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Diablo (Windows)

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Title Screen


Developer: Blizzard North
Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
Platform: Windows
Released in US: 1996 (disputed)[1]
Released in EU: 1997

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
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EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
ObjectIcon.png This game has unused objects.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
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Diablo is basically Blizzard's second most famous action role-playing series, next to Warcraft, where instead of fighting orcs, you're essentially on a mythical quest to murder everyone's friendly neighborhood dark-lord.

Diablo was originally developed as a turn-based game by Condor Inc. Condor was later bought by Blizzard Entertainment and transformed into Blizzard North. As part of the arrangement, Diablo would have to include real-time combat instead of turn-based combat, and feature multiplayer. Blizzard was convinced that these two features were key after the success of Warcraft. It turns out that they were correct. David Brevik experimented with real-time combat by simply reducing the turn length to 0 seconds, and the rest is history.


Read about development information and materials for this game.
Development Info
Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Read about notable bugs and errors in this game.
Diablo-Hellfire - ICON1.png
Unused content in the expansion. Now with more nuts!
Diablo (Windows) - spelicon cel frame0004.png
Cut Quests
Haha! They have you hunting worms now? What's next, leaf collecting? Picking up mushrooms?
Diablo (Windows) - spelicon cel frame0024.png
Cut Monsters
The sanctity of this place has been fouled.



Originally, the town of Tristram was going to feature a priest, Tremain, who would've guided you in the last few missions, only to have been killed by a cursed sword. It's clear that this character was cut fairly early on - he has a very incomplete set of dialogue that doesn't even include gossip about the other townsfolk. Graphics for this character exist in /towners/priest/priest8.cel, implying that he was either the eighth character developed or that there were eight different iterations of his graphics. His dialogue is in /sfx/towners, along with all the other townsfolk.

Graphics Diablo (Windows) - Tremain.gif
File Name Audio Transcription Notes
All I can do now is pray for us all. Most likely his greeting when you interact with him, just like with other characters.
I seek a champion to undertake a serious duty and the people of this town speak well of your courage and skill. The Archbishop Lazarus, once King Leoric's most trusted advisor and a member of our order, has taken the path of evil. Not long ago, Lazarus lead a party of simple townsfolk into the labyrinth to find the king's missing son, Albrecht. Only a few of them escaped with their lives. Curse me for a fool! I should have suspected his veiled treachery then, for I have learned that it was Lazarus himself who kidnapped Leoric's son and has since hidden him within the labyrinth. I still don't understand why the Archbishop has turned to the darkness, or what his interest is in Albrecht. Unless...he means to sacrifice him at the full moon! That must be what he has planned! The survivors of his rescue party say that Lazarus was last seen in the deepest bowels of the labyrinth, some sixteen levels beneath the cathedral. You must hurry, and save the prince from the sacrificial blade of this demented fiend! Lazarus is on the fifteenth level in the final game instead of the sixteenth (which has Diablo).

Sacrificing the prince on the full moon could possibly be related to the Strange Map quest, which also involves a time limit based on celestial bodies.

The existence of this line creates a paradox; if Tremain has been killed by Shadowfang, he shouldn't be able to give this quest.

This could mean that either the story was slightly different before, or that Lazarus quest could either appear or not, instead of being mandatory. This is also could be simply an oversight that they fixed by giving this quest to Deckard Cain.

Why do you delay? Time is of the essence! The prince and the people of this kingdom are counting on you!
So, Lazarus has paid the price for his betrayal, and justice is served. For your services this day, I bestow this mace unto you. Its name is Lightforge, and it is the holiest of our order's artifacts. As I am the last of this order, I entrust it to you. May the light guide you. Lightforge exists and can be found in the final game as a random unique item.

Deckard Cain is also revealed to be the last member of an ancient order; perhaps this plot point was reused.

