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Fallout 3

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Title Screen

Fallout 3

Developer: Bethesda Game Studios
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Platforms: Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Released in JP: December 4, 2008
Released in US: October 28, 2008
Released in EU: October 30, 2008
Released in AU: October 30, 2008

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Fallout 3 is 2008's award-winning post-apocalyptic corpse-lootin' dungeon crawler. It is the first Fallout game to move away from the Diablo-like style, and went into full 3D and gave the option for first-person view. The game's dedicated mod kit (G.E.C.K.) can be used to easily view much of this unimplemented content.

To do:
Mister Burke has unused Japanese voicelines that never get spoken, since you don't get to meet nor talk to him in that localization. Upload them here. (Sources: Reddit post, YouTube video.)


Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Unused NPCs and Critters
They survived the apocalypse, but not the axe.
Unused Items
Some trinkets you won't find when picking through the rubble.
Unused Notes
Samples of Bethesda's Pulitzer-caliber writing which never made it into the game.
Unused Maps
The Capital Wasteland's forgotten locales, buried under the refuse of dummied code.

Downloadable Content

Fo3 Operation Anchorage.png
Operation: Anchorage
An FPS game-within-a-game set in the frozen north!
Fo3 Unsafe Working Conditions.png
The Pitt
The Lone Wanderer lonely wanders into a hairy situation. Welcome to The Pitt.
Fo3 Death From Above.png
Broken Steel
The wasteland adventure continues until the player gets tired of it.
Fo3 Bog Walker.png
Point Lookout
Commit homicide in the scenic festering swamps of Point Lookout State Park.
Fo3 Not of This World.png
Mothership Zeta
The aliens have returned and this time, they're canon!

Unused Graphics

Pip-Boy Images

World Objects

There's an entire set of unused wasteland rocks in Fallout 3's game files. The same rocks can be seen in the intro slides and early screenshots. In the Fallout 3 Official Game Guide: Pre-War Edition, Lead Artist Istvan Pely recounted how this first set of rocks Bethesda created was judged to be "too smoothly organic and... friendly?" and "it was important that they looked angular and rough". The cave rocks in the released game still use these meshes as a base, just with a darker texture.

FO3 OldRocks.png


There's a cut stealth indicator in Fallout 3's game files that depicted a more gradual measure of how hidden the player was using a circle that shrank or grew in size. It was replaced in favour of the less ambiguous [HIDDEN]/[CAUTION]/[DANGER] system for retail.

Unused Quests

MQ10 Infiltration (14e90)

Unused stage of the main quest between "The American Dream" and "Take It Back!". This was presumably the original explanation for how Liberty Prime's power issues were resolved. Several Citadel terminal entries refer to an Accelerated Vector Fusion module that Liberty Prime needs to function and one entry says that Doctor Li had been working on the technology in her lab in Rivet City. Likely this is the MacGuffin the player would have been tasked with retrieving in Infiltration. In retail the player can ask Doctor Li about her lab; she responds with "Our work on portable fusion power and hydroponics are coming along quite nicely, if not quite according to schedule. This is despite the fact the laboratory is entirely devoted to hydroponics and there's evidently no sign of any fusion power research. Curiously, concept art for Rivet City does depict what looks like a large spherical reactor.

During development, there was also a quest in which the Enclave would attack Rivet City, and the player character would be tasked with escorting the inhabitants to the Citadel (see: Prerelease:Fallout 3). However, team lead Todd Howard decided it was just too big. It's plausible the quest was named Infiltration because the player would be sneaking past Enclave forces occupying the city.

Quest Stage Log Entry
10 Enter Rivet City through the underwater diving hatch.
20 Obtain the prototype power source.
30 Return the prototype power source to Scribe Rothchild at the Citadel.
40 Meet with Elder Lyons in his solar.

Relevant terminal entries in the Citadel:

EditorID Entry
General Chase,

I'm sorry, but you're being completely unrealistic. There is simply no way the robot will be combat ready in three months.

The chassis is complete, all weapons systems are online, and the voice module has been programmed as requested. But power consumption is still our primary concern, and neither doctors Honeywell nor Park have yet found an acceptable solution.

We had hoped to sub-contract Vault-Tec, and utilize the talents of Doctor Braun. But apparently he's gone into seclusion, working on one of their own projects, and they couldn't reach him at this point if they wanted to. So that's out.

I'll give it to you straight, General -- this is the biggest robot the world has ever seen, and we just haven't been able to find a power source small enough, and powerful enough, to get the damn thing running with all its systems online.

