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Fallout 3/Unused Items

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This is a sub-page of Fallout 3.

To add these to your inventory, type player.additem [form ID] 1.

Unused Armor

  • All-Purpose Science Suit: A unique version of the Enclave Scientist Outfit. Though unused, it was added to Fallout: New Vegas in a patch. cb605
  • Apocalypse Gladiator Armor: Unique versions of the Metal Armor and helmet, but with increased item HP (1200 vs. 500 for the armor, 75 vs. 50 for helmet). Helmet: cb5f7 Armor: cb5f6
  • Army Power Armor: Visually identical to the Prototype Medic Power armor, this is a standard T-45d with the U.S. Military insignia. There is no matching helmet. 61a72
  • Blast Off Helmet: A space helmet. Matches the Blast Off Pajamas worn by Bumble from Little Lamplight. Unusable by the player and won't even show up in the inventory. 7494c
  • ChildBlastoffHelmet: Similar to the Blast Off Helmet, but can be used by the player. 7c109
  • Commando Armor: Differently-named clone of the Leather Armor. cb544
  • Composite Recon Armor: Similar to the regular Composite Armor and helmet, except for increased item HP (600 vs. 400 armor, 70 vs. 40 helmet) and +1 perception on the helmet. The expansion Broken Steel adds an identical copy of the helmet to the game which can be acquired by the player. Helmet: cb5fb Armor: cb5fa
  • Defender Armor: A differently-named clone of Leather Armor. cb543
  • The Devil's Pigtails: Identical unique version of the Raider Psycho-Tic Helmet. 20432
  • Doctor Li's Glasses: Would have gone along with Dr. Li's outfit, perhaps she was to wear glasses at some point. Fully functional, and inferior to other glasses despite their uniqueness. 5c9a0
  • Enclave Shocktrooper Armor: Unique Enclave Power Armor. Similar except for increased item HP (1500 vs. 1200 armor, 125 vs. 75 helmet) and reduced DR on the helmet (7 vs. 9). Helmet: cb5f4 Armor: cbf53
  • Explorer's Gear: Unique Merc Troublemaker outfit. Statistically it differs only in its weight (3 vs. 8). Was also added to Fallout: New Vegas, in the possession of Orion Moreno. cb549
  • Hand-Me-Down Raider Armor: Raider Sadist Armor with lower DR (15 vs. 16). cb5fe
  • Handyman Jumpsuit: Visually identical to Red's Jumpsuit. Can only be repaired with Red Racer Jumpsuits. An alternate version was added in Point Lookout, with different stats. bf6fd
  • Hat of the People: Unique Chinese Commando Hat. Has increased item HP (20 vs. 15) and Small Guns +5 instead of perception +1. Unused in base Fallout 3, but was made available in The Pitt. cb604
  • Head Wrap: There is an unused head wrap with a red and yellow texture. This texture was later used in the expansion Point Lookout. 74335
  • Highway Scar Armor: Similar to the Raider Blastmaster Armor, with lower DR (15 vs. 16). cb5ff
  • (Unplayable) Leather Armor: Unusable by the player. 2dc05
  • Makeshift Gas Mask: Unique Raider Blastmaster Helmet. Intended for use in Vault 106 to filter out the psychoactive gas, but it doesn't actually do anything. Two of them are placed in cell Vault106c, but disabled. c111a
  • Oasis Exile Hood: Similar to the Oasis Druid Hood, but with a higher monetary value (30 vs. 6). This was probably intended for the sniper at Dickerson Tabernacle Chapel, but they might have opted just to give him the unique Sniper rifle "Reservist's rifle" he wields instead. c942d
  • Outcast Recon Armor: An Outcast-colored variant of the Recon Armor. Statistically similar, except the helmet gives +1 perception. Its presence in the game suggests that Outcast initiates were planned at some point. Helmet: 645ec Armor: 645ed
  • Police Hat: Though unused, a children's version is worn by some characters in Little Lamplight, and the adult version was made available in multiple expansions. ab491
  • Power-Suit Armor: Similar to the Grimy Pre-War Businesswear, with increased monetary value (12 vs. 6). cb60c
  • Unique Pre-War Outfits: Indistinguishable from the regular version in-game, though they will appear as different items in the inventory. Their uniqueness is only apparent when looking at them in the editor, and they're probably just copied placeholders for until the developers could create differing names, stats and textures (which they never did). Pre-War Casualwear: cb60d Pre-War Parkstroller Outfit: cb60f
  • Pre-War Outfit and Watch: Worn by the player during Tranquility Lane. A regular version is also included for child NPCs, but unused. Tranquility Lane version: abbe2 Unused version: 8198c
  • Pyro Helmet: Unique Raider Blastmaster Helmet. Similar, but missing the stat bonuses. cb600
  • Road Rascal Leather Armor: Differently-named Leather Armor clone. cb5f5
  • "Robo-Thor" Armor & Helmet: Unique versions of the Tesla Armor. Statistically similar to the Enclave Power Armor except for the armor's item HP, helmet's DR, and cost. Interestingly, this is the only piece of armor from Fallout 3 which is not listed in the GECK's files in Fallout: New Vegas, probably because the developers got tired of looking at it at the top of the list when using the editor. Helmet: cb5f8 Armor: cb5f9
  • Sharp-Dressed Raider's Armor: Unique Raider Painspike Armor. Like the other unused unique raider armors, it's the same, except with lower DR. cb5fc
  • Shellshocked Combat Armor: Differently-named but statistically and cosmetically identical variants of the regular Combat Armor. Helmet: cb5f0 Armor: cb5ef
  • Sleepwear: Unique variant of the Sexy Sleepwear. Similar except for a higher value (10 vs. 6). cb60e
  • Surgical Mask: Its internal name ties it to the Wasteland Survival Guide quest. Has no world model or menu icon. A second version also exists, which is the version worn by your father in the intro sequence. This version has no name when added to the inventory and does not affect its user's stats, while the first one gives +5 to Medical, Poison Resistance, and Radiation Resistance. Normal: 3e591 Dad's: 7cff0
  • (Unique) Talon Combat Armor: The armor has a higher DR (32 vs. 28) and value (390 vs. 275); the helmet has a higher item HP (50 vs. 40) and DR (5 vs. 4). Both pieces are indistinguishable from regular Talon Combat Armor in name and appearance. Helmet: cb5f1 Armor: cb5f2
  • Underwear: Uses the same skin as the Vault 101 Jumpsuit for male characters, and as glued-on underwear for female characters. This might be a sign that underwear was independently equippable, or that the player would wear the vault jumpsuit under any external armor like in Fallout 1 and 2. 89b52
  • Vault 87 Jumpsuit: Another vault jumpsuit. Fawkes wears a severely torn variation, but the wearable pristine version is nowhere to be seen. 340ed
  • Vault 92 Jumpsuit: Also unimplemented despite being complete. Though the only vault suits in the game's ruined vaults are those equipped by the vault's inhabitants (if alive), they just as easily could have stuck one of these in a dresser. b73f3
  • Wasteland Scout Hat: A kid's hat that doesn't properly fit kids' heads. The male version is a beige campaign hat and the female version is a green girl scout cap. Unusable by the player. 74952
  • Wastelander's Gear: Unique Merc Troublemaker variant with a weight of 2. cb545