This is terrible! Lazarus will surely burn in hell for his horrific deed. Although the boy you describe may not be our prince, I believe that Albrecht may yet be in danger. Whatever vile power lies beneath the ground has assuredly secured its foothold in our world. All I can do now is pray for us all. This is possibly the "bad ending" if "Albrecht" is not saved in time.
I have had a most disturbing experience that I must share with you, my friend. Earlier today, I was called upon to help one of the men that escaped from the labyrinth. He was deranged, violent, and kept lashing out at all of those who tried to calm him. I suspected that he was possessed by some sort of demonic entity, and so, began to drive the evil from within him. After many hours, I was able to exorcise a demon who called himself Fleshdoom, but the hellion fled into the labyrinth. You may think that I am mad, but after speaking with the man and battling with Fleshdoom, I believe that the labyrinth has somehow become a gateway to the underworld.

As you descend deeper, you may find yourself upon the doorstep of hell itself. Finally, the man who was possessed retained memories of an ancient demon blade named Shadowfang. If you find the demon Fleshdoom, beware this foul sword. While I fear the dangers below grow even greater, you must find Fleshdoom and slay him. Bring the sword to me and I can destroy it. But do not wield it; for its power can corrupt absolutely.

This begins the Shadowfang/Fleshdoom quest.
Fleshdoom's demise is a great good to the world, yet Shadowfang remains. It must be found and destroyed. Do not attempt to use the demon blade, champion. It will corrupt and madden any mortal who wields it. I alone can end its dark evil. Presumably this would be used when talking to Tremain after killing Fleshdoom but while not possessing Shadowfang.
Light be praised! You found the cursed demon blade. Only its destruction can ensure the safety of us all. Wait. What treachery is this? Ow! It burns! Hellfire, consuming me! You must take this to the Hellforge, and cast it in before...no! Tremain dies after saying this line.

The other townsfolk have unused, voiced gossip lines about Tremain:

Speaker Audio Transcription Notes
Faith is absolute belief in the unseen. The priest Tremain is from a holy order long asleep in this land. He keeps a promise and a charge issued ages ago and sustains a union with realms that even my vision cannot reach. He knows much, but not as much as he believes.
Deckard Cain
Tremain is an occasional visitor to our town, and seems to have little problem coming and going. It is strange how at times anyone that tries to leave Tristram is hunted down and slain by the cloaked rides, and at other times it is a simple matter to leave. I think that it is that uncertain fear that keeps some of us here. But we are glad for Tremain's bravery and luck in keeping some contact with the rest of the kingdom.
I haven't ever see a priest around here. If I did I'd kick him right in the *BBBBUUURRRPPP* Can't even keep a church free of those Hell spawn - bastards. What good are they, those holy men? Liars! Liars!
I really don't know much about the priest Tremain. He never visits the tavern, preferring to keep to the company of Pepin and Cain. Perhaps it is because they, too, have more scholarly pursuits.
The priest Tremain. *Griswold Noise* He's a solitary fellow who has no time for most of us. He seems to prefer the company of Pepin or Cain. Ah, that's fine by me. I respect his passion and his commitment to his order, but I've no time for his prattling.
The priest Tremain is a bit of a mystery. He certainly never stays here, and he often comes and goes to many of the nearby towns.
His Holiness is a wondrous man of great knowledge and understanding. He has shown me many cures for rare and deadly diseases. He brings me books and reagents for my work whenever he can. But I fear that he may some day take on a task that is too great even for him. This is foreshadowing a later event.
Yeah, Tremain. He gets around, doesn't he? Or haven't you heard? My friends in some of the other towns say that he passes through. Picking up some books here, a pinch of bat claw there. Never seems to have the kind of problems most do getting in and out of Tristram, that's for sure.

Unused Walk Sequences

Walk sequences exist for Griswold, Gillian and Ogden in eight directions. All town NPCs are stationary in the final game, and these sequences go unused.

