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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon (Windows)

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Title Screen

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Publisher: Ubisoft
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: May 1, 2013

SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

The year is 2007. It is the future as you truly imagined it... well, as the 80's Sci-Fi movie genre imagined it anyway.

To do:
  • Search for more stuff, if it exists. Mainly music and dialogue, if possible; models/animations too.
  • Rework the page, add more stuff with cut missions that I don't see a mentions too
  • Create Unused Dialogue Page for this game

Far Cry 3 Leftovers

Of course this game will have a ton of FC3 leftovers, because the game is based on it. There is all Handbook icons of characters present like Buck, Liza, Sam, even coop characters from that game, etc. Main menu background with a Swan. All tutorial video bik's when you upgrade your skill's from FC3. All Tatau from Jason's skill tree. Handbook icons for Dr.Earnhardt's Mansion, Citra's Temple and Gaztown and other places are present. Almost all icons for weapons from FC3. All animal icons. You get the point, there is a TON of those.

Unused Dialogue

Present in the files are quite a bit of unused dialogue. Some of these are alternate takes of used lines, while others are outright unused.


These lines are from the ending of the game.

ID String Enum Audio Value
174072 1898061
REX: Maybe you taught me how to kill, Sloan, but you forgot to teach me how to die!

An unused line from Rex to Sloan.

ID String Enum Audio Value
Unused 178441 1936851
SLOAN: And then what? Retire into the suburbs? Mow the lawn every Saturday and watch football on Sunday? That's not you, Rex. You don't mow down lawns. You mow down lives!
Used 174015 1901031
SLOAN: And then what? Retire into the suburbs? Mow the lawn every Saturday and watch football on Sunday? That ain't you, Rex. You don't mow down lawns. You mow down lives!

An alternate take.

ID String Enum Audio Value
Unused 174047 1899968
SLOAN: I programmed you. I made you! I am your God and I giveth... and I sure as fuck will taketh!
Used 178384 1936925 X SLOAN: I programmed you. I made you! I am your father.

Another alternate take on an existing line, however this version doesn't reference Star Wars and instead plays up Sloan's God Complex some more.

Alternate Introduction

The intro of the game is pretty much your average Sci-Fi movie intro. However, at some point in the game's development they decided to completely re-write the intro, save for the dialogue of the scientists talking to Rex as they rebuild him. The unused lines are still in the game files:

ID String Enum Audio Value
174317 1899948
NARRATION: 1991. The Near Future...
174319 1898163
NARRATION: The Cold War boils over.... The Soviet Union invades the Canadian Northern Territories in their bid to get to the States....
174323 1901505
NARRATION: Canadian Mounties valiantly fight a losing battle against the Reds.
178157 1940067
NARRATION: The war rages. Russian forces rapidly gain ground. The United States pulls back....
178159 1940027
NARRATION: The Soviet horde rushes south, eager for American blood. But the United States springs the trap. And commits to the ultimate solution...

Also present are alternate takes of two different lines of this early intro.

ID String Enum Audio Value
174374 1898429
NARRATION: As the war rages, Russian forces rapidly gain ground. Ultimately, the United States pulls back....
174325 1898530
NARRATION: And commits to the ultimate solution...


Unused files which don't fit into any particular cutscene.

ID String Enum Audio Value
172972 1899495
REX: I'm gonna break every bone in your goddamn body!

Dialogue from Rex to (presumably) Sloan...not very nice, I might add.

ID String Enum Audio Value
178076 1940042
SLOAN: Time to die, Rex!

Dialogue from Sloan to Rex. Might be an alternate take on the line "Light's out... Rex." from the ending.

ID String Enum Audio Value
172977 1899844
REX: I'll be back, Sloan!
172978 1899903
SLOAN: Don't let me down, son.

A couple of lines from Sloan and Rex. Probably would've been used during the first mission, as Sloan and Rex don't talk face-to-face otherwise until the ending.

ID String Enum Audio Value
172961 1898590
SLOAN: [Looking at Rex] But any man... or machine, can be broken!
SLOAN: [Laughter]

An alternate take on the lines Sloan uses before "wrestling" Spyder.

ID String Enum Audio Value
172973 1899580
SLOAN: If they programmed you right, then you got it in you to survive. [He nods to jungle beyond the walls]. Out there. When all them... [cruel emphasis] monsters come a'callin'.

A line from Sloan to Rex. Unknown where this could've been used.

An entire conversation about the Killstar was re-written for some reason. Here's what remains:

ID String Enum Audio Value
173639 1900048
REX: Doc, I think I'm ready. What d'you know about this place.
173638 1896922
DR DARLING: You've found where [Static Interference] keeping the Killstar! I think it was an ancient temple to the dragons, though I couldn't say who built it.
177097 1935215
DR DARLING: Oh... I'm sure I mentioned it. The Killstar. The wrist megalazer cannon that we were building.
177099 1933941
DR DARLING: I'm positive I did. The weapon that could level tanks and the only surefire way of killing Sloan and stopping this terrible ordeal.
174616 1902827
DR DARLING: You can't. Not yet. The door only opens for the worthy. That's what Sloan said.
174617 1902822
REX: Worthy, huh? Looks like I got a few more guys to kill.

