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Digimon ReArise

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Title Screen

Digimon ReArise

Developer: Bandai Namco
Publisher: Bandai Namco
Platforms: Android, iOS
Released in JP: June 25, 2018
Released in US: October 7, 2019
Released in EU: October 9, 2019

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

See, this is why game preservation is important.
This game is defunct.
Do note the game no longer works at all without modifications. This is most likely due to the game's servers being shut down. As a result, further official developments with the game are unlikely to happen.

Digimon ReAirse was an internet-dependent RPG-style gachapon mobile game with a fully written visual novel story. The internet requirement and monetization ultimately shut it down.

Unused Content

Fully Translated Content Missing from the Global Version

  • MetalEtemon - Clash Battle
  • PlatinumNumemon - Clash Battle
  • Minervamon - Clash Battle
  • Dark Masters Summer Splash - Clash Battle

The "Dark Masters Summer Splash" is the same as the Japanese "Dark Masters August Adventure" Clash Battle Event.

Fully Translated Content Missing from Global & Japan

  • VS. Guardians Extra

The "VS Guardians Extra" was a set of Cutscenes for the unused Clash Battle version of the VS Guardians Event.

Regional Differences

The following events were featured in the Japanese version of the game only.

Early Events

  • MetalEtemon - Clash Battle
  • PlatinumNumemon - Clash Battle
  • Minervamon Clash - Battle
  • Dark Masters August Adventure - Clash Battle

Later Events

  • Magnamon - Clash Battle Story
  • Lucemon Satan Mode - Clash Battle
  • Stingmon & Paildramon - Spotlight Digimon Quest
  • WarGreymon & Imperialdramon - Fighter Mode Clash Battle
  • VenomMyotismon & MaloMyotismon - Clash Battle
  • Herissmon's Anniversary Side Story
  • Medabots S Collab
  • Dynasmon - Spotlight Digimon Quest
  • Mihiramon - Clash Battle

Story Ramifications

  • The early events were used during the early days of the Japanese version of the game, this is likely why they were cut globally.
  • The Dark Masters clash story is followed into Magnamon's Clash Battle story as a follow up, this is likely why Magnamons battle was localized but the story was not.
  • Minervamon Clash Battle is the first introduction of the character; they are seen again later in Lopmons Spotlight Digimon Quest.
  • MetalEtemon, Lucemon Satan Mode and Stingmon & Paildramon events being skipped create some plot holes.