Filename Character Animation
towners/smith/smithw.cel Griswold Diablo (Windows) - smithw.gif
towners/twnf/twnfw.cel Ogden Diablo (Windows) - twnfw.gif
towners/townwmn1/wmnw.cel Gillian Diablo (Windows) - wmnw.gif

Unused Player Dialogue

Diablo is rare for having more unused dialogue for the player character than what's used. Specifically, out of the 326 lines of dialogue for the player character that are present, only 144 are used, leaving 182 unused.

The following table outlines all of the dialogue that is unused, and present for all characters. The line number corresponds to the file name. For example, line 02 corresponds to sfx/rogue/rogue02.wav, sfx/warrior/wario02.wav, and sfx/mage/mage02.wav, although the file names for the warrior may vary slightly as they don't follow a fixed convention.

Line # Rogue Sorceror Warrior Transcript Notes
"Let this tome serve as your warning. This is a forbidden place. Return from whence you came, and your life will be spared. Horazon, master of the disciplines that summon and bind creatures to this plane, promises death to those who pass beyond the five pillars. You have been admonished." Related to the Horazon's Sanctum quest.
"Then by binding the spirit to the crafted rock, it is given life." This sounds like a spell of some kind. Probably related to the Horazon's Sanctum quest, given its proximity to other lines. Possibly would've given the player the Golem spell.
"The Creature of Flame, by Horazon." Hmm. Should be interesting reading. Connected to the Horazon's Sanctum quest. What's unclear is whether this refers to the Elemental spell, or the cut fireman enemy.
Morta vespa gaella enumino evengin jatan lua gretan! Most likely connected to Horazon's Sanctum, given its proximity to other related lines.
"The lieutenant of Belial is known as Grimspike. Beware this demon, for his strength appears immeasurable. Reading this scroll, and therefore speaking his name, near an arcane circle of binding will surely summon him there."

Hmm. Near a cirle of binding, eh?

Related to the Horazon's Sanctum quest.
This looks like some sort of journal.

"It seems that I may have brought something into this plane that even I cannot control. The creature that fell into my astral trap is a very deadly demon. I have been able to bind it at the bottom of a pit, but it kills everything that I have sent there in attempts to defeat it.

While it cannot escape, it does block the tunnels that lead to my protected haven. I am tempted to use the switch to open the tunnels to see if it will just leave. But I fear it is smarter than most of the lesser demons that I have trapped before. If I could just lure it somewhere else..."

Related to the Horazon's Sanctum quest, and gives some insight into how to defeat the lieutenant of Azmodan.
Not a chance. The Warrior's line is used in the demo, when attempting to take the stairs to level 3.
I would never use this.
I would have to equip that.
I cannot move this.
I cannot move this, yet.
I cannot open this.
I cannot lift this.
I cannot lift this, yet.
I cannot cast that, yet.
I can already do that.
I do not need that.
I do not need to do that.
I do not want that.
That would kill me.
I cannot do that.
That will not work.
That will not work here.
That will not work, yet.
It is too heavy.
It is too big.
I have a bad feeling about this.
Got milk? Most likely intended for when the player clicks on a cow, but this is not one of the lines picked.
I could blow up the whole village... This is interspersed with dialogue about cows, for whatever reason.
Too...heavy... Again, this is interspersed alongside dialogue regarding cows.
The enchantment is gone. Probably intendend for the Horazon's Sanctum quest.
All too easy.
Back to the grave.
Time to die!
Vengeance is mine.
(pain grunts) This is used in Hellfire when the player uses the Rage skill. Since only the Barbarian class can use Rage, and the Barbarian uses Warrior sounds, the Sorceror and Rogue sound effects remain unused there too.
Thank the light.
What was that?
Mmm..hmmm... This is used in Hellfire when picking up the Map of Tristram.
The town is safe from these foul spawn. Probably intended for the Lair of the Worms cut quest.
You'll lure no more men to their deaths! Probably intended for the Andariel cut quest.
Return to heaven, warrior of light. Probably intended for the Izual cut quest.
I can see why they fear this weapon. Possibly related to Fleshdoom/Shadowfang.
I've never been here before... Possibly related to the Isle of the Sunless Sea.
This blade must be destroyed. Possibly related to Fleshdoom/Shadowfang.
Maybe it's locked from the inside. Probably intendend for the Horazon's Sanctum quest.
Looks like it's rusted shut. Probably intendend for the Horazon's Sanctum quest.
Maybe there's another way. Probably intendend for the Horazon's Sanctum quest.

