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Eien no Filerna

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Title Screen

Eien no Filerna

Developer: Tokuma Shoten
Publisher: Tokuma Shoten
Platform: SNES
Released in JP: February 25, 1995

ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.
BonusIcon.png This game has hidden bonus content.

Eien no Filerna (Eternal Filerna, sometimes romanized as Filena) looks like Final Fantasy V, plays like an especially backtracky JRPG, and sounds a bit like a bad hangover. Combine that with the fact that it came out a couple weeks before Chrono Trigger and you don't exactly have a recipe for success. What little chances it had of making it out of Japan were shot down by the sexual themes and unsubtle lesbian overtones, but at least the birth scene is slightly less awkward than the one in Final Fantasy VI.

Music Player

Eien no Filerna Music Player 1.png Eien no Filerna Music Player 2.png

To access the game's hidden music player, highlight the リラのでんしノート item ("Lila's PDA" in the 2009 English fan translation) in the inventory, then press A once to make the cursor start flashing. Hold L + R, then press A again. The configuration menu will appear with a new fourth option, おまけ (Bonus). Selecting it opens a barebones sound player. Up and Down scroll through the game's 35 tracks, and A plays the currently selected one.

(Source: 時の無限回廊)

Unused Music

Some of the tracks in the music player don't seem to be used anywhere in the game.

Music ID Audio Comments
Happy slappy bass time. Doesn't loop, so it's probably unfinished or meant for a scrapped cutscene.
A heavy, ponderous track with the game's ubiquitous poorly-looped string samples on full display.
Some short, droning little string thing.
A very unfinished piece, judging by the drums that vanish after a few measures, lack of looping, and generally unrefined composition. The battle themes are pretty much the only tracks with percussion in this game, so it was probably meant to be another one of those.
(Source: KungFuFurby)

Unused Items

Quite a few of the game's items aren't used. A few are disabled debugging leftovers, while others are perfectly normal items that apparently just didn't make the cut.

To access these in-game, enter the pair of Pro Action Replay codes given in the tables below to replace the first slot in the inventory with the given item.

Debugging Leftovers

Codes Name Description Comments
いじょうかいよび なし Considered a status restorative, but it's permanently greyed out and can't be used.
Spare status recovery potion Nothing
TPかいふくよび なし A TP restorative, but it also can't be used.
TP Refill Nothing
ヂバッグ日記 データをロードする When used, this opens a menu containing the numbered options "Load 1" through "Load 4", but selecting any option freezes the game. Presumably, this allowed files to be loaded without resetting the game in earlier versions.
Debug Diary Loads data


Codes Name Description Attack Defense Weight Sell Price Comments
コラ 攻げき『切り』 110 0 28 1125 CR A two-handed blade usable by Filerna and Laris.
Kora Attack type: "Slash"
アークブレード 攻げき『切り』 168 0 43 5250 CR A two-handed blade usable by Filerna, Nest, and Laris.
Arc Blade Attack type: "Slash"
フラムベルク 攻げき『つき』 105 0 27 1125 CR A two-handed spear usable by Filerna, Lila, Milika, Laris, and Amanela.
Flamberge Attack type: "Pierce"


Codes Name Description Attack Defense Weight Sell Price Comments
うさぎちゃんはっと ぼうし 0 64 17 900 CR A hat wearable by Filerna, Lila, and Milika. Gives bonuses of +5 to stamina, +10 to speed, and +5 to dexterity.
Bunny Hat Hat
バイキングのかぶと かぶと 0 115 29 3000 CR A helmet wearable by Filerna, Lila, Nest, Laris, and Amanela.
Viking Helmet Helmet


Codes Name Description Attack Defense Weight Sell Price Comments
ローラーシューズ すばやさが止がる 0 0 5 750 CR Boots equippable by Filerna. Give a bonus of +40 to speed.
Roller Shoes Increase speed
かいのくびかざり 『じゅうしょう』をかいひ 0 0 1 3750 CR A necklace wearable by Filerna, Lila, Nest, Milika, Laris, Gappy, and Amanela.
Ocean Necklace Prevents "Wounded"
なし なし 0 0 0 Can't be sold A filler entry for the 58 unused slots at the end of the item table. It's considered a necklace, but no characters can equip it.
Nothing Nothing


Codes Name Description Comments
キキリキのやくそう めにききます Presumably, this was the key item associated with the quest in Little Laritenia to find a Kikiriki herb to heal Filerna's eyes. In the finished game, the herb is used in the cutscene immediately after it's found, so there's no need for this.
Kikiriki Herb Heals eyes
かいがら ??? Possibly meant to be another collectible item that could be exchanged at the black market after gathering ten of them, in which case it would most likely have been associated with the unused Ocean Necklace.
Shell ???
(Source: 時の無限回廊)

Quick Run

You found "Quick Run"!

While not unused, this useful item is hidden in an incredibly obtuse way, and there's no hint in the game that it even exists. Go to the outside of the Coliseum in Dorah, where there are four statues that look like ordinary background decoration. Numbering the statues from left to right, face the front of each one and press A in the following order: 1, 3, 2, 4. There's no audio or visual confirmation for each press, but inspecting the final statue yields the クイックラン (Quick Run), a pair of boots that quadruples the party's running speed on the overworld when equipped.

Note that this item is the last one in the game's internal ordering before the filler slots of "Nothing", suggesting it was a late addition.

(Source: 時の無限回廊)