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Fallout 3

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Title Screen

Fallout 3

Developer: Bethesda Game Studios
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Platforms: Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Released in JP: December 4, 2008
Released in US: October 28, 2008
Released in EU: October 30, 2008
Released in AU: October 30, 2008

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Fallout 3 is 2008's award-winning post-apocalyptic corpse-lootin' dungeon crawler. It is the first Fallout game to move away from the Diablo-like style, and went into full 3D and gave the option for first-person view. The game's dedicated mod kit (G.E.C.K.) can be used to easily view much of this unimplemented content.


Unused NPCs and Critters
They survived the apocalypse, but not the axe.
Unused Items
Some trinkets you won't find when picking through the rubble.
Unused Notes
Samples of Bethesda's Pulitzer-caliber writing which never made it into the game.
Unused Maps
The Capital Wasteland's forgotten locales, buried under the refuse of dummied code.

Downloadable Content

Fo3 Operation Anchorage.png
Operation: Anchorage
An FPS game-within-a-game set in the frozen north!
Fo3 Unsafe Working Conditions.png
The Pitt
The Lone Wanderer lonely wanders into a hairy situation. Welcome to The Pitt.
Fo3 Death From Above.png
Broken Steel
The wasteland adventure continues until the player gets tired of it.
Fo3 Bog Walker.png
Point Lookout
Commit homicide in the scenic festering swamps of Point Lookout State Park.
Fo3 Not of This World.png
Mothership Zeta
The aliens have returned and this time, they're canon!

Unused Graphics

Pip-Boy Images

World Objects


Unused Quests

  • 14e90 MQ10 Infiltration: Unused stage of the main quest between "The American Dream" and "Take It Back!".
Quest Stage Log Entry
10 Enter Rivet City through the underwater diving hatch.
20 Obtain the prototype power source.
30 Return the prototype power source to Scribe Rothchild at the Citadel.
40 Meet with Elder Lyons in his solar.
  • 14e92 MQ12 Last Rites: Unused stage of the main quest set after "Take It Back!". It has no objectives remaining in code. Most likely it is the basis of the Broken Steel DLC.
  • 14e96 MS03 Wasteland Survival Guide: Unused stages of the optional quest, where the player would print something at Hubris Comics, but not required for the quest.
Quest Stage Log Entry
100 Print the manuscript at Hubris Comics Publishing.
105 Bring the printed books back to Lea.

Lea appears to be a previous name for Moria Brown, as can be identified by Script notes for her dialogue lines.

Throwing Skill

Throwing's Pip-Boy image, found with the other skill icons.

Throwing is a skill from Fallout 1 and 2, which in 3 was consolidated into the Explosives skill to simplify gameplay. There are Pip-Boy images in the game's texture file which reveal that it was planned to return at some point before ultimately being cut.

The image intended for use as its skill icon was later used in Fallout: New Vegas for the Heave Ho! perk.

Unused Game Effects

To do:
Find console commands to give these to the player.

Actor Effects

Atomization - The victim is engulfed in a green particle effect...
...and their corpse is rendered transparent with a mild radioactive glow. This might be due to a missing texture.

These are bestowed on actors (including players), mostly through perks.

  • Atomization: This is an unused critical kill effect for weapons that fire mini-nukes, much like disintegration or gooification. 5b141
  • Better Rivet City Prices: Related to the quest 'Wasteland Survival Guide'. Increases barter by 15, regardless of location. 6f592
  • EMP Disable: Has the effect of a Pulse grenade on susceptible targets. The weapons in-game use the EMP object effect, which is effectively the same thing. 5b148
  • Kamikaze: A trait from Fallout 1 and 2. 3 doesn't have traits, so it would have been a perk instead. Increases AP by 10 and reduces DR by 20. 94ec3
  • Live Giver: There are effects for unused second and third ranks for this perk. Rank 2: 31d8a Rank 3: 31d8b
  • Poison: Called "DeathClawPoison" internally. Deathclaws cannot inflict poison. 6b20e
  • Rad Poisoning: Called "NukalurkAttack" internally. 9ade8
  • RL3 Survive: Increased DR by 10, three stages. 7d4f2
  • Stealth Shield: Called "EnclaveInfiltratorStealth" internally. Runs a stealth boy script on the actor. 7d412

There are also unused effects for all the bobbleheads, which do the same thing as the items' scripts.

