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Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel

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Title Screen

Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel

Also known as: Fallout Tactics, Fallout Tactics: A Post Nuclear Tactical Combat Game
Developers: Micro Forté, 14 Degrees East
Publishers: Interplay, Bethesda Softworks (Modern re-releases)
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: August 26, 2015
Released in US: March 15, 2001
Released in EU: March 30, 2001

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel is an odd mixture of the first two Fallout games and Tactics Ogre-like gameplay, but set in the Midwest United States.

Not to be confused with the similarly-named Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel.


FOTac Holodiskrender.png

Holodisks, for some strange reason, were cut entirely from Fallout Tactics. Various remnants of them exist in the game's files, including three complete entries and a bunch of inventory icons.

General's holodisk to wife Maria

Although this holodisk is unused, the item it is associated with, Banarky's letter, is dropped by Toccamatta in the Osceolla mission.

Although it pains me to record this, I must continue. Time is short and my future is less than certain. *deep breath* I am currently captured and held prisoner by a large group of super mutants and I don't believe that I'm going to make it back this time.

But, once again, time is short and I'll use it to tell you what's important.

I love you Maria. I've loved you since we first met and I love you even more fifty years since.

We were always much alike, you and I. And know that I would never have had the courage to fight for humanity without you faithfully by my side.

For, in the end, I realize I did it all for you. For I wanted nothing more but to restore order to this chaotic world so you can live a life free of danger, free of fear and free of ungodly mutations.

I'm afraid I'm out of time.

I will make every attempt to fix this world for you, my love. I promise.

Love Eternal, Simon Barnaky

Journal of Sir Latham

The longest of the three holodisks. It also happens to have audio for every entry.

Entry 10.1.14.

We have crash landed north of a camp occupied by super mutants. We believe

these to be remnants of the Master's army as encountered by the first Vault Dweller. Although the archives mentioned that some of these Super Mutants might actually be friendly, we found little to like about these ones, especially the chief.

The leader of this camp went by the name of Gammorin. We were set upon by his patrols soon after we pulled ourselves from the wreckage. Bound and gagged, the mutant guards dragged us back to their camp. Fully half of us had been killed by the crash, and now less than half of that survived the treatment of our mutant captors.

We were scheduled to be killed for the amusement of Gammorin. It was not hard to see that several of the Super-Mutants were unhappy with this. In fact, I was amazed to discover that they were not as savage as I had been previously lead to believe.

I challenged Gammorin to single unarmed combat. It was to the death. There could be no other outcome in my mind. If I die, it will in combat.

Entry 0.0.1.

I am awake.

To tell the truth, I remember little of the battle. The gash on my head, along with multiple fractures and breaks, paint an adequate picture. However, the mutants are now expecting me to lead them since I laid Gammorin to rest. I will record more later. I fear my brain has been set awry by the fight. I will try to rest until I can think clearly.

Entry 0.5.8.

The Super Mutants are a simple but good people. While considered stupid by many, they show a loyalty stronger than I have seen in many humans. They live life the only way they know how.

I have begun to organize these Mutant forces with the handful of fellow humans who survived the crash. I have recovered physically but I find myself prone to mysterious fits of anger and depression. But much worse are the hallucinations.

Entry 1.4.5.

Today is a day filled with absolute horror.

Only one mutant returned from a scouting trip that was ten soldiers strong. He staggered back to camp and collapsed without a sound. He died in my arms while trying to hold back the blood pouring from his mouth.

Before I had a chance to close his eyes, the menace was upon us! Metallic death machines entered the camp undetected by my sentries! I have never seen creatures such as this before, but they seemed unstoppable. It was only the sheer power and, more importantly, our numbers that allowed us to defeat these three machinations of death.

Our losses were staggering.

Entry 1.8.2.

We are resting now. Humans and mutants alike, hanging their heads and trying to catch their breath. Who knows how far we retreated? Twenty miles? Forty even?

Once we put enough distance between us and this... this Menace from the West, then we can regroup and plan a counter-strike.

Entry 2.3.4.

I am not well. This morning I thought I was attacked by a Deathclaw. Too far from my SMG, I lashed out with my Ripper, slashing the beast's throat. My vision cleared in time to see Nathan the scribe's eyes go cloudy. His neck in ruin, his blood covering my hands. How can I go mad when humanity is in such dire peril?