  • Baseball: Fired at the player by a trap; there is sufficient evidence to suggest it was a player weapon at one point, including a 1st person view model and Pip-Boy images for a cut Throwing skill. 33d84
  • Black Bart's Bane: Unique BB Gun. Has double the item HP, damage and crit damage. 6b535
  • Breaker: Unique Nail Board. Stats are similar to the Board of Education, except with no crit multiplier, and half the cash value. cb546
  • Clover's Cleaver: Unique Chinese Officer's Sword. It would have gone to the companion Clover but she was given an NPC-only version instead. Inflicts 50% more damage (15 vs. 10) and 180% higher crit damage (27), but with a lower crit multiplier (1.5 vs. 2). c80b8
  • Curse Breaker: Unique Baseball Bat. Inflicts more damage (13 vs. 9). Equipping it may turn the player permanently invisible. c80bb
  • Excalibat: Another unique bat. Statistically identical to the Curse Breaker. Equipping it may cause graphical glitches. The reason for the glitches on either bat is unknown, but it might be due to the game attempting to access an unused Baseball Bat texture (see below). c80bc
  • Fists: An equippable, non-damaging pair of fists, equivalent to being completely unarmed, except not eliciting a reaction from any NPCs whatsoever. It's coded as part of the game engine rather than being pulled from external asset files like all other weapons. 1f4
  • (Tranquility Lane) Frag Mine: The internal name of this weapon associates it with the Tranquility Lane portion of the main quest, but there are no mines used there in-game. This was probably intended as an alternate method for murdering Mrs. Hendersn at Betty's command. This version inflicts 300x as much damage, is much more valuable (3900 vs. 25 caps), and oddly weighs twice as much. 28172
  • (Demo) Laser Rifle: A weaker version of the Laser Rifle seemingly used for a demonstration. Lower crit damage (10 vs. 22). 74795
  • Law Dog: Unique .32 pistol. Has more item HP (150 vs. 100) and inflicts greater damage. (9 vs. 6). 6b532
  • Love Tap: Unique Brass Knuckles. Increased item HP (200 vs. 100) and damage (8 vs. 6). c80b9
  • Mirelurk Bait Grenade: Tied to a stage of the Wasteland Survival Guide quest where the player is tasked with planting a device in a mirelurk egg pod. Inflicts no damage and does not actually bait mirelurks. 30664
  • O'Grady's Peacemaker: Unique Police Baton. Increased item HP (400 vs. 250), damage (6 vs. 4), and value (100 vs. 70 caps). 7843d
  • (Sonora Cruz's) 10mm Pistol: Sonora's unique 10mm pistol inflicts 100 damage per hit, which in this game is a lot. It is flagged as unplayable, it will not show up in her inventory and can't be pickpocketed. As she is programmed to flee instead of fight, she will never use it, effectively making it unused. 6f210
  • Wanda: Unique Assault Rifle. Increased item HP (450 vs. 300), damage (12 vs. 8), and value (500 vs. 300 caps). 6b533