In three months we might be able to guarantee the robot can walk into downtown Anchorage, but all of his weapons systems will be OFFLINE.

Maybe he can just step on the Red Chinese?

Doctor Stanley Bloomfeld
Project Lead
I'm tired of trying to re-route power like some kind of snot-nosed Initiate.

I don't care what kind of drain it puts on the Scribes' ability to research and maintain the weapons and armor -- I'm proceeding with the AVF experiments.

If I can successfully create an Accelerated Vector Fusion module (similar to the technology I saw Doctor Li working with all those years ago), we'll have our first real chance of getting the robot fully operational.

Maybe then the Western Elders will realize our worth.
Unfortunately, the Accelerated Vector Fusion (AVF) experiments haven't gone as planned.

Bowditch suffered 2nd degree burns, and at one point we accidentally channeled so much power to the robot's head laser, it discharged and nearly killed Elder Lyons.

He was not pleased.

MQ12 Last Rites (14e92)

Unused stage of the main quest set after "Take It Back!". It has no objectives remaining in code. Most likely it is the basis of the Broken Steel DLC.

MS03 Wasteland Survival Guide (14e96)

Unused stages of the optional quest, where the player would print something at Hubris Comics, but not required for the quest.

Quest Stage Log Entry
100 Print the manuscript at Hubris Comics Publishing.
105 Bring the printed books back to Lea.

Lea appears to be a previous name for Moria Brown, as can be identified by Script notes for her dialogue lines.


Name unknown, from cut dialogue topics it can be interpreted that the quest's premise was teaming up with Sarah Lyons and the Brotherhood Outcasts to recover an unusual artifact in an effort to unify the two Brotherhood of Steel factions. The Fort Independence laboratory still has an NPC marker for MS07 linked to two AI packages for a cut NPC named Specialist Aberdeen* (Specialist is the Outcast equivalent of a Brotherhood Scribe). Likely the artifact would have been brought to Fort Independence for study. Potential outcomes included the Outcasts and Elder Lyons' Brotherhood reuniting or a betrayal. There would have been a Galaxy News Radio report on the player's exploits once the quest was completed. The Outcasts have a fairly minimal role in retail Fallout 3 and this quest would have given the faction and their conflict with the Brotherhood a lot more depth. The player could have been rewarded with some sort of training from the Outcasts, and the player also had the option to take the item for themselves. There was also the potential of the player getting the item beforehand. It seems the "artifact" and the "item" were distinct from each other.

It's plausible the quest would have revolved around recovering technology of alien origin:

  • There's an unused object, possibly the "artifact", named ``ms07disk`` with a strange serrated centre unlike any data storage device seen before or since in the Fallout universe.
  • The Citadel archive terminal with a report on a UFO encounter is referenced (MS07CitadelArchiveTerminalREF).
  • Two cut signs linked to the quest, "Bureau of Special Affairs" and "Center for Extra-Typical Research" suggest clandestine government efforts to investigate the extraterrestrial, very much like something from the The X-Files.
  • In retail Fallout 3 the player can trade alien power cells and even the alien blaster with the Outcasts and there are alien power cells in their lab armoury.
  • The Fallout 3: Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition faction profile on the Outcasts further supports this theory:

"In their eyes, they are the true Brotherhood of Steel, carrying on the mission of the main West Coast contingent. They proudly wear the name "Outcast"; anything to further dissociation them from Lyons. It's also important to note that the Brotherhood's concentration on acquiring advanced technology means they have their obsessions—including the procurement of alien weapons from anywhere in the Capital Wasteland, including possible crashed U.F.O. and pre-war government installations."

Speculating, it seems unlikely the player would be incentivised to betray the quest givers to keep... a data(?) disk for themselves. The themes of alien technology, and the presence of alien power cells in Fort Independence and the Official Game Guide note on "alien weapons" suggests the alien blaster might have been at the center of the quest. This would present a dilemma to the player of having to forgo a powerful unique weapon for the greater good of reconciling the two Brotherhood factions. The scenario could have been the player is granted access to the Citadel archive terminal by the Brotherhood after meeting with the Outcasts, finds the secret pre-War laboratory where extraterrestial technology was researched, retrieves the alien data disk for analysis in Fort Independence, and from there gets the location of the downed UFO with alien blaster.

