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Fallout 3/Operation: Anchorage

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This is a sub-page of Fallout 3.

The first two digits in all form IDs used will vary depending on which add-ons you have installed and active. This page assumes you have the GOTY edition of the game with no mods. For more information see the Fallout wiki

Unused NPCs & Creatures

Dead U.S. Paratrooper

Fallout3-OA DeadUSParatrooper.png

This is the paratrooper who is promptly gunned down by Chinese troops early in the mission. Since bodies dematerialize in the simulation, a dead character would be pretty out of place.

Sentry Bot

Fallout3-OA WinterizedSentryBotGL.png
This is a winterized Sentry Bot wielding a Gatling Laser. The versions seen in the simulation are all named Strike Team Sentry Bot and equipped with Miniguns. There is also an unused Minigun version as well as a similarly unused Mister Gutsy (missing the Strike Team title). Sentry Bot (G. Laser): 1001f0c Mister Gutsy: 1001f0b Sentry Bot (Minigun): 1001f0a

Unused Clones

Jingwei's unused clone
  • Chimera AutoTank: Clone of the Chimera Tank, with weaker stats. 1003387
  • General Jingwei: Has a different face than the actual Jingwei. 100cbf4
  • Sergeant Benjamin Montgomery: 100a044

Voice-Only NPCs

These voices are used to play holotapes. Holotape voice 2 is completely unused, as are all three "Voice Actor NPCs".

  • Audiotape Voice 1: 100c337
  • Audiotape Voice 2: 100c338
  • Audiotape Voice Gary: 100c339
  • Voice Actor NPC 1: 100c163
  • Voice Actor NPC 2: 100c164
  • Voice Actor NPC 3 (Gary): 100c166

Unused Items


Chinese Stealth Helmet
  • Chinese Stealth Helmet: Accompanies the Chinese Stealth Armor you get at the end of the simulation. The helmet is actually built into the suit, so this is unnecessary. Has the same world model and Pipboy icon as the Recon Helmet. 1003a03
Winterized combat helmet, sans balaclava
  • Combat Helmet: A winterized Combat helmet which doesn't include the facemask. 100cdde
The Peepers' NVG effect.
  • The Peepers: Looks identical to the base game's Biker Goggles. Has a rather tacky night vision effect which works perfectly well, but requires extremely low-light conditions to work without burning your eyes, and still looks rather poor even in the darkest locations in the game. 1003473
  • Sim Regen Armor: Combat armor. Gradually regenerates HP and limbs. 1002969
  • Stealth Recon Armor: Identical to Outcast Recon Armor, except it has the Chinese Stealth Armor's stealth boy effect while crouching. Helmet: 100160e Armor: 100160f
  • testPhilSnowHelmet: Called Combat Helmet in-game, this is actually a snowman head which is turned on its side when equipped. 100bc37
  • Chinese Jumpsuit: A winterized Chinese jumpsuit, intended to be taken as a reward by the player at the end of the simulation. 100c189
  • Winterized Combat Armor: A wasteland version of the armor, intended to be taken outside of the simulation. It is actually possible to get the sim version through a glitch, but not the weaker unused one. 100c18b


  • Alloy Steel Assault Rifle: Another cut end-of-quest reward. Uses the simulation AR skin but is otherwise identical to the regular R91. 100c06e
  • 10mm Alloy Steel Pistol: See above. Other than its name and cleaned-up appearance it's exactly the same. 100c06c
  • 10mm Alloy Steel Submachine Gun: Since there is no sim-specific 10mm SMG skin, this differs from the wasteland version in name only. 100c06f
  • Chinese Dragoon Assault Rifle: Anchorage skin, same stats. 100c070
  • Electric Sword: A weaker test version of Jingwei's Shocksword. 1004dad
  • Electric Sword A Electrocute Crit Knockdown: Same as above, but it inflicts knockdown instead of vaporizing on a critical hit. 100be37
  • Electric Sword Damage Multiply: Same as "Electric Sword". 100be38
  • Gauss Rifle: A test version of the Gauss Rifle, which uses the model of the Laser Rifle. It does significantly less damage but always knocks the target down on hit. 1003a04
  • Jingwei's Shocksword DOT: A weaker version of the Shocksword with simulation-level item HP. 100c38e
  • Jingwei's Shocksword Stack: Seems to be the same as above, but with a unique object effect. 100beb5
  • No Ammo Silenced 10mm Pistol: Identical to the silenced 10mm, but it never uses ammo or has to be reloaded. Still deteriorates rather quickly. 1002972
  • Signal Flare: A clone of the frag grenade. Inflicts no damage and has no attached scipts. 100a4dd
  • Silenced 10mm Alloy Steel Pistol: 100c06d
  • Smoke Grenade: Differently-named frag grenades with no apparent smoke effect other than that of the standard grenades. These are technically accessible in the simulation by exploiting a collision glitch (see Unused Maps/testPhilBombs). 1008236 Has this classy and mature script attached to it:

scn testPhilSmokeGrenadeSCRIPT

short doOnce


showWarning "LOADED FUCKFACE!"



IF doOnce == 0

showWarning "BOOM MUTHA FUCKA!" set doOnce to 1 ;placeAtMe DLC02FXCarpetBomb01 1 ;player.moveTo myself



  • Test Gun: A 10mm pistol which fires non-exploding frag grenades. This looks like an early version of a flare gun which was never completed. 100a4df
  • Test Tank Laser: Test versions of the Chimera Tank's weapons. 1000cf2e, 1003e21, 1003bfb

Misc. Items

Schematics - Trench Knife: The Trench Knife was intended to be craftable with a combat knife, brass knuckles and a wonder glue. As the recipe does not work and even with the schematic, the item cannot be crafted. Acquiring this item improves the schematic of the bottlecap mine as a placeholder. 10024ef

Unused Notes

Text Notes

  • Schematics - Trench Knife (10024f1)
At a workbench, combine:

Brass Knuckles Combat Knife Wonderglue

A state of the art advance in the field of stealth combat and trench warfare!

Audio Holotapes

  • Interrogation Log (100c523)

Listen, son, I know Morrill was rough on you. I'm sorry, I really am-

Gary? Gary?

Right. You can drop the act, now. I'm not here to hurt you.


<heavy sigh> Look, just remove the Pip-Boy and we can part ways.

Gary? GARY!

You know what? Fuck this. Hand me that saw - and turn off the recorder.


  • Resconstructed Audio Log 40.26 (100c524)
...yeah, I can. Don't know who exactly this simulation is supposed to benefit, though.


Jesus, are these guys serious? Why would they bring that kind of hardware with them?


I got word from brass at the Pentagon. We're going to need to modify the RoE on the Chinese to match this.


We just got more field reports from DoD. Hey, Rick. You busy?

  • Resconstructed Audio Log 11.38 (100c525)
You and me both. The General gets any more comfortable here and there going to be lot more all-nighters for everybody.


Between us, I think the General's taken a little too much interest in the project. You know how the CO's office is usually a formality?


...yeah, got to. These bombers Chase requested; we're pushing the system to the brink with all this crap.


Let's see, if I can just re-allocate some of the... yeah, that frees up memory for the bombers, and...


I hear Chase is having them deliver his personal effects, heh, including an overnight cot.

  • Resconstructed Audio Log 31.13 (100c526)
Yeah? We can talk about how many times he made me re-work the way his coat looks in the sim...


Sure, but the idea of the Chinese developing something similar isn't out of the question.


Chimera Tanks? Come on, man, even you have to admit these are sheer fantasy.


Look, this is the job. Most of these scenarios will never happen, but if they do, we'll have a plan.


I swear, if Chase comes to us with another ridiculous contingency scenario...

  • Resconstructed Audio Log 13.13 (100c527)
...<laughs>You almost sound like a sympathizer - you really feel sorry for the poor saps?


Yeah, exactly. They're in for a long haul.


You'd think, but they're not like us. Their boys are drafted and left to rot on whatever shit assignment they're handed.


No, no - it's not that at all. I get that the Chinese occupation in Alaska is strictly military, but don't you think they'd settle in a bit?


