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Elite (NES)

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Title Screen


Developer: Braben & Bell
Publisher: Imagineer
Platform: NES
Released in EU: 1991

CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.

Elite is a Europe-only NES game with wireframes which look pretty decent given both the timeframe and system.

To do:
There's evidently a US demo.

Build Date

Present at 0xC018 in both the European version and the US demo.

Europe US Demo
2.8>  NES ELITE IMAGE 2.8  -   04 MAR 1992  (C) D.Braben & I.Bell 1991/92  
 5.0  NES ELITE IMAGE 5.2  -   24 APR 1992  (C) D.Braben & I.Bell 1991/92