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Euro Demo series

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Euro Demo

Developers: Psygnosis (disc 1 only), SCEE Special Projects
Publishers: SCEE, Future Publishing (UK)
Platform: PlayStation
Released in EU: October 1995

CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.
MinigameIcon.png This game has unused modes / minigames.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
BonusIcon.png This game has hidden bonus content.

Euro Demo is a series of demo discs which were distributed with various PlayStation magazines across Europe and Australia.

Hidden Credits

Euro Demo 2

On this disc, a file called FUTURE.TXT is located in the root folder which contains the credits for the demo disc itself.


Producer:    John Roberts
Programmers: Vince Diesi/Paul Holman
Artist:      Pete Johnson
Sound:       Harry Holmwood

Euro Demo 3

An altered version of FUTURE.TXT exists in the same place, with the same credits.

        FUTURE DEMO DISC - ISSUE 3 (January)

Thanks for all the artwork, pity the new sound didn't
make the deadline !

Euro Demo 4

FUTURE.TXT was included here too, with a couple of new lines of text at the bottom.


Our thanks to Dean at Millenium (for DefCon) and Bob (for Xcom).

Pity that Thunder' arrived too late - wait for the next issue !

The last line likely refers to the game Firestorm: Thunderhawk II which was included on Euro Demo 5. This exact file was included on discs 5 and 6 (the line referring to it as issue 4 went unchanged), except it was moved to the "DD" folder. The text would be edited on Euro Demo 7 to remove the reference to demo 4 and last couple of lines.

Star Fighters

EuroDemo33 StarFightersPSXTitle.png

Euro Demo 33 contains a hidden extra Net Yaroze game which is accessed by holding L1 + R1 + Up and then X on the main menu. Note that this doesn't work if either Three Lions or Rocks 'n' Gems are highlighted.


Unused Graphics

Euro Demo 2

This disc includes some leftover graphics from Demo 1, a disc that was included with the PlayStation in Europe.

EuroDemo2LOGO 0000.png

A photo of a man holding a dog is included here too, for reasons unknown. This and the Demo 1 graphics wouldn't be removed until Euro Demo 21.

EuroDemo2RidgeRacerFUTICONS 0000.png

An icon for Ridge Racer can be found among the icons for the menu. A rolling demo for this game was included on Euro Demo 3.

Euro Demo 3

EuroDemo3FUTICONS 0000.png

An alternate icon for Hi-Octane can be found, using a different font to the icons that were used.

Euro Demo 5

EuroDemo5FUTICONS 0000.png

An icon for Krazy Ivan can be found. A playable demo of this game was featured on the following disc.

Euro Demo 15

EuroDemo15FUTICONS 0000.png

An icon for Onside Complete Soccer can be found with the used icons. A playable demo of this game was featured on the following disc.

Euro Demo 20

EuroDemo20FUTICONS 0000.png

An icon for Total NBA '97 can be found with the used icons. Oddly, no demo of this game was ever included in the series.

Euro Demo 26

EuroDemo26 BSLOGO 0000 UnusedLoading.png

A promo for Sony Game Line can be found with the menu data. This was used for the loading screen on many of the French Euro Demo discs during 1997.

Euro Demo 27

EuroDemo27 NAMES 0000 Unused.png

The icons for Euro Demo 26 can be found on this disc.

Euro Demo 38

EuroDemo38F198FUTICONS 0000.png

An icon for a Formula 1 98 video can be found with the used icons.

Euro Demo 41

EuroDemo41ApocalypseFUTICONS 0000.png

An icon for Apocalypse can be found with the used icons. No demo of this game was ever included in the series.

Euro Demo 42

EuroDemo42MusicFUTICONS 0000.png

An icon for Music can be found with the used icons. A playable demo of this game was already included on Euro Demo 40.

Euro Demo 44

EuroDemo44AIH2FUTICONS 0000.png

EuroDemo44SwingFUTICONS 0000.png

Icons for an Actua Ice Hockey 2 video and a playable demo for Swing can be found with the used icons. Playable demos for Actua Ice Hockey 2 and Swing were featured on the following disc.

Euro Demo 45

EuroDemo45KKNDFUTICONS 0000.png

EuroDemo45PNBFUTICONS 0000.png

Icons for KKND: Krossfire and a Prince Naseem Boxing video can be found with the used icons. KKND was featured on next month's disc, while the Prince Naseem Boxing video wasn't featured until Euro Demo 48 (and the game itself wasn't released until late 2000).

Euro Demo 46

EuroDemo46AIH2FUTICONS 0000.png

EuroDemo46SpeedFreaksFUTICONS 0000.png

Once again, an icon for an Actua Ice Hockey 2 video and also one for a Speed Freaks video can be found with the used icons. The Actua Ice Hockey 2 video was featured on the following disc, while the Speed Freaks video wasn't included until Euro Demo 48.

Euro Demos 55 and 58

EuroDemo55FUTICONS 0000.png

Both of these discs contain an unused icon for the downloader utility.

Euro Demo 69

EuroDemo69FUTICONS 0000UFC.png

EuroDemo69FUTICONS 0000Blank.png

An icon for Ultimate Fighting Championship can be found with the used icons, as well as two blank icons. Notably, while the demo itself isn't present on the disc, the packaging for the Benelux release claims that a playable demo of the game is on it.

Euro Demo 70

EuroDemo70FUTICONS 0000.png

An icon for Mort the Chicken can be found with the used demos. Oddly, while the sleeve for the UK release doesn't mention this demo, it does feature one for The Simpsons Wrestling which doesn't even have a hidden icon.

Unused Demos

Euro Demo 108

This disc includes an unused demo for Um Jammer Lammy, though it appears to be the same one that appeared on Euro Demo 49. This might be a limitation of the menu system, as no disc contained more than 12 options and this demo was likely swapped out for the Net Yaroze compilation.

Unused Downloads

Euro Demo 56

The disc seems to contain downloadable save files for Crash Team Racing (CRASHTR.DAT), Speed Freaks (SPEEDF.DAT) and Soul Blade (SOULBL.DAT) but they don't appear on the Downloads menu.