The Rogue has a few lines that don't appear in the dialogue table within the code, and therefore cannot be played:

File Name Audio Transcript
(pain grunt)
(death sound)

Additionally, the Warrior has some more lines, most of them being outtakes:

File Name Audio Transcript Notes
That's not such a big mushroom! Outtakes for the line where the Warrior picks up the Black Mushroom.
I've never seen a mushroom that size.
That mushroom's the size of a Cadillac!
Damn! What a mushroom!
What a...*laughs uncontrollably*...mushroom!
That stench...is it me, or are there zombies down here? Not listed in the code table. sfx/warrior/wario96b.wav is used instead of this line.
What's that smell...me or zombies? Not listed in the code table.
The sanctity of this place has been fouled. Not listed in the code table. sfx/warrior/wario97.wav is used instead of this line.

A different voice actor speaks this line.

Ugh, it's hot down here. Not listed in the code table. sfx/warrior/wario98.wav is used instead of this line.

A different voice actor speaks this line.

Misc Unused Dialogue

This is dialogue that is present, not used, and does not fall into one of the categories listed above.

File Name Speaker Audio Transcript Notes
storyt00.wav Deckard Cain
The evil that you move against is the dark lord of terror, known to mortal men as Diablo. It was he who was imprisoned within the labyrinth, many centuries ago. Find Diablo, or we may never have the chance to rid the world of his evil again.
storyt03.wav Deckard Cain
Yes, you speak of Lazarus...one who was once well-respected in our land. Even before King Leoric descended into madness and lost his son, the Archbishop Lazarus was acting...strangely. Lazarus seemed to be motivated by unseen forces, clinging to shadows, and acting out some dark plan that was not his own.
deadguy2.wav Wounded Townsfolk
Please help...I barely escaped from...The Butcher...he killed...my wife...my children...I beg of you, in the name of God, avenge them! In the Battle.net beta, this line is used by the Wounded Townsfolk that initiates the Butcher quest. However, in the retail version of the game, it is replaced by wound01.wav, which goes into much more detail (including mention of Lazarus) and has a different voice actor.
laz02.wav Archbishop Lazarus
You are too late to save the child...now you will join him, in hell. laz01.wav is used instead. laz02.wav is only a small snippet of laz01.wav.

Cut Spells

To do:
Correctly format a lot of these.

In many prerelease screenshots, the spellbook can be seen with 6 tabs instead of the 4 that are present at release. If the player clicks at a very specific spot on the spellbook page, they can access the fifth page, which doesn't show any spells on it.


Sentinel (misspelled as "Sentinal" in the code) unleashes a floating eyeball that shoots fireballs at enemies. Given that this is very similar to Guardian, it was probably cut for this reason. Spell icons, graphics and code all exist for this spell, but it is unable to appear as a book or charges on a staff and the code for it is incomplete. The spell would've used a red book, similar to Fire Bolt and other fire spells.

The Town Portal spell uses a sound effect called sentinel.wav instead of portal.wav (which goes unused), indicating that this sound effect was probably used for the Sentinel spell at one point.

sentinal.wav (used for Town Portal) portal.wav (unused)

Blood Boil

Blood Boil would've slowly killed a target in melee range, while also dealing damage to yourself. A spell icon and sound effects exist for this spell, both of which were re-used (except bldboil.wav, which is listed here) in Hellfire for the Rage skill. Unfortunately the code for it in the retail game is incomplete and does not work correctly.

Blood Ritual

Blood Ritual exchanges health for mana in various prototypes, but does not function in the retail game. A spell icon exists for this spell. Notable is that the spell icon design was later reused for the Slow Missiles skill in Diablo II.