Base Effects

Some of these unused effects show different item bonuses than what is actually used in the game. From the GECK Wiki, "A Base Effect is a fundamental "magic effect" in Fallout 3 that defines a particular way of modifying the player's stats or starting a script whenever the player consumes an Ingestible (food item, drug, or chemical) or is affected by an Actor Effect ("ability") or Object Effect ("enchantment")."

Ant Nectar's unused visual effect (right; comparison on the left).
  • 31034 Ant Vision (calls a script which was to be activated after consuming Ant Nectar)
  • 9fb00 Attack Health
  • 2bfdd Cripple Be Gone Effect
  • 963d2 Cure Addiction
  • 15176 Damage Chest (the only "damage body part" effects which are used are damage legs, by the Dart Gun)
  • 15174 Damage Left Arm
  • 15178 Damage Radiation Resistance
  • 15171 Damage Right Arm
  • 60c17 Flamer Burn
  • bd475 Flamer Smoke Effect
  • 0014c Frost Damage
  • 62693 Generic Debug Effect
  • aae52 Glowing One Rad B Self Effect
  • 8c031 Glowing One Rad Burst
  • abcf2 (no name) (Gooification Effect Shader)
  • 6697b Increased Agility - Jet
  • 66983 Increased Agility - Psycho
  • 66ec3 Increased Damage Resistance - Med-X
  • 60c50 Increased Endurance - Med-X
  • 6697f Increased Perception - Jet
  • 66973 Increased Strength - Jet
  • 60c4f Increased Strength - Med-X
  • 1b17b Increased Confidence
  • 31d7a Increased Speed Multiplier
  • 66977 Reduce Charisma (Mentat Addiction)
  • 5a33d Reduce Charisma (Psycho Addiction)
  • 5a33f Reduce Charisma (Buffout Addiction)
  • 66979 Reduce Intelligence (Psycho Addiction)
  • 66984 Reduce Intelligence - Psycho+ (Psycho+ doesn't appear in item form)
  • 35f08 Reduced Action Points
  • 35f07 Reduced Carry Weight
  • 43906 Reduced Health
  • 32de7 Reduced Luck
  • 77787 Reduced Poison Resistance
  • 34aa1 Reduced Radiation Resistance
  • 0014a Script Effect
  • 0014d Shock Damage

Object Effects

These serve as "enchantments" endowed on the player through equipment.

  • a874c Armor Damage: DR -5
  • 71b8a Barter Outfit: Barter +5
  • 3d339 Dunce Cap: Intelligence -1. Cut headgear?
  • 3d337 Football Helmet: Unarmed +5. Another cut headgear.
  • c2522 Jumpsuit: Perception +2
  • 71b89 Merchant Clothing: Speech +5
  • c7c4c Metal Armor: Sneak +5, Agility -1
  • 71b8c Officer's Uniform: Speech +5
  • c1938 Radiation Burst: Rads +5
  • 71b8d Slasher Mask: Melee damage +10

Unused Dialogue

Dad saves Dr Li

Originally, during the confrontation with the Enclave during 'The Waters of Life', instead of Colonel Autumn being locked in with Dad as soon as the player returns to the Jefferson Rotunda, they would witness a scene in which Dad tries to get Li out of the Purifier's Main Chamber, and consequently saves her life.

Hidden Todd Howard Dialogue

Hidden amongst Liam Neeson's voice files for Dad are a few placeholder lines recorded by Todd Howard.

Placeholder Liberty Prime Dialogue

Simply some placeholder lines of dialogue for Liberty Prime.

Radio Tenpenny

Alistair Tenpenny's dialogue files contain the remnants of a cut radio station. A few of these were re-recorded and added to The Pitt Radio in the Pitt DLC.

Regional Differences

The Japanese version had some cuts to avoid getting banned:

  • The Fat Man weapon was renamed to the Nuka Launcher, due to the original name having been named after the bomb dropped on Nagasaki.
  • Mr. Burke was removed from the game, disabling the option to nuke Megaton in "The Power of the Atom". This was done because of the taboo regarding nuclear weapons, especially those used by the protagonist, in Japanese media. It's still possible to complete the quest by disarming the nuke.
  • Human decapitations are disabled. Ghoul and monster decapitations are unchanged.