungle animals is conspicuously absent, and the whole area seems empty, but threatening. At various points, Anne gets a glimpse of the extent of the valley - hundreds of trees descending towards the glittering ocean, far away. The floor of the Pine Valley is dominated by a deep gorge, and Anne will spend much of her time going from one side of the gorge to the other.

North Road washout

Upper Pine Valley ledges

Other upper Pine Valley sequences?

Scramble up to the road

Albertosaur chase

Unfortunately, not long after getting back on to the North road, an avalanche blocks Anne's progress again. A handy nearby dry stream offers a set of ledges which Anne can use to descend back to the lip of the gorge. However, just as she slides down the last slope, she hears the angry roar of an albertosaur from her right. At this point, Anne knows enough not to try to kill this monster, but instead runs like hell down the easiest path through the woods. Here and there, the cleared path narrows, and Anne can duck between two close trees, which the Albertosaur will either have to knock over or find another way around, gaining her precious seconds. A quick jump up some rocks gets her onto a path around a ridge, and out of harms way for a little while, but the path runs out and she has to descend again. Then, suddenly, a large avalanche blocks any further possibility of running, and Anne must quickly decide to slide down its face into the gorge. The albertosaur chooses not to follow, roaring his frustration from several meters above Anne's head.

Gorge climb

Across from the avalanche, the gorge wall has many rocky projections which serve as a set of platforms Anne can jump up to get to the top of the other side of the gorge.

High point

A set of gently-sloped rocks allow Anne to climb quite high up a ridge, and walk out on a large rocky projection which gives her a completely unobstructed view of the rest of the valley.


A pool has formed at the base of a small rise in the terrain. It sits in the center of a clearing, and is the home base for a number of grazing triceratops. They are completely non-aggressive, unless Anne actually attacks them, and this is a useful place for Anne to retreat to when she is being chased by raptors.

Raptor valley

A small valley, raised slightly above the surrounding terrain, extends to the northwest from the pond. Some lost hunters camped here one night and the site of their fire, and evidence of an attack by dinosaurs, can be found by the player, along with something useful like a gun. If the player proceeds much further into the valley, however, they will make the unpleasant discovery of a group of tough raptors. They are especially aggressive because their nest is at the end of the valley.

Hidden village

The player will be able to cross the gorge again to the east of the pond, past the avalanche that brought an abrupt end to the albertosaur chase. The valley floor has widened significantly here, and the North Road has descended from its course along the ridge to run just beside the gorge. If the player takes some time to explore the full extent of the valley, or even just looks around carefully, she may spot a faint trail leading to the ruins of an ancient Mayan village built into the wall of the ridge. Some InGen archeological equipment was left around the area, and the player can use a crowbar to pry at a building stone carved with a face, to discover something cool, or possibly shift some of the rocks filling the village well to find an item forgotten by the archeologists which the rocks later rolled to cover.

Raptors on the road

Returning to the North Road, Anne will find herself pursued by another gang of raptors. They will chase her through the woods, through a swampy area similar to that in Industrial Jungle, but with more, though smaller, humps of land sticking out of the water, and finally to the gates of the geothermal power plant.


A moat and a cement wall surround the geothermal plant, and the drawbridge on the plant side is raised, making the whole place seem like Hammond's interpretation of a medieval castle. Without much time to spare, unless she has already dispatched the entire pack of raptors, Anne must shoot out the supports which are holding the drawbridge up, and it will come crashing down, allowing her to cross.

Plant gate

Solving this puzzle, just on the other side of the drawbrige, gets Anne into the geothermal power plant.


Anne starts this section of the game inside the power plant, but when she is finished there, she will have restored the power to the island's facilities, and be able to proceed on to the Harbor, and beyond it, to the InGen Lab.

Even more than the InGen town, the power plant and the Harbor area are impressively large industrial edifices which have begun to be swallowed up by nature.

The Geothermal Plant, surrounded by a wall and mostly cleared of vegetation inside the wall, is still relatively intact and free of jungle growth, but it has been caked with dirt and damaged by the heavy winds from the hurricanes which have hit Isla Sorna.

The Harbor is more exposed, and trees and ferns have begun to grow up against its massive structures.

Plant - control building

Anne quickly discovers that there is another gate out of the plant, but that it is sealed tight, and beyond her power to open. If she could get the power in the plant restored, she could activate the gate's hydraulics in order to proceed. The first step in doing this is to find and get inside the control building, where there will presumably be some sort of status readouts or maybe a nice big 'ON' switch she can use.

