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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon (Windows)

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Title Screen

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Publisher: Ubisoft
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: May 1, 2013

SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

The year is 2007. It is the future as you truly imagined it... well, as the 80's Sci-Fi movie genre imagined it anyway.

To do:
Search for more stuff, if it exists. Mainly music and dialogue, if possible; models/animations too.

Unused Dialogue

Present in the files are quite a bit of unused dialogue. Some of these are alternate takes of used lines, while others are outright unused.


These lines are from the ending of the game.

An unused line from Rex to Sloan.

An alternate take of the used line below:

Another alternate take on an existing line, however this version doesn't reference Star Wars and instead plays up Sloan's God Complex some more.

Alternate Introduction

The intro of the game is pretty much your average Sci-Fi movie intro. However, at some point in the game's development they decided to completely re-write the intro, save for the dialogue of the scientists talking to Rex as they rebuild him. The unused lines are still in the game files:

Also present are alternate takes of two different lines of this intro:


Unused files which don't fit into any particular cutscene.

Dialogue from Rex to (presumably) Sloan...not very nice, I might add.

Dialogue from Sloan to Rex. Might be an alternate take on the line "Light's out... Rex." from the ending.

A couple of lines from Sloan and Rex. Probably would've been used during the first mission, as Sloan and Rex don't talk face-to-face otherwise until the ending.

An alternate take on the lines Sloan uses before "wrestling" Spyder.

A line from Sloan to Rex. Unknown where this could've been used.

An entire conversation about the Killstar was re-written for some reason. Here's what remains:

It's also of note that Elizabeth's voice sounds like it's coming from an actual radio, as opposed to a slightly lower-quality voice in the final game. This suggests that this conversation was cut early in development, most likely earlier than Rip & Grinder.

Rip & Grinder

Rip and Grinder are two undead mercenaries under Sloan's command, but they were removed at some point in development. However, the game still contains files of them being mentioned by Sloan, Rex, and Dr. Darling. It's possible their model files or cutscene sprites still exist in the game.

A line of Sloan stating them by name and acknowledging their presence.

An entire conversation between Darling, Rex, and Sloan about Rip and Grinder.

A line from Spyder mentioning two "mercs", presumably Rip and Grinder. Judging by the way he says this line, it's possible you would have fought them in gameplay at some point. It's worth mentioning that at several points in this unused dialog, Sloan refers to Rip and Grinder as "The Plague," with Dr. Darling saying Sloan "summoned" them. When you are initially given the game's final mission, it is titled "SUMMON THE PLAGUE". Upon reaching the location to start the mission, however, its name on your HUD gets changed to "ENTER... IF YOU DARE".

"Use your meds already!"

Multiple lines of dialogue from multiple characters saying that the player should use their Nano-Meds to heal themselves; some are even about your lack of meds and that you should go buy some more. This is presumably from a cut mechanic where you could only heal by using Nano-Meds, and you couldn't just blow-torch your arm or re-attach a wire to get health back.

Three lines from Rex about your lack of Nano-Meds.

Three lines from Spyder about how you should probably use your Nano-Meds.

Even HUD tells you to use them...so you should probably use them.

Objective Nagging

Within the tons of unused dialogue this game has, lies eight lines from HUD nagging you to go see Dr. Darling near the beginning of the game. They got cut, but still linger in the files like an unwanted Navi clone.


Some other files which aren't used in-game, but don't fit anywhere else.

Your HUD saying that it went offline due to an electric surge, and then coming back online. The mission "Punch It" is the only place in the game which has electrical surges, but while your HUD does get progressively more messed up as the mission goes on, it never actually goes completely offline.

These bizarre sounds of a metal...thing roaring are placed quite a few times through the files with a number of variations of the same roar, longer/shorter, higher-/lower-pitched, etc. It's unknown where these could've been used, however.

A line from Elizabeth Darling. Unused as she never sets foot outside her office until the ending and never sends out anything to help you for the entire game.

Some form of noise from Rex. Unknown where this could've been used.

As above.

Sounds like an alternate take on the line Rex uses when jumping down the broken elevator shaft in the mission "I don't deal with psychos, I put 'em away", but not 100% sure.

As above.

Line from Rex, unknown usage.

As above.

Sounds like a sound that would play if Rex dies. As all you hear is static when you die in the final game, it's likely this was changed in development.

Line from Rex, unknown usage. Could've possibly been used internally to denote areas which haven't been implemented.

Line from Rex, unknown usage.

This dialogue could've been used in an earlier part of development where you'd have to get to the island manually. As you are already on the island as you start the game however, this dialogue goes unused.

An unused line of dialogue showing Rex's...impeccable...singing skills.

Science! Unknown where it could've been used.

A line from your HUD explaining your lack of killing power. Never used, even during the one time you don't have weapons, despite how close you get to an Omega Force soldier's butt.

A line from Rex, possibly related to the above, mourning the loss of his killing power.

Three lines from Spyder nagging you to shoot the robots in front of your face...except these never get triggered no matter how long you stand eating laser bullets.

Three lines involving Helo-Drone 7-3 patrolling the area. Unused in the final game but could've been used as a gameplay element involving giving Helo-73 orders.

Technically not unused, but only half the line is used in-game. The used version is below:

Two lines of a Scientist alerting of a dog in the area. While the scientists do alert of nearby enemies, soldiers, Blood Dragons, panthers, etc., dogs never get called out since the RoboDogs are never seen outside of the missions "Punch It" and "What is this sh#t".

These lines are presumably from an alternate training sequence where instead of a couple hundred pop-up messages courtesy of Spyder, you actually went and did things.

This is presumably from an earlier version of the mission "I don't deal with psychos, I put 'em away" in which you would've actually had an option to kill Dr. Carlyle. This is supported by the line below:

A line from Dr. Carlyle, which would have presumably been used when you got to him in the original mission concept.

From an unused conversation between Rex and Sloan. It's unknown why this wasn't used.