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Duke Nukem 3D (PC)

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Title Screen

Duke Nukem 3D

Developer: 3D Realms
Publishers: FormGen, U.S. Gold (DOS, Europe), MacSoft (Mac OS Classic), Eidos Interactive (Atomic Edition, Europe)
Platforms: DOS, Mac OS Classic
Released internationally: January 29, 1996 (shareware Version) April 19, 1996 (Full Version) November 27, 1996 (Atomic Edition)
Released in US: June 6, 1997 (Mac OS Classic)

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
ObjectIcon.png This game has unused objects.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
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Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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Ass, bubblegum, you guys surely know the drill by now.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Revisional Differences
"Big Brother is Watching!"

Unfinished/Unused Monsters

Organic Turret (sprite 2420)


Some sort of brown creature attached to the ceiling, which opens like a flower revealing a tentacle. It has 30 hit points, and can be killed by the player. The CON files have the code for some melee attack, which is never used due to incorrect syntax.

Early Pig Cop Tank (sprite 1870-1876)

D3d 1870.png

Sprites for an early version of the Pig Cop Tank located in the .art files. This scorpion-like design appears to have been rendered from a very low-poly model and is missing textures on the rear of the "tail" and gun turret. There is no code associated with the sprites.

Early Pig Cop Tank Used Pig Cop Tank
D3d 1870.png D3d 1975.png
Early Pig Cop Tank Used Pig Cop Tank
D3d 1873.png D3d 1978.png
Early Pig Cop Tank Used Pig Cop Tank
D3d 1876.png D3d 1981.png

Mini Overlord

D3d minioverlord.png

A small version of the Overlord boss, like the mini Battlelord seen in regular gameplay, can be added into a level by placing his sprite in a level, then changing the palette to any value other than 0.

In-game, he behaves like the regular Overlord, but has a very fatal flaw: he has only one hitpoint. The positioning of his projectiles is not scaled with the enemy, which results in hitting the enemy's own hitbox at certain angles, giving him a high chance of killing himself.

This variant was fixed and used in both Duke Nukem 64 and Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour.

Mini Cycloid Emperor

D3d miniemperor.png

A mini version of the Cycloid Emperor boss can also be added to levels by adding a regular Cycloid Emperor sprite, then changing his palette to anything but 0.

Like the mini Overlord, he behaves like a smaller version of the regular Cycloid Emperor, but also has one hitpoint and is killed by his own projectiles.

This enemy was fixed up and used in World Tour.

Mini Alien Queen

D3d miniqueen.png

A smaller version of the Alien Queen can be found. She's added the same way the other mini bosses are.

Unlike the other mini versions of bosses, the only difference between this one and the regular version of the Alien Queen is size. Otherwise, she has the exact same stats and behavior as the regular Alien Queen, down to making a level end when she is killed.

Unused Objects

Forcesphere (sprite 2590)

D3d fieldsmall.png

Creates a large sphere of solid white sparks. When one of the sparks gets shot, it is destroyed and the sphere starts rotating at a fast pace. After enough of the sparks are destroyed, the sphere gradually vanishes. May have been part of a planned force field power-up.

ROTT Flame Trap (sprite 2333)

D3d rottfiretraplarger.png

The flamethrowing obstacles from Rise of the Triad make a return in Duke Nukem 3D. While they were never actually used in the game, they're fully functional, and will cause damage if the player walks over them while they are active. The sound IDs haven't been changed since the Flamethrower was in, so the trap makes Freezethrower sounds.

These flame traps were used extensively in the LameDuke beta version, but all instances were removed in the final version.

Unused Flame Trap Rise of the Triad Flame Trap
D3d rottfiretrap.png Rott94 fire.png

Trash (sprite 1272)

D3d trash.png

Small pieces of trash that blow around and disappear when they hit something, but are nowhere to be seen in the final game because Duke gives a hoot and doesn't pollute.

Space Suit

D3d 0058.png

A planned inventory item that would have activated automatically like the Scuba Gear. In the pre-release 1.0 demo leak, it changes Duke's speed/physics to moon conditions while letting him survive in the vacuum of space. In the final game, the Space Suit's coding was removed and the pickup sprite was turned into a decorative sprite, and the one remaining vacuum area (in E2L8: Dark Side) was altered slightly with a force field so that it could be played normally.