Unused Weapon Assets

The Nuka Cocktail seems to be a predecessor to the Nuka Grenade, which would have taken the form of a molotov cocktail made from a Nuka Cola Quantum rather than a tin can. In fact, the Nuka Grenade's internal name is WeapNukaCocktail. In the GECK's form lists, it has a nonfunctional unique crafting recipe:

  • Empty Nuka Cola Bottle
  • Tin Can
  • Turpentine
  • Abraxo Cleaner

This is the same as the recipe for a Nuka Grenade, but with an empty bottle in place of the Quantum.

Unused Projectiles

These must be modified onto any weapon using the editor in order to see them in use.

  • AntFireSpitProjectile: A flaming version of the globs of spit the giant ant queens hurl at you, meant exclusively for the fire ant queen.
  • Bolt: Found in the models folder for projectiles, this looks like a crossbow bolt. There are no crossbows in Fallout 3.
  • GTBoulderProjectile: There are two projectiles using this mesh, called BoulderProjectile and FusionCarBatteryProjectile (for a gun that fires car batteries?) internally. It's a big rock.
  • MQ04OvenProjectile: This is tied to the Tranquility Lane frag mine, meaning the oven was involved in the act. The copy of the frag mine mesh it uses was deleted.
  • PhilFunProjectile: This is an eyeless, static mesh of a vicious dog, which can be easily modded into any weapon to turn it into a dog shooter. They bark when fired but otherwise behave like regular bullets.

Though not unused, the projectiles for all bullet-firing weapons uses a model labeled 7.62mm, a caliber not used in the game. Similarly, the shell casing's filename is the common in real life (but nonexistent in Fallout 3) .45 caliber.

