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Fallout 3/Unused NPCs and Critters

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This is a sub-page of Fallout 3.

To interact with any of these in-game, type player.placeleveledactoratme [form ID]

Gary Template

Basis for the Gary clones in Vault 108. He's wearing Dad's Vault 101 Jumpsuit. Form ID: 8d0f5

The Johnsons

Partially incomplete NPCs with some scripting to interact with the residents of Andale, but not the player. Tuck Johnson: 29aa7 Karen Johnson: 29aa8

Little Toe

A barely functional chap in Metal Armor. The only internal reference to him is a line of dialog associated with the quest "The Replicated Man". 259f9

Lucy West's Father

Davis West's appearance in-game.
An early placeholder for Davis West, who appears in-game as a rotten corpse. 17c2f


An early version of the friendly glowing one in the Underworld's Chop Shop. 300a3

Paladin Northup

A BoS paladin, functionally complete with some unique dialog lines. His internal name places him in Chesterbrook, PA. 2e032

Professor Malleus

A scientist from Vault 92. He does not appear in the flesh in-game, and as an NPC is tied to some notes and audio logs related to the quest "Agatha's Song". a1212

Rock Crick Hunter

A family of elusive Rock Crick Hunters in their natural habitat.
Generic NPC templates designed for Rock Creek Caverns. There are six of them, numbered 01, 02, 04, 05, 06, and 07 internally. 5215d, 5215e, 52160, 52161, 62162, 52163

Sleeping Guy

A test NPC. His role in the game is to lie down on a mattress in one of the test maps, testqaitems. 32eb8


A child. She has quite a bit of dialog which places her in Little Lamplight. 156ab


Associated with Little Toe. Called on by a script related to The Replicated Man. 25a90

Brotherhood of Steel Robobrain

There are textures for a BOS Robobrain in the game's files, but there are no matching robots in the GECK, unused or otherwise. Additionally, there are models and a GECK entry for an Enclave Robobrain, but no corresponding textures. Enclave RoboBrain: 1cf74


A differently-named Centaur. His internal name associates him with the quest "Wasteland Survival Guide". 2d3be


Doc, the dog that the player character's father takes the form of in Tranquility Lane, has unique skin which was likely cut because of the simulation's grayscale color scheme. Still, it would have been useful as a unique skin for Dogmeat or an alternate for generic wasteland pups.

Mister Mulberry

A generic Mister Handy. His editor ID places him in Megaton. He has two extremely generic dialog lines. 1d770

Outcast Eyebot

It seems that at one point the Eyebot was considered a generic robot like the Protectron, et. al, as opposed to an Enclave-specific model. There are textures for an Outcast variant (but not model or unused GECK creature) and textureless models for U.S. Army, Brotherhood, and Enclave versions (the model used in-game is the generic version, not Enclave). None of these creatures can be summoned in-game without modding.

Outcast Mister Gutsy

There is an unused Mister Gutsy creature with an editor ID which affiliates him with the Outcasts, using the green U.S. Army skin. In the game's texture files, a skin for the Outcast variant can be found, but with no model (however it's a simple matter to use the skin on an identical model). Additionally, there is a GECK entry for an Enclave Mister Gutsy, but no resources. Later, an Enclave-skinned Gutsy was added to the game with Broken Steel. Outcast Mister Gutsy: 21ec0 Enclave Mister Gutsy: 21ebe

Untextured Sentry Bot Models

Looking through the game's meshes, it appears that the Brotherhood and Enclave were to have their own uniquely-skinned Sentry Bots at one point in development. However, the only unique Sentry Bot skins used in the game are U.S. Army and Outcast. Enclave Sentry Bots use the generic steel skin.

Unused Protectron Decals

There are several unused model attachments for the Protectron.

Unrelated to the above, there are untextured models for Enclave and Brotherhood Protectrons, and an unused GECK entry for the Enclave version. Like the Mister Gutsys, Enclave Protectrons would later be added to Broken Steel. Enclave Protectron: 1cf8b