It's still placed in the bonus Zoo demo level and the Space Suit's sprite is located among the rest of the item sprites in the files, so it must have been cut late.

AMMOLOTS (sprite 48)

AMMOLOTS is an invisible object that gives 48 rounds of ammo for the Pistol when picked up. Interestingly, regular Pistols scattered throughout levels also give 48 rounds of Pistol ammo.

In Lameduke, large ammo pickups for the Pistol can be found. They also give 48 rounds of Pistol ammo.

Reactor2 (sprite 578)

D3d 0578.png

The game contains code for another reactor type called "REACTOR2". Reactor2 behaves the same as the regular reactor found in Episodes 2 and 4, but uses a much smaller sprite for the reactor ends. However, the reactor ends are bugged, as the game will constantly cycle through the regular reactor2 sprite, its broken variant, and the beam meant to be emitted by it.

Reactor2 also has its own special electricity graphic meant to be shown between the two reactor end sprites, Tile 580 (Reactor2spark).

Reactor2 Reactor
D3d reactor2.png D3d reactor.png
Reactor2 Reactor
D3d reactor2destroyed.png D3d reactordestroyed.png

Lavabubble (sprite 4340)

D3d 4343.png

Tile 4340 is an unused graphic of a purple bubble rising up, then exploding. Its colors match the purple glop the player must run through in The Queen (E4L10).

Unused Laser Tripbomb Functions

D3d099 2566.png

The Laser Tripbomb has a setting in USER.CON, TRIPBOMBLASERMODE, that controls how the beams emitted by the weapon are rendered:

  • 0 (default setting) renders the beam normally.
  • 1 gives the beam some translucency.
  • 2 renders the beam invisible unless the Night Vision Goggles are active.
  • 3 renders nothing at all.

The only way to use modes 1-3 is by editing USER.CON.

DEFS.CON and NAMES.H Labels/Functions

DEFS.CON defines and labels all effects in the game to be used by the game code. Much of it is hard-coded to the executable, but some of it is soft-coded within the GAME.CON script file. Of course, there's a lot of defines that are unused, so an attempt to document strange and unused functions/labels is below.