The control building has been left locked, but Anne can find a couple ways inside: one is to poke something through the barred window kitty-corner to the front door, and knock over the standing whiteboard inside, thereby forcing the doors open (they have those push-bar latches only, and no other locks, and the whiteboard will fall on the bars, unlatching the doors). Her other option is revealed if she gets up onto the walkways which run around the plant at the level of the steam pipes - when she gets near the large vertical canister which is the steam condenser, some broken railing gives her an opening to jump over to the roof of the control building, where she spies a broken skylight, through which she can jump directly into the control room.

In the control room, there's a mess of lights, dials, and other readouts, and a large electronic plant status diagram on the wall. The status chart shows the major components of the plant, and a red or green light to indicate their status. Additionally, each plant component has a section of the control panel which corresponds to it, giving more information - the two are visually linked for the player by icons which are shown on the status board and the control panel.

The first thing Anne needs to do is open the door to the plant restart buttons on the control panel. Here, she can activate each section of the plant by pressing the corresponding button, but as she tries to do this, various red lights start appearing, as well as a computer-voiced error message. Now it is up to our plucky heroine to resolve the problems affecting each section of the plant.


A big square pool of water feeds the cooling tower at the plant. The reservoir is currently empty, so Anne needs to fill it up again to get a green light. She can see a pipe running from the fill-pump (which sits out in the middle of the pool) out into the valley, back in the direction she came. If she follows the pipe to its end, she will discover another pump. It needs to be restarted (by pushing a button then throwing a switch) in order to restore water flow to the reservoir. By the time Anne returns to the plant, the reservoir should be mostly filled.

Cooling Tower

The cooling tower's interior temperature is too high - in other words it's not cooling. Anne can't get inside the building, but she can climb up the staircase on its back, and reach the top. When she gets up here, she will see the two large cooling stacks, and notice that while there is a sound of a large fan slowly cutting the air, it is only coming from one of the stacks. The large branch sticking out of the top of the other one should give her the final clue she needs. If she climbs up the additional staircase beside the blocked stack, she can pull out the branch, and the fan will start rotating again. By the time she returns to the control building, she'll have a green light here, too.


In the turbine building, Anne needs to get the turbine spinning at the right speed to produce 60Hz current. This is accomplished by tweaking four control valves on the speed governor until all their indicator needles point to green. This is a complex system, where turning one affects the settings of all the others.


The transformer array which boosts the plant's output voltage to the high powers used in power lines has a short in one of its components. Anne must navigate the array of electrified busbar (metal pipes which conduct electricity among the transformers and circuit breakers) and find the shorted component, then throw a switch to take it out of the grid. A nearby box has a panel with LEDs inside it which identify which is the damaged component, so Anne can figure it out without trial-and-error. Matters are complicated, however, by the fact that a couple of raptors come from somewhere to harass Anne during this procedure.


Once the plant's power is restored, lights all over the island turn on, and the northern plant gate becomes active. Anne continues on her voyage towards the lab, but is quickly stymied by another drawbridge like the one at the power plant moat across the final meters of the Pine Valley gorge. This drawbridge is on Anne's side of the gorge, at least, but she can't push it down when she tries. If she looks around, she will find that there is a ledge just down the gorge which allows her to get to the underside of the bridge - a small piece of 2x4 has been jammed into the gear on the underside of the drawbridge. Removing this is one step, but now Anne needs to return to the road, and find that there is a drawbridge release mechanism under a metal plate in the ground just beside the bridge. The release is missing a lever, however, so Anne needs to find a stick which will fit into the hole, and use it to throw the release. When she does this, the bridge will slowly start to lower. (It is inadvisable to throw the release and THEN remove the 2x4, but if Anne gets out of the way relatively quickly, she won't be crushed!)

*Harbor Gate

A big gate across the North Road blocks off the harbor, and Anne needs to get across it somehow. Chokepoint, probably.

