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Fallout 3/Broken Steel

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This is a sub-page of Fallout 3.

The first two digits in all form IDs used will vary depending on which add-ons you have installed and active. This page assumes you have the GOTY edition of the game with no mods. For more information see the Fallout wiki

Unused Items


  • Surgical Mask: Another unused version of the mask which the player character's father wears in the introductory scene. This version of the mask has the same stats as the planned Wasteland Survival Guide reward one (+5 Medical, +5 Poison Resistance, and +5 Radiation Resistance).30088e7
  • Tesla Resonance Armor: Differently named copy of the standard Tesla Armor. There is no matching helmet. 3002480


Lightning Gun's persistent effect.
  • Discharge Hammer: A unique Super Sledge which inflicts extra electrical damage. It has a unique actor effect, HammerShockEffect. 300088bf
  • Grenade Launcher: A copy of the Combat Shotgun which fires grenades instead of shells. This was actually made for a demonstration on how to use the GECK, and was probably never intended for use in the game. 300adc8
  • Lightning Gun: This is a very fun weapon, based off the laser rifle. When fired, it releases a cloud of flammable gas (like the kind found in dungeons) from the spot where the laser hit. A few moments later, the point of impact will fire another laser at itself. Under most circumstances, especially indoors, the cloud of gas will ignite and create a huge framerate-destroying firey explosion. Unlike the gas leaks used in dungeons it will continue to burn furiously, even after leaving the map and returning. 3003580
  • Super Sledge: An unused clone of the Super Sledge, which judging by its editor ID, seems to have been designed for Super Mutants. 300d4ff
  • Tesla Cannon: An early version of the Tesla Cannon used for testing. It is one of many unimplemented test items in the DLC files internally named with the prefix 'testPhil'; there are at least three Phils in Fallout 3's credits, so it's not completely certain who this Phil is. This version of the weapon uses the model, repair list and ammunition of the Missile Launcher, but still fires the regular Tesla Cannon electricity blast (though its statistics are very different). There is one of these placed outside the map boundaries near the Satellite Relay Station. It's actually possible to pick up without use of console commands for those playing on consoles. 30026ff
  • Tesla Cannon chain effect: This is the effect of the cannon's electricity jumping from one enemy to another. Only one stage of the effect is actually used, the others are repeated by a script. 300d48e, 300d4f8, 300d4f9, 300d5fa

Unused Note

Alpha Cell Entry 01


Project Code: AC-PPE-47

Report: GATS2

Project Entry 01: Deconstruction

Upon first look after dismantling of the Alpha cell, we noticed a structure similar to one of our standard voltaic cells. After further investigation we noticed that the fluid being used as the electrolyte is of indeterminate origin and have sent samples off to our sister lab under Task: AC-PPE-47-N.

Unused Maps

Traps Warehouse



No name, Different from the one in Operation Anchorage. testPhil

Test Tony


Test water Quest


Dummy Cell



No name. In worldspace DLC03AdamsAFB. aaatemprename


No name. In worldspace DLC03RelayStation. x