Unused Labels

Tile Number Tile Title Description
13 FOF According to the source code, this tile would be used by a floor-over-floor effector (SE 40).
48 AMMOLOTS See this.
180 REFLECTWATERTILE A similar effect exists in LameDuke.
247 EPISODE A wall texture with a circuit breaker box. "EPISODE" is too ambiguous to guess what it would have meant, but probably something to do with menu graphics.
344 WATERTILE A worn metal texture. Certainly isn't a water tile now.
395 DOORTILE22 A "dumpster" texture with yellow warning stripes. It certainly could be used as a door tile, but it doesn't seem like that is what this label was intended for in this circumstance. Most DOORTILEs correspond to actual door textures, but a few don't and are assumed to have been overwritten at some point. The DOORTILE labels are also dubious at best and it's questionable to what function they would have been used for, since you don't need specifically-labelled textures in order to operate a door in the final game.
412 FANSHADOW A Space Shuttle texture, comes right after the fan textures. Most likely replaced in favor of using alternate effects.
489 SATELLITE No longer has an effect without modifications. See this.
538 SLIMEPIPE Labelled, but it doesn't appear to have any noticeable function.
554 CAMERAPOLE Is in reality the fourth frame of Tile 551 DOMELITE. It's unknown what function CAMERAPOLE could have had; GENERICPOLE is used when possible in the final campaign.
578 REACTOR2 See here.
626 BRICK Is in reality the teleporter floor sprite which animates. Since animated sprites are defined separately from Tile defines, it's unknown what function this would have.
630 SPLINTERWOOD Is actually a green short metallic/stone horizontal texture to be used with steps or raised teleporters or the like.
640 W_NUMBERS These numbers aren't actually used in the final Duke3D campaign. A label would imply some sort of menu use, but neither the 0.99 Beta nor LameDuke use these in any sort of coded fashion. The numbers have existed since LameDuke, and are used as a decorative in several levels in that proto.
1022 HANGOOZ No apparent effect despite being labelled.
1141 BIGHOLE See Tile 893.
1169 DOORTILE17 Is really the canyon wall texture. See Tile 395.
1175 JAILBARBREAK No apparent effect despite being labelled. Its sister tile, 1175, is listed as MASKWALL7.
1225 BARBROKE Would be left after FEM2 was killed. However opposing code in GAME.CON caused it to be deleted.
1236 BANNER A very thin dark olive color seven pixels tall. Unknown use.
1272 TRASH See here.
1387, 1388 N/A Repeat of the LameDuke plasma bolts at 604, 605. This set is more complete and starts at 1385.
1393 SCRATCH Tile 1394 is documented below, but the label for the initial sprite still exists here; the graphic is the last frame of the FIREVASE object.
1647 TONGUE Second frame of the Shrinker projectile (Tile 1646 SHRINKSPARK). In Beta 0.99's GAME.CON, this function is called in the unused ORGANTIC enemy's code, but commented out. According to the source code, it would be a projectile attack for the ORGANTIC enemy.
1860 INNERJAW According to the source code, would be spawned by the TONGUE projectile.
2160 LIZMANFEEDING See "Unused Graphics" below. Apparently at some point, the Enforcer (LIZMAN) could eat corpses or other game objects? No reference in any known GAME.CON. Would certainly compliment the "FECES" function.
2242 HEADERBAR No idea, possibly internal or menu-only.
2235 USERWEAPON Actually a frame of a lava splash or explosion animation. Apparently this would be where you would patch in your custom weapon sprites at one point?
2333 FLOORFLAME See this.