It's also of note that Elizabeth's voice sounds like it's coming from an actual radio, as opposed to a slightly lower-quality voice in the final game. This suggests that this conversation was cut early in development, most likely earlier than Rip & Grinder.

Rip & Grinder

Rip and Grinder are two undead mercenaries under Sloan's command, but they were removed at some point in development. However, the game still contains files of them being mentioned by Sloan, Rex, and Dr. Darling. It's possible their model files or cutscene sprites still exist in the game.

ID String Enum Audio Value
172929 1900038
SLOAN: Y'all done good, Rip, Grinder.

A line of Sloan stating them by name and acknowledging their presence.

ID String Enum Audio Value
173287 1901540
REX: Doc. What can you tell me about those two freaks with Sloan? Who are they?
173288 1896873
DR DARLING: Rip and Grinder? I'm afraid you mean what are they? And I--I just know that they call themselves The Plague. Sloan summoned them.
173289 1899719
REX: Summoned?
173295 1900657
SLOAN: You never did tell me what you thought about my boys The Plague?
173296 1901420
REX: Did you forget about the Sudan Surprise? The Hawaiian Escalation? The Greenland Incursion? We used to kill mercs like them.
173297 1900467
SLOAN: Rip and Grinder aren't mercs. They're a real goddamn evolution of the soldier species, Rex. Jesus, Gandhi, Saville, Lincoln... the Plague's killed them all. Hell, Rex, who do you think really shot Old Yeller?

An entire conversation between Darling, Rex, and Sloan about Rip and Grinder.

ID String Enum Audio Value
174221 1896720
SPIDER: These guys got too much firepower to be mercs, man!

A line from Spyder mentioning two "mercs", presumably Rip and Grinder. Judging by the way he says this line, it's possible you would have fought them in gameplay at some point. It's worth mentioning that at several points in this unused dialog, Sloan refers to Rip and Grinder as "The Plague," with Dr. Darling saying Sloan "summoned" them. When you are initially given the game's final mission, it is titled "SUMMON THE PLAGUE". Upon reaching the location to start the mission, however, its name on your HUD gets changed to "ENTER... IF YOU DARE".

"Use your meds already!"

Multiple lines of dialogue from multiple characters saying that the player should use their Nano-Meds to heal themselves; some are even about your lack of meds and that you should go buy some more. This is presumably from a cut mechanic where you could only heal by using Nano-Meds, and you couldn't just blow-torch your arm or re-attach a wire to get health back.

ID String Enum Audio Value
179798 1957840
REX: No nano-meds left. And Daddy needs his medicine.
180101 1962044
REX: Hmmmm out of nano-meds. Better buy some more.
180102 1958963
REX: Hmmm need some more nano-meds. Better hit the shop.

Three lines from Rex about your lack of Nano-Meds.

ID String Enum Audio Value
172709 1901520
SPIDER: Watch it, Rex! Use the nano-meds!
172710 1899311
SPIDER: Shit! You got hit! Inject the nano-meds!
172711 1896984
SPIDER: You're getting pounded Sergeant, and not in a good way! Nano-meds now!

Three lines from Spyder about how you should probably use your Nano-Meds.

ID String Enum Audio Value
180035 1957164
HUD: Don't forget to use Nano-Meds to heal yourself. You can also scavenge Nano-Meds that were left lying around for no apparent reason and are sure to be 100% tamper-free.

Even HUD tells you to use them...so you should probably use them.

Objective Nagging

Within the tons of unused dialogue this game has lies eight lines from HUD nagging you to go see Dr. Darling near the beginning of the game. They got cut, but still linger in the files like an unwanted Navi clone.

ID String Enum Audio Value
180109 1957910
HUD: Don't forget you have that thing to do for Dr. Darling.
180110 1957292
HUD: Don't forget Dr. Darling's request.
180111 1957655
HUD: Don't forget about your mission.
180112 1957600
HUD: Your mission for Dr. Darling is still pending.
180113 1957392
HUD: Your main mission is still pending.
180114 1957347
HUD: You still have a mission pending.
180115 1957590
HUD: You have a mission pending.
180116 1957730
HUD: Your mission for Dr. Darling is still available to you.


Some other files which aren't used in-game, but don't fit anywhere else.

ID String Enum Audio Value
173260 1898545
HUD: [Erratic and Static] Electromagnetic surge! HUD offliiiiine....[dissolves into electronic static]
177342 1935756
HUD: HUD back online. What did I miss?

Your HUD saying that it went offline due to an electric surge, and then coming back online. The mission "Punch It" is the only place in the game which has electrical surges, but while your HUD does get progressively more messed up as the mission goes on, it never actually goes completely offline.

ID String Enum Audio Value
[metallic noise]
[metallic noise]

These bizarre sounds of a metal...thing roaring are placed quite a few times through the files with a number of variations of the same roar, longer/shorter, higher-/lower-pitched, etc. It's unknown where these could've been used, however.

ID String Enum Audio Value
175431 1911805
DR DARLING: I'm coming your way with a chopper.