Doom Serpents

Doom Serpents appears to be a missile skill that shoots serpents at your foes. A spell icon exists for this spell, but it is a duplicate of the Guardian spell icon. Additionally, there are sound effects, graphics and an entry in the spell table within the code.


This spell would've most likely made you invisible for a period of time, but the code does not function. A spell icon and a sound effect exists for this spell. The design of the spell icon was later reused for the Teleport skill in Diablo II.


This spell would make you stop taking damage for a certain period of time.

Mind Mace

All that exists of this spell in the retail game is a single graphic, mindmace.cel, which looks like a spinning mace.

Unused Misc Spell Icons

There are five additional unused spell icons that are not attached to any particular spell. Given that they have a red tint to the icon, they would've costed Life to cast instead of Mana.

Unused Areas

To do:
  • Get screenshots of these.
  • According to the Diablo Evolution, one unused Catacombs pattern, with a circle in the middle of the room (screenshot with it can be seen on Alpha 3 page) is still in game files. Check it out.

The Hall of Heroes

levels/l1data/hero1.dun and levels/l1data/hero2.dun are unused sections of the Cathedral map. Originally, they were related to the Catacombs sections; in the pre-alpha versions of the game, the Catacombs were accessable throught a special room called "The Hall of Heroes", where you needed to read a book to open the door, but later the entrance to the Catacombs was changed to just a stairwell. The text was later re-used for the Chamber of Bone quest, and the mention of "The Hall of Heroes" was left as an oversight.

Old Butcher's Chamber

levels\l1data\rnd5.dun is an old variant of the Butcher's Chamber. Still can be seen on old screenshots.

The Maze

levels/l1data/Lv1MazeA.DUN and levels/l1data/Lv1MazeB.DUN are unused - they are part of an unused Maze level. They were used for an old variant of the Ogden's Sign quest, that originally used the same name - "The Maze". In the final game, it uses a little sub-area instead of separate level.

The Lair?

levels/l3data/lair.dun is not used. It was likely intended for the cut quest involving worms beneath the town.

Unused Graphics


To do:
Even more unused graphics (this page features them).

All of these graphics can be found in objcurs.cel. The name field is the corresponding ITEM_IDS entry (from the Hellfire source code leak).