2442, 2443 PLAYERISHERE, PLAYERWASHERE Remnants from a Doom-style map screen. These elements were used in LameDuke.
2444 SELECTDIR A similar function was used in LameDuke; presumably this graphic was used as a directory selection at one point, but by 0.99 the graphic is completely unused.
2446, 2447 NOTCHON, NOTCHOFF Used in LameDuke?
2452, 2453, 2454, 2555 DUKEICON, BADGUYICON, FOODICON, GETICON These were used in older versions of the automap.
2486 TITLE See Unused Graphics below.
2487 NUKEWARNINGICON At some point this would appear for certain hazards, apparently.
2488 MOUSECURSOR The game doesn't use a mouse cursor in the final, instead opting to select menu options directly through the mouse.
2578 GLAIR Presumably the old scuba mask sprite underlay, removed sometime before 0.99.
2584 SPACEMASK This is where the graphics for the first-person view of the space suit would have been. The actual (hard-coded) function no longer exists, taken out between.
2590 FORCESPHERE See here.
2612 LASERSITE Remnants of the LameDuke laser sight on the pistol.
2696 BOSSTOP The Battlelord's map view, unused in itself (see below), but also in the wrong position in the tiles - Tile 2696 points to nothing, the actual sprite is at 2686.
2821 SMALLFNTCURSOR An 8x10 white square that serves no purpose. See BIGFNTCURSOR.
3026 BLANK Tile is just a black square.
3164 BUTTON1 Tile is actually the closing curly brace in the micro-font.
3183 GLASS3 No graphic.
3701 FOOTPRINT No graphic. The used one is FOOTPRINTS at Tile 550, and variants FOOTPRINTS2, FOOTPRINTS3 and FOOTPRINTS4 at Tiles 672 to 674. It's possible it doesn't even refer to the footprints left by water/sludge.
4094 POOP No graphic.


Tile Number Tile Title Description
20 ARROW The cursor selection for items in the HUD, which is a box. Most likely it was an arrow earlier in development.
41 BATTERYAMMO This is the Chaingun ammunition pickup. The name is a holdover from when the chaingun was a plasma gun.
51 COLA The small health pack. This was cola in LameDuke.
52 SIXPACK The large health pack. Was a six pack in LameDuke.
54 SHIELD The armor. Was a shield, of sorts, in LameDuke.
59 HEATSENSOR The Night Vision goggles. While they still fulfill the function of a Heat Sensor, the name suggests something different from actual Night Vision goggles, especially seeing as the item actually functions very poorly to see in the dark (even if they do light up dark rooms a little).
859 HURTRAIL A damage floor concrete texture which is hard-coded to electrocute you. While it's used as the floor for the Dark Side train rails, it doesn't resemble rails.
893 BIGHOLE2 Strange name for the texture used as the background for the shrunk screen.
940 BOUNCEMINE It is the underwater mines found in E1L4, which are attached to chains and simply float in place. It's worth noting that bouncy red mines did exist in the first Duke Nukem.
1642 DEVISTATORBLAST A placeholder tile for the devastator rockets. Its actual sprites are the same as the RPG rockets.
2301 to 2309 WALLBLOOD1 to WALLBLOOD8 Used only by the parental lock function.
2440 BETAVERSION Label would apparently refer to a function related to Shareware that is no longer relevant in the final game (by 1996 the idea of Shareware and Registered Shareware was already starting to fall out of favor in preference to "demos" and "full games").
2493 BETASCREEN This is actually the title backdrop. Apparently, the devs liked this screen enough to keep it.
2485 LOGO Is really the Demo Cam texture.
2820, 2821 BIGFNTCURSOR Tile 2820 is an additional tile of the SPINNINGNUKEICON animation, and the tile dimensions are used to determine the vertical positioning of the SPINNINGNUKEICON.