I must maintain my sanity. I must.

Entry 2.4.2.

My scouts engaged an enemy today. The sound of chain guns and explosions hasting my steps. What I observed in that fight changed me to the core of my being.

My mutant scouts were engaged by a Brotherhood patrol. For the first time in my life, I was frozen in battle.

I watched, curious even, tribal looking Brotherhood soldiers laughing manically as they cut down my new companions.

My mutant companions, who dedicated their life to me as their leader. I lifted my weapon then, and fired again and again.

When it was over, with Brotherhood corpses littering the ground, my head suddenly cleared. I now know my purpose and, more importantly, I finally know who I am.

I am Gammorin - sworn enemy of the Menace from the West.


This holodisk would have been used somewhere in the Kansas City mission.

On the sixtieth day of vomiting, St. Harold commanded that those followers closest to Plutonius shall not engage the heathens of the land. For those so close to achieving an understanding of the fire "One Cannot See" must remain pure of energy absorbing poisons.

Prayer will replace clenched fists, with Heavenly Belief as your shield.

Until the "Great Hydro-Mechanical Reckoning," you will abide by this. Until your pagan brothers return to their home ready for the Final Battle.

So it is written. So shall it be done.

St. Harold of the Leafy Scalp

Unused Starving Civilians Interaction

In the "Macomb" mission, the player finds themselves having to get a Humvee full of supplies through Macomb while being attacked by armed raiders and desperate staring civilians.

In "MIS_04_Speech.txt" there are unused dialogue for being able to give them food (presumably from the player's personal inventory) to peacefully deal with the civilians.

// Situation E: If they get food [not sure if these will be used]
// Civilians floating text when they run away after given food.
//Dan I think these need at least three options…

M04_Destitute01_A00 = { God bless you!}
M04_Destitute01_A01 = { I hope it's not too late! }
M04_Destitute01_A02 = {Save our souls!}

M04_Destitute02_A00 = { God this tastes so good! }
M04_Destitute02_A01 = { I'm coming baby! Just hold on! }
M04_Destitute02_A02 = {Hmm... Tastes like chicken}

M04_Destitute03_A00 = { I'll have to make this stuff last. }
M04_Destitute03_A01 = { Thank god. Thank god! }
M04_Destitute03_A02= { Got any mayo?)

M04_Destitute04_A00 = { Food at last! }
M04_Destitute04_A01 = { I can't eat. I'm too hungry. }
M04_Destitute04_A02 = { It smells so good!}

The Missing Missions

Internally, the naming of the missions in Fallout Tactics goes from mission01.mis to mission26.mis. Despite this, however, there are several missions which were cut from the game; the 13th, 14th, 18th, and 20th missions were all cut from the game. No other remnant of them exists in the game files.

Unused Perk

That totally isn't a Game Boy, nope, no siree

There is one unused perk in Fallout Tactics: Twitch Gamer. Acquired from a scrapped minigame that would have been played on the Pip-Boy 2000, Twitch Gamer would have allowed an action to be performed for 0 AP, which would have been indicated by a visible 'twitch' over the player's head.

Unused Items

Audio Amplifier

FOTac Audioamp.png
Allows the user to perceive the movement of others around them to far greater ranges. 
Includes EarShield™ technology to prevent deafness from sudden, excessive noise.

The Audio Amplifier would have allowed the player to see enemies from further away, judging from the item's description.

Brahmin Horn

FOTac Brahminhorn.png
Said to be a powerful aphrodisiac.

It's possible that this would have been used in one of the game's unused missions.

It does appear in the Dirt Haven mission from the single player demo.

Broc Flower

FOTac Brocflower.png

An item from Fallout 2. It, along with the Xander Root, would have most likely been used to create a Stimpak.

Fire Support Beacon

FOTac Supbeacon.png
Fire-Support Beacon. Once a beacon is placed, artillery fire will be concentrated on its position.

Would have been used in the Cheyenne Mountain mission. There is an unused NPC that would have taught the player how to use the item.


FOTac Torch.png
A torch. Creates light for a short period of time. Watch the batteries as a recharge is a long way away.

