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FNAF World/Version differences

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This is a sub-page of FNAF World.

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Not enough information on comparisons between v1.019 & v1.10.

There are a lot of things that changed ever since the first version of the game was released.

Grass Disappearance

v1.019 v1.10
FNAFWorld3DFazbearHills.png FNAFWorld2DFazbearHills.png

There is only one area in the whole game that uses this "gray" grass. At least, it used to.

Ever since the v1.10 update, the gray grass has disappeared. Quite unknown why the "grayish" grass was removed in v1.10.

2D to 3D Overworld

The 8-Bit style of the overworld was replaced by the 3D prerendered graphics in FNaF World.

Fake Tree

FNAFWorld-Fake tree.png

In the Update 2, the tree marked with blue in the picture is now a pathway to the Halloween Land. If Freddy holds himself in direction of the tree for long enough (Freddy doesn't necessarily have to be looking at the tree), the tree will lose collision, opening up a path to the Halloween Land right from the start of the game. This is referenced by Purpleguy in the game.

Additional Dialogue

Something terrible is coming.

Only in Update 2, in the last Fredbear cutscene, this text was added as the last thing he says.