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Development:The Simpsons: Hit & Run

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This page details development materials of The Simpsons: Hit & Run.

How about a nice leek in this trying time?
This page or section details content from the August 21st, 2021 The Simpsons Hit & Run leak.
To do:
  • We haven't even scratched the surface.
  • There's documents with very rough plans for a sequel from early May of 2003.
  • Level 1/4/7 was redesigned at some point in late 2002.
    • There's a couple of VERY early screenshots, and images of the collision mesh of the majority of the earlier Level 1. This version of the map is actually used in the intro cutscene.
  • Milestone reports.
  • There are prototypes, but most don't have assets.
  • Turbo meter
  • The game's story was originally completely different with a Pulp Fiction-styled plot involving the Mob (???????)
    • There are a number of alternate and slightly different plot ideas (including mission iterations) within the documents. Some are slightly different to the final game, others somewhat resemble it but are quite different, and one or two are completely scrapped storylines.
  • GTA style pause menu map was planned.
  • "Simpsons 2 Game Design.doc" in documents/design is a large document from April 2002 detailing various early development ideas, such as Grampa/Milhouse/Ralph as playable characters, the Truckasaurus as a boss and the original 9-level plan.
  • Early mission and car scripts from June 10, 2003, two months before final game and almost a month before the PS2 prototype.
  • Special effect data from June 13, 2003.
  • Street races from June 30, 2003, a week and a half before the PS2 prototype.
  • Levels and text ("Simpsons2 TextBible rev277") from July 8, 2003, two days before the PS2 prototype.
  • Leftover code for food that you could actually eat and get stamina that you could use to boost.
  • Cheat codes were dummied out in the source code for PC builds, but modifying the fake control entries below line 60 in code/cheats/CheatInputHandler.cpp to replace them with the proper game inputs below before compiling can make them usable, however having to press F1 and F2 before entering cheats. Try the cheat codes specific to debug builds!
  • Cut gag animations listed in the Ambient Gag Animations file.
  • "Bullet Time"
  • No less than 9 cut interiors. The final game only has 7.
  • Launch commands specific to Debug/Tune builds.
  • Document about cut Wasp camera behavior in the Wasp Gameplay file.
  • Commented out debug displays, for example:
    • Vehicle Collision display on line 3708 of worldsim/redbrick/vehicle.cpp.
This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.

On August 21st, 2021, a Perforce PC port branch containing the source code to The Simpsons: Hit & Run was leaked on 4chan. In addition to code, it also contains art assets, documents and internal tools used to develop the game.


SHAR Level1Homer.png
"Homer Simpson has stumbled into... the third di-mension."
The Simpsons Hit and Run 2
There's a folder labeled "Hit&Run2" that contains a few ideas for a sequel.


SHAR-documents-design-High Level Design.doc-Data-Title.jpg
  • The game started development in 2001 with the working title The Simpsons 2, referring to being a sequel to The Simpsons: Road Rage.


Cheat Codes

/documents/SimpsonsCheats.txt documents several cheat codes that are present in the final game.

##############################     PS2     ##############################

Cheat ID [00]: Display All Cheats: { X, Cir, Squ, Tri }                         
Cheat ID [01]: Collect All Cards: { X, X, X, X }                                
Cheat ID [02]: Unlock All Bonus Vehicles: { X, Cir, X, Cir }                    
Cheat ID [03]: Unlock All Character Clothing: { Squ, Tri, Squ, Tri }            
Cheat ID [04]: Jump To Any Mission: { X, Cir, Cir, X }                          
Cheat ID [05]: No Top Speed: { Squ, Squ, Squ, Squ }                             
Cheat ID [06]: High Acceleration: { Tri, Tri, Tri, Tri }                        
Cheat ID [07]: Car Jump on Horn: { Squ, Squ, Squ, Tri }                         
Cheat ID [08]: Apply Full Damage to Car: { Squ, Squ, Tri, Tri }                 
Cheat ID [09]: Show Avatar Position: { Cir, Cir, Cir, Cir }                    