*T-Rex vs crane

As Anne enters the harbor area, a curious T-Rex will emerge from behind the warehouse, and slowly begin to approach Anne. It is not sure she is food, and will attempt to sniff her and nudge her with its head at first rather than just biting her. As it does this, she will be slowly backed up against the crane at the harbor shore. The crane has lost its cabling and hook, but (now that power is restored) it does still function. Anne can climb up inside the cabin of the crane, and play with the levers inside - one rotates the crane, and the other raises and lowers the crane arm - the levers are analog, and the further they are pushed or pulled, the faster the movement induced. The T-Rex will become more and more angry as it fails to get at Anne inside the cab, but she will quickly figure out how to give it a couple good, hard wacks with the crane arm, and it will decide that it isn't so hungry, after all.

*Sunken tug

Find briefcase


The InGen warehouse is a huge affair, not unlike the matte-painting enhanced warehouse at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Indeed, it is here that Hammond received shipments of holy artifacts - er - biotech supplies from all over the world. The warehouse is relatively empty by now, with a few lonely stacks of boxes here and there. A network of catwalks allows Anne to get above the crates, and there is possibly a lift on motorized tracks at this level which she can get in and use to shift some boxes around. Perhaps there is something which has fallen inside a ring of crates which Anne can't climb over from ground level until she moves some of them. (another thing we could do would be to have a real and good-looking forklift to show up Shadow Warrior, including an actual working lift part)


One of our highly secret areas is hidden on the ocean side of the island which is just offshore of the harbor. Anne can get there by jumping along the pilings from the collapsed pier, and then jumping out to the barge which floats out in the water near the wrecked pier. On the barge, she will find something, possibly another little crane, which she can contrive to form a walkway out to the island.

*Ultra-secret island area

Some cool easter egg, possibly additional puzzle to get it.

*Loading area

The loading area has boxes, gas pumps, a rusty truck, and a shack-office, and currently, no puzzle. It could have some codes you need for the lab, or possibly a device to open the lab gate. Perhaps the lab gate is opened by a multi-part device, which can be assembled from parts around the harbor.

*Dock Offices

The offices are a two-story affair (if possible) with plenty of opportunity for interesting fighting, and a good chance to find a computer, some information, maps on walls, or other goodies of that sort.

*Harbormaster's shack

A shack on a slight rise, from which the harbormaster watched over the whole area. Maybe something puzzle-related to find in here.

*Construction office trailer

Again, a building without much inside it, which could hold a puzzle or item.

*Dead T-Rex

Not a puzzle as such, but a T-Rex skeleton for Anne to find with blown-up skull to back up the story of the hunter who blew himself up to kill it while it was chomping on him.

*Exiting the shore

The ultimate puzzle of the shore area is the gate to the lab. Anne needs to find some way to get through or over it - possibly a 'trebuchet' arranged from a partially-collapsed watchtower, by which she can catapult herself over the gate, although this sounds a bit suicidal.

InGen Lab

Beyond a gate, nestled in a narrow point of the valley which opens out to the harbor, the InGen lab's three university-style buildings loom out of the advancing vegetation, the last remnants of Hammond's great aspiration. With the power restored, emergency exterior and interior lighting come on, making the scene even spookier - the outside floods and the red-tinged interior light make it seem as if the inhabitants just recently fled, unable to stop some sudden Day of the Triffids-like attack by the jungle.

Entering the biology building

Climb dumpster to get in

Basement/rooftop fusebox

Reset circuit breakers to restore full power

Clean Room

Use robot arm to open door or do something from other side

Walkway Roof

Smash out window, walk on roof of covered walkway over to admin building

Fire escape

Pull down with hook

Administration building office

Eerie. Find what here?

Roof jumping

Only way in to computer building is to jump from admin roof.

Computer vault

Use electro magnet to slide vault door bolts back


What's unique about this fight?

Computer hacking

Nedry ah-ah-ah, reboot mainframe, hack in windows-like environment, get some information? Password something related to Nedry's fantasy paraphenalia.

Bonus puzzle(s)

Pool table? Executive toys?

Exit puzzle?

Do we need one?


Now Anne is certain that her only hope of escaping this island is to get to the backup transmitter on the top of Mt. Watson. Leaving the lab, the last real outpost of civilization between her and the summit, she strikes out into the most difficult terrain she has encountered yet. After struggling up the ridge beyond the lab, she can see there are several steep hills and their deep valleys which still remain between her and the bottom of the mountain. The vegetation is scraggly jungle here - the steep hills and slightly higher altitudes have provided for less-fertile growth than the southern part of the island.

