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Fallout Shelter

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Title Screen

Fallout Shelter

Developer: Bethesda Game Studios
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Released internationally: June 14, 2015

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

The first Fallout game released for mobile devices, Fallout Shelter places you in the role of the omnipotent Overseer, where your goal is to maintain your own underground Vault, all while keeping your dwellers happy and productive.

Unused Graphics

FalloutShelter PreWarMoney.png
A graphic of pre-war money can be found in the texture file for junk items, suggesting it was going to be a crafting component at one point.
FalloutShelter Temp Pets.png
A placeholder graphic for Pets.
FalloutShelter PlaceholderParrots.png
Another placeholder graphic, but for Parrots.
FalloutShelter PlaceholderGermanShepherd.png
The pieces to the German Shepherd, but tinted red and labeled with a placeholder text.

Unused Text

Vault Monologues

Dwellers don't make specific comments on the room they are assigned to, leaving all of these unused.

Condition Response
Love job (Athletics room) Nobody trains harder than I do. Nobody.
Love job (Armory) I knew being a total gun nut would come in handy some day!
Love job (Lounge) I could sling drinks all day!
Love job (Diner) Preparing food is my lifelong dream!
Love job (Game room) Poker or blackjack - I'm the best dealer there is!
Love job (Classroom) That teacher of the year award is so close, I can feel it!
Love job (Fitness room) I'm the fittest person in this Vault. And always will be.
Love job (Nuclear reactor) With me on the job, this Vault will never go dark!
Love job (Power generator) My technical expertise keeps this place running.
Love job (Weight room) Could I get any stronger? Probably not!
Love job (Garden) So great to be putting my green thumb to use!
Love job (Living quarters) If relaxing were a job, I'd be Employee of the Month!
Love job (Medbay) If I can't heal you, nobody can!
Love job (Nuka-Cola bottler) I have achieved the perfect mixture! I'd a soda genius!
Love job (Radio studio) I'm so good, I could contact China. If it's, you know...
Love job (Science lab) My experiments could change all our lives for the better!
Love job (Storage room) Nobody stores junk like me!
Love job (Water treatment) I can turn anything into drinkable water! Anything...
Love job (Water purification) Tastes like spring water, thanks to me!

Dweller Conversations

Unused text can be found that indicates Dwellers were once able to say... less than ideal comments about their fellow workers.

Condition Response
Dislike someone in a room (General) Oh great. It's... you.

Seriously? We have to work together?

The incompetence of some people...


Dislike someone in a room (Athletics room) Look who's here to show off. Again.
Dislike someone in a room (Armory) The temptation to grab a weapon and shoot you is overwhelming.
Dislike someone in a room (Lounge) No amount of alcohol can make me like you.
Dislike someone in a room (Diner) Ugh. Just go away. I'm losing my appetite.
Dislike someone in a room (Game room) Take a hike. You're ruining my luck.
Dislike someone in a room (Classroom) I'm just here to learn. Not put up with this know-it-all.
Dislike someone in a room (Fitness room) If only I had the endurance to deal with idiots like you.
Dislike someone in a room (Nuclear reactor) This is serious work we're doing in here. So why are you here?
Dislike someone in a room (Power generator) Someone get this incompetent imbecile out of here.
Dislike someone in a room (Weight room) Yes, yes. You're super strong and awesome. We get it.
Dislike someone in a room (Garden) If I could, I'd grow a Venus flytrap to eat you alive.
Dislike someone in a room (Living quarters) Don't you have someplace else to be? Like out in the Wasteland?
Dislike someone in a room (Medbay) I'm tempted to kill you, but they'd probably save your life.
Dislike someone in a room (Nuka-Cola bottler) No amount of sugar can sweeten our relationship. I despise you.
Dislike someone in a room (Radio studio) Maybe I can send out an S.O.S. and get saved from your stupidity.
Dislike someone in a room (Science lab) Anyone ever tell you you're like an experiment gone?
Dislike someone in a room (Storage room) I'd lock you in storage if I could. Forever.
Dislike someone in a room (Water treatment) I'd drown them in a water tank if I could get away with it...
Dislike someone in a room (Water purification) If only we had the technology to remove the impurities from... you.