A line from Elizabeth Darling. Unused as she never sets foot outside her office until the ending and never sends out anything to help you for the entire game.

ID String Enum Audio Value
REX: [groan]

Some form of noise from Rex. Unknown where this could've been used.

ID String Enum Audio Value
REX: [sigh]

As above.

ID String Enum Audio Value
175439 1911855
REX: Whoa!

Sounds like an alternate take on the line Rex uses when jumping down the broken elevator shaft in the mission "I Don't Deal With Psychos, I Put 'Em Away".

ID String Enum Audio Value
175438 1911785
REX: Shit!

An irate Rex.

ID String Enum Audio Value
179849 1957134
REX: Fuck...

Line from Rex, unknown usage.

ID String Enum Audio Value
174919 1902643
REX: Shut the fuck up!

Line of Rex, grouped with HUD tutorial dialogue.

ID String Enum Audio Value
REX: [Death groan]

Sounds like a sound that would play if Rex dies. As all you hear is static when you die in the final game, it's likely this was changed in development.

ID String Enum Audio Value
174620 1902634
REX: Not ready yet, huh? I'll be back.

Line from Rex. Grouped with the Killstar dialogue.

To do:
Grouped with Darling's Killstar dialogue (between "I'm sure I mentioned it" and "I'm positive I did"). Incorporate when forming full Unused Dialogue page.
ID String Enum Audio Value
177098 1935240
REX: Uh no!

Line from Rex.

ID String Enum Audio Value
176951 1933485
REX: Ok. I'm on the island.

This dialogue could've been used in an earlier part of development where you'd have to get to the island manually. As you are already on the island as you start the game however, this dialogue goes unused.

To do:
Find if/where this exists in oasisstrings.
ID String Enum Audio Value
REX : [Singing]

An unused line of dialogue showing Rex's...impeccable...singing skills.

ID String Enum Audio Value
177105 1935085
HUD: Science?

Science! Unknown where it could've been used.

ID String Enum Audio Value
179880 1957935
HUD: Remember - they took all your gear. You can't assassinate cyber-soldiers without blades.

A line from your HUD explaining your lack of killing power. Never used, even during the one time you don't have weapons, despite how close you get to an Omega Force soldier's butt.

ID String Enum Audio Value
179915 1957740
REX: Shit. Without my weapons and gear, I'm not a cyber-hero. I'm a cyber-zero!

A line from Rex, possibly related to the above, mourning the loss of his killing power.

ID String Enum Audio Value
172713 1900841
SPIDER: What're you waiting for? Shoot!
172714 1898351
SPIDER: Open fire! That's an order!
172715 1900287
SPIDER: Are your fingers jammed? Shoot back!

Three lines from Spyder nagging you to shoot the robots in front of your face...except these never get triggered no matter how long you stand eating laser bullets.

ID String Enum Audio Value
172745 1898109
REX: Helodrone! Patrol the area.
172746 1898223
HELODRONE: Helodrone 7 dash 3 understood. Establishing long orbit patrol.
172707 1898575
HELODRONE: Evasive thrusters engaged.

Three lines involving Helo-Drone 7-3 patrolling the area. Unused in the final game but could've been used as a gameplay element involving giving Helo-73 orders.

ID String Enum Audio Value
Unused 172780 1900647
SPIDER: You may be the ugliest pile of metal I ever met, but you're all soul, brother.
Used 180335 1958172
SPIDER: You're all soul, brother.

An extended line of dialogue.

ID String Enum Audio Value
Oh, man's best friend!

Two lines of a Scientist alerting of a dog in the area. While the scientists do alert of nearby enemies, soldiers, Blood Dragons, panthers, etc., dogs never get called out since the RoboDogs are never seen outside of the missions "Punch It" and "What Is This Shit?".

ID String Enum Audio Value
174466 1896403
HUD: Duck behind cover and fire from a secured position.
174463 1898434
HUD: Might I suggest shooting from behind cover?
179808 1957770
HUD: D20s, or "nerd rocks", are good for distracting cyber-human enemies.
179792 1960029
HUD: Grenades, Mines, and C4000 are three ways to explode your enemy.
179787 1957915
HUD: Aim by pointing your gun somewhere. Next? How to pull the trigger.

These lines are presumably from an alternate training sequence where instead of a couple hundred pop-up messages courtesy of Spyder, you actually went and did things.

ID String Enum Audio Value
174565 1899615
DR CARLYLE: You're... letting me live?
173555 1896959
HUD: Objective. Terminate Dr. Carlyle.

This is presumably from an earlier version of the mission "I Don't Deal With Psychos, I Put 'Em Away" in which you would've personally killed Dr. Carlyle.

ID String Enum Audio Value
173299 1896276
SLOAN: Imagine what I could do with a platoon of Dragon Blooded soldiers. Canada wouldn't be glowing right now. We'd have stopped Ivan's march.
173300 1899685
REX: Since when do you give a damn about Canada?
173301 1898885
SLOAN: I don't, boy! I just don't like to lose.

From an unused conversation between Rex and Sloan. It's unknown why this wasn't used.