#######################     GAMECUBE / XBOX     #######################

Cheat ID [00]: Display All Cheats: { A, B, X, Y }
Cheat ID [01]: Collect All Cards: { A, A, A, A }
Cheat ID [02]: Unlock All Bonus Vehicles: { A, B, A, B }
Cheat ID [03]: Unlock All Character Clothing: { X, Y, X, Y }
Cheat ID [04]: Jump To Any Mission: { A, B, B, A }
Cheat ID [05]: No Top Speed: { X, X, X, X }
Cheat ID [06]: High Acceleration: { Y, Y, Y, Y }
Cheat ID [07]: Car Jump on Horn: { X, X, X, Y }
Cheat ID [08]: Apply Full Damage to Car: { X, X, Y, Y }
Cheat ID [09]: Show Avatar Position: { B, B, B, B }

Game Names

/documents/Game Names.xls is a list of proposed names for the game, many of them being jokes from the developers. The names marked with an asterisk were highlighted with blue text in the document, possibly indicating more serious contenders. Two of these would end up being used as mission names: Kang and Kodos Strike Back and Monkey see, Monkey D'Oh!.

A Slightly Better Simpson's game
Adventures of the Inanimate Carbon Rod
Alive and Kicking
All Your Cola Belong to Us
Beach Blanket Springfield
Collectors Edition
Doin' Donuts
Doin' Donuts
Donuts are Forever
Dr. D'oh
Drive around and kick things
Entertainment Tonight
Fox Presents 'Fox's Simpson's' A Fox Production
From Shelbyville with Love
Grand Theft Original Idea!
High Gear
Hitchhiker's Guide to Springfield
Homer Bart Lisa Marge Apu Bart and Homer's Excellent Adventure
Homer's Odyssey  
Illegal Alien Auto-Topsy
Invasion of the Cola Snatchers
Joy Ride
Kang and Kodos Strike Back 
Killer Kola
License to Drive
Live and Let D'oh
Livin' La Vida Locomotive*
Livin' La Vida Simpsons*
Mission Improbable
Moby Dick
Monkey Business
Monkey see, Monkey D'Oh! 
Munching Donut, Hidden Monkey
On the Scene
Plan 7 1/2 From Outer Space
Plan 7 1/2 From Springfield
Planet of the 3 Fingered Freaks
Return of the Simpsons
Road Hog
Road Rage 2
Road Rage Deux
Road Rage Part D’oh!
Simpsons: Alien Autotopsy
Simpsons: Anal Probe
Simpsons: Auto Plots
Simpsons: Checkered Flag
Simpsons: Gran Finale  (Gran, not Grand.)
Simpsons: Guide to Wheel Life
Simpsons: Live From Springfield
Simpsons: Midnight Madness
Simpsons: Not Another Car Game
Simpsons: Pulp Fiction
Simpsons: Pulp Fiction Game
Simpsons: Pulp Fiction Movie
Simpsons: Pulp Fiction Novel
Simpsons: Pulp Fiction Show
Simpsons: Reality Bites
Simpsons: Reality Ralley
Simpsons: Real Life Ralley
Simpsons: Road-rage Re-tired  (tyred? For UK localization)
Simpsons: Springfield Rally
Simpsons: Survivor's License
Simpsons: Wheel Life
Simpsons Airtime*
Simpson's are Forever
Simpson's 'Banned in Japan!'
Simpson's B Movie
Simpsons Brake Tracks*
Simpsons Burnin' Asphalt*
Simpsons Burning Tires*
Simpsons Burnin' Rubber*
Simpsons Burn Out*
Simpson's 'Chest Pains'
Simpson's Combover
Simpson's 'Contractually Obligated'
Simpsons Crsh*
Simpson's Directors Cut
Simpsons Engine Smoke*
Simpsons Engines of Fire*
Simpsons Flaming Tires (sounds "gay")*
Simpsons Flyin' on the Roads*
Simpsons Gas food Lodging
Simpsons Gas food Lodging
Simpsons Gas Guzzler
