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Development:Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64)/Animations

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Mario Animations


A chasing animation which seems to be for Mario when he is chasing Mips or something/someone else.

SM64Internal animMarioChaseJog.gif


A similar animation from the last one but it is slower and Mario's hands are positioned differently.

SM64Internal animMarioChaseWalk.gif


Yet another chasing animation but this time Mario is in full sprint.

SM64Internal animMarioChasing.gif


Mario moving down when he was climbing something.

SM64Internal animMarioClimbDown.gif


A different climbing animation which depicts Mario climbing a wall (Possibly wire mesh or ladders). This was a scrapped mechanic as Mario cannot climb walls in the retail version.

SM64Internal animMarioClimbing.gif


A similar climbing animation but Mario is facing left.

SM64Internal animMarioClimbLeft.gif


Another climbing animation but Mario is facing right.

SM64Internal animMarioClimbRight.gif


An animation where Mario is holding something underwater, presumably a shell or a cork box.

SM64Internal animMarioFloatHold.gif


An animation of Mario floating in water, this version of swimming was used in the SpaceWorld '95 demo.

SM64Internal animMarioFloating.gif


An animation of Mario slowly paddling in the water, but instead of in a diving position he looks to be walking.

SM64Internal animMarioFloatMoving.gif


An early animation of Mario grabbing something while underwater, such as a shell.

SM64Internal animMarioFloatTake.gif


An animation of Mario throwing something he picked up underwater, which he cannot do in the final game.

SM64Internal animMarioFloatThrow.gif


An animation of Mario waking up. based on the name, it would have triggered when A was pressed while sleeping.

SM64Internal animMarioGiddyWakeup.gif


An earlier animation of Mario taking his cap off after completing a mission/Star.

SM64Internal animMarioHatWaiting1.gif


The same premise where Mario puts his cap back on.

SM64Internal animMarioHatWaiting2.gif


An animation where Mario lands on a log/plank, which is narrow.

SM64Internal animMarioLogLanding.gif


Seems to be an anxious Mario as he stands on a narrow log, fearing he may fall.

SM64Internal animMarioLogWait.gif


Mario stepping his left leg ahead on a narrow log.

SM64Internal animMarioLogWalkL.gif


A similar animation but instead, Mario steps his right leg ahead.

SM64Internal animMarioLogWalkR.gif


Seems to be Mario almost falling off a narrow log, maybe if the player moves too close to the edge of it or there is a strong wind hitting Mario. Interestingly, this animation was repurposed for use in the N64DD Boot Logo.

SM64Internal animMarioLogWaverL.gif


The same animation as before but instead Mario is facing right.

SM64Internal animMarioLogWaverR.gif


Mario landing from jumping or getting off of a ledge/platform.

SM64Internal animMarioMantLandEnd.gif


Based on the name, it appears to be Mario changing flying modes during flight. This could have been a way for Mario to slow down or maybe come to a complete stop while flying.

SM64Internal animMarioMantFlyGear.gif


Mario landing after falling after flying.

SM64Internal animMarioMantLanding.gif


Seems to be Mario leaning forward as he's about to go fast while sliding. Interestingly, this animation uses an earlier version of the animation format, even having different joint orders making this one of the earliest files in the leak.

SM64Internal mario slip accele anm.gif


Mario braking while he is sliding, possibly when the player would hold down on the joystick. This animation also uses an earlier version of the animation format, like mario_slip_accele, using different joint orders making this another of the earliest files to be found in the leak.

SM64Internal mario slip brake anm.gif


Based on the name, it appears to have occured when taking failed, hence the name "notaking"

SM64Internal animMarioNoTaking1.gif

notaking (2)

Part 2 of the animation, where Mario goes back to his regular idle position.

SM64Internal animMarioNoTaking2.gif


An animation of Mario covering his face. "oshin" translates to "nausea" so it might've been when Mario got nauseous. Possibly occurring on the ship in Jolly Roger Bay, which has unreferenced shake code in the files.

Mama Mia, I do believe I have-a the vapors.


A similar animation to the last one but Mario is now walking.

SM64Internal animMarioOshinWalking.gif


An animation of Mario pulling something heavy with both arms, digging his heels into the ground as he moves backwards.

SM64Internal animMarioPulling.gif


An earlier version of the punching animation.

SM64Internal animMarioPunching.gif


An earlier animation of Mario picking something up.

SM64Internal animMarioPunchPick.gif


A faster and updated version of mario_slip_accele.

SM64Internal animMarioSlipAccele.gif


A faster and updated version of mario_slip_brake

SM64Internal animMarioSlipBrake.gif


Mario steering left while sliding but his arms are motionless, which is similar to his sliding animation in the Shoshinkai demo.

SM64Internal animMarioSlipLeft.gif


Mario steering right while sliding, and again his arms motionless like his Shoshinkai demo animation.

SM64Internal animMarioSlipRight.gif


The end of what appears to be an early version of another move that was planned to be implemented but didn't. Based on the name it was likely replaced with breakdancing, possibly due to the move not being particularly useful as an attack.

SM64Internal animMarioSquatKickEnd.gif


Mario in the middle of doing the unused move.

SM64Internal animMarioSquatKicking.gif


The start of the unused move.

SM64Internal animMarioSquatKickStart.gif


An earlier animation of Mario carrying something while swimming, which could've been a shell or something else.

SM64Internal animMarioSwimCarry.gif


Mario chasing something/someone while swimming, presumably Ukiki (If he was meant to swim) or another scrapped character/thing.

SM64Internal animMarioSwimChase.gif


Seems to be Mario picking something up underwater, which is similar to floattake.

SM64Internal animMarioSwimHold.gif


Mario jumping while underwater. This looks like a more detailed animation for jumping underwater. Interestingly it appears to be synced to waterwait, potentially meaning it might have been for the earlier version of the metal cap.

SM64Internal animMarioSwimJumping.gif


An early version of Mario drowning, but he is spinning instead of being in one position like the final game.

SM64Internal animMarioSwimSoftDown.gif


Mario stopping from swimming, maybe meant to be when the player stop making him swim.

SM64Internal animMarioSwimStop.gif


Mario picking something up but lifting it instead of grabbing it.

SM64Internal animMarioTaking.gif


Similar to swimstop but faster, likely meant landing underwater (possibly with the metal cap).

SM64Internal animMarioWaterStand.gif


Mario being idle underwater, which is similar to his normal standing idle as he moves his head from left to right. It might have potentially been for an early version of the metal cap, as it syncs well with the running animation.

SM64Internal animMarioWaterWait.gif


windemoAold features Mario doing some kind of dance. This is an extended version of the victory animation after collecting a star. This is the only animation in the leak that has evidence of being a motion captured animation.

SM64Internal animMarioWinDemoAold.gif

Lost Animations

Animations that no longer exist but have names in "shapedef" , names will be presented with the animation number names, as their actual file names are unknown.


Likely exiting the cannon instead of firing, in the final there is no way to exit the cannon without firing.


Likely the dashing action seen in concept art, move was likely repurposed into Wario's Dash Attack.

Concept Art featuring Mario dashing into a wall then breaking it.


Possibly turning continuously, the animation is in the final as an unused duplicate but shapedef indicates it was originally seperate.


Possibly the animation seen in '95 B-Roll footage. Was likely used for the early title screen with RCP_TitleMarioHierarchy and RCP_TitleLuigiHierarchy.

B-Roll animation featuring Mario turning and doing a P-Sign, seen when the Nintendo 64 turns on in B-Roll.