Name Frame Picture Notes
6 Diablo (Windows) - Objcurs cel frame0005.png Used in Hellfire for applying oils.
ITEM_GOLDRING 19 Diablo (Windows) - Objcurs cel frame0018.png
ITEM_3COLORPOT 28 Diablo (Windows) - Objcurs cel frame0027.png Stand for "three-colored potion". Could be an early version of rejuvenation potion.
ITEM_SPHERE 34 Diablo (Windows) - Objcurs cel frame0033.png
ITEM_CUBE 35 Diablo (Windows) - Objcurs cel frame0034.png
ITEM_PYRIMID 36 Diablo (Windows) - Objcurs cel frame0035.png
ITEM_JSPHERE 38 Diablo (Windows) - Objcurs cel frame0037.png
ITEM_JCUBE 39 Diablo (Windows) - Objcurs cel frame0038.png
ITEM_JPYRIMID 40 Diablo (Windows) - Objcurs cel frame0039.png
ITEM_VILE 41 Diablo (Windows) - Objcurs cel frame0040.png
ITEM_BLKBTL 42 Diablo (Windows) - Objcurs cel frame0041.png Is used in Hellfire for oils. Stands for "black bottle".
ITEM_CLAW 53 Diablo (Windows) - Objcurs cel frame0052.png
ITEM_FANG 54 Diablo (Windows) - Objcurs cel frame0053.png
ITEM_BREAD 55 Diablo (Windows) - Objcurs cel frame0054.png Possibly uses an older version of the palette, or is some terribly burnt bread. An unused item type, IT_FOOD, exists and is probably related.
ITEM_AMULET2 58 Diablo (Windows) - Objcurs cel frame0057.png Two commented out unique items in the leaked Hellfire source code use this.
ITEM_AMULET3 59 Diablo (Windows) - Objcurs cel frame0058.png A commented out unique item in the leaked Hellfire source code uses this.
ITEM_AMULET4 60 Diablo (Windows) - Objcurs cel frame0059.png A commented out unique item in the leaked Hellfire source code uses this.
ITEM_POUCH1 61 Diablo (Windows) - Objcurs cel frame0060.png
ITEM_BIGBOTTLE 64 Diablo (Windows) - Objcurs cel frame0063.png
ITEM_DAGGER5 67 Diablo (Windows) - Objcurs cel frame0066.png
ITEM_CLUB1 81 Diablo (Windows) - Objcurs cel frame0080.png
ITEM_CLUB3 83 Diablo (Windows) - Objcurs cel frame0082.png
ITEM_MAGSWORD 85 Diablo (Windows) - Objcurs cel frame0084.png Stands for "magic sword". Most likely was used for Azurewrath.
ITEM_SKULSWORD 86 Diablo (Windows) - Objcurs cel frame0085.png Stands for "skull sword". Most likely was ued for Shadowfang.
ITEM_FHELM2 96 Diablo (Windows) - Objcurs cel frame0095.png Stands for "full helm".
ITEM_CLOTHES 106 Diablo (Windows) - Objcurs cel frame0105.png
ITEM_MAP 108 Diablo (Windows) - Objcurs cel frame0107.png Is used in Hellfire for the Tristram map. Was intended for the Map of the Stars quest.
ITEM_COMPSHLD 112 Diablo (Windows) - Objcurs cel frame0111.png Stands for "complete shield".
ITEM_SMLSHLD 127 Diablo (Windows) - Objcurs cel frame0126.png Stands for "small shield".
ITEM_STLSHRTBOW 132 Diablo (Windows) - Objcurs cel frame0131.png Possibly stands for "steel short bow"?
ITEM_LONGSTAFF 137 Diablo (Windows) - Objcurs cel frame0136.png
ITEM_BALLNCHN 142 Diablo (Windows) - Objcurs cel frame0141.png Stands for "ball chain".
ITEM_RINGARMOR 151 Diablo (Windows) - Objcurs cel frame0150.png
ITEM_GEMGRTAXE 168 Diablo (Windows) - Objcurs cel frame0167.png Possibly stands for "gem great axe"?

These graphics can be found in /items within the MPQ.

File Name Graphic Notes
axeflip.cel Diablo (Windows) - Axeflip.gif
bottle.cel Diablo (Windows) - Bottle.gif
fbow.cel Diablo (Windows) - Fbow.gif
feye.cel Diablo (Windows) - Feye.gif There isn't an "eye" item in the game.
fheart.cel Diablo (Windows) - Fheart.gif There isn't a "heart" item in the game.
food.cel Diablo (Windows) - Food cel.png This is the only file in this table that is actually referenced by the game's code. It's also the only file in this table that isn't animated. Perhaps early items didn't have a flipping animation?
manaflip.cel Diablo (Windows) - Manaflip.gif Perhaps mana was going to be collected like an item at one point.
wand.cel Diablo (Windows) - Wand.gif Wands don't appear in the game at all.


The files can be found in /objects within diabdat.mpq.

