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Title Screen


Developer: Square
Publishers: Square (JP), Sony Computer Entertainment (US)
Platform: PlayStation
Released in JP: November 20, 1997
Released in US: May 5, 1998

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Einhänder is Square's first attempt at the shoot-'em-up genre, and is a surprisingly good game given that Square had little experience making non-RPG games at the time.


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Regional Differences

Several changes were made for the US version:

  • Einhänder's arm switches faster in the US version (except for the Astraea, where it is the same speed in both the Japanese and US versions).
  • You get different amounts of ammo from pickups in the US version than you do in the Japanese version.
  • The art gallery is easier to navigate through in the US version and has exclusive pictures not found in the Japanese version.
  • The "Free" mode present in the Japanese version was removed. Free mode was unlocked when you completed the game while getting all 21 S.Bonuses, and had a stage select option and allowed you to play the game with unlimited continues.
  • There are various text alterations in the menus and narrations of both versions. "Exit" and "Title" in the Japanese version became "Continue" and "Quit" in the US version, for example, while "World War III" in the Japanese version became the "Great War" in the US version.