An electrical torch. It would have allowed the player to see more tiles in dark areas.

Xander Root

FOTac XandRoot.png

Another item from Fallout 2. It would have most likely been used to create a Stimpak, like the Broc Flower.

Unused Weapons

Chemical Grenade

FOTac Chemgrenade.png
Poisons and causes and a loss of perception in area of effect.

If implemented, it would have poisoned any enemy in the grenade's range, as well as giving them a reduction in Perception.

Gas Trap

FOTac Gastrap.png
Releases a cloud of a variety of gasses.

Injures any enemy in the trap's range for 20-40 damage. Although one of these traps is used in the Peoria mission, it cannot be disarmed or acquired in any way.


FOTac Heckler.png
A drum-fed semi automatic grenade launcher.

If added, the Heckler would have been the third grenade launcher in Fallout Tactics, following the Grenade pistol and M79 grenade launcher.

Silent Alarm

FOTac Silentalarm.png
Notifies the trapper over a radio link without alerting the opponent that they have tripped the alarm.

Would have allowed the player (or the enemies) to know how close their opponent was getting to them.

Small Anti-Tank Mine

FOTac Smallantitank.png

A mine which would have presumably functioned similar to the T45LE/T45SE mines.

Smoke Grenade

FOTac Smokegrenade.png
Creates a cloud of smoke which reduces perception in effected area

A grenade that would have released a cloud of smoke, damaging and reducing the perception of anybody in the cloud's range. Acts very similar to the Chemical grenade.

Tangle Grenade

FOTac Tanglegrenade.png
Grenade containing tangler polymid. Designed to incapacitate personnel.

A grenade that would have immobilized NPCs wearing little or no armor.

Unused NPCs/Recruits

Andrew Reeves

FOTac AndrewReeves.png
Andrew is a nervous man [cause he's standing next to a bomb], but he's also a little deaf, 
having worked with explosives most of his life.

Andrew Reeves is the only true non-companion NPC who went unused in Fallout Tactics. He would have given you the Fire support beacon, and would have taught the player how to use it. He shares the same face icon with another (used) character in the game, Caligari.


FOTac Fleetfoot.png
The wild plains were once home for Fleetfoot, where he would run with the rabid dogs. 
Fast and quiet, he has since learnt to apply the same skills to battle. He works best on his own.

The first of five companions cut from Fallout Tactics, Fleetfoot would have been available for recruitment after the completion of the Rock Falls mission, along with Slicer. His tag skills are Unarmed, Throwing, and Sneak, and his trait is Night Person.


FOTac Frank.png
Do your squad members suffer from broken bones, missing body parts or ruptured spleens? 
Do bits keep flaking off, or is there a crippled limb you just can't do without? Then call Doctor Frank! 
If he can't fix it, then you're probably already dead! He's also good with small guns.

A companion that would join the player's party after 2,316 points had been acquired. His tag skills are Small Guns, First Aid, and Doctor, and he has no traits.


FOTac Hardrive.png
A big "guy" with a strong sense of purpose. 
Hardrive can use most weapons well, but is particularly partial to energy weapons.

Hardrive would have been available for recruitment after the completion of the Newton mission, along with Seedee. Her tag skills are Small Guns, Big Guns, and Energy Weapons, and her trait is Night Person.


FOTac Seedee.png
Seedee spent most of her young life wired on tranquilizers, 
and since she went cold turkey she has lost all sense of fear. Traps don't scare her,
and she's always looking for a new risk to take. The rest of the recruits have learned not to play poker 
with her though. You just can't tell when she's bluffing.

Seedee would have been available for recruitment after the completion of the Newton mission, along with Hardrive. Her tag skills are Small Guns, Throwing, and Traps, and her trait is Chem Resistant.


FOTac Slicer.png
Slicer got the highest votes in the 22nd Appleton "Girl most likely to stay a Virgin" contest, 
primarily because most of the men she has known have met bizarre, disturbing and sometimes inexplicable ends.

The last of the five cut companions, Slicer would have been available for recruitment after the completion of the Rock Falls mission, along with Fleetfoot. Her tag skills are Small Guns, Melee Weapons, and Sneak, and her trait is Jinxed.