Unused Graphics

Art Art ID(s) Description
Duke Nukem 3D PC 0094.png 94 Unused oceanscape. It's used in background of tiles 3370 - 3372:

Duke3D 3370-3372.gif

DN3Dpc-dukechapelpic.png 511 In the final game, there's only one chapel picture of the Battlelord in Death Row. It's likely that this would have been in the same level. There's no definition for this inside defs.con.
DN3Dpc-PlasmaRifleAnim.gif 604, 605, 1385 - 1388 This was used as the Plasma Rifle firing animation in Lameduke. However, with the weapon's removal, only these sprites were left behind.
Duke Nukem 3D PC 0730.png Duke Nukem 3D PC 0731.png Duke Nukem 3D PC 0732.png Duke Nukem 3D PC 0733.png 730 - 733 Futuristic vehicle
Duke Nukem 3D PC 1043.png 1043 Unused sign for scrapped Sweeney level.
DN3Dpc-impaledbabe.png 1336 A rather graphic sprite of an impaled woman.
D3d099 1394.png 1394 Tally marks representing a value of 2. In the 0.99 prototype, this was a part of a larger set of graphics meant to represent numbers 1 through 5. The first tile of the set is still named "SCRATCH" in the final version. This is part of an unused "scratchmarks" function in the source code, meant to display a counter in the screen. It might remain as a graphic as some sort of joke, as the CON code still uses the C standard of using two forward slashes "//" as a REM comment.
Duke Nukem 3D PC 1644.png Duke Nukem 3D PC 1645.png 1644 - 1645 "Firelaser" moving upward. Probably related to Lameduke early Troop enemy firing up sprites.
Duke Nukem 3D PC 1660.png Duke Nukem 3D PC 1661.png Duke Nukem 3D PC 1662.png Duke Nukem 3D PC 1663.png Duke Nukem 3D PC 1664.png Duke Nukem 3D PC 1665.png Duke Nukem 3D PC 1666.png Duke Nukem 3D PC 1667.png Duke Nukem 3D PC 1668.png Duke Nukem 3D PC 1669.png 1660 - 1669 Unused projectiles.
Duke Nukem 3D PC 1700.png Duke Nukem 3D PC 1701.png Duke Nukem 3D PC 1702.png Duke Nukem 3D PC 1703.png Duke Nukem 3D PC 1704.png 1700 - 1704 Unused Assault Trooper frames.
Dukenukem3dtopdownsprites.png 1705, 1845, 2061, 2686 In the final game, enemies aren't visible when the player is viewing a level through the 2D map mode. In spite of this, graphics for a few of these enemies' top-down sprites still exist in the .art files.
Duke Nukem 3D PC 2155.png Duke Nukem 3D PC 2156.png Duke Nukem 3D PC 2155.png Duke Nukem 3D PC 2161.png 2155 - 2156, 2160 - 2161 Unused "LIZMANFEEDING" sprites.
Duke3d 2249.png Duke3d 2254.png Duke3d 2259.png Duke3d 2264.png Duke3d 2269.png 2249 - 2250, 2251 - 2252 - 2253 Gibs on floor.
Duke Nukem 3D PC 2333.png Duke Nukem 3D PC 2334.png Duke Nukem 3D PC 2335.png Duke Nukem 3D PC 2336.png Duke Nukem 3D PC 2337.png Duke Nukem 3D PC 2338.png Duke Nukem 3D PC 2339.png Duke Nukem 3D PC 2340.png Duke Nukem 3D PC 2341.png Duke Nukem 3D PC 2342.png Duke Nukem 3D PC 2343.png Duke Nukem 3D PC 2344.png Duke Nukem 3D PC 2345.png Duke Nukem 3D PC 2346.png Duke Nukem 3D PC 2347.png Duke Nukem 3D PC 2348.png 2333 - 2348 Unused "FLOORFLAME" sprites. Was used in v0.99 BETA during the boss battle at the end of The Abyss level.
Duke Nukem 3D PC 2380.png Duke Nukem 3D PC 2381.png Duke Nukem 3D PC 2382.png Duke Nukem 3D PC 2383.png Duke Nukem 3D PC 2384.png Duke Nukem 3D PC 2385.png Duke Nukem 3D PC 2386.png Duke Nukem 3D PC 2387.png Duke Nukem 3D PC 2388.png 2380 - 2388 Water drip splash.
D3d 2440.png 2440 Leftover from the shareware version of the game.
D3d 2441.png 2441 Variant of 2441. Not used in either the final game nor shareware.
DN3Dpc-dukemaphead.png DN3Dpc-skullmap.png Duke Nukem 3D PC 2454.png Duke Nukem 3D PC 2455.png 2452 - 2455 Unused map icons for player, enemies, health and ammo as seen in early screenshots.
Duke Nukem 3D PC 2464.png 2464 Unused part of the HUD visible in early screenshots.
Duke Nukem 3D PC 2466.png 2466 Space suit inventory icon.
DN3Dpc-dn3dpcprelimtitle.png 2486 A preliminary title screen of sorts. The transparency present indicates it would have been an overlay.
D3d 2487.png 2487 Unused radiation warning sign. A similar graphic appears in LameDuke when the player is close to certain reactors in Episode 2.
Duke Nukem 3D PC 2527.png 2527 Unused alternate crosshair.
Duke Nukem 3D PC 2589.png Duke Nukem 3D PC 2590.png Duke Nukem 3D PC 2591.png 2589 - 2591 Unused "FORCESPHERE" sprites. The unfinished code generates some sort of spherical force field made of several sprites.
Duke3d 2809.png 2809 Last frame of the Overlord dying animation.
D3d 3290.png 3290 Leftover from the shareware version of the game.
D3d 3291.png 3291 Leftover from the shareware version of the game.
D3d 3341.pngD3d 3342.pngD3d 3343.pngD3d 3344.pngD3d 3345.pngD3d 3346.png 3341-3346 A futuristic looking screen. These tiles are located right next to the animation of a woman doing an erotic dance that appears in Faces of Death (E1L7) and fit over said sprites, suggesting a connection between the two.
D3d 3350.png D3d 3351.png D3d 3352.png D3d 3353.png D3d 3354.png D3d 3355.png D3d 3356.png D3d 3357.png D3d 3358.png D3d 3359.png D3d 3360.png D3d 3361.png 3350-3361 Rotating green Duke Nukem head. This is similar to the rotating Cycloid Emperor graphics that are used.
DN3Dpc-ktitaltsign.png 3409 This is an alternate KTIT sign. In the actual game, the KTIT sign is rendered using a menu text font.

