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Duke Nukem: Zero Hour

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Title Screen

Duke Nukem: Zero Hour

Developer: Eurocom
Publisher: GT Interactive
Platform: Nintendo 64
Released in US: August 1, 1999
Released in EU: September 30, 1999

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

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To do:
  • Further documentation of the debug menu.
  • A huge amount of unused sounds and voice clips accessible via the sound test.
  • Some of the portraits have blatant discrepancies within the final levels.

Debug Menu

Enter C-Up, Up, C-Left, Right, C-Down, Down, C-Right, R, A, B on the title screen. Note that this must be on the first title screen which reads "Press Start" and not the second one which allows you to select Options, etc. A horse will neigh to confirm correct entry. Start the game, and the debug menu will be located at the top left of the screen.

To switch between screens, use the Start button on controller 2. All screens are also controlled with controller 2.

Screen 1 - SFX

Duke Nukem Zero Hour SFX menu.png

  • L - FX digit down
  • R - FX digit up
  • Left - FX digit down x10
  • Right - FX digit up x10
  • Z - Play sound
  • B - First Person
  • A - Third Person

(if pressed while already in third person, the camera will attempt to zoom in a minor bug)

Also lists the total kills in the level. A grand total of 1857 sounds exist out of a total of 2000 "read" by the menu.

Screen 2 - Level Warp

Duke Nukem Zero Hour Level Warp.png

  • L, R - Level select
  • B - Automatically complete level
  • Z - Warp to level selected

Screen 3 - MIDI

Duke Nukem Zero Hour MIDI menu.png

Screen 4 - Global Palette

Duke Nukem Zero Hour Global Palette menu.png

Affects the texture color of all non-specifically colored sectors. All 256 is default.

  • A, B - Red up/down
  • C-Left, C-Down - Green up/down
  • C-Up, C-Right - Blue up/down

On some levels, Global Palette does not work. This is always due to the fact that the entire level is covered with colored light sectors, which obviously aren't affected by the global palette (or even the no textures cheat).

Screen 5 - Cheat

Duke Nukem Zero Hour cheat menu.png

Self-explanatory for the most part.

All weapons gives you 999 of every weapon except the Volt Cannon and the Freeze Ray, even if the maximum isn't 999.

All items will give you everything. In the Western levels, you obtain the Diving Helmet despite it not ever being available in the level set.

All keys will give you all the keys available in the level. Actually, it just turns all the Key flags on, so you have whatever keys are available in the level plus around thirteen blank spaces on average (I'm guessing the key space takes up an entire 16-value byte). This also allows you to see keys not normally viewable (such as Alien Plans).

Screen 6 - AI Debug Values

Duke Nukem Zero Hour AI Debug Values.png

  • A, B - GVAR 1
  • C-Left, C-Down - GVAR 2
  • C-Up, C-Right - GVAR 3

Didn't test these extensively, but AFAIK they don't visibly affect anything.

Screen 7 - (BLANK)

Completely blank. Probably just a setting which clears the screen for screencaps and normal play.

Screen 8 - Fog

Duke Nukem Zero Hour fog menu.png

Screen 9 - Sky Top

Duke Nukem Zero Hour sky top.png

Screen 10 - Sky Bottom

Duke Nukem Zero Hour sky bottom.png

Screen 11 - Clouds 1

Duke Nukem Zero Hour clouds 1.png

Screen 12 - Clouds 2

Duke Nukem Zero Hour clouds 2.png

Screen 13 - Player

Duke Nukem Zero Hour Player Debug.png

Screen 14 - GFX

Duke Nukem Zero Hour GFX Debug.png

Just a list of Debugging counters.

GLIST : No idea. Seems like the second number is the "upper limit" of the RAM, though.

VLIST : Same as above.

GFX TIME, DRAW TIME : These two never change from both being zero. Perhaps they only change when the level loads, and it's technically impossible to see them move?

MOVE1 TIME, MOVE2 TIME : Both seem to have something to do with the frame rate; they skyrocket when something taxes the system, like having INVUL on and standing in front of the two BMF sentries in "Up Ship Creek". MOVE2 will shoot into the mid hundreds when there are a lot of active, unkilled enemies in the area; enough to slow down the game engine.

CACHE : Left number seems to be total memory in bytes. The second appears to be the amount of memory (possibly in KB) used for storing the level at the moment.

For LIST, I have no idea. Appears to be a percentage of something, but it isn't processing power or CPU Usage.

Screen 15 - AI

Duke Nukem Zero Hour AI Debug.png

Screen 16 - Alpha Palette

Duke Nukem Zero Hour Alpha Palette menu.png

Unused Graphics

There are several tiles from Duke Nukem 3D or Duke Nukem 64 present in the game. They are used as placeholders for effectors or models.

Dnzh unused.png

To do:
Still more TONS of crap.