*Hill slide

The first ridge looks down into a small valley bordered on three sides by ridges. There are no easy paths around the tops of the ridges. Anne knows she needs to get to the mountain, visible ahead of her, but the only way forward seems to be down into this valley. There is only one seemingly possible route, a bare rocky ramp between the tall cliffs. Anne can't walk down it, however, and will end up sliding to the bottom of the valley, at which point she will be immediately set upon by raptors.

*Raptors in the Valley

The floor of the valley here is very, very rough. Anne will often need to make jumps to get across ditches and tiny gorges, or just to make it up a sudden change in elevation, all the while fending off the raptors. The terrain should also work to her advantage, however, and careless raptors will fall in holes and incapacitate themselves.

*Getting out

Now that she is at the bottom of the valley, Anne is faced with the challenge of getting back out. All the ridges around her are too steep to climb, but if she heads along the edge of the eastern ridge, towards the sea, the land will eventually level out, and she can head back towards the mountain.

*The Mayan City

Once Anne rounds the ridge and starts to head back south towards Mt. Watson, the land slopes steeply upward into a foothill. The land is rocky and difficult to follow as usual in this part of the island, but there is a relatively smooth winding trail which Anne should find convenient to follow. A relatively flat area is nestled between the base of the mountain and another highpoint, and the path which Anne is following conceals the plateau from her vision until suddenly she crests a hill and sees a wondrous sight: a sprawling, ruined Mayan city! The buildings are fitted right into the contours of the land, and a large step pyramid dominates the scene. At the entrance to the city is a hastily-assembled fence of felled trees, with a hand-painted sign on the front which says: "Danger! Off limits! InGen Survey Team".

Anne has no other way to go than forward, however - the surrounding hills are too steep to be climbed.

The Mayan city was a religious site, and as such it is littered with traps to keep out the wrong people. After losing a member, Hammond's Survey Team decided it was best left alone, and proclaimed it off limits.

The first traps Anne will encounter will be well-concealed pits. These pits are covered over with stones which are very loosely held together. In the tens of hundreds of years since the city was abandoned, a very thin layer of soil has mostly covered all the pit tops. Anne will be alerted to the presence of the pits by a partially collapsed one, probably triggered by the survey team. She can spot all the other pits by looking for squarish areas of slightly discolored grass. If she falls in a pit, she will be able to use the very blocks which fell in with her to make steps back out, but she will take some damage from the fall.

Second, the town's two biggest and still-roofed buildings have deadfall traps inside. These are triggered by specially marked stones on the floor of the building. One building has a large ceiling block from a deadfall already on its floor. This block is turned on its side. The patterned bottom, which used to sit flush with the ceiling above, is stained darkly with old but not ancient (read: last few years) blood. This is the trap which killed the InGen surveyor. Inside this building, in a dark corner, is the rifle the surveyor was carrying, which was knocked flying. Getting to it will be dangerous if Anne isn't paying enough attention to the floor, but it is a powerful and fully loaded weapon. The other building is empty, but Anne could lure a raptor in there and get it to trigger a deadfall trap.

The temple is the most heavily trapped building. There are stairs up each of the sides, and there are dark steps placed at random intervals. The dark steps are hinged along their top rear edges and rotate away when stepped on - more of an annoyance than a life threatening trap. There are four rooms on the lower level, and one large room on the next level up, as well as a small altar room with pillars but no roof on the top level. The rear of the altar is a very large stone head (about 2m tall by 1.5m wide by 1.5m deep), propped on the The lower rooms have dart traps, which function exactly like in Indiana Jones, and a weapon and corpse is hidden away in one of them. The second floor has a deadfall immediately inside the door. If Anne wants to get in or out safely, she will have to jump across the trigger tile. The altar room has a floor which falls away if she stands exactly in front of the altar, sending her down through a chute into the middle room, in the midst of its traps, with heavy damage. The biggest trap of all, however, is triggered by the middle step of the rear stairs of the temple - this step is dark, and also carved with a likeness of the huge head. When Anne steps on this step, it sinks a little bit, and the platform on which the large head rests begins to slowly tip towards her, until the head becomes unbalanced enough that it falls over, and tumbles down the stairs. The platform tilts so slowly, however, that Anne has plenty of time to get out of the way if she clues in to what is going on. Perhaps, if necessary (see below), the platform begins to return to its original position when Anne gets off the step.