Unused Messages

The following unused messages and definitions are in USER.CON.

String 25


Appeared in the leaked shareware when user typed "DN".

String 28


Purpose unknown.

String 42


This message was meant to be displayed when the player got the scrapped Space Suit inventory item.

String 46


Appeared in the leaked shareware when it didn't recognize anything you typed afterwards.

String 77

SPACE SUIT ON (Activating the above)

Line meant to be used when the removed Space Suit item was activated.

String 108


A message very similar to this one is used when set on fire by an Enforcer in the v0.99 prototype.

Unused Level Names

USER.CON contains three extra levels listed for Episode 1 that don't appear in the game's files.

definelevelname 0 8 E1L9.map 12:48 16:32 VOID ZONE
definelevelname 0 9 E1L10.map 0T:HX 11:38 ROACH CONDO
definelevelname 0 10 E1L11.map 08:67 53:09 ANTIPROFIT

The level times are actually references. Void Zone refers to bit/byte types (16/32/etc.), Roach Condo refers to the movie THX-1138, and Antiprofit refers to the song Jenny (867-5309). Void Zone is displayed when the player finishes a User Map, referring to the fact that there is no map afterwards. It's likely these are meant as placeholders.

Unused Audio

With Labels, Lacking Definitions

define DUKE_GLAD 44
define DUKE_HEHE 46
define DUKE_SHUCKS 47
define LIZTROOP_TALK1 53
define LIZTROOP_TALK2 54
define LIZTROOP_TALK3 55
define LIZCAPT_TALK1 58
define LIZCAPT_TALK2 59
define LIZCAPT_TALK3 60
define LIZARD_PAIN 62
define LIZARD_DEATH 63

With Definitions, Lacking Sound Files

definesound TURR_ROAM turrrm.voc 0 0 3 0 0
definesound TURR_RECOG turrrg.voc 0 0 3 0 0
definesound TURR_ATTACK turrat.voc 0 0 3 0 0
definesound TURR_PAIN turrpn.voc 0 0 3 0 0
definesound TURR_DYING turrdy.voc 0 0 3 0 0
// definesound SLIM_PAIN slimpn.voc -256 256 3 0 0 // note: this is commented and does not have a label
definesound BOS3_ATTACK1 b3atk01.voc 0 0 3 0 0
definesound BOS3_ATTACK2 b3atk01.voc 0 0 3 0 0
definesound DUKE_BREATHING hlminhal.voc 0 0 255 4 0
definesound DUKE_EXHALING hlmexhal.voc 0 0 255 4 0
definesound DUKE_YES yes.voc 0 0 255 4 0
definesound FAN fan.voc 0 0 0 0 0
definesound HOVER_CRAFT hover.voc 0 0 0 0 0
definesound GENERIC_AMBIENCE22 vpiss2.voc 0 0 255 4 0
// definesound ENDSEQVOL3SND1 KICKHEAD.VOC 0 0 254 0 0 // KICKHEAD.VOC was present in v1.3D but oddly removed in v1.4/v1.5
definesound VOL4_1 jacuzzi2.voc 0 0 0 1 0
definesound JOKE joke.voc 0 0 128 0 0

Unreferenced Sound Files

Sound Clip File Name Description
N/A BLANK.VOC A 34 byte file containing nothing but silence.
DSCREAM38.VOC Might have been used when Duke got caught on fire.
Used in Duke Nukem: Time to Kill when dying to lava.
PAIN13.VOC Unused voice clip of Duke Nukem in pain.
PAIN28.VOC Unused voice clip of Duke Nukem in pain.
PISSIN01.VOC "You're pissin' me off." Possibly an
alternate version of "This really pisses me off."
PIGWRN.VOC Early take on the voice clip played at the end of Red Light
District. This is used in the leaked shareware, but a
different voice clip is used in the final version.
(Source: Duke4.net)

Unused Sound Files

Sound Clip File Name Label Description
B2REC03.VOC BOS2_RECOG Unused sound for the Cycloid Emperor (spotting the player).
B3PAIN04.VOC BOS3_RECOG Unused sound for the Overlord (spotting the player). Later used in Duke Nukem 64.
SNAKDY.VOC DRON_DYING Unused sound for the Sentry Drone, or the early "Snake Head", being killed.
BLREC4B.VOC NEWBEAST_RECOG Unused sound for the Protector Drone (spotting the player). Later used in Duke Nukem 64.
BQREC2A.VOC BOS4_RECOG Unused sound for the Alien Queen (spotting the player).

The unused sight sounds for the Cycloid Emperor, Overlord, and Alien Queen are programmed to play whenever the appropriate enemy has its palette set to 1. This may have been a slight mistake; the game allows bosses to be designated as "minibosses" by giving them any palette other than the default, but palette 1 is not meant to be used for this purpose (the game itself uses palette 21 for mini Battlelords, which is visually identical to the default palette).

Regardless, these enemies are not meant to be used as minibosses regardless; among other buggy behavior, a mini Cycloid Emperor or Overlord will have only one hit point, while a mini Alien Queen will be mostly identical to the normal version apart from its smaller size.

Unused Force Fields

These are possibly just the result of bad cleanup on level objects. Use DNUNLOCK to see these.

Tiberius Station (E2L6)

D3d e2l6field.png

At the very start, right at the end of the path on the left in the starting area's "control room".

Spin Cycle (E2L10)

D3d e2l10field.png

Around the Beta and Alpha rooms on the outer perimeter.

L.A. Rumble (E3L4)

D3d e3l4field.png

At the very end of the level, nonsensically surrounding some ceiling lights.