  • American Intelligence Report (100c15c)
Military Service #54-05C-9301

Clearance Level Gamma Begin Transmission

Be advised, Chinese field operations in occupied Anchorage in state of flux. Primary field command post appears to have moved from Elemndorf AFB to civilian refinery site, effecting a southward shift in forward line of engagement. Intercepted radio communications suggest failure of Operation Red Harvest and capture of USMC personnel. Continued artillery barrage from Chugach Overlook suggests veracity of this intelligence. High importance, be advised. Eyewitness account of Dragoon units outfitted in previously-unknown infantry armor. This armor appears to be a more recent prototype of the same HG stealth armor captured from enemy infiltrators at the Hoover Sabotage. Presence of Dragoon units suggest that General Jingwei may already have relocated to Anchorage. Stand by for confirmation of report.

  • Chinese Intelligence Report: Liberty Prime (100c154)
...//Begin Transcription//...

Wire relay reports 7*.J overseas intelligence unit MD-Cap29 detail American project {} headquarters Pentagon <8 *> codename of “Liberty Prime”. American (espionage-villains) appear to be delivered of Wave/Field laser technology from Noble Republic of Chinese Ministry of 8347*#1// Science. Reports inconclusive to *#j78C8d if American project has (*#3948kj replicated Wave/Field laser weapon.

[**87#h-h] reports suggest locomotion frame non-typical. Suggest(*9_<> develop (betray-contacts) w(th)n civilian contract firms. Possible cooperations with West-Tek, Gen. Atomics 7c&778, Robco. HJ-87&* elevate term “Liberty Prime” to <_?_> alpha on intelligence watch-listing. ...//End Transcription//...

  • Log of User Actions (100c162)
 Logon Attempt: FAILURE
 Logon Attempt: FAILURE
 Logon Attempt: FAILURE/LOCKOUT 8hr
 Logon Attempt: SUCCESS
 Mainframe Access 12Hx31Bx33I
 Mainframe Access 18Ux77Mx91J

 Mainframe Access /.
 Mainframe Modify </User/Authorizations>
 User.setAdmin PowerRoutine
 ERROR/TIMEOUT: "Please Check Power couplings"

 Incoming Notice All_Users>=Admin_Authorization
 "Unknown Access: PowerRoutine.Admin.64.122.455.0"

Unused Maps

Chinese Artillery Outpost

Fallout3-OA ArtilleryBaseTemp.png
An empty copy of one of the areas in the simulation. DLC02TEMPArtilleryBase


Fallout3-OA TestDaryl.png
Fallout3-OA TestDarylMap.png
A single room containing some of the simulated items, which are illuminated when approached. Its real name is Command Tent. DLC02TestDaryl


Fallout3-OA TestFFMap.png
Fallout3-OA TestFF.png
Just a bunch of empty rooms in a void. DLC02TestFF


Fallout3-OA TestWeap.png
Fallout3-OA TestWeapMap.png
A room containing various weapons from the DLC. DLC02TestWeap

Dummy Cell

This is an empty cell. DLC02

JCha Test Cell

Fallout3-OA JChaTest.png
Another single, dark room, containing an unnamed and non-interactive test NPC. DLCAnchJChaTestCell

Joel's Test Text Cell

Fallout3-OA TextTest.png
Fallout3-OA TextTestMap.png
A room in the abyss featuring several of the DLC's terminals, including a few which aren't otherwise used. DLC02testText


Fallout3-OA Duplicate000Map.png
A floating rock formation in the middle of an empty dirt field. TestAnchorageDUPLICATE000


Fallout3-OA TestPhil.png
Fallout3-OA TestPhilMap.png
Also named Command Tent. One of many assets in all the DLCs containing the name 'testPhil'. The player starts in a room with a restrained Anchorage U.S. soldier, who disappears as soon as he is spawned. If you take a step forward, an unused and slightly-altered clone of General Jingwei (see above) appears and the game hangs. Using the tcl command, you can slip into the next room, containing several unused test items, a Chinese flag, non-hostile Chinese soldier, and a disabled Deathclaw which won't appear in-game. When you turn noclip off a power-armored soldier spawns, gets zapped with electricity and takes his helmet off. Killing the Chinese soldier turns the flag into an American one. TestPhil


A cell located outside the map boundaries in the DLC02AnchorageBattle world space. Empty except for six Smoke Grenades. It is possible to get here without the console for non-PC users. testPhilBombs

Test Utility

Fallout3-OA TestUtility.png
Fallout3-OA TestUtilityMap.png
This is a piece of the facility the player enters to access the simulation. No items, inhabitants or furniture, and several doors and polygon seams leading directly into the void.TestDLCAnchUtility