Specialist Aberdeen has left no other traces except for AI packages; one more lab marker not tied explicitly to MS07 and packages for eating, sleeping, and using the bathroom (!) in the upper level of Fort Independence. Interestingly even though research personnel are mentioned in terminal entries in the Fort Independence lab no Outcast Specialists were actually encountered in retail Fallout 3 until Operation: Anchorage was released.

The Outcasts introduction sequence is a leftover from MS07; the teleport marker that Protector Casdin uses to appear after the raider assault is repelled when the player first visits Fort Independence has the "MS07" prefix and as does dialogue from the named Outcasts present. There's also an unused marker named MS07IndependenceEntryMarker on the road approaching Ford Independence.

In the Citadel archives, there's a copy of the MS07 linked terminal in what looks like a messy attempt by Bethesda to scrub any unused MS07 leftovers from the game. Both use the same base terminal, both are enabled in-game and occupy the same coordinates but the copy is much newer. Looking at the three entries shared by both terminals (UFO report, molerat research, brainwashing) the UFO note has a different name format (CitPalandineNote versus CitadelArchiveMissionNOTE, CitadelArchiveBrainstormNOTE) and was created immediately after the duplicate terminal (B75F6 and B75F7) while the other two entries are older (7E17A and 7E17B), created not long after the original MS07 terminal (777AB). So in summary, after Bethesda cut MS07 they went out of their way to change the entry on a crashed UFO. What the entry originally said can only be guessed. Maybe a report on the recovery of alien technology and where it was taken to?

The strange radio signal (Recon craft Theta Beacon) broadcasting from the Alien crash site in the northeast of the map has more to it than meets the eye; the three audio files are named qst_alienradio_01.wav, qst_alienradio_02.wav and qst_alienradio_03.wav and are located in /sound/fx/qst/alienradio. /qst/ is reserved for audio used in named, marked quests only. The only obvious candidate is MS07, implying that the player would have visited the downed UFO as part of the quest.

Unused, blank dialogue topics associated with MS07:

Type Dialogue ID
Radio RadioGNRPlayerExploitsMS07
Conversation MS07WorkOnArtifact3
Conversation MS07WorkOnArtifact2
Conversation MS07WorkOnArtifact
Topic MS07UnityRequest3D
Topic MS07UnityRequest3C
Topic MS07UnityRequest3B
Topic MS07UnityRequest3A
Topic MS07UnityRequest2C
Topic MS07UnityRequest2B
Topic MS07UnityRequest2A
Topic MS07UnityReject
Topic MS07Unity2B
Topic MS07Unity2A
Topic MS07Unity1
Topic MS07LyonsStrike1A
Topic MS07LyonsStrike1B
Topic MS07EntryRequest1
Topic MS07TechRequest1
Topic MS07TaskReject
Topic MS07TaskComplete3B
Topic MS07TaskComplete3A
Topic MS07TaskComplete2C
Topic MS07TaskComplete2B
Topic MS07TaskComplete2A
Topic MS07TaskComplete1C
Topic MS07TaskComplete1B
Topic MS07TaskComplete1A
Conversation MS07SarahFoundItem
Topic MS07RewardTraining1B
Topic MS07RewardTraining1A
Topic MS07Reminder
Topic MS07QuestInfo2B
Topic MS07QuestInfo2A
Topic MS07QuestInfo1C
Topic MS07QuestInfo1B
Topic MS07QuestDoubleCross1B
Topic MS07QuestDoubleCross1A
Topic MS07QuestComplete2D
Topic MS07QuestComplete2C
Topic MS07QuestComplete2B
Topic MS07QuestComplete2A
Topic MS07QuestComplete1B
Topic MS07QuestComplete1A
Topic MS07QuestAccept1B
Topic MS07QuestAccept1A
Topic MS07ItemReturn
Topic MS07GiverGreetingEnd
Topic MS07GiverGreeting02
Topic MS07GiverGreeting01
Topic MS07EntryRequest
Topic MS07CasdinQuestion1B
Topic MS07CasdinQuestion1A
Topic MS07AlreadyHave1B
Topic MS07AlreadyHave1A
Topic MS07QuestInfo1A
Topic MS07UnityRequest1

Several conversations that made their way to retail about the Brotherhood-Outcasts split are remnants of MS07, for example Elder Lyons and Protector Casdin's dialogue on the subject. Scribe Bowditch in the Citadel has dialogue linked to MS07 that could have been the starting point for the quest:

Speaker Text
Player Can you tell me more about the Brotherhood of Steel?
Scribe Bowditch Oh yes, I can. In fact, I suspect I could write several texts on the various details of the Brotherhood.
Scribe Bowditch But I suspect you're in a hurry, so what particulars would you like to know?
Player What are the central beliefs of the Brotherhood?
Scribe Bowditch Brotherhood members are sworn to acquire and protect technology of the past. But not everyone interprets these oaths in the same way.
Scribe Bowditch Elder Lyons sees these duties as part of a larger dedication to protect the innocent. Some, like the Outcasts, disagree with these priorities.
Player What have been the highlights of your time with the Brotherhood?
Scribe Bowditch I like to think that I've still got some big achievements left in me, although some of my joints seem to disagree these days.
Scribe Bowditch I'll tell you what the low-lights of my time have been though: every time I've been shot at. I'm a scribe, not a soldier!
Player What's the biggest challenge the Brotherhood has ever faced?
Scribe Bowditch It seems like whichever challenge we're facing is always the biggest one. Survival at first, then expansion, and now cohesion.
Scribe Bowditch We've seen plenty of Wasteland freaks or would-be dictators. They're not too bad, at least we've faced that sort of thing before.
Scribe Bowditch But more recent events, like the schism with the Outcasts... Those are the problems that worry me.
Player That's enough for now.
Scribe Bowditch Okay. Anything else?
Player Tell me more about the Outcasts.
Scribe Bowditch It's a rather sad story, I'm afraid. Last year, some of our soldiers had grave disagreements with the decisions of Elder Lyons.
Scribe Bowditch Disagreements spiraled out of control, and there was a schism in the ranks. The loyal soldiers practically threw out the dissenters.
Scribe Bowditch Now they call themselves Outcasts.
Player What sort of disagreements did they have?
Scribe Bowditch Where Elder Lyons has fought to protect the people of the Capital Wasteland, the Outcasts demanded we move on and leave them to their fates.
Scribe Bowditch They insisted there was more important technology to be recovered in a scientific base in the ruins of Fort Independence, to the West.
Scribe Bowditch As callous as their decision may be, it's more in line with our original mission. Elder Lyons is an inspiration to us, but to them he's a traitor.
Player Who were the exiles?
Scribe Bowditch The soldiers rallied behind Paladin Casdin, who was one of Elder Lyons' original squad. They served together for over twenty years.
Scribe Bowditch Casdin was well-respected, and every bit as loyal to the Brotherhood as Elder Lyons. He just disagreed with the interpretations of our oaths.
Scribe Bowditch But when disagreements turned into fistfights, he left with the Outcasts. We lost more allies that day than we ever have to any battle.
Player What are you doing about them?
Scribe Bowditch As much as some of our soldiers would like to see them shot for deserting, there's not much we can do. We're too busy with the Super Mutants.
Scribe Bowditch Meanwhile, they're busy seeking out new technology and trying to get back in contact with the Brotherhood out West.
Scribe Bowditch So our paths rarely cross, but it's never pretty when they do. I just hope things cool down before it gets worse.
Player Enough about the Outcasts.
Scribe Bowditch It is a rather discouraging subject, isn't it?
Player It sounds like it was quite a loss. Is there any way to reconcile them?
Scribe Bowditch Lyons and Casdin would have to agree to any sort of reconciliation, and that's pretty unlikely. They're both quite proud and... stubborn. {Not entirely comfortable speaking ill of either of them}
Scribe Bowditch Me, I just wish there was a way we could all agree that at least we're still on the same side. There are bigger problems out there, after all.
Player If so many people agreed with him, maybe he has a good point.
Scribe Bowditch That's the thing, really. Casdin's "technology first" sort of attitude is more traditional in the Brotherhood always used to operate, out West. {Emphasis on the "IS" in "...sort of attitude IS more traditional"}
Scribe Bowditch But somewhere along the way from there to here, Elder Lyons made sure we watched out for the people, not just the technology. {Proud of Lyons for the decision}
Scribe Bowditch To some of us, that was noble. I guess to Casdin and his crew, it was just soft. I wish they could see some sort of middle ground.
Player Well, good riddance to them. If you waver in your oaths, you get punished.
Scribe Bowditch You sound like some of the hard-liners. We all served together for years, but now some of the soldiers hate them as much as the Super Mutants.

There's a generic Galaxy News Radio report that raises the question of Brotherhood-Outcasts reconciliation. Other GNR segments of this type present a conflict/dilemma as a prelude to a quest. It seems likely this report was tied to MS07:

This segment has an additional bit of scripting that ensures it never plays.