Unused Game Script

Mobile Space Shuttle and Satellite

Some commented-out code in GAME.CON allows for Tile 487 (the space shuttle sprite) and Tile 489 (SATELLITE) to move around very slowly and rapidly change directions while doing so:

//  ifmove 0          //  Init once
//    move SHUTTLEVELS getv geth

  //  ifmove 0 move SHUTTLEVELS getv geth
  //  ifcount 120 move SHUTTLEVELS getv geth randomangle

SPACESHUTTLE is the only tile define in DEFS.CON to be commented out; it's redefined again in GAME.CON as seen above.

Misc Commented-Out Code

// useractor notenemy DUKECUTOUT WEAK state breakobject enda

Apparently the Duke Cutout in E4L4 would have been destroyable.

state headhitstate

// Unrem the following line to invoke screen tilting during
// low player hitpoint damage.

// wackplayer


Un-commenting the line makes the head-jolt effect (which normally happens when you take fall damage) occur whenever you take damage when at low health. If you get hit rapidly this can make it nearly impossible to counterattack or recover, which is probably why this effect was disabled in the final game.

Unused Areas

Incubator (E2L2)

D3d e2l2unused5.png

From the beginning of the level, go through the first two rooms and into the room where you press the off/on switch to open the windows. In the little room in front of you that opens up after you walk in, walk up to it, but stand just outside of it. Turn left, and use the noclip cheat and slowly walk through the wall until you come to a tiny, tiny room with a grey and blue wall in front of you.

To your left is a switch. Activating the switch opens a panel with scuba gear. To your right is an odd door with the medical red cross on it. Open this up to find a Portable Medkit and Steroids.

(Source: Rick)

Movie Set (E3L5)

Right at the end of the level, while you’re going down the stairs to finish the level, stop at the next to last step on the stairs and turn right. Turn on the noclip cheat and go through the wall, going directly forward. You’ll end up walking through nothing for a while, but then you’ll end up in a room with a large health container, armor, and several porn mag vendors. Standing on the two red ones will make them lower, revealing a cubby hole with a Holoduke.

A similar setup is used for one of the secrets in the next level, Rabid Transit, but the two red porn mag vendors are separated, the player has to stand on the leftmost one to reveal the secret, and the cubbyhole is much tighter.

(Source: Rick)
Unused room in Movie Set Used Rabid Transit secret
D3d e3l5unused1.png D3d e3l6secret1.png
Unused room in Movie Set Used Rabid Transit secret
D3d e3l5unused2.png D3d e3l6secret2.png

Hidden Messages

In various levels, there are hidden messages or easter eggs from the developer.

The Abyss (E1L5)

D3d e1l5message.png

"You're not supposed to be here. -- Levelord" can be found if you use noclip to reach the shrinker. It was intended to be visible to only those that used the noclip cheat. However, this can be reached if you obtained the jetpack on E1L6: Launch Facility.

Spaceport (E2L1)

D3d e2l1message.png

If you activate noclip and god mode, you can head outside and see the name of the ship, U.S.S. Framerate.

This message is not reachable in version 1.3d. In that version, god mode doesn't protect against being killed by passing through a wall, nor does it protect against the vacuum of space.

Raw Meat (E3L1)

D3d e3l1message.png

Found near the exit, when you noclip through a crack in the wall and look around: "Noone should be here", signed Levelord.

L.A. Rumble (E3L4)

D3d e3l4message.png

At the level exit, use noclip to walk through the window. The text is visible on a metal box.

"You're not supposed to be here ... EITHER", signed Levelord.

Level Designer Signatures

A vast majority of levels has a small signature made out of sectors of the person that made it placed somewhere that can only be seen with the noclip cheat or a level editor. Allen H. Blum III's signature is "AHB", Levelord's is "SUYT" (Show Us Your Tits), Keith Schuler's is a stylized "KS", and Randy Pitchford's is "RSP III DUVAL MAGIC" (Duval Magic was his stage name as a magician, and is used as his Twitter username).

These signatures show some interesting information for Critical Mass (E4L8). The readme that comes with the game states that Keith Schuler made Critical Mass, but both Keith's and Leverlord's signatures can be found on the level, showing that Levelord originally worked on it before it was taken over by Keith, as Levelord quit during the production of Atomic Edition.