Other Items

Aid/Misc. Items

The chandelier.
  • Big Book of Science: An oversized copy of the science skill book. Its internal prefix associates it with the quest Wasteland Survival Guide. It weighs five Fallout pounds. 2d3a4
  • Chandelier: Unused. Its internal name prefix associates it with the quest Tranquility Lane. There in fact is a chandelier in the simulation which can be used to commit an assigned act of murder, but it is a world object, not an item. 291d7
  • Computer Password Module: Related to the quest "Stealing Independence". 5b5a9
  • Constitution of the United States: One of many cut documents related to "Stealing Independence". 8c214
  • Control Collar: Called RRControlCollar internally. The 'RR' prefix is used exclusively for Reilly's Rangers, so perhaps they were to snap a collar around your neck at some point. 6c55a
  • Empty Sap Container: Quest item related to "Oasis". The player might have been supposed to show this to Father Birch after completing the quest for his side as proof. 504d7
  • Garden Gnome: Identical to the Damaged Garden Gnome. 3407a
  • Emancipation Proclamation: See Constitution of the United States. 8c215
  • Monroe Doctrine: Another cut document. See Constitution of the United States. 8c217
  • Motivational Secrets of the Stars: Preliminary version of the speech skill book. Uses the world mesh of the green pre-war book. Unlike the used skill books, it weighs three nonspecific weight units. 2d3a3
  • Museum Token: Related to Stealing Independence. 6eee7
  • (Pre-War Book): There are seven unused pre-war books skins. None of them have names. The skins all returned and were used in Fallout: New Vegas for junk items. 199b3-199b5, 199b9-199b2, 199c2
  • Survival Guide Manuscript: An item from a cut segment of the quest The Wasteland Survival Guide. At one point you were given a manuscript and had to go to Hubris Comics to print out copies. In the final game however, the location is just a pointless dungeon crawl. 2d3b2
  • U.S. Declaration of War on China: See Constitution of the United States. 8c219
  • U.S. Declaration of War on Germany: See Constitution of the United States. 8c218
  • Wasteland Survival Guide: Finalized version of the Wasteland Survival Guide. Classified as a book, rather than a misc. item like the one accessible in game. c5634
  • You're SPECIAL!: An item version of the book used to allocate stat points. ab2ef

It should be noted that there is unreadable text attached to every book item, as a result of the game's using a modified Oblivion engine (where books functioned more like Fallout 3's notes). The text for each book is either the book's name, "This is a book", or "I am the schematics for the Bottlecap Mine."


  • Arefu Master Key: Unlocks nothing. 158e9
  • Colin Moriarty's Key: Unlocks a cabinet in the saloon. 20751
  • Dr. Preston's Key: Unlocks Rivet City clinic's inventory. Set to spawn on Preston's death, but he is flagged as essential. a1bed
  • Dukov's House Key: Unlocks nothing. c9520
  • Flak and Shrapnel's Key: Unlocks several cabinets and ammo boxes in F&S's inventory. Set to spawn when both men are dead or enslaved; however, Shrapnel is flagged essential. a1be6
  • Forge Lobby Key: Unlocks nothing. 3d798
  • Housekey - Jericho: 430cb
  • Housekey - Mister Burke: Burke's house has nothing interesting inside. In-game, the house requires 100 Lockpick for entry. 430ce
  • Housekey - Moriarty's: Unlocks nothing. 430cf
  • Key - Craterside Supply: 430c9
  • Key to AntAgonizer Lair: Unlocks nothing. 36f7e
  • Key - Megaton Clinic: Unlocks nothing. 430d3
  • Key to Statesman Safe: Unlocks nothing. cb58f
  • Leo Stahl's Supply Key: Unlocks nothing. 2919e
  • Main Hall Key: Unlocks nothing. Its internal prefix places it in Roosevelt Academy. 309c6
  • Muddy Rudder Key: Unlocks a door in the Muddy Rudder. This key shares its name with a non-functional counterpart which actually is used. This is probably an error. a2822
  • Noodle Stand Supply Key: Unlocks nothing. 20107
  • OLH Master Meds Key: OLH stands for Our Lady of Hope. Unlocks nothing. cb596
  • Paradise Falls Clinic Key: Unlocks nothing. 394ce
  • Porter's Larder Key: Unlocks nothing. 68e89
  • Seedspreader Seeds Storage Key: Unlocks nothing. b4209
  • Sydney's Ammo Case Key: Unlocks Sydney's vendor chest in the Underworld. b422e

Unused Pip-Boy Inventory Images