Simpsons Gas Guzzler
Simpson's 'Greek Edition'
Simpsons GT*
Simpsons Heel to the Steel*
Simpsons High Speed*
Simpsons Hot Pursuit*
Simpson's 'Just the Good Characters'
Simpson's K-Files 'Fight the Kodos'
Simpsons Kickin' Asphalt*
Simpson's 'Land of Wind and Ghosts'
Simpson's 'Like the TV show, but 80 bucks'
Simpson's 'Live from Paris!'
Simpsons Mach Speed*
Simpsons METAL of Honor*
Simpsons Nice Asphalt*
Simpson's Nickle Arcade
Simpsons No Limits (speed limit sign with an X through it)*
Simpsons on the Streets (does this make it sound like they're homeless?)*
Simpson's Outtakes
Simpsons Over the Limit*
Simpsons Over the Redline*
Simpson's Part D'oh
Simpsons Pedal to the Metal*
Simpsons Peel Out*
Simpson's Probe
Simpson's 'Project Fishbulb'
Simpsons Reality*
Simpsons Reality Adventure
Simpsons Redline*
Simpsons Rev it High*
Simpsons Rev it Up*
Simpsons Road Pilots*
Simpson's Road Rage Collectors Edition
Simpsons Road Rage II  ;)*
Simpson's Road Trip
Simpsons Road Warriors*
Simpson's Shine Get
Simpsons Smokin' Asphalt*
Simpsons Smokin' Donuts (picture of a car doing donuts and Homer eating a donut)*
Simpsons Smokin' Road*
Simpsons Smokin' Tires*
Simpsons Speed*
Simpsons Street*
Simpson's Sunshine
Simpson's Super Very Number One Happy Time
Simpson's Taste Challenge
Simpson's "The Never-ending License"
Simpson's Thunderdome
Simpsons Tires of Fire*
Simpson's "Too Hot for E3"
Simpsons Unleaded*
Simpson's Vagina Monologues
Simpson's Viagra Monologues
Simpsons Whiplash*
Simpsons World*
Special Edition
Springfield, USA
Springfield Confidential
Streets of Springfield*
Sunday Drive
Sunday Drive
Super Monkey Simpson's (Oh boy, Sega would just love that!)
Tales from Springfield
The Cola Invasion
The Dukes of Springfield*
The H Files
The Homer Files
The Maltese Cola
The Phantom Homer
The Real Springfield*
The S Files
The Simpsons: Apocalypse
The Simpsons: Apocalypse Day
The Simpsons: Armageddon
The Simpsons: Attack on Springfield
The Simpsons: Backseat Driver
The Simpsons: Countdown to Chaos
The Simpsons: Countdown to Destruction
The Simpsons: Countdown to Doomsday
The Simpsons: Day of Reckoning
The Simpsons: Destruction
The Simpsons: Doomsday Countdown
The Simpsons: Doomsday Destruction
The Simpsons: Invasion of Springfield
The Simpsons: Judgement Day
The Simpsons: Mayhem
The Simpsons: Operation Springfield
The Simpsons: Prelude to Destruction
The Simpsons: Road Hog
The Simpsons: Roadkill
The Simpsons: Springfield Live
The Simpsons: Springfield Rush
The Simpsons: Springfield Tales
The Simpsons: Sunday Driver
The Simpsons: The Springfield Show
The Simpsons Cruise'in Springfield, USA
The Simpsons Drive By
The Simpson's 'Exclusively on the Xbox, Gamecube and Playstation2'
The Simpson's present 'Man Getting Hit By Football'
The Simpsons Radical Adventure
The Simpsons Roadshow
the Simpsons' Springfield
The Simpson's "Sue This!"
the Simpsons take Springfield
The Simpsons Wheel Life
Top Speed
View to a Kola
Virtual Springfield*
Virtual Springfield Good Version
Wrath of Kang
You only D'oh Twice
Zombie Massacre