File Name Graphic(s) Notes
bkurns.cel Diablo (Windows) - Bkurns cel frame0000.png Diablo (Windows) - Bkurns cel frame0001.png Diablo (Windows) - Bkurns cel frame0002.png Diablo (Windows) - Bkurns cel frame0003.png Diablo (Windows) - Bkurns cel frame0004.png Diablo (Windows) - Bkurns cel frame0005.png Diablo (Windows) - Bkurns cel frame0006.png Diablo (Windows) - Bkurns cel frame0007.png

Diablo (Windows) - Bkurns cel frame0008.png Diablo (Windows) - Bkurns cel frame0009.png

candlabr.cel Diablo (Windows) - Candlabr cel.png
candle.cel Diablo (Windows) - Candle 1.gif Diablo (Windows) - Candle 2.gif Diablo (Windows) - Candle cel frame0008.png candle2.cel is used, but has fewer variations in candles; it only has the half-melted candle animation with slightly different lighting.
dirtfall.cel Diablo (Windows) - Dirtfall.gif Possibly intended for the caves or the Lair of the Worms.
explod1.cel Diablo (Windows) - Explod1.gif
explod2.cel Diablo (Windows) - Explod2.gif
firewal1.cel Diablo (Windows) - Firewal1.gif
flame3.cel Diablo (Windows) - Flame3.gif Doesn't loop properly.
ghost.cel Diablo (Windows) - Ghost.gif
switch2.cel Diablo (Windows) - Switch2 cel frame0000.png Diablo (Windows) - Switch2 cel frame0001.png
switch3.cel Diablo (Windows) - Switch3 cel frame0000.png Diablo (Windows) - Switch3 cel frame0001.png
vapor1.cel Diablo (Windows) - Vapor1.gif Corrupt.
water.cel Diablo (Windows) - Water.gif No animated water appears in the game.
waterjug.cel Diablo (Windows) - Waterjug cel frame0000.png Diablo (Windows) - Waterjug cel frame0001.png Diablo (Windows) - Waterjug cel frame0002.png Diablo (Windows) - Waterjug cel frame0003.png


Diablo (Windows) - Quotes.png

This file, gendata/quotes.cel, is not loaded or referenced by the game's code and it isn't clear how it would be used. It has a transparent background.

Unused Audio

This section includes only audio that is not covered by the other sections above.

Not referenced in the code

The entirety of sfx/animals is not used, but oddly, it contains duplicates of sound effects which are in use.

File Name Audio Notes
Duplicate of sfx/items/barlfire.wav.
An earlier rendition of flip1.wav.
This is the first part of the flipping sound effect when items are dropped. In Diablo, the sound of the flipping and the item's impact on the ground are merged into one audio file, so this audio file is unneeded and unused. This was probably done as a last minute fix, because in Diablo II, the game has a separate flipping sound and item impact sound that works as intended.
A slightly altered version of sfx/items/sarc.wav.
A slightly quieter version of sfx/items/gold.wav
These two sound effects are the two components of sarc.wav: the sound of the sarcophagus' lid sliding across its top, and the impact of the lid on the ground. sarc.wav is used, these two sounds are not.
A stereo sound test. Confusingly, "Test Left" plays in the right ear, and "Test Right" plays in the left ear.
Probably meant as an impact sound effect for Bone Spirit. The used sound effect, bsimpact.wav, doesn't have a fire sound to it, but you can still hear the rattling of bones.
Used in Hellfire.
These sound effects were removed from the code with a preprocessor macro. They depict various sound effects for animals that do not appear in the game, such as goats, chickens, and dogs. Why they're referred to as "cow" is a mystery, since cow1.wav and cow2.wav are actually cows.
Used in Hellfire for the Jester staff effect.
Referenced in the code by Hellfire, but it goes unused.

Referenced in the code

The code names as they are specified here were retrieved from the leaked Hellfire source code.