Alien Oddities

An interview[1] with Bethesda developer Jeff Gardiner in the run-up to the release of the Mothership Zeta DLC might (indirectly) give some insight into what motivated Bethesda to tie a giant alien conspiracy to such a crucial quest:

"We thought it would be a very unique environment to explore, a far cry from the dust ravaged wastes of DC. The lead designer, Emil Pagliarulo, and I are interested in Alien conspiracy theory... There's a lot of information to sift through on the internet, while neither of us is quite sure what to believe it makes for interesting coffee conversation."

The Prima Official Game Guide insists a second Alien Blaster (with "deceased Alien Captive") can be found in the Fort Bannister impact crater, under the overturned army truck. In retail there are only Alien Power Cells at this location. It could be an oversight, but the info persisted through several editions of the Guide and was even referenced in the Aliens faction profile from the Game of the Year Edition. There are other examples of cut or changed content finding its way into the Game Guide e.g. makeshift gas masks at Vault 106.

Some Fallout 3 concept art depicts the exploitation of stranded aliens by human scientists. The concept art for aliens comes in two flavours; angry, armored, armed (having evidently just crashed landed on Earth) or cowed and naked.

Throwing Skill

Throwing's Pip-Boy image, found with the other skill icons.

Throwing is a skill from Fallout 1 and 2, which in 3 was consolidated into the Explosives skill to simplify gameplay. There are Pip-Boy images in the game's texture file which reveal that it was planned to return at some point before ultimately being cut.

The image intended for use as its skill icon was later used in Fallout: New Vegas for the Heave Ho! perk.

The cut skill's description is still present in the game files:

The higher your Throwing skill, the more likely you are to hurl a thrown weapon like a rock, Molotov cocktail or grenade exactly where you want to.   


Originally, the player would have fixed damaged or crippled limbs within a surgery minigame instead of just applying Stimpaks through the Pip-Boy. There are still a number of assets tied to this cut game mechanic in the game files.


In a curious coincidence Bethesda used the GURPS tabletop role-playing game system to prototype Fallout 3 during early development. There's an old script for handling minor quests called FreeFormDCQuestSCRIPT with the following note at the start:

; =========================================================;
; 								;
; group of vars used for GURPs conversion functions 	        ;
;        							;
short pcskill		; store player score (attribute or skill);
short gurp		; store gurp-converted score (18 scale)	;	
short dice		; stores our random 3d6 dice roll	;
short critFail		; return var for critical failures	;
short critSuccess	; return var for critical successes	;
;								;

Maybe there were at one time skill checks beside speech like the classic Fallout titles? The references to critical failure and critical successes are intriguing too.

Unused Game Effects

The following effects can be applied to actors by using the cios command, followed by the associated Form ID. I.E. cios 0005B141

Actor Effects


Demonstration of the Atomization effect. (GIF)

Internally called NukeCritEffect with an effect name of Atomization. Using the command "cios 0005B141" on an actor will allow the effect to be applied, showing the actor slowly dissolving into a green flurry of particles. This effect, along with Gooification and Disintegration, will not display properly if "Transparency Multisampling" is enabled, instead causing the actor to be rendered as semi-transparent. Form ID: 0005B141

  • Better Rivet City Prices: Related to the quest 'Wasteland Survival Guide'. Increases barter by 15, regardless of location. 6f592
  • EMP Disable: Has the effect of a Pulse grenade on susceptible targets. The weapons in-game use the EMP object effect, which is effectively the same thing. 5b148
  • Kamikaze: A trait from Fallout 1 and 2. 3 doesn't have traits, so it would have been a perk instead. Increases AP by 10 and reduces DR by 20. 94ec3
  • Live Giver: There are effects for unused second and third ranks for this perk. Rank 2: 31d8a Rank 3: 31d8b
  • Poison: Called "DeathClawPoison" internally. Deathclaws cannot inflict poison. 6b20e
  • Rad Poisoning: Called "NukalurkAttack" internally. 9ade8
  • RL3 Survive: Increased DR by 10, three stages. 7d4f2
  • Stealth Shield: Called "EnclaveInfiltratorStealth" internally. Runs a stealth boy script on the actor. 7d412

There are also unused effects for all the bobbleheads, which do the same thing as the items' scripts.

