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Fantasy Life

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Title Screen

Fantasy Life

Developers: Level-5, Brownie Brown, h.a.n.d.
Publishers: Level-5 (JP), Nintendo (US/EU/AU)
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Released in JP: December 27, 2012
Released in US: October 24, 2014
Released in EU: September 26, 2014
Released in AU: September 27, 2014

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

Fantasy Life is an Action-RPG with simulation elements where everyone has a Life. The game was received positively by critics.

Dummy Graphics

Dummy Logo Icon

A dummy logo probably used as a placeholder before the Fantasy Life logo was final. It has "Test" written at the left corner, an indication that it was used for testing purposes.

Fantasy Life Icn CoLogo dummy.png

Dummy Attack Icon

Fantasy Life Icn let dummy.png

An icon with 仮 (temporary, placeholder) attached.

There's actually a lot of repetition of this texture: "icn_avp00536", "icn_avp00538", "icn_avp00555", "icn_avp00556", "icn_avp00558", "icn_avp00562", "icn_avp00571", "icn_avp00573", "icn_avp00576", "icn_avp00594", "icn_avp00595", "icn_avp00596", "icn_avp00597", "icn_avp00599", "icn_avp00603", "icn_avp00616", "icn_avp00623", "icn_avp00662", "icn_avp00664", "icn_avp00671", "icn_avp00672", "icn_avp00673", "icn_avp00674", "icn_avp00675", "icn_avp00676", "icn_avp00677", "icn_avp00678", "icn_avp00679", "icn_avp00680", "icn_avp00681", "icn_avp00682", "icn_avp00683", "icn_avp00684", "icn_avp00686", "icn_avp00687", "icn_avp00688", "icn_avp00689", "icn_avp00691", "icn_avp00693", "icn_avp00694", "icn_avp00695", "icn_avp00696", "icn_avp00697", and "icn_avp00698".

Following the naming process logic, this icon should be used for the character creation UI. However, since there's 44 of them, maybe they were used to store the graphics of the reward for post office passwords, since 42 of them are released up until now.

Dummy Item Icon

To do:
Verify if the icon appears when an invalid item is created.
Fantasy Life Icn itm dummy.png

A placeholder icon for items. Probably used if an invalid item is created.

Dummy Map Texture

Map Detail Texture

A collection of textures used to indicate what part of the map would contain what. It's highly probable that the "Deap" texture is the counterpart of the "Shallow" texture, making reference to the deepness of water. "Deap" should have then been "Deep".

Fantasy Life Map dummy01.png
Fantasy Life Map dummy02.png

Map Dummy Marker

A collection of map textures with letters. Probably used to indicate things like chests, monsters, or map transition locations.

Dummy Grass

Fantasy Life Map dummy grass.png

This texture is actually the same as the texture used for grass B at the map 154. The names of the files are completely different, though.

Dummy Map Texture

Fantasy Life Map dummy00.png

A generic dummy texture is also there.

Dummy Minimap

This is a placeholder texture to test the minimap function. The text reads 地図未作成, "Map not yet created."

Fantasy Life Dummy minimap.png

Dummy Avatar Graphics

Fantasy Life Av dummy.png

An early prototype of what the avatar looked like. It seems that Level 5 went with a more Animal Crossing aesthetic in early development.

Dummy Armor Texture

Test Textures

Unused Music

Mailman's Master Rank Celebration

Merchant's Master Rank Celebration

Pilot's Master Rank Celebration

Treasure Hunter's Master Rank Celebration

Scholar's Master Rank Celebration

Farmer's Master Rank Celebration

Fortune Teller's Master Rank Celebration

Street Entertainer's Master Rank Celebration