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Development:Pokémon Red and Blue/Unused Code

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This is a sub-page of Development:Pokémon Red and Blue.

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Notes: Add the rest of the unused code.

Various bits of code could be found within the leaked data, with their corresponding effects documented below.

Commented-Out Map Data

The following map scripts have data which was commented-out. In the case of NPCs, this information can be found right above the used data.

  • Bike Shop (T04R0501.SXY): There is sign data at coords X:3 - Y:5, which is the corner of the counter.
  • Silph Co. 1F (T11R0601.SXY): There is sign data at coords X:0 - Y:14, which is the elevator. Leftover from T0TR0601.SXY.
  • S.S. Anne Bow (D03R0105.SXY): The Sailor NPC at coords X:9 - Y:4 was originally set to wander around, instead of spinning in one spot. Funnily enough, his final movement data still has the comment "random move mode" next to it.
  • Early S.S. Anne B3F Cabins (D03R0124.SXY): The middle-aged male NPC has a Cooltrainer♂ sprite label above his own entry.
  • Route 19 (ROAD19.SXY): The Swimmer in the water that's closest to the shore has coord data placing him one tile further north.

PokeRG Commented Out Data Seafoam Islands 1F.png

  • Seafoam Islands 1F (R20R0101.SXY): There are two extra warps to B1F at the same coords as the two holes (which only use regular warps in Generation 2). There is also data for two signs, both of which have the comment ";村川変更" (";Murakawa Change") next to them.

Overworld Palette

An unused bit of code, which is set by function "SetPal_Overworld" (pret naming). When enabled, and as long as the player is in an area set in Celadon City, the screen will be divided in four vertical sections, each being assigned to display a different palette. This was likely to reflect the Rainbow Badge given by Celadon City's gym leader.

(Source: Rangi.)

Trainer AI

Within D_ACTION.DMG, Trainer AI code exists for the unused Prof. Oak and Chief trainer classes, as well as the class for the "Jacky" class. The equivalent code for the pokered disassembly as of this writing, revision 5d99572, is as follows:

    cp 6 percent + 1 ; cp a, $10
    ret nc
    jp AIUseXAttack

    cp 25 percent + 1 ; cp a, $40
    ret nc
    ld a, 5
    call AICheckIfHPBelowFraction
    ret nc
    jp AIUseHyperPotion

    cp 25 percent + 1 ; cp a, $40
    ret nc
    jp AIUseDireHit ; unused in the final game
(Source: Zumi.)