Base Effects

Some of these unused effects show different item bonuses than what is actually used in the game. From the GECK Wiki, "A Base Effect is a fundamental "magic effect" in Fallout 3 that defines a particular way of modifying the player's stats or starting a script whenever the player consumes an Ingestible (food item, drug, or chemical) or is affected by an Actor Effect ("ability") or Object Effect ("enchantment")."

Ant Nectar's unused visual effect (right; comparison on the left).
  • 31034 Ant Vision (calls a script which was to be activated after consuming Ant Nectar)
  • 9fb00 Attack Health
  • 2bfdd Cripple Be Gone Effect
  • 963d2 Cure Addiction
  • 15176 Damage Chest (the only "damage body part" effects which are used are damage legs, by the Dart Gun)
  • 15174 Damage Left Arm
  • 15178 Damage Radiation Resistance
  • 15171 Damage Right Arm
  • 60c17 Flamer Burn
  • bd475 Flamer Smoke Effect
  • 0014c Frost Damage
  • 62693 Generic Debug Effect
  • aae52 Glowing One Rad B Self Effect
  • 8c031 Glowing One Rad Burst
  • abcf2 (no name) (Gooification Effect Shader)
  • 6697b Increased Agility - Jet
  • 66983 Increased Agility - Psycho
  • 66ec3 Increased Damage Resistance - Med-X
  • 60c50 Increased Endurance - Med-X
  • 6697f Increased Perception - Jet
  • 66973 Increased Strength - Jet
  • 60c4f Increased Strength - Med-X
  • 1b17b Increased Confidence
  • 31d7a Increased Speed Multiplier
  • 66977 Reduce Charisma (Mentat Addiction)
  • 5a33d Reduce Charisma (Psycho Addiction)
  • 5a33f Reduce Charisma (Buffout Addiction)
  • 66979 Reduce Intelligence (Psycho Addiction)
  • 66984 Reduce Intelligence - Psycho+ (Psycho+ doesn't appear in item form)
  • 35f08 Reduced Action Points
  • 35f07 Reduced Carry Weight
  • 43906 Reduced Health
  • 32de7 Reduced Luck
  • 77787 Reduced Poison Resistance
  • 34aa1 Reduced Radiation Resistance
  • 0014a Script Effect
  • 0014d Shock Damage

Object Effects

These serve as "enchantments" endowed on the player through equipment.

  • a874c Armor Damage: DR -5
  • 71b8a Barter Outfit: Barter +5
  • 3d339 Dunce Cap: Intelligence -1. Cut headgear?
  • 3d337 Football Helmet: Unarmed +5. Another cut headgear.
  • c2522 Jumpsuit: Perception +2
  • 71b89 Merchant Clothing: Speech +5
  • c7c4c Metal Armor: Sneak +5, Agility -1
  • 71b8c Officer's Uniform: Speech +5
  • c1938 Radiation Burst: Rads +5
  • 71b8d Slasher Mask: Melee damage +10

Unused Dialogue

Dad saves Dr Li

Originally, during the confrontation with the Enclave during 'The Waters of Life', instead of Colonel Autumn being locked in with Dad as soon as the player returns to the Jefferson Rotunda, they would witness a scene in which Dad tries to get Li out of the Purifier's Main Chamber, and consequently saves her life.

Hidden Todd Howard Dialogue

Hidden amongst Liam Neeson's voice files for Dad are a few placeholder lines recorded by Todd Howard.

Placeholder Liberty Prime Dialogue

Simply some placeholder lines of dialogue for Liberty Prime.

Placeholder Mr. Handy Dialogue

A one-off placeholder line named "demomrhandyinsul[t]" can be found in Fallout 3's game files, sounding a lot like an American trying his best to fake a polished English accent. The exact line ("If I may be so bold, the blue in the vault suit contrasts brilliantly with your eyes!") was noted in a preview of Fallout 3's E3 2007 demo.[2]

Radio Tenpenny

Alistair Tenpenny's dialogue files contain the remnants of a cut radio station.

Regional Differences

The Japanese version had some cuts to avoid getting banned:

  • The Fat Man weapon was renamed to the Nuka Launcher, due to the original name having been named after the bomb dropped on Nagasaki.
  • Mr. Burke was removed from the game, disabling the option to nuke Megaton in "The Power of the Atom". This was done because of the taboo regarding nuclear weapons, especially those used by the protagonist, in Japanese media. It's still possible to complete the quest by disarming the nuke.
    • Despite this, Burke has audio files fully dubbed.
  • Human decapitations are disabled. Ghoul and monster decapitations are unchanged.