Why would Anne want to mess around on the pyramid at all, given how dangerous it is? Well, as soon as she proceeds a few meters down the central avenue of the city, she will hear the roar of a T-Rex. It will come stalking slowly into the city (it has fallen in some traps itself, and is taking care). It comes down an avenue free of traps, anyway - only the central avenue which Anne has to walk down to get into the town has pit traps on it. This Rex will basically herd Anne towards the temple, as best as it can give our AI. Most of the other buildings in town are roofless anyway, and aren't of any use to hide from the beast.

This sequence should involve Anne scrambling around the outside and inside of the pyramid, inadvertantly triggering traps, until finally she winds up on the head-triggering step halfway up the back of the pyramid. The Rex should be scripted to move quickly into position and repeatedly snap (but miss) at Anne when she steps on the the trigger, and all she has to do is jump out of the way as the head begins to roll down, and the Rex, distracted by her movement, won't get out of the way in time to avoid a fatal crushing.

*Mayan trail

Beyond the temple, once the Rex has been disposed of, Anne spots a trail leading up the mountain, away from the village - it should have, at least at its beginning, a low stone wall along it as in the WALL.TGA photoreference (I've been acheing to get that in!).

For some reason lost to history, the inhabitants of the village built this trail partway up the side of the mountain. Anne can follow it for about one quarter the circumference of Mt. Watson. It becomes more and more ruined the further from the city she gets.

*Bridge Ambush

A gap in the trail is bridged by a recently fallen tree. When Anne is about halfway across it, raptors come at her from both ends of the bridge. A fall means certain death for Anne, and she will have to get off the bridge before it is blocked at both ends or fight the raptors very efficiently. A cool thing which might very well not work would be to set it up so that when both raptors are close to Anne, on either side, the one in her view will leap at her, to which the player's instinctive reaction ought hopefull to be to duck, and the raptor, having jumped too hard anyway, will go flying over her head, colliding with the other one, sending them both into the chasm.

*Falling ledges

The trail has become very narrow, and its outer edges fall away as Anne inches along as close to the wall as possible. It will always remain wide enough for her to sidestep, so as long as the player doesn't throw caution to the wind and just walk boldly along the center of the trail, she will be ok.

*Tram construction

Not too much further from the ledges area, Anne comes across the course the tram was going to run. The lower portion of the railway drops off at a washout or cliff which InGen hadn't bridged yet, so she can't use it as an easy way down off the mountain into an area we don't want her getting to, but she can follow its course upwards. The railway is a very complicated series of platforms and stagings around half-built bridges in an attempt to keep the grade of the railway down to a reasonable level. It is all falling apart, but it is the only way Anne can get up the mountain.

*Leaning platform

A chasm (maybe about twice Anne's maximum jump) blocks forward progress. However, a central platform on the top of some staging which once stood between the two ends has tilted over towards Anne's side. If she stands on it and grabs a long pole, she can push against the side of the chasm, right the staging, and then tilt it over towards the other side to cross.

*Scaffolding fight

A fairly long gap is bridged by some multi-level scaffolding, which sways gently with each step, indicating its relative fragility. Raptors will attack Anne while she is crossing this scaffolding. If Anne and a raptor both stand on the same scaffolding plank, it will come free, and send them down to the next level of the scaffolding (Where the boards are stronger so that they don't break through again). Anne will then need to get rid of the raptor in the confined space midst of the scaffolding supports on the lower level until she can climb back up the ramp made when the upper piece collapsed down. After enough fighting here, the area will probably be a confusing maze of ramps between the levels and gaps where the planks fell through.

*Scaffolding construction

Anne needs to mount a substantial cliff, and there are no handy boxes around to make a ramp. Instead, there are scaffolding pieces (in as many parts as we think we can break them without overloading physics). Anne will need to build two separate sections of scaffolding (one two pieces high, the other only one piece high, and then use the planks as ramps to make her way to the top. Finding a way to make ramps on the higher stages of the scaffolding will be an interesting challenge - Anne will need to realize that she has to put down one horizontal board to rest the lower ends of the ramp on. We can make this even more challenging by severely limiting her pieces of plank such that she always has to pick up the ramps she just climbed and place them again to get to the next level.

*Albertosaur below (?)

An optional puzzle - Anne is crossing another gap, but this time an albertosaur comes at her from the ground at the bottom of the gap - fifteen meters or so below her feet. It can see her on top, and it very intelligently and methodically begins to butt the lower supports of the makeshit bridge she is standing on. She will want to get off very quickly, or fall to her certain death.