Cut Wasp Camera

/documents/design/Game Features/Wasp Gameplay.doc contains information about a cut Wasp camera.

"In various pre-determined areas across the levels the wasp cameras are “watching” a potentially interesting location (i.e. jumps, landmark). When the player comes close to this location a trigger will activate the special “WASP view” of the location (cut camera). The wasp camera will include a visually unique camera lens and alien writing. If the player performs the action associated with this location the wasp will be attracted to the player."

Unused Staff Nicknames

/documents/design/credits/team_nicknames.xls is a table of nominated nicknames for all of the Radical Entertainment staff. Originally, these nicknames were going to be used in the end credits, likely in a similar manner to the staff credits of the Treehouse of Horror episodes from the series (usually in the format of First "Nickname" Last). The "Chosen" field is entirely empty, likely due to this idea being removed before any nicknames were chosen, but the empty field is included here for the sake of posterity.

Name Nickname Nomination Chosen
Alan Cheung thug, booth babe magnet
Aryan Hanbeck A-Bomb, chimpy, chewie, mediumRareNeverAgain, Chewbecka
Brad Dixon B-Rad, TheRad
Cary Brisebois steve dotto, try the veal, I'll be here all week, hair king, broccoli, Aluminum-Clawed
Chris Dellinger stinky, I'm going to pee on your chair
Chris Mitchell script nazi, I didn't wrtie this, the greatest story ever told, Mitchell!
Chuck Chow tree of woe, chooka, Chukha, The Chuck
Cory Hawthorne Tastes Like Butter, say what?, Actually tone deaf, sonic death monkey
Dallas Bolton *&#$@! , Not Michael
Darren Esau meat fountain, blind willie chitlin', esan
Darren Evenson Sunset Kidd, bringin' back the high five, "White Bread"
Devin Murnane Mr.Random, sleep shmeep, Agent Smith
Dusit Eakkachaichanvet the spore, the duece, Worst Case, "Pestilence Incarnate"
Dustin Condie Night of the Shovel
Eric Madill Captain Tequila
Greg Mayer Kull, Shirtless, just give'r, gentle opinions
Ian Gipson the robot, the vulcan
James Harrison The hitman
Jaroslav Chorny slava
Josh Blommestein wasn't on the team
Jeff Pidsadny pid, oreo kid, shecky, photoshop it
Jeff Plumley The Plum
Jeremy Mesana mechoda, gimme another shot, shooter, another round, the mouth
Jesse Cluff Six Megapixel
Joe McGinn speaksreallyfast, Scorpio, The Hammer, Gijoe
Joel DeYoung Caffinated, please don't call me dennis, Redbull
Josh Mitchell The Checkinerator
Kevin Fink Frodo, Maverick No More
Marc Baril Chuckles
Mark Ng down with vowels, please fix so that the game does not crash, thanks
Matthew Miller Miller!, Babyface
Michael Riegger grimm reigger
Mike Marraffa The Italian Stalion
Nigel Brooke Alpha Male
Robert Peet shhhh, bouche, the butcher, time bender
Ron Sombilon daywalker
Ross Young Rosshikki, Rosswell, Rossignol, RiceRocketSolo
Sanela Mickovic no I'm not Russian
Sarah Meagher art gurl, Dragon Boat
Sheik Sahib iron, Durex, Trojan, le Chic
Steve Bocska Huge Thorax
Ting Ting Chen poo - poo chen
Tony Chu the tiger
Trevor Lim tree lim, Lim Shady, T, Double Limburger with cheese
Vincent Chin double, Vinnie, Quin Gonn Vin
Vlad Ceraldi The Impaler,
Wolfgang Hamann Sounds-like, The Wolf, the gentle german
Yayoi Maruno zenfull, Jailbait
Yousuf Mapara Yousuf X

Unused Icon

The game/cd/PC directory has a file called BART.ICO, not mentioned in any other file. The image is one of many fan made Simpsons icons created and shared online by Jeanette Foshee in the mid-90s.

"Eat my shorts!"

(Source: Icon Archive)

Controller Diagrams

Located in documents/design/Core Design/Controller diagrams is, interestingly enough, an image of a prototype GameCube controller, resembling the design shown at Spaceworld 2000.


It's pretty close to the final design, but with a couple of noticable differences:

  • The handles are considerably shorter.
  • The font used on the buttons is different.
  • The A and B buttons are blue and green respectively, the same color scheme used on the Nintendo 64 controller, rather than green and red.
  • The B button uses the same design as the Y and X buttons.
  • The START/PAUSE button is a huge red ball, again colored like the one on the N64 controller, as opposed to a circular gray button.
  • The START/PAUSE text is colored gray and painted on, while the final design has the letters etched into the controller. It's also slightly bigger.

Another image of the prototype GameCube controller exists, but with a diagram of the game's controls written in Comic Sans.


(Source: Glitchedblood)

Unused Steering Wheel

To do:
See if it works.

In the source code there are two scripts called steeringspring.cpp and steeringwheel.cpp, these contain scripts and comments relating to compatibility with the Logitech WingMan Formula Force GP USB steering wheel.

void SteeringWheel::Init( IRadController* pController )
    // Clear the properties
    m_bPedalInverted = false;
    if( pController != NULL )
        // Check for the wingman - a bad bad wheel.
        m_bPedalInverted = (_stricmp( pController->GetType(), "Logitech WingMan Formula Force GP USB") == 0);
    // Connect
    RealController::Init( pController );