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Fallout 3/Unused Maps

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This is a sub-page of Fallout 3.
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Inaccessible room behind locked door in Vault 87.

To visit any of these areas, type coc [cell ID] in the console (not case sensitive).

Abandoned House

A textureless, stripped-down version of the player house in Megaton. Will inevitably crash the game upon loading. Cell ID: MegatonAbandonedHouseDummyCell


Copies of all the different bathrooms used in the game, probably for quick C+Ping. WarehouseBathrooms

Buried Vendor Chests

Used by the game as storage for all the different merchants' inventories. VendorChestsCell

Drag'n'Drop Robots

A room full of some of the game's various robot enemies. WarehouseRobots

Enable Mrkrs -Rndm Enctrs

Looks like a room for spawning random encounter NPCs behind the scenes. That thing in the middle of the room is the gene projection machine. RandomEncounters

FFE vendor chests

A system-use map similar to Buried Vendor Chests. FFEVendorChests


Contains the actors in a particular encounter: some roaches and a corpse. FFSceneRoachCell


A concrete room containing the actors in another common encounter, Super Mutants and one of their captives. The map itself is the same as FFSceneRoachCell. FFSuperMutantCaptiveCell


Looks like pieces of a metro tunnel. It's dark and impossible to navigate in-game. KitMetro


A large map featuring various pieces of abandoned office buildings. It can't be fully explored in-game because of where the boundaries are placed. KitOffice


A series of small rooms using the clean vault graphic set. KitVault

MS14 Armor Voice Cell

A concrete structure with a Mister Gutsy used to supply the voice for the prototype medic power armor. Despite the fact that its name refers to the quest 'You Gotta Shoot 'em in the Head', the cell and its contents aren't actually related to this quest. Uses similar architecture to FFSceneRoachCell. MS14ArmorVoice

One-Stop Shopping for Devices

A collection of all the traps in the game. There's some deathclaw cages floating off in the abyss and a large, separate area with an Enclave Officer and some feral ghouls. WarehouseTraps

Potomac Steamworks

Unused sewer area. There are no items, and the only inhabitants are some feral ghouls. The particular ghouls here are the same ones used in the Red Racer factory. zDCint17to21

QA Testing Cell

Some pieces of Offices buildings, assembled to test something or other. TestQANavMesh


Another dumping ground for copying and pasting, this time for pieces of various ruined structures. WarehouseRuins

Sound Testing

Not unused, but still inaccessible, teasing the player from the local map. There is a location in Vault 92's Sound Testing (cell ID: Vault92c) which is inaccessible. It was supposed to be entered through a tunnel in the Overseer's office, however it is impossible to open the tunnel, either because the developers forgot to implement the option on the Overseer's terminal, or decided to leave the room blocked off. Inside there are some boxes containing randomized loot. The door on the other side is quite intentionally jammed with junk.

Tenpenny Test Cells

Empty cells that were either used as test maps and deleted, or never completed. There are only two light sources and nonfunctional doors. Both maps are identical. The Dashwood Suite testTenPennyDashwoodSuite Tenpenny WellnessCenter testTenPennyWellnessCenter


A test cell located south of the wasteland's boundaries. Because of its location it requires mods to enter with the console. It's surrounded by hills on four sides and there's a small pool of water, but no real points of interest. The 'Juan' in the cell name is probably Juan Sanchez, one of Bethesda's artists. testjuan


A set of rooms containing naked NPCs sporting every hair style in the game. The female version's inhabitants are all wearing party hats. Female: TestQAHairF Male: TestQAHairM


A map with its own world space, featuring a bunch of naked NPCs and one raider. There are some useless static NPC models floating around in the distance. Hiu Lai, who the map is named after, is one of Bethesda's character artists. TestQAHiuLai


One of the most interesting test maps. There are some mailboxes containing (almost) every weapon, armor, misc./aid item and text note in the game (the notes mailbox also contains some computer terminals, which might glitch the Pip-Boy). There is also a guy sleeping on a soiled mattress, named appropriately, 'Sleeping Guy'. On the wall are a series of locked terminals with various difficulty levels, and in the corner, a pile of nuclear waste. There's another room with the different landmines lying around armed. TestQAItems


Seems like a blank cell when entered, but it can actually navigated by turning the Pip-Boy on. It contains two simple, empty rooms connected by a staircase. TestQANavMeshSmall


A very large demo map with its own world space, designed completely unlike the actual game. There's really no place in the wasteland with so many burnt-out trees, so the designers might have planned for the game to feature more dead flora at one point (or not). Inhabitants include some wasteland hunters, yao guais, and mirelurks. There are (almost) no items lying around. QAWorldOrigin


Another interior test cell, all features of interest documented in screenshots. The 'Grant' in the title seems to be referring to Grant Struthers, a special effect and gore artist. tGrantInt


Grant's other test area, this one with its own exterior world space. There's some puddles of water and a blasted city ruin containing constantly cycling special animations. A laser rifle and fat man can be found on the ground. tGrantOut


Yet another test area, also with its own world space. This one is for landscape graphics, obviously. If Operation Anchorage is installed, another cell is added to this map. tLandscapeStart

Unused Little Lamplight Maps

There are three identical unused maps all belonging to Little Lamplight. Only their names are of any substance. Little Lamplight Armory: LLArmory Spelunkers Restaurant: LLSpelunkersRestaurant Womens Restroom: LLWomensRestroom

Vault 101

A demo version of Vault 101. The player is spawned in a separate room and the console must be used to explore the whole thing. Some of the rooms are incomplete. The only inhabitant is a barely interactive Mister Handy. There's a copy of Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor in the equivalent of James's office, along with a big pile of pre-war books - Because the book was placed here, whoever was responsible for allocating skill books to the game world only added 24 copies of the book to areas accessible in-game. Vault101Demo

Empty Cells

These are valid cell names, but are all completely blank.

  • AnchorageWM
  • BigTown
  • Canterbury
  • Citadel
  • FFEnclave000Encampment
  • Forge
  • FortC0
  • FortConstantineExterior
  • GermPoilceHQ
  • IntroBus01
  • LairAntagonizer
  • LincolnMemorial
  • Megaton
  • Minefield
  • MS14MrGutsyVoice
  • MuseumAmerican0
  • NtnlArchives
  • ParadiseFallsExterior
  • PPurity
  • RC
  • Underworld
  • WarringtonStation
  • Vault92
  • Vault101
  • zWaterfrontSewage01