*Raptor Kong (?)

Another optional or maybe impossible puzzle - in this area, preferably the last one before the ledge with the elevator at the beginning of the Summit, there are a series of increasingly narrow scaffolding stages connected by steps at their ends and occasionally in their mid points (What I'm describing here are the Donkey Kong platforms, ok?). A very, very smart raptor is at the top of the platforms, methodically pushing smallish rocks and tree stumps down from the cliff edge, which bounce off the platforms towards Anne, and possibly even occasionally roll down the incline on the platforms themselves… Anne may very well want to jump these rolling obstacles which could knock her off the platform or at least do severe damage, and she will need to take extra care not to get hit when she is climbing the steps up to the next level. When she gets to the top, the raptor won't just grab the princess and run up to the next level, though. Anne will have to dispose of it.



At the top of the Raptor Kong sequence, or whatever the final portion of Ascent is, there is a double set of mechanical counterweight elevators - you put a greater weight on the raised elevator than what sits on the lower elevator, and they exchange positions. Usually, though, there is someone at the top to aid in this process - there is currently nothing on the raised elevator. Anne needs to throw things or shoot at something like a portapotty which is in just the right position to fall into the upper elevator, raising her up. An extra level of sophistication which raises the possibility of getting the puzzle into an unwinnable situation is to make Anne have to move elsewhere to get the weight onto the upper elevator - maybe she can climb most of the way up the cliff to be in a good position to push the weight from the bottom with a stick, but she will have needed to set a brake on the lower elevator (we can either have a brake lever or have another weight at the bottom she can move onto the lower elevator, then push off once she's standing there). Given that Anne needs a counterweight which weighs at least a little bit more than she does, the most probable way to cause something of that weight to fall into the elevator is to have it right at the edge of the cliff, poised to fall over, with some rocks under it which are ready to give way and only need a gentle push, or else make it an extremely top heavy object which unbalances very easily.

(Note: if we want to control the weapons in the summit fight, we can fix it that the elevator will only run with Anne's minimum weight – no extra objects allowed).

The summit fight

Don't ask me how three of the toughest raptors got up here when Anne had such trouble - maybe they know how to operate the elevator, ok? Or else there's another back approach to the summit which Anne couldn't get to but they came from - maybe it leads down to a good hunting zone halfway down the opposite side of Mt. Watson or something. Anyway, not like Anne has time to interrogate these raptors about the possibility of their existence as they begin to slowly stalk her from three separate directions.

This fight will play out like a much more dangerous version of the town fight. The summit is a tiny little area, about 30 yards square or so, with a small corrugated-steel shack, a tall radio antenna, and a little wooden storage shed (and probably a statue of John Hammond, too). There's not a lot of debris for Anne to pick up and wield, but there is a gun (guns?) inside the shed. If she shuts herself in the shed, she will only have a few seconds before a raptor batters the door apart, so hopefully she will be fast in picking up the gun. The raptors in this area will continually circle her, darting in for one attack and then darting away again if she so much as brushes them with a club. The player will need to be very aware of her surroundings to survive the simultaneous attack. They don't attack particularly quickly, but because they attack from three different directions, it will be a very difficult situation to keep track of until at least one raptor is dead.

The radio shack

When Anne enters this structure, a nerdy young man will delight in pretending that he knows more about electronics than she does… er, I mean, the corrugated steel building houses the island's emergency transmitter. Even this building is locked, just like everything else on the island. And Anne can't batter the door down however hard she tries, or find a key hidden anywhere. If she looks around all sides of the shack, though, she will see that one of the walls doesn't meet up to its mate at the corner. All she needs to do is insert something like a crowbar into the crack, and push, and voila - just like a can of sardines she can pull back a whole wall of the building, at least enough to enter.

The Hammond statue

When Anne inspects the Hammond statue, she gets some particularly powerful quote from him, maybe, and says something of her own with a degree of finality. There may be some hidden secret here, like taking the statue's amber-topped cane or something, which maybe could alter the ending scene a bit.

The end

Anne solves a simple puzzle to use the radio (perhaps find an appropriate frequency on a piece of paper posted beside the radio, or even more fun, hand-crank a generator enough to get some current going - though the whole point of turning on the geothermal station was actually to power this transmitter, I think), and the end game sequence begins.