Code Name File Name Audio Notes
PS_WALK2 sfx/misc/walk2.wav
For whatever reason, the code for randomizing walk sounds is commented out. Additionally, in Hellfire, no sound effects play when the player walks, probably to simplify the addition of the Run feature.
PS_WALK3 sfx/misc/walk3.wav
PS_WALK4 sfx/misc/walk4.wav
PS_FMAG sfx/misc/fmag.wav
PS_TMAG sfx/misc/tmag.wav
PS_LGHIT sfx/misc/lghit.wav
PS_LGHIT1 sfx/misc/lghit1.wav
IS_ARMRFKD sfx/items/armrfkd.wav
Probably intended for when body armor breaks. No sound effect plays when something is broken.
IS_FMAG sfx/items/flipmag.wav
The game has code for randomly picking one of these sound effects, but this sound effect never gets triggered.
IS_FMAG1 sfx/items/flipmag1.wav
IS_FSIGN sfx/items/flipsign.wav
Due to a typo in the code, this sound effect goes unused. sfx/items/invsign.wav is used instead.
IS_HLMTFKD sfx/items/hlmtfkd.wav
Probably intended to be used when a helmet is broken. No sound effect plays when something breaks.
IS_SHLDFKD sfx/items/shielfkd.wav
Probably intended to be used when a shield is broken. No sound effect plays when something breaks.
IS_SWRDFKD sfx/items/swrdfkd.wav
Probably intended to be used when a weapon is broken. No sound effect plays when something breaks.
IS_CAST1 sfx/misc/cast1.wav
IS_CAST10 sfx/misc/cast10.wav
IS_CAST12 sfx/misc/cast12.wav
IS_CAST3 sfx/misc/cast3.wav
IS_CAST5 sfx/misc/cast5.wav
LS_HEALING sfx/misc/healing.wav
Healing uses sfx/misc/cast8.wav.
LS_ARROWALL sfx/misc/arrowall.wav
LS_CHLTNING sfx/misc/chltning.wav
Chain Lightning uses the same sound effects as Lightning.
LS_FBALL sfx/misc/fball.wav
Fire Ball uses the same sound effects as Fire Bolt.
LS_FBOLT2 sfx/misc/fbolt2.wav
The code doesn't contain a randomization entry for LS_FBOLT1, so this goes unused (probably by mistake)
LS_FIRIMP1 sfx/misc/firimp1.wav
LS_FLASH sfx/misc/flash.wav
Flash uses sfx/misc/nova.wav and sfx/misc/elecimp1.wav.
LS_GOLUMDED sfx/misc/golumded.wav
Golems play skeleton sound effects when they die.
LS_HYPER sfx/misc/hyper.wav
The code contains a single comment about a "hyperspace spell" that would've been attached to unique items.
LS_INVPOT sfx/misc/invpot.wav
Seems like it might have been used at one point for when potions were drank.
LS_LTNING sfx/misc/ltning.wav
sfx/misc/lning1.wav is used for Lightning, not this sound effect.
LS_SCURSE sfx/misc/scurse.wav
Stone Curse uses LS_FIRIMP2.
LS_SHATTER sfx/misc/shatter.wav
Stone Curse doesn't play any sound effects when enemies are shattered by it.
LS_SOULFIRE sfx/misc/soulfire.wav
LS_SPOUTLOP sfx/misc/spoutlop.wav
Most likely intended for Inferno.
LS_STORM sfx/misc/storm.wav
LS_VTHEFT sfx/misc/vtheft.wav
LS_WALLSTRT sfx/misc/wallstrt.wav
sfx/misc/wallloop.wav is used by Fire Wall.

Hidden Developer Messages


Hidden between Diablo's horns in the setup and boot executables for the first Windows release.

Original Edited
Don't see it? Prest-o Change-o!

The text on the left reads "BUY WAR II", while the other set reads "NATALIE PORTMAN ROCKS". While it's not 100% certain what the former refers to, it's most likely Warcraft II, another Blizzard game.

Diablo's Lair

Entering Diablo's lair plays an ominous-sounding demonic chant. Reversing the audio, however, reveals the decidedly non-demonic message of "Eat your vegetables and brush after every meal." This is satirizing the Satanic Panic, in particular the idea that certain songs could be played backwards to reveal demonic messages.

Original Reversed


  1. David Brevik states that the game was released on December 31st, 1996. Blizzard put out a press release in 1997 and 2000 stating that the game was released in January 1997, despite the game's copyright screen labeled as "1996". Later, Blizzard acknowledged the 20th anniversary of the game's release on December 31st, 2016.