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Double Dragon (Amstrad CPC, Virgin Mastertronic)

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Title Screen

Double Dragon

Developer: Binary Design
Publisher: Virgin Mastertronic
Platform: Amstrad CPC
Released internationally: 1988

CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.

Developer Messages

Richard Aplin inserted a message within the game, hinting at a cheat mode using lyrics from "Run Like Hell" from Pink Floyd's The Wall.

Hint about the cheat mode (hiya hackers!).... 
Sing along if you know the words..   

"You'd better make your face up with your favourite disguise, 
with your button-down lips and your roller-blind eyes, 
with your empty smile and your hungry heart, 
feel the bile rising from your guilty past, 
with your nerves in tatters as the cockle-shell shatters, 
and the hammers batter down your door!".... any ideas yet?   

Second verse: 
"You'd better run all day and run all night, 
and keep your dirty feelings deep inside, 
and if you're taking your girlfriend out tonight, 
you'd better park the car well out of sight, 
'cause if they catch you in the back seat tryin' to pick her locks, 
they're gonna send you back to mother in a cardboard box!"

..the chorus might give the game away a bit, so just you go through 
your record collection and if it contains a certain favourite album 
of mine you may well suss the cheat mode!

Have fun... Richard Aplin

To enter the code, pause the game by pressing DELETE, then type RUN LIKE HELL. The game will unpause by itself. The first time you enter the code, you'll get infinite lives; enter it a second time, and you'll turn into Abobo. Type it a third time and you'll turn into Willy (the final boss). Entering the code again will turn off all the cheats.

(Source: Double Dragon: Run Like Hell)